Does Battle: Los Angeles Have A Bad Script?

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los angelesmap edited2 Does Battle: Los Angeles Have A Bad Script?I”m quite excited about Battle: Los Angeles – the script by Chris Bertolini was recently purchased by Columbia Pictures with Neal H. Moritz producing.

The film is supposed to be a mixture of Aliens, War of the Worlds, Black Hawk Down, Signs and Cloverfield.

However, unlike those films the script is supposed to be rubbish!

I’m willing to give this film a chance because it sounds like it could be a good silly action film, one without any sort of pretense other than that it is a fun ride. There isn’t a director or a cast attached to this yet, so the film could have some rewrites that may make it much better.

To find out more about the film, keep reading.

Be aware though there are some spoilers.

Latino Review got a look at the script for the film and although the site says that there are good elements to the screenplay, they also say that the latter portion of the film begins to defy logic. Here is the synopsis that they gave:

Some light shines down into the Pacific Ocean next to Los Angeles. At first, these streaks of light seem like a type of northern lights, but people realize they’re actually objects splashing down into the water – and they’re not just falling, they’re slowing down, essentially landing, before they hit the water.

Out of the water, figures emerge – human-like at a distance, but definitely not human. They walk on two feet at first, but on land suddenly crouch down on all fours and race forward, ripping apart whoever is in their way.

People freak out. City’s evacuated. Good guys sent in to blow them up. Sgt. Nantz is given a troop of Generic Military Types to lead to fight these guys.

It’s not as easy as they thought – aliens have super-powered, low-flying space ships and the aliens basically have guns in their hands.

Along the way to wherever, the military types find some civilians in a community center – a few parents, their kids, and the teacher. One kid is autistic or something and generally non-responsive to stuff but started acting weird when the aliens invaded.

Now, with all odds against them, Nantz and his men try to lead the civilians to safety.

It doesn’t sound too bad, but the script review states that the film becomes rather repetitive and that the aliens are defeated because the kid who is “autistic or something” can understand the aliens and due to the lucky fact that there is a hidden machine/device beneath the city of angels.

I still have faith in this film, the script was only purchased a few weeks ago, so it may be changed, and if we get a serious action director attached like Wolfgang Petersen, Tony Scott, Paul Verhoven or even Jonathan Mostow we could have a hell of a ride on our hands.

Casting would be a fun game too, but I’d bet that Gerard Butler and The Rock are at the top of the list.

Who would you like to see direct and star in this?

No news yet on a release date, but we’ll keep you posted on all developments.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. This happens a lot–a great idea, bad script, or okay script. They do massive re-writes to get the script into shape. I think it’s a cool concept.


  2. How come so many films like this have an autistic or otherwise afflicted child who has some kind of connection with what’s going on?

    Otherwise, I’m non-plussed about this. It’s a well-worn plot progression already. If they can’t put some kind of unique twist on this, I don’t see it as having much in the way of entertainment value.

  3. I like the pitch. I have only seen the Northern Lights once or twice…was just telling a friend how awe-inspiring but creepy it was. Will this movie tilt horror (CGI cookie cutter monsters devouring hapless citizens)? Can’t say the title can be taken too seriously. How about Autism of Solace?

    From your general description (maybe a fun ride, logic-defying ending), it sounds like a good fit for Will Smith.

  4. I’d say meh, the only plot twist I could see is to the child is at first seem to possibly have some connection with the aliens, but proven horribly wrong in some disastrous scene. Then have the “secret device” turn out to be a device left behind by yet another alien race who had expected the invading aliens at the beginning of the movie to arrive. The predicament to the group of survivors then is whether or not the device is a trap from the first alien invaders, a contraption of salvation from some friendly species, or simply a device of destruction from another species of hostile aliens that’ll eradicate both the alien invaders and human civilization when activated.

    My $2.95

  5. What is it about L.A. that attracts all these losers.
    (Oh yeah its the cheese)

    (Trust me)
    Were allready under attack by aliens.

