‘Doctor Who’ Viewing Guide: Tips, Suggestions & Complete Episode List

Published 8 months ago by , Updated November 6th, 2014 at 1:37 pm,

Doctor Who Viewing Guide Header Doctor Who Viewing Guide: Tips, Suggestions & Complete Episode List

Once viewed by many TV lovers as a niche sci-fi program, Doctor Who and the TARDIS have been popping up with increasing regularity on television screens around the globe. In the past few years, the cult British staple has become a full-on global phenomenon. These days, being a Whovian is, as the eleventh Doctor (played by Matt Smith) would say, “Cool.”

However, with over six seasons of the Russell T. Davies 2005 series relaunch plus three spin-off shows (Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and K9) available online and in stores, it can be an especially daunting task to get started – and that’s not even taking the hundreds of classic Doctor Who episodes into consideration.

Fortunately, we’ve put together the following handy guide to help viewers figure out which episodes are a good barometer for whether or not someone will enjoy the series, where to find the show online (in addition to retail shelves), as well as a complete list of Doctor Who episodes, specials, shorts, prequels and tie-ins - including where the Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, and K9 crossovers fit in (assuming you want the “complete” Doctor Who experience).

doctor who david tennant matt smith Doctor Who Viewing Guide: Tips, Suggestions & Complete Episode List

That said, our guide will only focus on the modern series (starting in 2005) – since the copious amount of content in the classic chapter could be pretty daunting for most viewers who are new to Who. We recommend that interested viewers follow our guide and then, if they’re up for it, go all the way back to the beginning of the franchise with Season 1, Episode 1: “An Unearthly Child” (1963) – which featured the first, and grumpiest, iteration of The Doctor (played by William Hartnell).

Continue reading for suggestions on where best to start adventuring with The Doctor…

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  1. Great article Ben! And I agree with most or all of the salient points.
    I love Docter Who and I even managed to get my wife hooked on it (the reboot only.) I might have trouble getting her to sit down for any classic Who.

    Maybe a couple of Tom Baker episodes? Hmmmm……..

    • I loved the Ton Baker episodes. best Dr Who.

      • Tom not Ton…

        • DOCTOR Who. Its on the first page, man.

    • I really wish folks would stop calling the new series a “reboot” when it is actually a continuation of Doctor Who.
      If it were a reboot, then all the previous regenerations would not be canon, nor could Sarah Jane Smith and Jo Grant have cameos.

      • Actually when you think about it – the term “reboot” is more accurately applied to Doctor Who than it is anywhere else. When you “reboot” your computer, the system shuts down and comes back up to the same OS and settings. Your data and apps are still and basically everything is the same. The system functions a little better by being restored to start up state yet retains all the important stuff from before the reboot.

        On the hand so called “reboots” of other series are more akin to switching to a new OS (say WinXP to Win7). While things are familiar they are at the same time different. Previous history (your data) is no long relevant (ie not present) although may reinstated (say from a backup). It would probably be more accurate to call these reimagings formats, but I suppose it isn’t a metaphor to grasp.

        • Lol, there’s something akin to genius lurking in that post… :-)

        • I agree. Reboot is perfect fine, as is relaunch. The term that is occasionally used and most certainly is not accurate with Doctor Who is “reimagining”. That isn’t the case. Funnily enough, fdbryant’s definition of reboot is ignored by some fans who don’t accept the “reboot” that occurs in The Big Bang as being the restoration of the status quo.

        • Doctor? Is that you! :-)

  2. Great article. as a huge doctor who fan i like it when doctor who get more coverage. I remember a couple years ago, before the fourth season ended, most people had never heard of DW and some of those who had heard of it laughed and made fun of it. now a lot of people have at least heard of it and its not such a laughing matter.

    as for the three eps you listed to check out, i do not understand why you chose love and monsters. I thought that was the worst doctor who episode and would never recommend it to anyone. Blink and Midnight where good choices. I think the first chrismas special would be a good one for first time viewers to check out. It doesnt have to many spoilers as far as future and past story plots go. Though they might be confuses with the whole regeration aspect of the plot.

