‘Doctor Who’ Twelfth Doctor Regeneration Audition Script Revealed

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Matt Smith Eleventh Doctor regeneration Doctor Who Twelfth Doctor Regeneration Audition Script Revealed

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who or even vaguely aware of its existence, then you’ll know the current hot topic of debate is that of which actor should be selected to play the twelfth incarnation of the show’s central character, as it was announced earlier this year that Matt Smith would be departing the show at the end of season 7. Friends and family have been divided in heated arguments over whether the Twelfth Doctor should be young or old, black or white, male or female, left-handed or right-handed etc. The Benedict Cumberbatch camp and the Tom Hiddleston faction are locked in bloody mortal combat. It’s all been very painful to watch.

Hopefully all will settle down when the new Doctor is revealed in the next Christmas special (though given the difficult nature of maintaining secrecy, we may find out long before then), but to pass the time a new tantalizing glimpse at the audition process has been revealed by current showrunner Steven Moffat. The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine contains a reveal of Moffat’s scripted line for the Twelfth Doctor auditions, including three scenes in total from various points of a hypothetical first episode. The first scene is perhaps the most interesting, as it shows Clara and the Doctor interacting in the immediate aftermath of his regeneration.

WARNING: it is extremely unlikely that these will be actual lines used in the first episode of season eight, especially since the fact that the Twelfth Doctor hasn’t been cast yet prevents Moffat from getting into specifics about the new look. Perhaps it’s just a skewed perspective after seeing Smith in the role for three seasons, but this script reads like it’s been written specifically for Smith’s incarnation of the character. Watch the Eleventh Doctor’s first appearance on Doctor Who below, and then read the audition lines (transcribed by Doctor Who TV) for the Twelfth Doctor to compare.

THE DOCTOR: Right then, eyesight. Not bad, bit blue. Ears – not pointy, right way up, more or less level. Face – well I’ve got one. Oh, no – French!

CLARA: French

THE DOCTOR: I’ve deleted French! Plus all cookery skills, and the breast stroke. And hopping. Never mind hopping, who needs to hop. Ohh, the kidneys are interesting. Never had that before – interesting kidneys.

CLARA: Are you all right?

THE DOCTOR: I don’t know, do I look all right?

CLARA: I don’t know.

THE DOCTOR: How’s the face? Seems all right from the inside. Nice action, responsive. Bit less heft on the chin. How is it?

CLARA: It’s… okay.


CLARA: It’s a bit… you know.

THE DOCTOR: No I don’t, I haven’t seen it yet.

CLARA: Maybe it’s just new.

THE DOCTOR: Have you changed height?


THE DOCTOR: You sure?

CLARA: It’s you, your height, you’re the one who’s changed.

THE DOCTOR: And look at your nose.

CLARA: What about my nose?

THE DOCTOR: It was really cute, I loved your nose, you should’ve kept it.

CLARA: I did, it’s the same nose, it’s the same all of me. You’re the one who’s… regenerated, whatever you call it.

THE DOCTOR: Are you wearing a smell?

CLARA: Do you mean perfume?

THE DOCTOR: Yes, I suppose it could be perfume.

CLARA: You’ve always liked that perfume, you said so.

THE DOCTOR: No I didn’t, that was the Doctor.

CLARA: You’re the Doctor.

THE DOCTOR: Yes, I suppose I am. That’s going to take a bit of getting used to.

CLARA: Yeah, it really is.

The last scene (which has since been removed from the site, but can be read in full in the latest issue of DWM), was set in a little boy’s bedroom and bears distinctive similarities to the Eleventh Doctor’s first interactions with young Amy Pond. At a guess, it’s possible that these audition scenes have been written as deliberately close to Smith’s characterization of the character, in order to present the prospective Doctors with the challenge of making the role their own, despite being coaxed towards imitation. During the last audition process, Moffat said that he knew Smith was the right choice almost immediately:

“On the first day, the second or third person through the door was the one we wanted. [Smith] was just spot-on, right from the beginning, the way he  said the lines, the way he looked, his hair… Just, ‘Oh, that’s him.'”

Peter Davison and David Tennant in the Doctor Who Children in Need special Doctor Who Twelfth Doctor Regeneration Audition Script Revealed

It’s unclear from this audition script exactly what Moffat is looking for in the next Doctor (assuming for the moment that he doesn’t simply want a Smith clone), or even whether he has a particular type that he’s interested in casting. One of the benefits of having a complete physical rebuild of a character is being able to cast just about any actor in the role, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Moffat won’t have a particular look in mind already.

Each incarnation of the Doctor seems to react to the regeneration process a little differently. The Tenth Doctor’s commentary was limited to saying, “New teeth, that’s weird,” before resuming the conversation he’d been having shortly before regenerating. Conversely, the Twelfth Doctor seems to exhibit confusion at even comprehending that he is still the Doctor, which is somewhat unusual. It’s also somewhat amusing that he attributes his new height, as well as his personal tastes in sights and smells, to changes in Clara rather than in himself.

Do you like this possible first glimpse at the new Doctor? What do you think it says about Moffat’s audition tactics? Tell us your thoughts on the regeneration scene in the comments.


The Doctor Who 50th anniversary special will air all over the world on November 23rd, 2013.

Source: Doctor Who Magazine [via Doctor Who TV].