    How ironic that Latino review has seen the script.

  6. Why would aliens land and just start killing everyone?

    There has to be a better way to take over a world…

  7. All we need to repell these invaders is Sharks with laser beams on their heads.
    ~:( ~:( ~:(

  8. Someone on earth always can understand the aliens, and the aliens always have something planted on earth so they can kick our butts.

    just like in war of the worlds, if they felt thousands of years ago that humans were going to be some sort of threat so much that they left superpowered machinery buried in the ground, why didnt they just defeat us and harvest us back in the day when we didnt have any way to protect ourselves?

    I dont understand why hollywood writers dont look at this sort of crap and say “Hey, you know what, people ARENT going to eat this up, even with a crazy budget, because you can drive a tank through the holes in the plot.”

    Sometimes action movies are fun, but this doesnt seem like one that would end up being fun for me. Signs + War of the Worlds + Starship Troopers = Battle: Los Angeles = kyyle23 throwing up

  9. /me hands a bucket to kyle23

    I like scifi a lot and alien invasions are often cool, but you do need more to it.
    How about aliens come, study us and decide the way to conquer us is by going on American Idol, winning, and gaining fame, then using it to persuade people to accept their rule!

  10. So what you are saying Steven, is that you would rather have a “They Live” type alien invasion? ;-)

    Im all for an alien invasion movie. I like those movies, and I will watch them. but hey, lets go at it like they showed up and wanted to brawl today, not that they showed up thousands of years ago and planted their weapon here just in case and just coincidentally underneath a major US city.

    What if they thought Boise, Idaho would be a great place to bury thier war machine? Well, that just wouldnt be realistic enough, no would it?

  11. I do love They Live. :D

    But quite agree. Why turn up when no real civilisation about and then say, hey, let’s not attack them now. Let’s wait until they’re smarter and stronger.

    Aliens like that deserve to get their arses kicked.

    Actually, been a long time thing for us Brits to comment on. Aliens always seem to turn up in the States. I’d pick Australia first. Take them out and establish a beachead on the planet, so to speak. I’d also hit the strong but ruthless nations first, like China and Russia.

    Wow, I’ve been thinking this through too much. ;)

  12. 790, that bit about sharks with lasers on their heads… that really reminds me of the Centurions cartoons!! Doc Terror would dispatch those laser-armed sharks against Max Ray and what does a marine biologist do when faced with this threat? That’s right, he launches his hydro-missile right at them and blow them all to hell. His pal Ace McCloud would join him underwater with his Orbital Interceptor and gets a piece of the action by launching his multiparticle missile to turn those laser sharks into an endangered species instantly.

    Back to the topic.. this sounds like it’s loosely based on an actual UFO contact event, The Battle of Los Angeles, where the Air Force fired thousands of rounds at objects in the skies over L.A. all through the night with the whole city witnessing the event.

    But perhaps the hidden device under the city may not be an alien device. It could be something left over from Atlantis or Mu or some other technologically-advanced lost civilization, who had encountered this sort of alien threat before. These pesky aliens probably did not have warp drives, so after they got their asses kicked the first time around, the call for reinforcements reached their home planet hundreds of years later and the journey to Earth takes a couple of thousand years more. But then again, if those aliens really did that, then they may be technologically-advanced but they’re pretty much stupid.

  13. Oxygen stealing! Now we’re talking Spaceballs! :D

  14. Ah, so no giant maid transformer sucking the air up. Oh well. :)

    Yes, that was mad. Every episode, I think, ended with the people they had met getting taken over. I do remember the prison warden, played by Craig Charles (Lister from Red Dwarf) bending down with one of those carrots right behind in, taking aim.

    Ouch! :D

  15. Cool topic///
    Haha. Well Jae Senn I was thinking of Dr Evil, from(Austin Powers). He allways wanted sharks with laser beams on their heads… Looks like Centurions cartoons were the inspiration.