    • Draagyn – We tried to choose really self-contained stories. Love and Monsters is a weird one but it’s book-ended really nicely without too many over-arching spoilers.

      Hopefully though, most people just watch Blink and go right to the series premiere.

      • yeah, ok, i guess that does make sense for those who dont want anything spoiled. but hopefully after blink and midnight they will just go straight to “rose” and worry about love and monsters when they get to it.

        • Dude, how did you manage not to like L and M it was a great episode. Ben I LOVE your choices they are awesome, and your list of favorite episodes was epic I loved em’ all except for “Amy’s Choice” that one was not too good…. And why wasn’t “Closing Time” on the list? That was the best Craig episode ever!

      • I actually agreed with just about all your choices, except for Love and Monsters.

        I will conceded it started out well, and if it’s a viewer’s first episode it’ll feed into the whole mystery of the Doctor – but once the ‘Monster’ appears I think it may turn viewers off, because both the design and the CGI were pretty bad on that one.

        But yeah, Blink. I still don’t know how they managed to make a Doctor-lite episode *that* good.

        • They got Carey Mulligan. And Angels.

      • I understand your reasoning, and I agree with your choices, but it seems to me that you left out what is probably the best two-part story of this modern Doctor Who. The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances were amazing. Those two episodes were what convinced my wife that the show is not some silly British sci-fi series. The inclusion of Captain Jack didn’t hurt either, but you get the point.

  3. I’d have bolded “Doomsday”. The final scene is heart-wrenching.

  4. Best Companion: Donna Noble

    Worst Companion: Amy Pond

    Best doctor: David Tennat

    Worst doctor: There really isn’t one…

    Best Enemy: The Weeping Angels

    Worst enemy: The Adipose

    Best Episode: Blink/Midnight

    Worst episode: Rose

    Best season: 3/4

    Favorite character from any episode of new who: Rory Pond/That teenager in midnight that was on the buss I can’t remember his name I mainly like him because he frigging plays “Merlin”

    • I agree with most of your choices except best companion. i found donna rather annoying and probably the worst companion out of the the rebooted era. Though she was ok in some eps. I would say my favorite companion is Martha. Jack is pretty cool to but hes a reaccurring companion so he doesnt really qualify. Great choices for everything else though.

      • Yeah Martha would be second on my list. I probably just like Donna because I watch her show and stuff.

        Also yeah if a recurring companion would count I’d have to say Craig would be my favorite.

      • Doctor Who has *not* been “rebooted”; when a franchise is rebooted, it means it starts over, totally ignoring any previous versions; that is not what happened when RTD resurrected the show, as it clearly considers every Doctor Who episode since November 1963 to be fully canon.
        It’s the same show, there was simply a pause between 1989 and 2005 (with a brief drop-in in 1996).

    • false, the worst companion was adam

      • Who is Adam? IS he from the new who if not I haven’t even seen any classic who.

        • oh yeah, adam! he traveled with rose and nine for one episode and got kicked out of the tardis!

        • adam is from nuwho, he was that weasel from two episodes in season 1. he showed up in “Dalek”, came on board for an adventure (the one in satellite 5) and tried to destroy the laws of space and time for money.

    • Here is how I rank the companions and Doctors (by the way only since the reboot):

      In order of Best to Least

      Chris Eccleston – seems snarkier and harder than the others
      Matt Smith – seems more energetic, his incarnation is having the most fun
      David Tennent – I think I like him least because he seemed to mopey and mired in regrets

      Donna Noble – Like her best because while she loved the Doctor she was not in love with the Doctor. She wasn’t some lovesick puppy who just went along with whatever she said. When she thought he was wrong she wasn’t afraid to let him know it.

      Rose – She actually seem to enjoy and embraced the adventure and wonder of travelling with the Doctor.

      Amy/Rory – Their story while tied up with the Doctor isn’t centered around the Doctor.

