Teaser for Tennant’s Last Doctor Who: The End of Time

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doctor who end time Teaser for Tennant’s Last Doctor Who: The End of Time

While Americans were sitting at home on Sunday watching 60 Minutes, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Dexter, our friends across the pond in the UK were being treated to some of the best television known to man. In the UK, not only was Sunday night the start of the fourteenth season of the always wonderful motor program, Top Gear,  it was also the premiere of ”The Waters of Mars,” the second (of four) Doctor Who specials to air in 2009.

Unfortunately, for those in the US, you will have to wait until December 19th to see exactly what aquatic horrors lie on the distant red planet. So, for the sake of not being called names that make me cry (even though I’m extremely manly), I shall refrain from discussing any elements of “The Waters of March” until the special airs on BBC America.

Still, while those in the U.S. were not able to be a part of the 9.1 million viewers in the UK to tune in, there’s still some awesomeness that everyone across the world can enjoy.

As in typical Doctor Who behavior, the end of an episode not only brings the credits but also a preview of what’s coming next. I was afraid that there would be no preview because the next episode would be the first part of the two-part finale in which we will see the demise of our beloved Doctor by he who “will knock four times,” but in typical Russell T. Davies fashion, he delivers.

Instead of me babbling on about how great this teaser is, I’ll just let you check it out for yourself:

I’ve seen this trailer about 20 times and each time I can’t help but get goosebumps. There’s something dark and powerful about these episodes. While last Christmas’ “The Other Doctor” and Easter’s ”The Planet of the Dead” were underwhelming, “The Waters of Mars” and this teaser really have me excited about what’s to come.

The quick glimpses of John Simm returning as the Master and Catherine Tate as Donna Noble have filled me with enough Doctor Who excitement to last me until Christmas.

john simm master doctor Teaser for Tennant’s Last Doctor Who: The End of Time

…just better make sure that I have an ample supply of Kleenex stocked up as this Noël will be a teary one.

What do you think of the teaser? Does this have you excited? Do you think “The End of Time” will be a fitting end for David Tennant as the Doctor?

Let’s hear it, you Gallifreyan loving readers.

(Don’t forget that November 20 is the British charity appeal BBC Children In Need and with it we just might be treated to the opening sequence of “The End of Time.”)

Doctor Who “The Waters of Mars” will air December 19 on BBC America
Doctor Who “The End of Time” will air December 25 on BBC One (UK Only – No date has been announced for the U.S.)

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  1. I liked the trailer and i think that it’s going to be exciting! I don’t want David to change yet, and i know that i’m going to cry like a baby when he does changes!

  2. It really is a pity that Tennant is leaving. It seems whenever we get a good Doctor he never stays around very long. AHH well, on to the next one. By the way could you blokes sign another good actor for an extended contract, these tear jerk goodbye’s are making me sad… :(

  3. so if the Dr. changes will his daughter (if she is ever written back in)reconize him???

  4. Alex Kingston will star in the next season! She’s the Doctors future companion, as seen in an episode with the giant library planet

  5. Is it the Waters of Mars, or March?

    I haven’t seen this trailer yet (as I’m on my Blackberry) but it will,,,

    I’m so pissed Tennant’s leaving!

    Also I have to disagree that “The Christmas Special, The Next Doctor” sucked. That episode kicked as!

  6. Ah good call Huggybear!

  7. I liked this special much more than the last two, well, a little bit more than Planet of the Dead and a lot more than The Next Doctor :)

    I just hope Matt Smith’s ugly emo mug can be a solid replacement to Tennant’s perky Doctor

  8. I’m starting to disagree Huggybear,
    Loved the chemistry of “The Next Doctor”, the Cyberking kicked as !!!

    “Planet of the Dead” was camp,!

  9. Wel, campy is a part of the Doctor Who’s charm :)

  10. Allons’y!

  11. I don’t know how noone else has mentioned it but you miss titled the Episode twice… Its is The Waters Of Mars…. Not March…

  12. I thought the waters of MARS special was GREAT!
    truly an epic episode and was also quite scary…DT at his best

    I am going to miss DT but if you all remember correctly people were iffy about tennant taking over from eccelston so
    And while I was wasnt really fan before the 05 revival im sure the legion of whovians had problems with eccleston beong cast (I dare see now that ve watched the old who’s CE doenst look the part-but I enjoyed him)
    I think all will work out well… and if not they can just kill him off haha

    also did anyone else notice that “The waters of Mars” is an anagram for “The Master Wars”

  13. My review for Waters Of Mars was posted on AICN.

    I have seen some footage, and lots of stills from Matt Smith’s Doctor, it is incredibly underwhelming, the guy simply doesnt have the acting ability to pull off such a complex character. And his new assistant is nothing but eye candy.
    The storylines for season 5 are shockingly unoriginal, Daleks again! World War 2 again! Weeping Angels again!

