Doctor Who’s TARDIS Gets an Upgrade!

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dscf0614 Doctor Whos TARDIS Gets an Upgrade!

Fans of the Gallifreyan traveler can add one more thing to the long list of changes we can expect on the new series of Doctor Who premiering in 2010, as one surreptitious fan caught a glimpse of the TARDIS on location in a churchyard. And while it doesn’t appear to actually be bigger on the inside, there’s something different about our favorite time-traveling police box. Luckily, the furtive fan also brought along a camera so I don’t have to describe it (because I’m horrible at descriptions).

“There are lights and stairs.”


While you’re not able to distinguish everything that’s been changed by looking at the photos, you can tell that they’ve added these small platforms that ascend to another level. Oh yeah, I think they’re called stairs (See! Bad description once again). If you look closely, you can see that they’ve added a second level in the main console area for the newly regenerated Doctor to peruse.

There are so many changes happening to Doctor Who that I’ve given up having a reaction to each and every one of them as they popped up. Although, I’ve got say that I’m not really a fan of adding stairs. Sure, the doctor has regenerated so he’s new. He’s picks up a new companion so she’s new. I just don’t see how that adds up to the interior of the TARDIS getting an upgrade. If the TARDIS is in the upgrade business, you would think that it would have fixed the chameleon circuit that has been broken for almost 50 years instead of focusing on adding a more cool/hip vibe to the control room.

Take a look at some of the pictures below for a closer look at what we can expect for our youthful Doctor and companion.

dscf0612 Doctor Whos TARDIS Gets an Upgrade!

Am I over-thinking this? Sure, but that’s what I do and that’s what people love about me. (It’s also why I used to get beat up in high school, but we won’t talk about that. Well, not without a cup of hot chocolate with extra mini-marshmallows.)

Be sure to check out the renovated TARDIS on the new series of Doctor Who starting in 2010.

Source: Gallifrey Base (registration required) [via: io9]

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  1. I expect a lot of fans crying when the current doc dies and regenerates into a goth teenager :)

  2. The new Dr does not inspire confidence in me in the slightest. I think they may be targeting a ‘younger’ audience than before (although there are a lot of kiddie-orientated Dr Who related shows already) and in doing so killed their goose (egg, golden, layer of).

  3. The Doctor could have changed it long ago.

    He chooses not to.

  4. Maybe abit liter like tom bakers Tardis always loved that one.

  5. You know a company like Radio Shack is missing the boat on something like this. I can see it now Tennant breezing through Radio Shack he picks up a product and says just what I need to fix my chameleon circuit.

  6. Hahaaa Old Man, maybe if the show was an American production. That’s pretty good…

    The Doctor addressed the Chameleon chip in season 2 (the new series). He said that he preferred the phone booth and blew off repairing the curcuit. More or less,,, ;-)

    I hope they never change the chameleon circuit. That would be a no,no, Wtf, deal breaker! no!!!!!

    They can change or alter the inside but I hope they stick to the current design. I don’t want to see Tom Bakers , iTardis,,, whooaa to much whiteness,,,

  7. True it was white but at least you had the chance to see alot more of the inside and the total vastness of the Tardis. Imagine what lies behind the door entering the rest of the Tardis now, even Baker said he had no real ideal how big the Tardis was and even got lost in it. Whoa how many times did I type in Tardis, must be a record… :)

  8. I was expecting more of a dramatic change than this, the colour scheme is essentially the same, but the series in general looks appalling. I wanted to give Matt Smith a chance, but every image i see makes it look worse and worse. The only thing i do like the look of is the doctors hot new companion. Will watch the first episode to see what the target audience is, if its aimed soley at kids, I’ll give it a miss until the next regeneration.

  9. 790 says: “He said that he preferred the phone booth and blew off repairing the circuit.”

    Oh 790 but there’s nothing that says it has to stay fixed! With a young new Doctor I figured he would feel a little different about it. It also opens up something they haven’t done too many times show the Doctor’s time machine as a far out piece of technology. I’d have that guy that does avant Guard vehicle designs, I think his name is Colonie do it. Send the Doctor a couple of places where the ship can be showcased then write into the script a reason to go back to the call box mode and break the circuit. THE Only reason to do it is to change up the scenery and put a little life in a stale aspect of the show. Wake up the audience a little bit. It got the WTF comment out of you! ;) :)

  10. What would you change the design to Old Man ???

  11. I’d bring Dr. Colonie up to speed and rely entirely on his judgment. The guy really does far out stuff that despite its look is scientifically grounded. If you saw the short documentary series “Future Car,” they interview and showcase his designs. Their very organic, sleek, and unconventional. He’d do it justice and he’s British or European can’t remember which…

  12. Well I’m not sure anything other than a Phone Box would cut it Old Man,,,

    Changing the look of the Tardis into a car or outhouse, just wouldn’t do. It would be like changing the Millennium Falcon the fans won’t like anything else. Doesn’t matter what, the Call Box design concept is too ingrained in the history of the show. I could the Doctor change it for an episode but not permanently.

