Matt Smith ‘Open’ to ‘Doctor Who’ & ‘Sherlock’ Crossover But Will It Ever Happen?

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Doctor Who Sherlock Crossover Show Matt Smith Open to Doctor Who & Sherlock Crossover But Will It Ever Happen?

While Doctor Who and Sherlock fans await new episodes of producer Steven Moffat’s successful BBC series offerings, which premiere December 25th and fall 2013 respectively, there’s little to do but speculate on what may lay ahead. For faithful followers of both programs, the thought of Doctor Who joining forces with Sherlock for an epic crossover adventure has always been a tantalizing possibility – especially since Moffat holds producer and writer titles on both series.

Now the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith is weighing-in on the possibility of a crossover – claiming that he’s “open to it” but adding, as we’ve heard before, that Moffat isn’t interested in tying the two shows together.

Speaking with Collider, Smith was clearly hesitant about the prospects that The Doctor will ever come face to face with Sherlock (at least the version played by Benedict Cumberbatch), though he admits it would be fun:

“Listen I’m not averse to it.  I’m kind of open.  I’m like yeah, because I just think they would find each other so remarkable […] Doctor Who could [walk by in Sherlock], but it’s just nah, it’s you know – and The Doctor with Watson, he’d be like, “Cheer up mate. It’s not that bad, I know you’re really clever, but there’s an alien over there, let’s go and talk. He’s got wiggly bits on.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement but even if Cumberbatch was also “open” (read: not especially enthusiastic) about the idea, Moffat, as we’ve previously reported, is not only too busy – he outright feels as though the existence of Doctor Who in Sherlock‘s world would undermine the latter show’s integrity.

sherlock watson bbc Matt Smith Open to Doctor Who & Sherlock Crossover But Will It Ever Happen?

Speaking with Whocon reporters, back in March, Moffat said:

“It’s a lovely idea. [But] they’d just punch each other! […] Sherlock’s world wouldn’t work if Doctor Who was real.”

Considering that Doctor Who has crossed into other sci-fi properties, including the recent Doctor Who/Star Trek comic book, it sounds as though serving the edicts of the Sherlock series canon, not Doctor Who, is Moffat’s reason for holding-out.

While a crossover would certainly be fun for everyone involved, fans of the either series (especially Sherlock) can see how an appearance by The Doctor (even in the background) could undermine the intensity and believability of Sherlock’s character and respective onscreen challenges. The very reason that Sherlock is such a commanding show rests in the character’s real-world setting. Understandably, introducing time travel logic, aliens, and supernatural entities would not only undermine the stakes that Sherlock normally faces, it would distract from the core appeal of the investigative series – a man who relies entirely on deduction (not gadgets and technology) to rid the world of evildoers.

Doctor Who Movie Matt Smith Open to Doctor Who & Sherlock Crossover But Will It Ever Happen?

Ultimately, while many fans would love to see the two characters meet, most of us would probably rather that Moffat and Co. refrain from a crossover that could compromise the integrity of either show. In the mean time, we’ll just keep hoping for a full-on Doctor Who/Torchwood crossover instead.

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Doctor Who will return on BBC on December 25, 2012.

Sherlock is expected to return on PBS in Fall 2013.

Source: Collider

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  1. This has nothing to do with the topic – – I miss Amy Pond already.

  2. they should have done a star trek crossover while the sets and actors were in place earlier in the year.

  3. Why not have Watson watching a Dr. Who episode on TV?

    • And Sherlock could be like ‘Who’s that two-hearted tosser?’

  4. Not in favor of this idea

  5. This idea would make a joke out of Sherlock, which is supposed to be based in “reality”. It would be utter nonsense to have Dr. Who appear in the show.

    • Agreed… :-/

  6. How about this? Something happens to Watson…. maybe he is knocked out? When he comes to, he is a companion of the Doctor, but instead of Matt Smith, we see Benedict Cumberbatch as the Doctor. Focusing less on gadgetry and more on deductive reasoning, it would be EPIC! Moriarty as the Master? C’mon! Let’s test the waters!!!!!

  7. …Why not just put Sherlock in an episode of Doctor Who? It wouldn’t do anything to hurt the credibility of that show. The Doctor visits historical figures all of the time.

  8. nonsense and also tumblr would explode

    • Because tumblr is so important to the world hey.

  9. I think that any crossover of any brilliant show would be a fantastic adventure! I love and adore Doctor who and Sherlock but I’d have to say has anyone thought of doing a Sherlock and Castle crossover – with the modern day version of this Sherlock the crossover would be so easy!

    Either way it would be great if it ever happened!