  14. @ Kosta.

    You are going to be disappointed, if you (for whatever reason) think David Tennant’s era as the Doctor wasnt very good, everything so far from Matt Smith’s looks shockingly bad.

    Steven Moffat should have taken over from RTD after season 1.

  15. “in typical Russell T. Davies fashion, he delivers”?

    All he’s delivered are some of the most shockingly poor scripts in the long and patchy history of the show & it really is time to move on from the soap opera stylings of the David Tennant era. Hopefully Matt Smith & Steven Moffat will herald a return to a style that does justice to the prestigious legacy of this television show

  16. I’m a new whovian. I’m just now enjoying Doctor Who and David Tennant to only see him leave it. I know nothing about Matt Smith and while I loved Eccleston and hated seeing his departure, I fell for David quickly. And with loving DT, I looked in to other work he’d acted in, so my love for him is not solely as the Doctor. He’s a brilliant actor all around.

    I know absolutely nothing about Matt Smith and can’t seem to find anything else he’s been in to say he’ll be worthy of this regeneration, so we’ll see.

    Lastly, I am an American and I saw WOM–it was excellent and it made me realize that I am NOT ready for DT to relinquish the Doctor’s reigns… unfortunately that doesn’t stop the processes as they’re already well under way. I’m both looking forward to and hating the upcoming final episodes of Doctor Who.

  17. Water Of Mars made me realize that the Doctor is not perfect, which is a very scary realization. I saw WOM (is that what they’re calling it now?) but I left dissatisfied, mabe because it felt like the Doctor shouldn’t be doing what he was doing. It also made me realize why also the Doctor needs a companion, tio make sure he’s not going insane with power. Just like Donna said in the third season christmas episode.

  18. I’m hoping someone here can provide some guidence with respect to what is hwen on Doctor Who post the start of the last round of Doctor Who start started with Christopher Eccleston back in 2005.

    I started watching Series 1 in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston when it aired in America on what was then called the SciFi channel (before some dumb-dumb decieded to rename it so they could copywright the name). While I did understand that the show as aired in America would be behind the airing in Great Britian it seems at some point like something changed. The last I remeber is seeing the last episode of season 4 called Journeys End that featured the Daleks coming back and being lead by Davaros.

    When that episode ended it seemed like as if Doctor WHo just dropped of the face of the planet at least in America. What happened? I ‘ve been waiting for it to come back on because I have read posting sbaout new episods on the BBC but when I check out the show at the BBC website it shows season 4 as still being the last eposide.

    What happened?

  19. @aslanenlisted
    Thanks for the heads up. Can’t believe I did that. When I was writing I kept thinking about the song Waters of March, but didn’t realize I put it in the piece.

    I agree! DT at the end was quite scary. Wonder if that will continue into the next.

    I’m extremely disappointed to hear about the boring storylines for the upcoming series. The whole reason why I was excited about Stephen Moffat taking over Doctor Who was because all of his stories were original and didn’t fall into the old Dalek/Cyberman category that Davies became way too comfortable with.

    I agree that Russell T. Davies is extremely “hit or miss,” but in this case I was refering to him delivering a preview for the finale episode. He didn’t need to do it as there have been episodes with no preview. While his scripts sometimes are lackluster (hence my feeling on “The Other Doctor” and “Planet of the Dead”), he does have the fans thoughts in mind.

    Case in point: Davies as said numerous times that we would never see the Time War because there’s no way they could ever make it as amazing as it’s been spoke about. If he wanted to go for ratings and an easy out, he could have went with that years ago.

    I’m with you. I’m new to Doctor Who. Didn’t come on board until the 2005 series. I grew up with my mother watching Doctor Who, but I didn’t know anything about it. I just saw the VHS box and didn’t understand why a doctor show would have a police box on the cover.

    I agree with you about the Doctor realization. Very scary! I liked Waters of March, but I’d gladly trade in these specials for 5 or 6 regular episodes with a companion. Since the Doctor Who revamp in 2005, my least favorite parts were the specials.