    On Alien invasions, hmmm. It would depend on their motivation. If they wanted the earth to collenize and needed or wanted slave (humans) for food or to keep everything working they would develop holographic tech that would enable them to hide in plain sight. They could use this power to abduct certain key figures in power and take their place. Slowly over time say (50 years or so) they would be in total control of governments or the US government. Since they could duplicate anyone they would also do this to key figures in the military so that when or if the time came they could stop any resistance.

    Meanwhile they could stage certain events, change laws, and slowly take out the Bill of Rights and well you can see where that would lead. Total domination of the planet and its people (human slaves).
    Without the public every knowing what happened.

    Or they could simply fly over the planet EMP the entire power grid and watch as we tear ourselves apart.

    Or timetravel back and change history to alter the future.
    Or they could land take heavy casualties mount an attack against a warlike race (humans) and take their chances.
    Yeah right!

    The “They Live” scenario is the most likey……

  16. If I recall there was a film called “Collosus the Forbin Project” (back in the 70′s). It was based on a string of novels that were based on a supercomputer taking over earth.
    In one of the follow up novels there was a storyline that involved an alien race contacting “Collosus” and making a deal, give us what we want or will destroy the population. Collosus needed key memebers to keep itself running so it made a deal.

    What the aliens wanted was 500.000.000 cubic meters of Oxygen.

    Now that would be a cool starting point for a film.
    Aything but another ID4 craptacular.

  17. Lol steven the git, it was ether Oxygen of Water.
    It was along time since I read that book.
    The aliens looked like hovering black plates (standing on edge).

    Totally alien.

    Hey steven remeber the lykka invasion. Season 4 Lexx? That was just halarious. Carrots that go in the bad place. Heehee

  18. Yeah I remember it was funny cause Craig Charles didn’t really hide his english accent.
    The actress that played “Holly” in Red Dwarf was his redneck wife remember. She had this real good texas drawll.

    Funny quote from “Lyyka vs Japan”. “She’s destroying eveything, and she’s really hot?”. The last 2 episodes were the best!!!!

  19. Charles has a quite strong Liverpool accent and yes, it shown through then!
    But she was good. Hatty Hayridge I’m sure her name is. Stand up comedienne for a time too.

    That was fun. Let’s face it, Godzilla or Lyyka, I know which I want to be destroyed by. XD

  20. Steven,,
    Huge fan of Red Dwarf btw.
    Hattie was very funny in that episode of Lexx.

    For those that havnt seen the show, in a episode of Lexx (Lyyka) a carnivores plantlike creature that took on the form of Stanley (captain of the Lexx) Tweedles (dreamgirl), grows to huge size and lands in Tokyo from outerspace and starts attacking and consuming like Godzilla / Attack of the 150ft woman. She’s smoking hot to boot.
    She would snatch a helocopters out of the sky, eat them and say ” ooh that’s yummy”. It was halarious and cool sci_fi at the same time. :-)
    Yeah steven I’ll take Lyyka over Godzilla anyday. Lol.

  21. Red Dwarf remains one of the funniest shows this country (the UK) has ever produced but also one of the best scifi shows too.

    Loved when they found the time device and went back to the 16th century or something. They were still in deep space, a million miles from Earth, buy hey, what an era to be in!

    But anyway, you clearly have excellent taste in scifi, especially on the darker, funnnier side. :D

  22. Ok, this is how it really goes:

    Aliens from long ago realize that one day this planet will be on the list of this other malevolent race of aliens. To protect earth, the good aliens leave weapons under the earth and a gene that will be dormant until the aliens are seen. This gene exists in the autistic boy and some others. There will be much blood and mayhem but in the end, earth wins by defeating the aliens with the ancient machines.

    Wait a minute, I think I saw something like that in one of the Star Trek shows. :o)

  23. What?? Oxygen- and water-stealing aliens??! Those must be the good guys, ’cause the bad guys are the ones who are after gold and slaves.. Right, Mr. Travolta & Mr. Cruise?

  24. Well think about it seriously for a second.
    If aliens wanted 500.000.000 metric tons of air or water this planet would be screwed.

