‘Doctor Who’: Twelfth Doctor Could Be Revealed Next Month

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new doctor next month matt smith Doctor Who: Twelfth Doctor Could Be Revealed Next Month

As shock and sadness about Matt Smith leaving leaving Doctor Who turns toward acceptance and optimism, Whovians have begun speculating about the name of the Doctor… the real name, of the actor who will become the Twelfth during this year’s Christmas Special, that is. And in keeping with the Christmas theme, fans all across the internet are coming up with wishlists, wondering if the next Doctor will be a known quantity or a truly fresh face, and if the BBC will entertain a gender change. Lucky for those fans, though, they may not have to wait too long for the answers to those questions.

According to an article on Radiotimes, a source from the BBC has confirmed that the new Doctor “needs to be announced before the Doctor Who Christmas special begins filming next month.” The source also explained that keeping the new Time Lord’s identity a secret during filming would be an impossibility.

new doctor next month steven moffat Doctor Who: Twelfth Doctor Could Be Revealed Next Month

Not an impossibility, though, is the notion that the next Doctor might be a woman. Though fans have long warred over changing the Doctor’s gender, the same source said that the BBC had “not ruled out” a female Doctor and, aside from that, showrunner Steven Moffat has previously gone on the record about the idea, telling the crowd at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh Television Festival in August of last year that:

It is a part of Time Lord lore, it can happen. I don’t know, who knows? The more often it’s talked about, the more likely it’s going to happen.

So, could we see a doubly impactful announcement in short order? Like Moffat says, “Who knows?” But with some fans seemingly irked by the show’s direction in season 7, it is hard to think that the BBC would choose a Doctor that might alienate some fans (and that goes for any choice, really). But with that said, though, it’s easy to see how a female Doctor might also be beneficial, helping to broaden Doctor Who‘s audience while also opening up an untapped reservoir of creative options for Moffat and his team.

Really, the whole thing seems like an impossible choice for Moffat and the BBC and one that – we now know – they don’t have long to make. Choosing the next face of a worldwide phenomenon while girding themselves for a response that cannot be easily forecast?  Talk about an unenviable position.


Doctor Who returns in November with the 50th Anniversary Special.

Source: RadioTimes & The Guardian

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  1. Said it before and I’ll say it again, I’d like Michael Obiora to play The Doctor.

  2. Richard Ayoade as the next Doctor, please!

    • Ah! Well, prepare to put mustard on those words, for you will soon be consuming them along with this slice of humble pie that comes direct from the oven of shame, set at gas mark “egg on your face”!

      • Id watch if he was the doctor

        • Me too. He’s quirky as a comedian and in his TV roles without being forced like Matt’s was.

    • YES! I think that would be like a breath of fresh air for this show.

    • That would be so cool!

  3. Let’s not forget that the good doctor – David Tennant – had a daughter when he was travelling with Donna, namely Jenny and that she’s roaming the universe!!! One of my friends who’s a Doctor Who fan has said that I would make a good Doctor Who!!

    • Err.. I suppose you mean ‘Doctor’?

  4. It’s definitely a tough decision. With this type of show/role, there will always be people who don’t agree. I mean, read the comments and there are people who still aren’t over David Tennant! Some people just can’t let go and allow themselves to enjoy a new perspective. Matt Smith was AMAZING despite the on again/off again series 7. I have full trust in Moffat’s ability to choose the right actor as the next Doctor. Oh, and it’s NOT John Hurt! He is a PAST incarnation, whose story will be revealed during the 50th anniversary special! And David Tennant is NOT coming back! (I’m sorry, is my frustration with people leaking out? Yeah? OK, I’ll stop myself here)

    • Actually there is a chance hurts incarnation could do a series telling his past story?

  5. Cool. Always hated the long speculating period.

  6. Noomi Rapace should be the next Doctot!

  7. I vote Stringer Bell (Idris Elba).

  8. Honestly I dont like the idea of a regeneration causeing a sex change. Sure it’s great when it comes to leading female roles everywhere but from a plot stand point it seems kind of weird of a guy to turn into a girl. Now they introduce a alternate time line doctor or something. Then I can see it work out.

    • I completely agree. I’m a girl and I think it’s a terrible idea to change the gender after the Doctor has been romantically involved with not only Rose and River, but also several other women along the way.