      Martha Jones – I’d almost say I dislike her. Largely because she was so wrapped in “why Rose, why not me”

    • Wow. Not too many people share my opinions on the current state of “who”. Donna totally agree. Dr 10 and Donna chemistry was fantastic. Tennant by far my favorite (and IMHO the best) doctor. Sorry Tom, loved you too but David was tops. Everybody is having a whogasm over the Moffat-run Who and Matt Smith, and while I dont think its bad, I am not as interested as I was in the RTD/Tennant years. But I do agree with some of choices for good episodes…liked The God Complex for example.

      Amy Pond…ugh…great to look at, but not a good actress in my opinion, things improved when Rory came aboard, and then Rory’s dad was even better. Most think Amy was better than Rose, no way if ya ask me.

      Current who is just a mess to me, I find myself sick of trying to remember who it was who scratched their arse in episode whatever of last season, and then forgot to flush the toilet in the TARDIS which led to the thing that happened to whats her name in that place…Agh! Unresolved plot threads, sweep under the carpet finales…not that didnt happen during RTD, but at least I could enjoy it for what it was and move on.

      Ok rant over, still love Who and will watch forever regardless who’s writing, doctoring, or whatever. I woulh have liked to see Tennant under Moffat (long term not just one-off eps) as well as Smith under RTD. Would have been interesting.


    • The Donna Noble era had great episodes but the character was quite annoying. Waaaay too hysterical! Also, not pretty. Undoubtedly least fav.

      I loved Rose, most probably because her story ended so tragically. And when she finally managed to come back, boom! More heartbreak. I must admit I have a special fondness for Billie Piper. I loved her in Diary of a Call Girl and it’s through her that I came to Doctor Who, so yeah, there’s that too.

      Martha was a fine replacement, if a bit too competitive, and Freema was cute most of the time but I hated the way she curled her upper lip. I know it’s a detail but still…

      Karen Gillan’s Amy was an adorable baby-face but too much of the tall twiggy type and really not a very good actress. Her best bits came later with Rory and their story, much like Rose’s, ended in a heart-wrenching manner. Mixed feelings all in all.

      Last but not least, Clara… Weird. Witty. Punchy. Mysterious. And arguably the cutest little thing to ever set foot on a Doctor Who set (except maybe for Carey Mulligan). Damn, I think I’m in love! I truly hope Jenna Coleman’s here to stay. Right now, Rose and Clara are still battling for pole position but I can feel the former slowly giving way.

      As for the Doctor, I liked Tennant but I wish Eccleston had lasted longer and though I disliked Matt Smith at first, his fantasy grew on me to the point that he’s now my favorite and I’m gonna miss him. Then again, we’re about to get another dose of John Hurt and this immensely talented actor being one of my all-time faves, he might just eclipse Smith.

  5. I think number 4 on the list is supposed to be ” Vincent And The Doctor”, and in the episode ” Midnight” they were in a train, unless I am mistaken. :)

    • Yeah it is Vincent not Vin they were just abbreviating it….

      And NO!!! They were not on a train…. It was a buss

      • Whoops! Maybe site owner, Vic Holtreman, snuck that one in there! Good catch guys.

  6. Nice article Ben! Have to say, I wouldn’t have put Love and Monsters in the first 3. Would probably replace with The Girl in the Fireplace – good “doctor-heavy” episode as you’d put it that also helps show the dynamic between the doctor and companions. i think when introducing someone to who it’s important to see the dynamic of that relationship (esp with rose!). runner up for #3 would probably be unicorn and the wasp for the same reasons – both are also very fun / somewhat historical episodes. for me, the history aspect was a big draw upfront as it helped counterbalance the more fantastical/sci-fi elements of the show.

    On a separate note I think it’s important to tell a bit more of who the doctor is in the “basics” – namely that he’s the last of his species, he travels through time/space, and he travels in the TARDIS (i think a lack of mention of the TARDIS is probably the biggest omission).

