Could The Next ‘Doctor Who’ Be A Woman?

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Even though Russell T. Davies, the writer and executive producer of the present day Doctor Who series will not be involved in the next rendition of the new Doctor (he’s leaving next year), he’s not holding back with his opinion on who the next Doctor could be.

By his reckoning, he thinks Catherine Zeta Jones would make a great next rendition of The Doctor.  Meow!  I’d be all over that!  The show people, the show!

All joking aside, this is a nice twist of an idea for who might play the next rendition of the character.  As it is, the women associated with the 11th Doctor are:

  • Billie Piper (Very popular),
  • Lesley Sharp,
  • Georgia Moffat.

History in the Making?
It would be a historical first for the show.  Heck, it’s a historical first that anyone is even thinking of it and I applaud that method of thinking.  We’ve seen female butt kickers in other shows.  Why not here?  The Doctor won’t be fighting vampires every episode, but the good Doctor will have his or her share of alien and time line issues!  If done right, it would be a grand success.

As it stands, David Tennant will appear in four specials through 2010 before moving on to greener pastures stuck in the same linear time line.

And Now?
Auditions are presently being held for the new Doctor and of course Davies had to torment the public.  At a recent screening of the Christmas Day Doctor special, he was teasing viewers with the possibility that David Morrissey (co-starring in the special) could be a contender for the role.

Right now, Tennant had to bow out of his Hamlet role temporarily due to back surgery but Davies promises to go easy on him as they start filming the newest Doctor Who installment next month.


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  1. I think making the Doctor anything other than a white guy would be great for the show, whether it’s a woman or someone of color, etc. One of the things that always sort of bugged me was that they teased that his regenerations would be random (he could have two heads or no head, etc), but he always ended up being a human looking male.

    Davies has brought a lot of changes to Doctor Who that people applaud (more companions, the pansexual Captain Jack, etc.) while maintaining the spirit of the original show. If anyone could make the drastic change of making the Doctor a woman, he could.

  2. Catherine Zeta Jones – only if she can do her Welsh accent again and not pretend she’s an american.

    I don’t know the lore of the Doctor well enough, but I’m sure I’ve seen others say you stay male or female, whatever the regenerations.

    Either way, Russell can shut up and stay away as far as I’m concerned. He has revitalised Doctor Who, no doubt, but the shows he did were mainly lousey, especially the final of the last series.

    He’s going, Stephen Moffat is coming in, all for the better.

    Also, I do think David Morrisey is heading to be the Doctor at some point, judging by the Christmas trailers.

  3. Also, just to be clear, my issue over CZJ isn’t having an american accent but people pretending to be something they’re not.

    Her and Anthony Hopkins seem to be ashamed of their roots considering how they have changed.

  4. For me, a lowly colonist, what is needed to qualify for an actor/actress to be The Doctor is the ability to bring the unique and quirky personality of the Doctor with that underlying strength that comes to the surface when the situation calls for it.

    I don’t get to see Doctor Who until it starts going into reruns and gets shown more frequently on BBCA. Thank God you Brits decided to share, Doctor Who is the best British import since the Bentley. ;)

  5. I feel the Doctor is typically male. I do believe Time Lords have regenerated at will, Romana. Could it be done, yes. If it is done well is another thing. Changing the Doctor to something other than Human is not an option. Being human is how we relate to him.

  6. Changing the Doctor to something other than human doesn’t make sense. If I recall correctly, he has a fondness for earthlings. Being something that was truly alien would make it especially difficult for him to recruit a traveling partner. Then where would the show be?

    A woman as the Doctor? I say lets see it! Catherine Zeta Jones as the next Doctor Who? Glad that one is not up to me!!

  7. David, agree about the quirk factor. Vital in the Doctor.

    For me, it should be about the who (pun intended), not the what.
    If there’s someone who can play the Doctor who is a woman then great. But don;t pick someone based on what they are.

  8. David said: “the ability to bring the unique and quirky personality of the Doctor ” And that’s a great point! In my opinion, that might eliminate Jones from the running.

    And yes Steven, there are way too many “who” puns lurking in the background of everything you say about this show. WHO agrees with me? (See?)

  9. This sounds horrible. CZJ as the Doctor? Gimme a break !!! She should stick to commercials.

    We already have the “Sarah Jane Adventures!”

    They need to cast a quirky male lead, black / white don’t care, but no females.
    They’ll be lucky to improve on Tennant.

    And if Russell Davies is leaving the show as well, that’s real bad news !!!

  10. @790 – Russell T Davies leaving as showrunner isn’t a bad thing. He’s still going to be a producer of the show but the main showrunner is going to be Stephen Moffat who many believe (myself included) has contributed the best stories in the current run of the series.

    As for a woman as the Doctor – there’s no reason why not, just like there’s no reason why the Doctor couldn’t be of a different race to Caucasian. I can see the arguments against such a change, as anyone apart from a “white” male could run into problems in historical settings, but that could add a whole different edge to the show, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    But please, CZJ? God no. Apart from anything else, she’s left her Welsh roots behind her so would she really want to return to a show made primarily in her home country?

    Personally, I hope not! ;)

  11. Gareth thanks for the update on Davies not totally leaving, as I believe he’s really been instrumental to the shows success.