  9. Wouldn’t be surprised if the next Doctor is Ginger!!

    • Yes! Make the next Doctor ginger…Rupert Grint, maybe? I’d stop watching if the next Doctor was a woman. The Doctor is and always should be a man.

  10. Thomas Ridgewell should be the next Doctor!!!! as in Tomska on youtube

  11. Would love to see a female Doctor!

  12. Id rather not have a female doctor. changing gender, i dont know how i feel about that. it would be to different because all this time its been a male actor. i just feel that it wouldnt be the doctor…

  13. Please for the love of everything sacred, do not ever ever make the Doctor female, or any other ethnic race.

    It’s not racism, it’s not sexism, it’s the character. He has always been for the past 11 (12 if you count Hurt) a white British male, and should continue to be so. There needs to be a line of similarity between each Doctor, and this is it. It’s majorly down to this factor that we have thought, ‘Yeah that is the Doctor in a different body’.

    Introduce a female Time Lord, fine. Introduce another Time Lord who is black/Asian whatever, fine. But keep the Doctor British and white.

    • I agree in 100%

    • How? If anything changing into something completely different is the character. In fact the 10th Doctor seemed to imply that he’s lucky if he comes out the other side still looking like a Timelord. So no actually it’s part of time lord lore that The Doctor can end up as a women or an old Asian man.

      The whole point of The Doctor is that we get to see how a different actor presents the character, those 11 people weren’t all picked because they were white and British but because they were talented enough to play the role and brought something new to the show. It’s not about the character because the point of the character is that regeneration causes their entire personality and body to change, as the 10th Doctor also pointed out regeneration is like dying for the current version of The Doctor.

      So is it sexism/racism or do you just not understand the character?

      • No its not sexism, i agree that its possible for a timelord to regenerate with a different gender but not the doctor, he’s never expressed interest in being female (just ginger)…..i do however think its racist to think a black doctors off limits, idris elba would be great :) Also its a family show and i think a sex change is a bit much to expect children to understand :/

        • That’s the thing though it’s always implied that The Doctor has no control over he’s regeneration, I mean if he did he would have been ginger at one point. That said I agree that having a women or ethnic person (black, Asian…ETC) just for the sake of diversity is wrong.

          But never having that kind of a character on there doesn’t make much sense not from an ethical point but because it seems to me that if we narrow it down to just white British people then you ignore a lot of talented people.

          Also a lot of British people have played American roles and Robert Downey Jnr was good as sherlock, not that he could be The Doctor just that there could be some American actors who could be great in the role.

          Also I’m aware that it could just be that George is a big Doctor Who fan but I really can’t stand people who go and dress up arrogant sexist and racist opinions as wanting to keep to canon, it’s insulting since Doctor Who to me if anything was created so that any actor or actress could pick up the role and show their own unique version of the character.

          Maybe George is just a big fan but it’s hard to tell the fans from the a**holes.

        • Also I’m not sure about Idris Elba, he looks to me like he’d make a better James Bond. (Hey look it’s that second British white character themed can of worms!)

          • Yes, it doesnt matter where the actors from once he can do a good english accent, sure Tennant is Scottish but put on an accent :) i dunno about Q from Skyfall, he looks too much like Matt Smith to me….an older actor would be interesting

            • It’s not where Idris is from, I’m just not sure he’d be able to play a decent Doctor (the timelord not the profession)

    • I disagree that it’s the character. I’d believe the reason why we’ve also seen a white male as the Doctor is because of the times. Back in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s had an ethnic actor been cast as the doctor, there would have been humongous controversy and probably some revolt. And in the ’60s and ’70s, if it was a woman, there’d also have been controversy.

      But now, it’s 2013 and having the Doctor turn into a white woman, a black man, or even more surprisingly, a black woman is not such an absurd idea. It all depends on which actors shows the potential, stands out the most, and of course, works great alongside Jenna-Louise Coleman.

      • I meant to say, who shows the talent.

    • River Song was black, then she was white. There is thus prescedent of time lords changing race.

      I’m with you on keeping the doctor a dude, though,

      • River Song isn’t a time lord. She’s a human.