    Anyway sorry for the lengthy post. all in all a very good article!

    • The Girl in the Fireplace is one of my favorites too! I thought maybe there was too many larger spoilers in that one? But maybe not. That would have been good.

      We might add a few more tips – so we’ll work something up for the TARDIS especially. Anthony and I had talked about it.

      • Yes, you might want to mention the TARDIS people will be watching the show and be very confused, like Why did that man walk into a Telephone box in the 20th century? Why is there a police box flying through a wormhole in space? How did the doctor get there when he walked into a phone box? and then Why does he have some weird screwdriver thingy?

  7. oh also in relation to the 2 stories i suggested – i think they’re both very well contained stories that give away very little of the rest of the series or touch upon the larger story arcs so they fit very nicely for those new to who.

    ok that is all for real :)

  8. Well 1st. The Doctor has unlimited regenerations (per BBC last year)

    2nd I think the best episodes you missed are:

    Runaway Bride (Has the best scene from the Series with the best Music when the Doctor pulls the Tardis alongside the car Donna is kidnapped into.

    The Empty Child and the Doctor Dances from Season 1. Great Story Creepy and Fun.

    The End of the World. Very poignant episode. Good Story and Nice interplay between Rose and the Doctor.

    • Oh and Silence in the Library. Absolutely Amazing Episode.

      • And Vincent and the Doctor which is just beautiful poignant well written television.

    • The whole Doctor having unlimited regenerations came from The Sarah Jane Adventures episode “Death of the Doctor” (see the episode list on page 4), not Doctor Who itself, and wasn’t represented as “unlimited” (the Doctor said 540). Additionally, it was Russell T. Davies who wrote this into the episode after leaving Doctor Who. He later said that he sometimes likes to mess with things, knowing that it would rile up fans.

      However, the whole power and process behind Time Lords being regenerated does lend itself to the fact that a single Time Lord could now technically receive more than 13 regeneration – but this element has yet to be explored in the series.

      • The 540 regeneration can still be taken into account as the 10th doctor technically regenerated twice, first in “The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End” but didn’t change incarnation, and in “The End of Time”, where he changes incarnation into 11. The Doctor can have 13 incarnations but can regenerate 540 times. Or that 540 regenerations was the natural limit on a timelord but that the timelords imposed the 13 rule to make timelords like the master more careful.

        • Except the Master said he was in his 40th incarnation or something. And if the Doctor is limited to 13, how could he be 900yo when we’re about to have seen all his incarnations (Peter Capaldi being the 12th necessarily makes John Hurt the last)?

          Also, this show is such an institution that I think many of us are absolutely not ready to let Doctor Who go until many many years from now. Capaldi will stay a few years at best but John Hurt isn’t getting any younger, so we might actually never get to see the 13th Doctor beyond the 50 years special (unless they recast him, that is, and recasting someone like John Hurt sounds like a big no-no to me). When these two Doctors are gone, the show’ll be gone for good unless this 13 thing is bull. And. We. Don’t. Want. It. Gone.

    • I did like End of the World too – it’s just really hard to narrow it down to 10! That’s why we definitely wanted to throw it out to our readers for discussion.

    • No…. I think you’re wrong I always thought the doctor can only regenarate 13 times

      • I think its 13 for all timelords. The master in the original series had used up all 13 regenerations so he was trying to find ways to get more. I think timelords could grant another timelord more regenerations but since they are gone the Doctor might be able to find another way to get more.

        • Actually Anthony is right. Originally, it was just thrown in there as a side-note. BBC never imagined they could keep the show going on for so long. But now that it’s at 11 doctors, they need to push that number back, hence 540.

        • Here’s the deal as i understand it: it is official canon that timelords have 13 lives, 12 regenerations.

          However! the time lords are gone (or are they? hahaha) and as I assume due to other events listed below, the time lords themselves are who regulate it. Since they are gone, I expect his regenerations to be unlimited due to no one able to regulate it. After all, time lords pretty much entitled themselves as the guardians and watchers of the universe, being one of if not THE oldest beings in the universe. And wisest and most briliiant, hence their discovery and mastery of time travel.