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  1. That definitely reads like Smith’s Doctor or I guess rather Moffat’s doctor which makes sense. Hopefully it’s better.

  2. i wouldnt say this reads like smith, its just that we’re so used to smith we naturally think of him performing it. I could see tennant of eccleston performing this scene also. The scene seems to indicate more intimacy between smiths doctor and clara from before he regenerated like ‘i loved you nose’ and ‘you’ve always liked that perfume’

    • Yeah I agree, I automatically read it in Smith’s voice but then when I tried it’s pretty easy to imagine Tennant or Eccleston too. Which is a good thing, because it does kinda drive home how the Doctor has this basic same character to him, but can still be distinguished enough by the actors who play him. So it’s probably meant to let the actors put their own stamp on it.

  3. Him? It could be a woman, but whenever you reference the Twelfth Doctor, you always say he. Got a bit of a gender supremacy thing?

    • no need to bring the whole gender argument into this article, ‘him’ naturally springs to mind when you think of the doctor because as of now the doctors male, probably just a slight oversight when writing the article.

    • I was going to use the gender-neutral pronoun “ze” but I thought that might confuse people.

      • Why?

        In case “ze Germans” come after you?

        In any case, I just hope this new Doctor isn’t a complete, over-acting mess like Smith was. That guy tried too hard to imitate Tennant and just put me off completely.

        • LOL over acting mess? i dont think so. Smith was his version of the doctor. had nothing to do with over acting.

          • Yeah and Smith’s version was an over-acting mess. Really can’t stand him as an actor.I’ve seen him in the only two things he seems to have done (Doctor Who and a biopic for TV about the annual Oxbridge Boat Race) and he was terrible in both.

          • His version was way more whimsical and hyper than other versions and it also harped on Tennant’s a bit much. I think that can all be blamed on Moffat writing the character more or less that way rather than Smith’s acting abilities.

            • Put on your thinking tin-foil caps and think way, way back to before this current kick-start of Dr. Who…

              Most of the actors who played the main role brought quirky in their own way as that was what the role demanded. Some more quirky than others. True?

    • Why would you even say that? The Doctor has never been a woman (except for spoofs)so why wouldn’t say say “he”. He’s been a man for every single incarnation. Apart from he or she wat is there? thing??? it???

  4. Well, that rules out the next doctor being a woman!

  5. Well, that rules out the next doctor being a woman! If it would have happened, then Clara’s first response should be… Omg, you’ve turned into a woman this time! Not, oh you are shorter or your nose looks different.

  6. How bout an 8 year old, American black girl? Make ze completely stand out.

  7. I can’t say who I want, I haven’t decided. But, I think whoever it is should DEFINITELY be a ginger!!!

    • Rupert Grint?

      His career seems to have disappeared recently.

  8. Rafe Spall would be excellent as the next Doctor. I hope they pick him.

  9. Tom Hiddleston? Of course! I didn’t even think about him as the Doctor. He’s done with Loki for the foreseeable future.

    I am henceforth firmly on Team Hiddleston for Doctor Who!

    • I had the exact same response. He would be an excellent Doctor!

  10. Bring Tennant back as the doctor !
    Thats it..the return of him !
    “Oh..that looks and feels familiar,same teeth !”
    No need for a new one,take the old one back ! Its sci fi,i would believe it !

    • The Tennant fanboys still won’t let it go, huh…

      It’s Doctor Who. The actors change. Tennant was fantastic during his run, but it’s over – move on.

    • Forget it. Won’t happen.

      Then again that makes me think of why can’t they do that with the same actor? Completely alter/change the appearance, the mannerisms, the attitude?

      Interesting concept to say the least. And a real major challenge to the same actor.

      • Never mind. Even that wouldn’t work.

        The ‘actor’ would want more money and the thing that got me was they could always bring in a new actor who’d work for less. Typical BBC.

  11. However things pan out eventually, I sure hope the “forgot about French” thing doesn’t make it to the actual script. It’d be sad to have a Doctor who doesn’t know what “allons-y” means.

  12. Or that he no longer recollects snogging with Madame De Pompadour….

  13. What I always thought would be funny is if The Doctor ever became a woman, *that’s* also when he gets to be ginger. So when he regenerates into her, the companion is reacting to the fact that he’s a woman now but The Doctor has no opinion on the matter because she’s just so damn happy to be ginger.

  14. I always thought Sean Pertwee would be an interesting choice.

  15. If the new Doctor is a woman the lines about forgetting cooking and the breaststroke would be hilarious.

  16. No at all likely, but I would love Idris Elba as Doctor Who.

    • Doctor Who isn’t the character’s name.

  17. He probably seems so confused to be the Doctor because he is suppose to be a Valeyard now.

  18. I love the script! it would be fantastic if Moffat used this with the twelvth doctor!!! I hope they do something simaler to the Time Crash short, or maybe even a full episode, bringing Matt back for a short while!

  19. Hello there. My name is Peter Capaldi, and I’m the new doctor.

  20. I can’t imagine that for the 12th doctor. Now that we know Capaldi is the new Doctor.. It sounds a bit like Eleven? I heard that the new Doc will be the opposite of Matts?

  21. We do not want you to go doctor is still with us
    together with Professor River Song
    a pair breathtaking

  22. I think the script might be at least somewhat accurate, what with the kidney-comments and all. I’m incredibly excited, I think Capaldi is going to do brilliant.