Don’t Buy ‘No Country For Old Men’ On DVD!

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no country old men dvd Dont Buy No Country For Old Men On DVD!Why not?

Because you can win a copy of the film right here in yet another Screen Rant giveaway. icon smile Dont Buy No Country For Old Men On DVD!

I reviewed No Country for Old Men last November and gave it stars. Here’s a summary of what I thought about the movie:

“Another fascinating and unpredictable character-driven movie from the Coen brothers.

‘No Country For Old Men’ is also great for post-viewing conversation: Several story points are left less than completely answered and you can debate with your friends what really ended up happening with certain aspects of the film.

If you’re a fan of Coen brothers’ past efforts like ‘Fargo’ and ‘Blood Simple’ you’re really going to enjoy this. And if you’re not familiar with those, it’s well worth checking out as an introduction to their style of film making.”

If you haven’t seen it yet, or you have but would like to own it on DVD, we’re giving the movie away to 3 lucky winners!

No Country for Old Men was nominated for 8 Academy Awards and took home Oscars for

- Best Picture
- Best Director
- Best Supporting Actor
- Best Adapted Screenplay

The DVD includes bonus features that take viewers behind the scenes of one of the most compelling thrillers of the year and shed new light on the complex characters and celebrated creators of No Country for Old Men.

Working with the Coens: Reflections of Cast and Crew
Learn more about Joel and Ethan Coen from the perspective of their collaborators, cast and crew.

The Making of No Country For Old Men
Take a journey through the Coen Brothers’ process and back to their roots as storytellers with a unique voice and vision.

Diary of a Country Sheriff
Explore the relationship between the compassion of Sheriff Bell and the brutality of Anton Chigurh.

No Country for Old Men is rated R.

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A. What you like about Screen Rant.

B. What you would add or change about the site to make it better.

That’s it!

This contest is open only to residents of the continental U.S. and it ends at midnight, Wednesday March 12th, 2008.

The three winners will be notified by email, so again, make sure you don’t mis-type it when you enter.

Good luck!

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  1. Hey Vic….love the site just the way it is. I like the fact that the people can talk about movies without being jumped all over for their comments. I also enjoy that you seem to take a HUGE preference to the type of movies I seem to enjoy, namely Sci-Fi, Superhero flicks. The only thing I would change is the review for American Gangster! :P


  3. I like the reviews and the trailers area of the site.

    I can’t find anything in need of improvement, I’m not sucking up….I like the site.

  4. I love the review section. Thanks!

  5. great reveiws

  6. I like that I can find all the info i need here at Screen Rant. I can’t think of any suggestions to add.

  7. I’ve been visiting Screen rant for a few months now. I enjoy the site because the opinions are usually very close to my own (or what I’d probably think about a movie).
    The only thing I’d change is that when the site goes through a re-design (whenever in the future that may be) I’d go with lighter colors – the black can be a bit overwhelming for my tastes.

  8. I have only been here a time or 2 — so not that familiar with the site yet. The black screen is hard on my aging eyes! Guess that’s what I’d change.

  9. I’ve spent a good amount of time reading through your reviews and checking out the site. There’s the good and the bad. The good: I greatly admire your honesty in your reviews, many films that are critically acclaimed like “Chicago” and Fahrenheit 9/11, you ignore and leave to your own opinion, which I think is great. However, that leads into the bad, which isn’t your fault, but rather mine. I most definitely disagree with many of your reviews, but in the big scheme of things, it’s a matter of perspective, so that’s not a bad thing.

    The rest of the site is great, it can be hard finding new trailers for films sometimes, especially ones you don’t hear about often, and you have a good list of interesting trailers in the site. I’d like to hear more about lesser known films however, especially Sundance films, which you do talk a bit about around the site. Even though the site is heavily sci-fi/action oriented, it would be nice to read about other films that are making a buzz in the indie community, and it would be a great place to expand on. It can be tough finding info on Indie films, so it would be great to get more info on a daily basis here.

    For the most part, I really enjoy the site, you provide some great info on new sci-fi/action/adventure films coming out and provide some fun reading on the side in the news section as well. I’ll definitely be coming back to the site more often now, so keep it up!

  10. I like to check out the reviews on Screen Rant before buying a DVD or seeing a movie. I’ve been visiting the site for several months; and, I have yet to find anything to change . . . but I’ll keep my eyes open.

  11. Screen Rant is great

  12. no country for old men is unassumingly clever, even funny at times… what happens next is always unexpected and yet it never goes “over the top.” well done indeed.

  13. Love the info you can get here on films.
    Wouldn’t change anything

  14. I love everything about Screen Rant, don’t change a thing. Only site that I know I can find information I need without a lot of fuss!

  15. I like how Screen Rant is organized and the quality of the information available. Can’t think of anything I’d change!

  16. I like Screen Rant because it’s honest and it’s not a sell out. I can count on it for the real truth.

  17. I’d really like to see this

  18. I love the Screen Rant because I can find info about movies I think I want to see! Now as far as chaning the site…. I love it don’t change it!

  19. I really like how user friendly Screen Rant is. What I’d like to see are more GREAT giveaways like this one!

  20. I like the contests. It would be nice if you could duplicate the Hollywood Video new release pamphlets.

  21. movie reviews,no

  22. I enjoy the movie reviews and, of course, the giveaways. As to how to make it better? It’s a great site the way it is. Why mess with success?

  23. I would mail you my right arm to win this movie…….just kidding .I can’t stand the site of blood

  24. I like screenrant just the way it is now. I would not make any changes to it.

  25. I love the movie reviews. I think they are great. I think to change the site, i would add more great giveaways!! Thanks!!

  26. I like the reviews and contests…You could make it even better by adding more contests!!

  27. I love you just the way you are, ScreenRant!

  28. Very nice and easy to use. Needs more contest :0) Thanks

  29. You have the latest info.
    Would like some lighter colors.