          Examples of regulating regenerations: the Master being offered an entire new set of lives by the counsel to help the Doctor and all his incarnations during The Five Doctors. the master had previously used up all his regenerations prior, and his incarnation at the time was actually a stolen life from Keeper of Traken.

          (SPOILER?)Again, the master was alive and hiding in Utopia, having been ressurected by Time Lords to help fight the time war but he fled from fear.

          (Spoiler?) and the ultimate time lord himself Rassilon was resurrected during the time war as was seen in The End of Time.

          I personally believe the doctor is immortal when it comes to regenerations. Although being killed while regenerating can kill him dead. Also I speculate the big bad return of time lords (far overdue) for the 50th anniversary bonanza. And after saving the day the Doctor may be rewarded with unlimited or 540 or whatever regenerations.

          Perhaps being the only time lord left (?) he set a number for himself at 540…

          Anyway thats my 2 cents

          • I’m not sure “regulate” is the proper word for it. From what I can gather I think it would make more sense to say that by default the Time Lord body can only live for 13 lives. HOWEVER, it is possible through some reserve of regeneration energy that exists somewhere to be granted more lives in special cases. Assuming that that’s correct, then the Doctor will die after the 13th, unless the TARDIS happens to contain such a reserve of energy, which it probably does.

          • How can something be official canon when it’s yet to be stated as truth? Even more so when it’s been contradicted several times! Most people assume the Doctor can regenerate only 12 times on the SOLE BASIS of him saying so once. The thing is, he can lie…

            • I know this was ages ago..but actually the fact that Timelords can only regenerate 12 times is a something that’s said and used as story lines all through Classic Who. I for one am pretty happy that they used the Timelords to give him more regenerations (instead of just changing canon which doctor who is known for doing a lot)

  9. Nice, I love this show..I just started watching it on Netflix, burned through 3 1/2 seasons already.

    I’m going to be sad when Tennant is gone. Not happy to see Donna come back….I didn’t like her at all in the christmas episode where she first turned up. But maybe I’ll warm up to her.

    • Yeah not to spoil anything for you, but once you watched all of Tennat you’re gonna HATE Matt Smith he’s pretty much just does everything Tennat did it’s pathetic. I’m so glad Matt Smith is leaving! But then there’s Clara she does not look to good. She look like Amy Pond (and I hate Amy too) but she doesn’t have Rory which is what made Amy okay…

      • Totally agree except I do like Matt and just wish Moffat would simmer down all the cleverness and get back to basics: different planet/time, trouble, missing companion, investigate using time lord ingenuity, rescue, save day, move on…

      • I don’t know in which parallel universe you live in but in this reality, Matt Smith has nothing to do with Tennant. Also, Clara doesn’t look like Amy at all, neither physically nor behaviorally. She’s the best companion since Rose, possibly even better, and since looks seem so important to you she also happens to be the cutest.

        @razdood2112: What could possibly be wrong with cleverness?

  10. Just checking if I am getting this right. If I start whit the 2005 series, after the first season, the Doctor change form (or actor) for the second one? And then again at the end of the fourth? But this is still part of what you call the ‘’2005 reboot’’?

    • correct. everything from 2005 onward is the same continuity. Actually even the 2005 “reboot” is a continuation of the original series, but they made it so new fans could just jump right in starting with the 2005 premiere. so if you end up watching all the new ones and liking them you could check out the old ones and they would be in the same continuity as the new ones. Kind of like how all the live action star trek series are in the same continuity.

      • Thanks, I’ll get right on that

  11. Netflix also doesn’t have the season 5 christmas special, A Christmas Carol.

    • Also, your Pond Life episode 1 link goes to the wrong video.

      • Pond Life #1 link is fixed. You’re right about A Christmas Carol. Weird. I’ll make sure the guide reflects that note as well.

