Fox Is Letting Dollhouse Go

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The headlines all around the internet are spreading word the word that Fox has canceled Dollhouse. To be more specific, Fox has chosen not to order any more episodes beyond the first 13 episodes of Dollhouse‘s second season, sealing the fate of the Joss Whedon-helmed show.

Despite being overwhelmed in fan-voting websites by The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fox went with renewing Dollhouse for a 2nd season, ignoring the cry for more Sarah Connor.  Of course the popular theory is that Fox feared yet another long-term public lashing from how they handled the much superior Firefly space western of Joss’ years prior.

Fox letting go of Dollhouse isn’t a surprise.  The show confused or creeped out fans in the first season with its core premise.  However, when the show runners had a chance to capitalize on the flow of the story in the latter half of the first season, they kicked in the 2nd season with similar, fragmented episodes.

True, they started to dig deep into the inner workings of the characters.  At times the developments were mind-blowing, but this premise of programmable humans just hasn’t caught on. And I’m not sure that you can blame Friday’s in this era of DVR viewing and ratings that account for in the first 7 days that an episode has to impress people.

As it is, I’m guessing Joss wasn’t surprised, but he did express his disappointment in the development. He said the show is getting better with each episode, as will be evidenced with the upcoming episodes that will be airing in December. If you remember, Fox booted Dollhouse off the air during the month of November for what they hope are improved sweeps stats.

At least Joss has time and will take advantage of the knowing about this ahead of time and he’s looking to give the show a proper send off. Joss said that by the end of this ill-fated 2nd season of Dollhouse, we’ll know what he’s up to next.  But until then, he said “I’m off to pursue internet ventures/binge drinking.”

Is anyone out there actually surprised by this development?  I’m not.

Source:  THR (link 1, link 2)

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  1. At least they are going to finish the season unlike Firefly…

  2. This SUCKS!! I love Dollhouse! I think its such a cool idea and the show has been so interesting – for me at least. I wish another network would pick it up.

  3. Good Riddance.

    Should have been canceled instead of Terminator. I watched Dollhouse for the first season almost to the end, and it never got better.

  4. I’m not surprised either. Although it’s one of the only shows I’m currently watching on network tv, it’s not very good. I find myself bored while watching it even.

  5. If they had bothered to put this limp and humorless show out of our misery last year, they could have put the money to better use and made another TSCC, at least finished the storyline off.

  6. “Oh my God! I can’t believe it! Fox sucks! This show was the greatest ever! I’m never watching anything on Fox ever again! They can rot in hell!”

    Yeah, so for those who didn’t guess, that up there was sarcasm. I loved Dollhouse, as much as anyone can love a show that was, lets face it, kind of mediochre with little touches of brilliance. But as many of us did, I saw this coming, am not surprised, and if the show was half as good as Firefly, I’d be a little more miffed.

    At least it gets to go out with a bang.

    Little tid bit, Whedon only did this show with Fox because Eliza convinced him to (“Hey, Fox wants me to produce and star in a new show, can you create it for me Joss?” “Well, they’ve screwed me over twice before, but okay!”). If it weren’t for her, we might be watching “Dr Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Tweets” right now.

  7. I really enjoyed the first season and thought it had promise. The second season lost me.
    Like someone else said, its kind of dry and boring.

    TSCC lost me at the end of the first season. Way to much teen angst and attitude for me. Sort of like 90210 with robots and severe depression.

  8. I am Not surprised.
    It had lousy ratings and it was a difficult show to get into .
    The last word I would use to describe Dollhouse is accessible.

  9. Giving TSCC and Dollhouse a second season, ordering more episodes of FlashForward, extending the life of Heroes to the extreme, keeping Fringe, all these Law & Order shows, cancelling great shows like KINGS, Trust Me, Boston Legal, DayBreak, Eyes… What’s wrong with the Big 4?
    Can someone (ScreenRant?) shed some light on FoxCBSNBCABC’s decision process?
    With The Shield gone, 24 having its last day, LOST one season away from extinction, House MD already in its 6th season, I think some creative minds – or minds that recognize creativity – should be brought in to give the people some new great TV series. The people on top at the broadcasting companies are clearly losing their way. Crossing my fingers for the midseason replacements (The Deep End, Human Target) but I’m not hopeful.

  10. @Rhaemye

    “Can someone (ScreenRant?) shed some light on FoxCBSNBCABC’s decision process?”

    It’s fairly simple:

    Good ratings = Longer show
    Bad ratings = Cancelled show

  11. This really really sucks, other than smallville its the best show on tv. And I hate to lose Eliza again shes fraggin HOT.

  12. I tried to watch Dollhouse last season and couldn’t get into it. Would much rather have had TTSCC get a proper ending, if even a 2-hour finale to get some finish for it. I am not surprised that Dollhouse got cancelled. I was surprised when it got picked up for a second season in the first place.

  13. I only watched this show out of loyalty to Joss. Like most people so far, I agree that it was good, not great, and we all knew it was gonna get canceled sooner rather than later.

    I just hope he starts working on some more Dr Horrible now.

  14. The show did have some promise, BUT most of the time it was just about average! Fox were foxed(see what I did there!) into taking up the second season because of their history with Wheddon(read Firefly). I think maybe the 13th episode of the 1st season (which was pretty good) could also have played its’ part in the shows’ continuation.
    AND THE WORST PART Terminator:TSCC got cancelled instead of Dollhouse. I don’t care what the detractors say, that show was pretty damn special! The way they left it hanging in the end! SPOILERS The alternate WHO IS JOHN CONNOR? future could be seen as a possible ending, probably even a cool one but it just leaves you wanting more.SPOILER END. Man I wish so bad that Terminator had continued.
    Fox should reair/continue Firefly if they feel so guilty. At least we will get a quality show!(I hear you ‘Rhaemye’!)

  15. The thing with Firefly is that’s it’s changed so much now with the movie and comic books,it couldn’t really go back to what the TV show promised at the time.

  16. great concept, poorly executed.. Ok show at best

  17. Joshi: You left the advertisers out of your “Cliff Notes” answer!

  18. @Bruce

    I thought that was implied!
    Gah! This is why I’ll never be a writer at Screenrant!


  19. Yep, no stone unturned, while being as terse and thorough as possible. Almost an oxymoron!

  20. Glad it got cancelled. Too bad TSCC was cancelled first.
    This show should have been cancelled instead of TSCC.

  21. Really upset it got cancelled. It lost focus throughout which really sucked. It should have focused on the whole story thing and play that out. Not saying stand alone episodes weren’t needed. Some were pretty good. But they just took too long to get to the point and didn’t hit the ground running with the beginning of the second season. It should have started off differently. At least the ending will be a real end. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  22. this sucks.. i loved dollhouse.. just change the day you show it… cause im pissed now..

  23. this sucks.. i loved dollhouse.. just change the day you show it… cause im pissed now..

  24. this sucks.. i loved dollhouse.. just change the day you show it… cause im pissed now..

  25. I wish I knew about this show while it was on the air. We heard about it through my cousin and have watched it for the last few months though Netflix and my wife and I love it! I wish there was a way to keep new episodes coming. Sadly, the best we could hope for is a movie, just like firefly. Why do they keep just a few shows on the air and get rid of the shows that are something more than murder investigation or fighting aliens? Is it that hard to branch away from those two shows? Seriously?