Don’t Buy ‘No Country For Old Men’ On DVD!

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no country old men dvd Dont Buy No Country For Old Men On DVD!Why not?

Because you can win a copy of the film right here in yet another Screen Rant giveaway. simple smile Dont Buy No Country For Old Men On DVD!

I reviewed No Country for Old Men last November and gave it stars. Here’s a summary of what I thought about the movie:

“Another fascinating and unpredictable character-driven movie from the Coen brothers.

‘No Country For Old Men’ is also great for post-viewing conversation: Several story points are left less than completely answered and you can debate with your friends what really ended up happening with certain aspects of the film.

If you’re a fan of Coen brothers’ past efforts like ‘Fargo’ and ‘Blood Simple’ you’re really going to enjoy this. And if you’re not familiar with those, it’s well worth checking out as an introduction to their style of film making.”

If you haven’t seen it yet, or you have but would like to own it on DVD, we’re giving the movie away to 3 lucky winners!

No Country for Old Men was nominated for 8 Academy Awards and took home Oscars for

– Best Picture
– Best Director
– Best Supporting Actor
– Best Adapted Screenplay

The DVD includes bonus features that take viewers behind the scenes of one of the most compelling thrillers of the year and shed new light on the complex characters and celebrated creators of No Country for Old Men.

Working with the Coens: Reflections of Cast and Crew
Learn more about Joel and Ethan Coen from the perspective of their collaborators, cast and crew.

The Making of No Country For Old Men
Take a journey through the Coen Brothers’ process and back to their roots as storytellers with a unique voice and vision.

Diary of a Country Sheriff
Explore the relationship between the compassion of Sheriff Bell and the brutality of Anton Chigurh.

No Country for Old Men is rated R.

To enter all you have to do is comment below using a valid email address in the Email box and tell us:

A. What you like about Screen Rant.

B. What you would add or change about the site to make it better.

That’s it!

This contest is open only to residents of the continental U.S. and it ends at midnight, Wednesday March 12th, 2008.

The three winners will be notified by email, so again, make sure you don’t mis-type it when you enter.

Good luck!

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  1. I like to check out Scren Rant because it’s filled with the most up to date movie informatio. The only thing I would like to see is a Podcast version of the site. It would be awesome!

  2. I love Screen rant the way it is! Vic don’t mind me though – I am hoping for the Blu Ray release :-)

  3. Screen Rant is very informative, and is updated fairly regularly. The only thing that I would change is the variety of movies that are written about. I know that the writers are mostly men, but on occasion I’d like to hear news about romantic comedies, or fantasy films. Just a thought. Keep up all the good work!

  4. I love being able to tell all my friends about all the new movies coming up after a visit to screen rant. I would like to see reviews and commentaries about some classic movies and how they compare to new ones. Maybe watch a movie a few years or even a decade after the hype has died down and see if your perceptions of the movie have changed. Maybe make it like a weekly special that is geared toward giving advice about renting older movies. I would definitely check it out.

  5. I love the organization of the site and how user friendly it is. Some other movie sites are tough to navigate. What I’d like to see are more great giveaways like this one!

  6. Vic,
    I like that a lot of the same people post here and it gives it a homey feel that other sites lack. As far as what I would change, maybe open up the topics a bit. I know that you walk a tight line there with the site possibly getting too diluted in regards to content. I am thinking maybe a comics section? That could be one way to maybe fill out the site a bit.

  7. I love Screen Rant for the up-to-the-minute movie info you provide. Add or change? hmmmmm – nothing at this time so keep up the good work!

  8. I am a huge movie buff literally and at 6’6″ 250 pounds physically as well. Screen Rant keeps me up to date on the blockbusters obviously, but the independent and niche market movies that I so enjoy. The thing that I would change is to have a link on the first page of just trailers – other than that keep on keeping us informed.

  9. LOL, Reginald, you just told me that I may need to rethink that top horizontal navigation menu. :-)


  10. I love finding out about movies that are coming up which I either haven’t heard about, or finding juicy tidbits about upcoming movies which I’m really interested in seeing. I typically only read screen rant in the RSS feed, so don’t have a lot to say that I’d change about the site.

  11. Ah, so it takes a giveaway to get you to actually show up, eh? :-)

    You’re missing out on half the fun here with our great community of folks who discuss what we post here!


  12. 1. Screen Rant is one of the best, most personable, and sane movie-blog site. There is truly only one thing I like about Screen Rant, and it’s why I keep coming back. Because it’s a site that’s willing to throw in straight-forward opinion into its news. And the mere fact that its just not boring. Oh, and because they tend to report on the stuff that matters.

    As far as what could be done to add to make the site better. 1. Hire me (I’ll work for free) to add to the site (reviews, reporting, etc). And 2. just report on more stuff. That is all.

  13. My comments to the questions relate to the newsletter updates. They’re my favorite part of the site because they keep me appraised of interesting developments. However, they’re also something I’d tweak a bit; There’s a good deal of duplication of coverage as stories evolve. This makes more work for you and demands more time of the readers. What I’d do is edit a bit more tightly – and probably sit on a story for a few days so I can pass the full info along in fewer newsletters rather than keep up with daily updates.

  14. Vic,

    I don’t know what to say……..I have never seen this movie, was waiting to buy it on DVD.


  15. I like screen Rant because the reviews make sense. They are more than “this movie sucked” or ” it rocked”. There is information provided that I use to help decide if I will watch or buy a movie. The scoops and behind the scenes news is also good.

    of course, nothing is perfect, but I have nothing to comment on as far as additions or changes. Sometimes it’s good to do a few things well.

  16. this is actually the first time i’ve been to this site. but, it looks pretty great, and i’m always happy to find site without the ‘sugar coating’ where real criticisms can be voiced.
    personally i prefer sites that a bit more colorful, but i can’t see anything really wrong here. !!


  17. this is actually the first time i’ve been to this site. but, it looks pretty great, and i’m always happy to find site without the ‘sugar coating’ where real criticisms can be voiced.
    personally i prefer sites that are a bit more colorful, but i can’t see anything really wrong here. !!


  18. I got hooked on this site because of the immediate Iron Man movie updates and other general movie updates.
    I’d put forums on this site.

  19. A) Great source of up-to-the-minute information about upcoming releases. It gets me excited about movies that are being produced and I think helps me appreciate the movie when I eventually see it.

    B) The colors are a little frustrating with black as a background color. I suppose it could use a face lift. Also, I think you have your demographic pegged, but it might be nice to report on other genres, but don’t branch too far or you’ll lose your base. I’m starting to sound like a presidential candidate…

    Keep up the great blog!

  20. I like screen rant because it tells you what is happening with movies and stars. It keep you informed on all the movie news.

  21. A.) I like screen rant because it gives very informative reviews of movies that I am interested in.

    B.) I am not a big fan of the colors used on the site. I don’t like dark websites.

  22. I’m an ‘avid’ movie film buff who enjoys the movie reviews on Screen Rant also as much as watching the latest movie releases! YOU GUYS ROCK! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  23. I like the reviews and the Best-of-the-Year lists.

    I’d like to see more recommendations on what to watch.



  24. I just found Screen Rant recently and have been enjoying all the reviews for the various genres represented here. What would I change? I haven’t been here long enough to come up with anything, but I’ll let you know if I do. Thank you!

  25. I like Screen Rant because it’s current on what’s happening with movies and stars.

  26. I like screen rant because it gives very informative reviews of movies that I am interested in.

  27. I like that screen rant says whatever is on its’ collective mind.

    The colors do stink, white text gives me a headache

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