        Thanks for the heads up!

        • No problem! Also, to be fair to Netflix at least it’s actually listed, whereas a month ago Netflix seemed to think it simply didn’t exist, so hopefully it will be available soon.

  12. For the story on Regenrations:

    Matt Smith isn’t leaving until at least 2014:

    • And despite the fact that she was extremely good looking Martha is my least fav companion thus far.

    • The story you linked to is what I was referring to in my previous comment. Putting aside the salacious title, the article is about the “Death of the Doctor” episode from Sarah Jane Adventures.

  13. I always get compliments when I wear my Doctor Who t-shirt. It’s a picture of the Tardis!

    Also look forward to your Tardis article.

    Here’s a few Tardis facts…… you probably already knew this:

    1. The Tardis is supposed to change shape to blend in (a chameleon circuit) with it’s surroundings, but it got stuck when the Doctor visited 1950′s London and now it always looks like a blue 50′s London Police Box.

    2. That noise the Tardis makes when it appears and disappears. We find out from River Song that Doctor Who has mistakenly left the parking brake set to “on” in the Tardis. River Song is one of Doctor Who’s companions and is also an experienced time traveler. She is portrayed as knowing more about piloting the Tardis than even the Doctor himself.

    3. The classic Tardis noise was created by a BBC sound engineer way back in the 1960′s running his set of keys up and down the wound strings of an old piano in the studio.

  14. Perfect timing for this article! After hearing you guys rave about it on the podcast I’ve been wanting to check it out. Thanks Ben!

    I think I will start with the ‘Rose’ episode (S1, e1 – 2005) and watch all the Netflix content from there…

    • Sure thing! Hope you enjoy it!

  15. Good article – just one thing. The Doctor has 13 incarnations, so therefore can regenerate 12 times not 13 as stated.
    Possibly worth mentioning that it’s up for debate whether this has already been written out too.
    Anyway, yes – (especially after this evenings awesome series opener) everyone should should dive in. Geronimo!

  16. My first episode was When a good man goes to war….talk about spoilers…. haha

  17. Great post Ben,
    I might actually start watching Doctor Who now. Didn’t want to start B4 because I didn’t want to bear through the ancient seasons. But now i know there’s a reboot.

    • Cheers! Glad it was helpful!

  18. Seriously? Love and Monsters? I’d agree with the other two, but The Shakespeare Code is a far superior episode to start people on. The monsters are one-shot, the pace is fast episode and action-packed. Plus, they meet one of the most famous people in history, illustrating just what the Doctor and his companion go through. Plus, it’s a great example of Doctor/companion interaction.

  19. There’s also this: Asylum of the Daleks Prequel, http://youtu.be/Q1r2dQkB1fY

  20. I agree with most of this, but under no circumstances should a new Whovian start with “Blink.” There’s simply not enough of the Doctor. Someone new to the show would want to get to know the Doctor, not wonder why he’s hardly ever present. I would say, start with “Midnight.” That’s a very Doctor-centric episode, and a new viewer will be able to get a great sense of who the Doctor is.

    • My friend recommended that I start with Blink and it was an amazing decision. You really get a feeling for the show without the Doctor clogging up the works (because the show is more than just the Doctor, IMO) but with just enough of the Doctor to show what he’s about. And it’s SOOO good.

  21. The only bolded episode I REALLY disagree with is ‘Fear Her’, which is the worst episode of New Who, just a little ahead of ‘The Curse of the Black Spot’. I think you’ve listed a few too many in bold though – they don’t limit the list much! And the Season 2 climax episodes were much better than New Earth, The Shakespeare Code or The End of the World for me – those three fell a bit flat for me. Every episode has at least some enjoyment value, though I was getting a bit tired of Tennant towards the end.

    You’ve picked some weird taster episodes though: all three are decent episodes, but apart from Midnight, they’re VERY low on Doctor content. Love & Monsters is divisive – I personally enjoy it, but it’s not a good guide to what the rest of the series is like.