    On a female Doctor I think you bring up a real good point, on the historical problems a female Doctor would cause,,,
    I hope the writers aren’t looking for a challenge. :-)

    I have 0 prob with a black actor playing the Doctor, just not a female. Sorry ladies, nothing personal.

  12. “Heck, it’s a historical first that anyone is even thinking of it and I applaud that method of thinking.”

    Not quite, back in the 80′s a local Seattle Washington student film maker did some Doctor Who episodes with a woman as the doctor. They were very good.

    I think it could be done if the right actress were chosen. I would love to see Emma Thompson play the Doctor.

  13. Well Minerva, I would prob still watch the show because the writing and stories can’t be beat!!! But I would prefer a male Doctor…
    I would really like to see the actor that played Rose’s boyfriend in seasons 1 and (in a parallel dimension earth) season 2.
    That kid was great in the Cyberman 2 parter !!!

  14. Hello from another Lexx fan. As a lexxian I find Doctor Who to be a marvelous show, mainly because of its quirkyness. It’s actually my second favourite. So, while I aplaude quirkiness and weirdness, I don’t think a female doctor would do well. The doctor should remain a constant – human, male, also don’t care if he’s black or white. Now the companions, they can do anything there. If you want weird, get an alien companion, an earth male/female companion from past/present/future, anything you like. But the doctor should stay the same.

    By the way, I also think Russel Davies leaving will be bad for the show. Last season’s final did suck a little, but then he’s the one who made the show. Season 4 was the best season and now that it ended, I don’t think Steven Moffat can do much to improve the show. I think it will slowly go down :( I really really hope I’m wrong, but somehow I don’t think Moffat can write good weird comedy the way Davies did. Please prove me wrong :)

  15. Aah 791,,, I thought I was all alone in the Dark Zone,,,

    Fyi, they finally released LEXX season 1 on dvd,,,

    May his Shadow fall upon you! 8-)

  16. oh god… there’s two of them!

  17. And we both like Doctor Who !!!! ;-)
    Join me 791 and together we can rule this planet !!! Lol

  18. The more I think about it the more I like the idea of a woman as the Doctor. It would be great fun (I hope) to see what the writers come up with. I wonder how long it would take for the show to dump the currant female traveling companion for a male companion? Or perhaps she has a certain affinity for members of her own gender, ala Capt. Jack.

    Easy 790! we trekkies already have a hold on this planet and we wont give it up so easily!! ;)

  19. Lol, David. :-)
    Nice link btw 791.

  20. Stephen Moffat is an excellent writer. Blink remains one of the best episodes I’ve seen.
    Not sure how well he does comedy, but I’d rather good storytelling and scares.

    Also RTD’s writing bugged the hell out of me. Far too frivilous and he failed to deliver on the promise too often. He’d put out obstacles and cliff hangers and then solve it all with a flick of a switch or a reset button. Argh!

  21. It’s an interesting idea…Personally, if they’re going to have a female Doctor, it should be Lalla Ward, IMHO…

    I’d actually like to see them bring Peter Davidson back, after his appearence last year..he makes a much better doctor now that he’s a bit older..

  22. And Steven..I gotta agree with you..”Blink” is one of the most brilliant episodes…

    Also, “Love and Monsters” …Hated it a t first, but after watching it a few times, it’s become one of my favorites

  23. “Heck, it’s a historical first that anyone is even thinking of it and I applaud that method of thinking.”

    Not quite, back in the 80’s a local Seattle Washington student film maker did some Doctor Who episodes with a woman as the doctor.

    And it’s been thought about/talked about often in fan circles and in the wider media: I’m sure John Nathan-Turner (80s producer) mentioned it as an idea whether lighthearted or not, certainly it came up at more than one regeneration before 1989, then there’s the Comic Relief special that had Joanna Lumley as the Doctor (1999), the Doctor Who Unbound audio drama that starred Arabella Weir as the Doctor (2003)…

    So not quite a historical first then…

  24. The Doctor is a Male TimeLord, Romana was a female timelord, the master a male, the rani a female. The Doctor mentions a few times that he has been a father before, great!! lets build on that and learn more about the Doctor in the future without having to explain….”I was a Father, now im a mother, Father regenerated now hes my mom” I will quit watching the show if this happens!!

  25. When I first learned many years ago of the possibility that The Doctor could one day become a woman, I was intrigued. But over time I have grown more realistic (even after Joanna Lumley’s very good impression in The Curse Of Fatal Death) of the damage that it might cause the character.

    I have worked on for the past thirteen years a fan fiction script originally with a female Doctor. Last year I had decided to create a completely new Time Lady which I now consider appropriate for series potential. In fact, I think Jenny (Georgia Moffat) has the best chance for that if The Doctor’s Daughter has her own spinoff which I’m hoping for.

    I’m sure though that I’d like Catherine Zeta-Jones as The Doctor. Rachel Weisz, after reading someone’s fan fiction who envisioned her as The Doctor, I think I’d like even more.

  26. I hope not, I think it would ruin the show.

  27. Yeah but plot twist could be put in place to explain it, nothings set in stone with the doctor and personally i think its a good idea but it will take some thought to pull off. (for instance, who would be the assistant? a male or a male and a female? hmm)

  28. Helen mirren would be an awesome Doctor Who.

  29. Kill of Theta and have Jenny (Georgia Moffett) or Susan (Carol Ann Ford) take over as The Doctor.

    If you really want a woman then make it 13 lives and not a fan wank one off.