    It would deffinitly be a catastrophy for our eco system.

    Would make a complelling twist on the ID4 logic. Specially in todays global climate. ??

  25. I don’t have the DVDs, yet. I taped them all when they were on tv so been lazy about it. But someone has told me they are great, especially the cast commentaries. They are a funny foursome.

    Yes, shame about a movie. There was lots of talk at one point about an american version and a movie and everything, but too many problems.

    I do think around seasons 5 and 6 they really hit their height. I love Legion, but from earlier you have the classic Polymorph. Also great fun with Kryten’s last day.

    Personally I kind of wish they stopped when they met their future selves and all died in the fight, simply because it was so great when Rimmer urges them to fight and they’re stunned.

    ‘Better dead than smeg’

    Think I might have that on my gravestone ;)

    Then again, did love some of the later stuff, like Krytey tv and the basketball match. :D

  26. Thanks Steven, you have good taste as well my friend.

    Red Dwarf never gets old. I still watch the old episodes and still laugh at the jokes.
    Mainly because the comedic timing was so brilliantly done. I actually considered flying over to the UK to meet Chris Barrie at a con a few years ago but just couldnt afford it. Rimmer’s deffinitly my favorite character on that show.

    Some of my fav’s were, Stoke Me a Clipper, Demons and Angels, Back to Reality, and every episode in season 8.

    If anyones reading this off topic stuff , go out and get Red Dwarf on dvd. You can thank me later!!!! And Lexx too.

    Ps Steven soo bummed they didn’t get the funds for a Red Dwarf movie.
    But I did like when Rimmer kicked the grim reaper in the ballz at the end. Smeg!!!

  27. (Warning another Red Dwarf rant. Ahmm.

    I’ll tell ya Steven The Git,
    I like every episode!
    That show is so British that it totally blew my mind when I watched it for the first time. It dosnt compare to anything ever done in the USA.
    It almost if not, defines the way tv science fiction comedy should be done. I say almost with the exception of LEXX. ha haa.

    The dvds are amazing Steven. For each season the entire cast is interviewed on every episode and its put together in a hour long+ documentary + ,,smegups, *commentaries on all episodes by the cast, VFX footage, isolated music (That’s really cool) its basically the music soundtrack for each season!
    (Remember the Elvis episode “Meltdown” well its great to hear a clean version of the end title song sung by the King).
    Its really the best tv show dvd package I’ve seen in my life
    Season 8, five out of the eight episodes are extended…. Season 8, wow! How great was it when they brought the original crew back and Rimmer too. (I swear you Brits really kick ars when it comes to writting sc_fi).
    (We talked before Steven of Doctor Who. That’s another just totally amazing show to me.)

    They did shoot the American version of Red Dwarf in pilot form. I was able to buy a bootleg copy at a Grand Slam convention in Pasadena California a few years ago.
    (It was beyond awfull). Complete waste of time came no where near the original.

    (The cast actually talks about it on the dvd in season 6).
    They basically payed Robert Llewellyn (alot of money) to reprise his Kryten character. He basically played 3rd fiddle to a couple of unknown actors and Terry Ferrell from DS9 (Dax) played the Cat.
    A female Cat? Wtf.
    The pilot was a reboot of the original first ep, “The End”. And it just sucked beyond belief. :-p

    It was so bad Steven that I took the vhs tape after watching it and paying 15 bucks for it, and threw it in the trash. Seriously.

    I could go on forever, but I should prob stop at this point. But yeah its worth it on dvd. +++++
    I’m glad to hear from a smeghead lexx fan like yourself anytime Steven! ++++++

  28. Ok, totally sold on the DVDs. Will have to get them soon!

    Have heard of the infamous pilot for you lot and how bad it was. I’ve seen Llewllyn talking to fans, as Kryten, about being over there and saying a line, eating from a buffet, and then going back and saying a line, etc.
    Of course, that would be too weird for me, seeing Kryten in the first episode.

    But absolutely, once a smeghead, always a smeghead! ;D