  22. nice info, loved that nearly all the best eps were moffat and gaimans.
    ive been rewatching and found i cant stand davies’ writing, and the romance between Rose and the Doc makes me wanna be sick every time its just so…gooey.
    and i despise Donna, she was annoying and such an illogical, loudmouthed, bleeding heart.
    Cant believe how badly they are screwing up companions in the reboot really, best i thought was Jack and Martha and Martha was kinda meh. I can understand why people think the Amy/Rory companionship is making it faar less about DW.
    Liked Eccleston as the soldier still fighting the war, Tennant as the slightly insane after what he did during the war (and kinda depressing) and love Matt Smith cos he is like an ancient child, energetic and childish but all knowing.
    DW has 13 regens, the master himself ran out and tried to steal more, and according to old series one of DW’s regens is evil. But with the right writing, which i believe Moffat provides ways can be found around it, it isnt exactly always hard science either.
    also Asylum of the Daleks was awesome, great twists, great DW.

  23. Love the phrase ‘ancient child’. Nice work.
    But still have to pick you up on the regens. There’s are 12 regens, 13 lives. And that’s already been written out…

    • ur right 12 regens 13 lives, but if ur referring to the Sarah Jane ep that’s silly. I watched that ep, for one thing it was writeen for a 7 year old, and two the doc was just saying it to an annoying kid who kept asking him things he didnt want to answer. Ive yet to see actual proof its actually been changed.

      • True. Although I think the BBC consider it canon it will need clarifying in the main show closer to the time.

      • If he can lie to a kid about these 540 regenerations thing, what makes you think he didn’t do the same previously with his 12 regens statement? Hah!

  24. I love the show. I seen a few of Tom Bakers episodes as a kid, and then got interested again when the new series started.

    I started to write a fan-fiction story and decided to watch the entire CLASSIC SERIES. All 26 seasons.

    Please check out my story and let me know what you think. (Click on my my name for the link or just Google “The Aresian Saga”)

    I’ve just started watching Doctor Who since last June and i wanted a proper episode guide just to make sure i’m not missing out on anything.. this is the best so far!
    I really appreciate this and thank you again,also for the additional info :)

    • Glad it was helpful!

  26. I am sometimes amazed at how long these thread stay active:

    However if it isn’t 13, and it isn’t infinite, it should be 42. After all 42 is the answer to the Great Question about Life, the Universe, and Everything.

    • Though Doug Adams did write for Who, this is not H2G2. Would be a nice nod, though, but if someone can regenerate, why limit his regenerations? It’s stupid.

  27. I’m a veteran Whovian but I’ve been introducing two newbies to the Doctor. I decided to give them A Christmas Carol. It’s self contained, no major arcs like the other Christmas Specials and is a good indicator of whether you would be interested in the series.

    Blink is bloody fabulous but it’s so wonderful I would almost hate for that to be the first episode you see. It packs even more of a punch when you’ve been a fan for a long time. I hadn’t thought about Midnight, that would have been a good choice, thanks for the great suggestions!

    • Sure thing! Christmas Carol is a great episode too. Definitely a good standalone story.

  28. awesome guide! I just recently started watching Doctor Who, but another way to start up is via the eleventh doctor (season 5). There aren’t any significant ties to the prior doctors’ story arcs, such as the rose companion crossing into Tennants tenure, etc etc. I started this way, and would recommend others to do so, if they don’t fancy any suggestions on this article.
    Now im up to latest, I’m just about to start from season 1 with the ninth doctor!

    • Thanks for reading! Glad it was helpful – and that you’re enjoying Doctor Who!

  29. Someone said Matt Smith is leaving. Is that true? I was just starting to really like him. I started watching about 2 months ago on BBC America with the David Tennant episodes. I loved him!! Then I really didn’t like Matt Smith at first. Bummer, first it was Amy and Rory and now this. Its hard to adjust to the changes on the show. But I love it and watch usually several episodes a day.