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eliza dushku dollhouse terminator promo joss whedon Welcome To The Dollhouse Terminator Promo Video

How do you spell butt-kicking, bombshell babes?  D-O-L-L-H-O-U-S-E.  I’ve been excited by this show for a while.  I’ve always found Eliza Dushku to be endlessly attractive and am a big fan of Joss Whedon, but until now, I wasn’t sure if the general pace and personality of the show would be directed towards me.

Especially considering the fact that Dollhouse is set to air Friday nights after Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronocles…  A time slot that is usually the slow death of a show.  This, combined with Dollhouse’s general lack of solid television promos, had me fearing the worst: A swift death at the hand of lofty viewers.

But then I saw the light.  Actually, I saw the recently released grindhouse-themed Dollhouse promo and it’s given me all the hope in the world that this show will be as awesome as I’d anticipated.  It’s clever, funny and totally edgy.  One of the things that makes it stick out is the fact that both shows are being billed as a double feature.

The promo is definitely awesome, and hits their target but this does not necessarily mean an overall victory for the shows. TVSquad commented:

“Granted, this does not mean that the shows are going to win in the ratings (which is unlikely due to their schedule placement), but it does at least appear that Fox is more aware of its target audience. This is a point Joss Whedon has made in a couple of interviews.”

I guess we’ll all have to wait and see what the overall result for the shows ends up being, but in the short term, I’ve gotten a glimpse of the awesome potential of Dollhouse and it’s characters and I cannot wait for more.  Then again, if it’s terrible it won’t be the first time I have been duped into caring about a show that ends up being terrible.

Dollhouse premieres Friday, February 13th and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles returns on the same night.

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  1. I just came on to complain That Fox hasent done a double bill promo for its new friday schedule!

  2. Similar thing happened to Firefly. Fox and Whedon again…

  3. No doubt, Ken. Whedon should avoid FOX like the plague. But I’m hoping, if it’s good, word of mouth will spread … quickly.

  4. I think Dollhouse would be a great series to do a crossover with Fringe.
    Wouldnt it be intersting to discover some of our characters from Fringe had implanted personalities?
    thats Fan Fiction waiting to happen!

  5. oops,
    I meant wouldnt it beINTERESTING if some of the characters from Fringe had implanted personalaties?
    and i still think its a GREAT idea !

  6. Although the promo is great, it is for the wrong type of shows.
    Terminator, and I guess Dollhouse will have action but they are more character driven. Especially Whedon’s.
    What I am trying to say is that the Humanoids might see that trailer and expect something while the show delivers something different.

    But, that above pic of Eliza has left me saying on thing:
    DANA, JUMP! I will catch you!!!!

  7. Ahh, True Lies.
    Good Film.
    I sometimes forget Eliza was in that.

  8. SK47, LMAO!!!! I loved True Lies, and when I read that, I actually sounded it out in my head. And Arnold did that hand gesture of crushing her in his hand, lol.

    Imagine her surprise though, she thinks her dad is some boring computer salesman. Next time she sees him, he’s flying a Harrier jump jet…

    Oh but INK, I think Whedon is still on good terms with Fox for a reason though. Remember after the fiasco of Firefly, Whedon wanted to continue the show, but obviously Fox had already said no. He wanted to take it elsewhere, and Fox graciously gave him the rights to the show and characters all for free. So at least they weren’t a-holes about it.

  9. You know, if the slow motion is slow enough to catch the bullet exiting the muzzle like that, you shouldn’t see the firearm moving from the recoil at all for at least a while more…

    Ok, ok, sorry, I’ll stop focusing on the guns…

  10. I was surprised people at Fox were creative enough to make that trailer in the first place. The 9pm slot on Fridays is a bad slot to start from.

    You would think Whedon would have learned his lesson after Firefly but perhaps Fox did instead.

  11. Me likey Eliza Dushku though…although I was not aware until I read the posts from above that that was her as AHHHNOLD`s daughter in true lies….

  12. Yes, the classic True Lies which Cameron should make the sequel! Especially now in these times!
    Maybe Arnold’s Harry Tasker now wears an eye-patch like Heston did!
    Who knew Eliza would go from stealing money from Tom Arnold’s jacket to the pic above, eh? Hey Eliza, one-two-three-four, I declare a thumb war.

  13. I remember the first time I was shot out of a cannon…

  14. -Come on, Harry, you and Helen aren’t her parents anymore! Now, her parents are Axel Rose and Madonna!
    -But she should not be stealing.

  15. greenknight333… blasphemy!!!! I miss firefly :( there are now two comic’s out that fills in a few more holes… or at least gives us hope :D

    and Eliza… gotta love psycho Faith kicking some vamps!

  16. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

    LOL, I love that movie…

  17. -Do you know what this is?
    -Yes, I know what this is, its a giant snow-cone maker.

    Great lines! True Lies rules!

  18. @Ken J

    That’s the first I’ve ever heard of a problem like that.


  19. It’s the weirdest thing. When it first happened, I wasn’t sure if it was a bug or if I had a bug, lol. But I looked it up and other people had the same problem and they said it was only on certain sites and was a bug because none of them found any kind of virus, trojan, or spyware that was contributing to it. And for me, it ONLY happens on this site, so I’m sure it’s something about this site that my browser gets all funky with. But if I leave it open and let everything “finish” before closing it, it doesn’t do it. But sometimes if I open a page on this site, let it load half way (ads still loading or refreshing) and I close it then, it happens. Strange… It’s no big deal though, I know how to get it to stop.

  20. I want to watch both of these shows… but I don’t watch TV on Friday nights. Fox, move these to Sun-Thurs timeslots so people can actually watch them.

    I’d bet Dollhouse is cancelled quickly :(

  21. Dang, this site is cranking out the stories faster than I can read them, lol. I felt like this story is relatively new and it’s already pushed into the third page…

    Anyway, according to filmonic, Eliza Dushku wants the role of Black Widow in Iron Man 2 if Emily Blunt is forced to back out. Maybe they can incorporate a scene where Iron Man can say “Jump, I will catch you!” lol

  22. @Ken J

    LOL, you know that’s a good point that hadn’t occurred to me. I’ve increased the number of posts that appear on the home page from 20 to 30. :-)


  23. Yay, thanks, makes it easier to find some of the topics I like to keep track of.