  10. it would be cool it they did a little comedy skit for Children in Need like they have done in the past. then it wouldnt have to be considered canonical to either show but still be a fun video on what would happen if they were ever to meet.

  11. Doctor Who could go back in time and have an adventure featuring Arthur Conan Doyle….. the original Sherlock author. Doyle could be played by….. Cumberbatch…. or Martin Freeman?

    Doyle really did work with Scotland Yard to help solve some murders. They approached him and he was intrigued enough to get involved, but the whole experience left a bad taste in his mouth and later Sherlock Holmes stories reflected this. In Hound of the Baskervilles for instance, Holmes is much more cynical, and has a very negative attitude about the police.

    Interestingly Doyle was into the occult, and performed séances, he also believed in ghosts.

    Doctor Who + Sherlock is a bad idea.

    Doctor Who + Arthur Conan Doyle is a great idea!!!

  12. Jesus I miss RTD and David Tennant…how Matt Smith and Steven Moffat BOTH referred to the doctor as Doctor Who is VERY TROUBLING! HIS NAME ISN’T DOCTOR WHO!! IT’S THE DOCTOR!!! IT’S YOUR SHOW, HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THIS?!?!

  13. Make it a dream show. The Doctor catches some Time Lord bug, runs a high fever and dreams he is Dr. Watson. It could work. Worked on other shows.

  14. have never seen the Sherlock series but assume it’s more serious drama wheres D.W. is cheeseville. Best way is for Moffet to write a doctor who episode where they meet. Suspect the collision of egos would rip the universe apart…

    …do hope the 12th doctor will be better and they find new writers who hate cheese…

    • If you are looking for a show that’s not cheesy, Doctor Who will NEVER be that show.

  15. I am in love with both shows and at first I was all in with a crossover, but this would damage Sherlock’s credibility and sense of real life. Though I’d support Benedict and/or Martin making an appearance in the show though not as the famous duo of Holmes and Watson.

  16. The only way this could work is if Sherlock bumps into the production of an episode of Doctor Who. We’d get to see behind-the-scenes stuff on how Doctor Who is made. In this scenario, Sherlock is real, but Doctor Who is just a TV show.

  17. How about a crossover with Benedict Cumberbatch playing the Victorian Holmes? It would essentially be the same thing, but would involve the Doctor traveling to Victorian London and having an adventure with the proper Holmes. Sherlock’s integrity wouldn’t be affected as it wouldn’t truly be the Holmes and Watson from that show, but the proper Victorian Holmes played by the Sherlock actors. Brilliant!

  18. Obviously this is what should happen: The Doctor, and his current companion, somehow get mixed up with Arthur Conan Doyle (played by Mark Gatiss, who should clearly also be in on the joke, and who could totally pull off Conan Doyle by simply growing an impressive handlebar moustache), as well as an alien/other worldly detective and his companion (Cumberbatch and Freeman). They all have some sort of jolly adventure and solve some sort of mystery, the two companions trade stories about being companions, and back on earth Conan Doyle uses his experience to create his wildly successful creations, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. It could be a Christmas special.

    This thing basically writes itself.

  19. Yeah, I think it’s a bad idea too.
    Plus both Rupert Graves and Mark Gatiss have appeared on Doctor who, so I don’t think they could do a crossover anyway.
    Though I would really like Benedict and Matt to appear together on something, just not as Sherlock and The Doctor…Well maybe Benedict as The Master, that would be pretty awesome in my opinion.

  20. They already make references from Sherlock in Doctor why not just go ahead and make one extra with the Eleventh before he leaves??? Whovians and Sherlock fans would love that. The doctor already “makes-fun” Of Sherlock and makes torchwood and Sherlock references all the time.

  21. One could easily write The Doctor into an episode of “Sherlock” while only implying that he actually is The Doctor.

  22. It’s not really that hard to do from what I’ve seen where Holmes crosses paths with another famous protagonist or crosses into a different timelinein media, and yes BBC and Moffat have the final say with this. All I’m saying is if other media can pull off a Batman the Brave and the Bold episode where Batman meets Sherlock Holmes and the demon Etrigan and carry on as if it’s anotherday at the office they can do a Doctor Who Sherlock Holmes episode.

  23. why cant Sherlock just go show up in doctor who and they wouldn’t even have to mention it in Sherlock =P yeah I know there’s something wrong with that too bc in the torchwood/doctor who crossover they did where captain jack ran to the tardis it was present in both shows and having the doctor in Sherlock would completely contradict with sticking to the books and sherlocks character. I hope there will be another time where doctor who and torchwood meet again instead then it keeps the show interesting