  13. Ow wow were on different wavelengths here. This guy’s designs go way beyond cars. You would have to see to believe and one-off is exactly what I’m talking about. The story would make it appropriate too. Probably not on Earth, perhaps in space or another civilization. Perhaps a two parter. Just a short jaunt to change things up a little. Take those concrete shoes off your wearing today, their weighing you down man. :)

  14. Maybe changing the Tardis would do for another timelord but the Dr. is too grounded and overly attached to the ol’ girl. Now a diffrent Tardis for a NEW timelord maybe built by the Dr. for his daughter by usin parts from his own Tardis. BTW the Master had a grandfather clock for his Tardis as seen in Tom Bakers Dr. Who, but I do not know if it ever changed.

  15. Wow now you guys are just being stubborn to pull my chain. :)

    You can’t stand the Tardis exterior to change for two episodes? That defies belief!!! How do guys ever make it through the day? Has your car ever broke down unexpectedly on you? The garbage man ran a day earlier than expected? The day you have your favorite food on goes by and you can’t get it? Help me out here… :(

  16. You know what. On further reflection forget I ever mentioned anything about a Tardis change. I’m sorry I brought it up…

  17. @the old man

    I think the exterior of the TARDIS is just too iconic to alter. It’s practically the Dr’s calling card. I wouldn’t object to him using a new ship for a few episodes (to track down his stolen TARDIS for example) but changing it permanently would damage the Dr Who mythos imho.

  18. @jordi

    The only thing I can figure is that it’s fear. If it changes even for an episode, too many people might like it and demand that something permanent be done about it. Tell me I’m wrong you just wrote that I’m making the argument for a permanent change. That’s absolutely false. So to squash the idea completely its easy to just imply that’s what ends up happening when you do something like that. None of you guys will ever become surfers, that I’m almost sure of. :)

  19. @the old man

    I never said you were advocating a permanent change (at least I think that’s what you accused me of). What I said was the TARDIS is far too ingrained a part of Dr Who to be changed permanently. In a show where the title character can alter his appearance there has to be a stable unchanging element in order to continue the associative process, which is the TARDIS.

    As for never being a surfer, I’m surfing the net right now! ;)

  20. What ever you say jordi ;)

    Have you ever read any books by Bear, Baxter, Benford, Brin, Clark, Lem, Pohl, or Herbert SR?

  21. Hahaa,,,Old Man,,,
    I don’t have a problem If they change the Tardis for a 2 part episode. As a matter of fact I think that’s going to happen this new season,,, ;-)

  22. @the old man

    Bear (Greg?) no. Baxter, Benford, Brin, Lem, Pohl never heard of. Clark, if you mean Arthur C. then no for moral reasons.
    Herbert yes, about 20 years ago I read almost all the Dune books, preferred the earlier ones.

    Not a massive Sci-Fi book fan (probably Fantasy first), I’ll read the ones people I trust recommend to me as good stories. I think The Algebraist was the last pure Sci-Fi book I read. I think Adams spoiled Sci-Fi for me (in a good way though I guess). :)

  23. Hey Jordi, what was your favorite season of the last 4 new Who seasons ???


  24. Oh ok guys. Thanks for sharing..

  25. @790

    Tbh I’ve only seen a couple of series 4 so far and will have to catch up at Christmas (box-sets, gotta love ‘em).
    I’d probably go for Series 3 anyway because it had my favourite episodes; Lazarus, 42, Blink and the entire Master saga (thought John Simms was excellent).
    Still think Michelle Ryan would’ve made a better sidekick (sorry, assistant) than Agyeman, Piper or Tate. Too expensive maybe.

    What was yours?

  26. @Jordi, yeah season 3 was real good the Master 3 parter was almost unbearable. The guy was so evil,,,
    I can’t think of a bad episode in that season.

    Its right up there with the season 2 Rose/Cyberman/Dalak trilogy.

    I’m currently in the middle of season 4. So far its real good but I don’t know if it will end as well as season 3.

    Jordi, have you seen “The Next Doctor”? It was last years Christmas special. That was a real good one! Better than “Planet of the Dead.” (IMO)

  27. @790

    Yeah I liked it too. Thought maybe he was another stranded Time-Lord or maybe another regeneration of Who from another time.

  28. The stairs are just in case they get invaded by daleks ( I know they can fly now but I’m old).

  29. I thought The Next Doctor was one of the poorest episodes to date. That giant CyberKing at the end was a step too far. And the story made zero sense. In my opinion the only special that has really been ‘Special’ was Voyage Of The Damned.