  20. BlueCollarCritc, Season 4 was officially the last for David Tennant, but there are four one-off episode-length specials to fill in the gap until he hands over to Matt Smith in 2010. “The Next Doctor”, “Planet of the Dead” and “The Waters Of Mars” have already aired in the UK, and “The End Of Time” is on the way.

    I wasn’t too impressed with the Mars special. Too many shots of Tennant standing there looking uncharacteristically blank (and not portraying the wordless inner conflict of whether or not to interfere with events very well at all IMHO). The rationale for his actions seemed pretty flabby as well. Loved the Next Doctor one, though, and it’s a real shame David Morrissey won’t be. The next Doctor, that is: I thought he was perfect.

    Kosta, have you seen the Torchwood Children Of Earth miniseries? That showed me RTD can turn in on when he wants to. A superb bit of writing. Shocking in a good way! Easily up there with the best of Nigel Kneale, for me.

  21. I’d somehow managed to blank out that bloody robot as well, unlikely rockets and all. Horrible. What was THAT all about?

    Also, was there any indication of how the survivors’ presence on earth would have been accounted for in this clumsily-altered timeline (not a fixed point at all then)? Must have missed that…

  22. I started watching in 2005 and became completely enamoured. Christopher Eccleston just drew me in line by line.

    At the end of Series 4, where the Doctor leaves the other Doctor with Rose and he explains that this regeneration is just like the one she met (Eccleston) in that he was born into battle… after that “Water of Mars” preview, I get the feeling that the Doctor is reverting back into that man.

    I am optimistic about Matt Smith. I swore that I wouldn’t watch David Tennant after Eccleston left… then one look at that suit, those shoes, those glasses, and that grin just reeled me in. We have to give him a shot.

    I was disappointed when Jack got left behind. I got mad when Eccleston left. I teared up when Rose left. I rejoiced when Martha left. I wept when they all left the Doctor. I cried when he had to leave Donna (my grandma cried then and she doesn’t even watch the show! She just was reading the paper while I was watching this episode!). I don’t know what I will do when Tennant leaves… at least I know that he will be changing, hopefully I can rule out mad and joyful.

  23. So am I to understand people actually like donna? are you kidding me?

    IMO Martha was the best companion so far in temrs of the 05 revived series

    @thebig dentist

    Im buying the torchwood miniseries today, cant wait

  24. @Shamose Why do you think Martha is the bext companion of the new who? I really liked Donna, but Martha was just okay,she wasn’t as good as Rose was. rose was one of the best comapnions, and Donna was too.

    @Jessie I totalyl agree with you, I’m so excited and optimistic about Matt Smith, he seems awesome. But, there will be major tears spilled. I didn’t cry when Eccleston left but tears were dripping down my face at the end of Doomsday, I mean how could anyone not tear up at that? It was so sad! I also teared up a little at Donna’s leave.

    A part of me wishes we could just move onto Matt smith but the other part of me wants Tennant to never leave.

  25. I think you’ll like it, Shamose. Donna grew on me, I have to say. I wasn’t a particular fan of Catherine Tate’s comedy before that, and doubted she’d be able to pull off a straight role (mind you, I thought that about Billie Piper and she turned out to be a revelation). It needed somewhere else to go after Rose and Martha. Donna was more like a skeptical friend or a drinking buddy, and I liked the non-sexual chemistry between her and Tennant. Only a soul half-strangled by beastliness could fail to be moved by the tragedy of her having to lose her memories of everything she’d experienced. I mean, one minute you’re pimp-slapping Davros, the next you’re standing next to the coffee machine holding an unwanted plastic cup of strangely milky tea.

  26. @The Big Dentist

    What happened to Donna was possible the worst thing I’ve ever seen happen to someone. It’s worse than dying.

    That being said, I can’t wait to see how they write it so she’s able to get her memory back.

  27. That’s a point, Anthony – I hope they handle her return in a non-cheesy way. It’d be good to see Bernard Cribbins back as well. What are the odds on him turning up as a kid in the WWII Dalek episode in Season 5?

  28. Bernard Cribbin’s character is cool, I like him. I wish if I had a grandad, he’d be like that.

    that’s an interesting thing, getting her memories back but doesn’t that mean she’ll become a half time lord/half human person again? And won’t that kill her?

    Or, what if the Doctor accidentily comes into the world before Donna knows him.

  29. Has anyone else heard the rumour, that ” He will knock four times” actually has nothing to do with The Master at all? It sounds very plausible knowing what RTD has done in the past.