    • First of all there is mention of Time Lords changing gender in “The Doctors Wife” so your theory that the Doctor has to remain male because of some “line of similarity” doesn’t really work within the mythos of Doctor Who. Also I believe that if The Doctor read your post he would think your notions about race and gender silly. To think that you have the ability to fit the Doctor into some box you can understand is kind of pretentious.
      Even more disturbing than your worry of a female Doctor, is your view on what race he can be. Just because something has been some way for a long time does not mean it should stay that way. It’s notions of tradition like that that impede progress and hamper human growth. When I look at the Doctor I do not see a white British male. I see a brilliant Time Lord that cares about all living beings and does his best to help the helpless. His skin color is his LEAST defining characteristic

  14. If the next doctor is a woman it just means moffat can be even more sexist than he currently is with other female characters

  15. It’s all great using Doctor Who to create more diversity but I hope when going into the casting process the BBC pick the actor right for the part rather then basing their choice just on diversity, it’d be stupid to pick certain actresses or ethnic actors based on their skin colour or gender rather then their actual talent.

    It’s not fair to the actors taking part, it’s not fair for the fans and it’s definitely not fair to the show. Let’s not have diversity for the sake of diversity.

  16. Im not a fan of the ‘female doctor’ idea, its too much of a dynamic change, and i also thought that eleven and clara had a bit of flirting going on in 7b, like nine and rose were before it got more serious with ten :/ plus going by the classic who timelord regeneration can be controlled and most of them specifically chose what they wanted to look like, and that the doctor was ‘just never any good at it’. So im guessing to change your gender you’d have to have better control over regeneration, hence why he hasnt accidentally become a woman in the first 11 tries :)

  17. they should get the guy who played Q in skyfall or James Macavoy

  18. What if something interferes with the doctors regeneration and he comes out looking not quite human or maybe cybermen interfere and he’s part cyborg?

    To tell the truth I’m kinda tired of the trend of having women in traditionally male roles. It’s a double standard anyway. Imagine the uproar if a guy took over a womans role.

  19. You know technically we don’t know what gender the doctor is. He’s an alien being after all. Regeneration seems to be his means of procreation. He may not even have any genitalia. Just like his phonebox isn’t really a phonebox his humanoid male form isn’t really his true form. That’s in some other dimension along with the tardis’ real form.

  20. Richard Ayoade would be a very interesting choice. I was recently rewatching Sherlock and thought Andrew Scott who portrayed Moriarty could bring a touch of darkness and unpredictability to the Tardis.

    I mentioned on another thread that even though it’s entirely possible that the Doctor could be a woman, I don’t think it will happen this time round. Maybe save that for his final regeneration. How about a ginger woman for the 13th Doctor?

    I think they should add another companion as well, someone unrelated to Clara. Maybe another girl (trivia question – had the Doctor ever travelled with two girls at the same time?).

    • Yes he has, Nyssa and Teegan together in Classic Who, Donna and Martha together. I’m not counting that final special from season 4 though.

    • The first Doctor had two women with him from the very first episode, though there was a male companion with them as well.

  21. I’ll say it again – Eddie Marsan. Come on Auntie Beeb you know you want him.

    • he could definitely bring a touch of darkness with him

    • That’d be interesting. He kinda looks like Eccleston even.

  22. I love Doctor Who, and speculation is fun, but remember, if it wasn’t for Doctor Who, would guys like David Tennant or Matt Smith be as well-known as they are today? (Eccleston is an exception, since he had some high-profile roles before being cast as the Ninth Doctor) Doctor Who in general has a history of picking relatively unknown actors and taking chances with the role as well. If you want to keep to some sort of “tradition”, keep that one and turn another unknown actor into a star.

    Of course, since speculation is fun, does anyone else think a Dylan Moran or Nick Frost Doctor would be interesting? Simon Pegg is automatically disqualified since he already appeared as a villain, and that would just be weird.

    • Freema Agyeman was on an earlier episode of Doctor Who and died in it before she came back as Martha and that worked out. So nothing is off limits.

  23. I’d like to see A Bit of Fry or Laurie as The Doctor.

  24. Making the Doctor a woman in order to widen their audience? How would that work? Teenage boys already watch the show because the story is enjoyable (in a pulp science fiction timey wimey sort of way) and the Doctor’s companions are attractive. Teenage girls watch because the Doctor is attractive in a geeky action hero kind of way, and of course the stories. Older men and women watch for similar reasons along with the nostalgia of their memories of the original series.

    How would making the Doctor a woman improve that? Are women going to tune in to see an attractive female Doctor? Are men?

    There are some roles that a woman cannot play, and the Doctor is one of them (along with James Bond). However the colour of his skin doesn’t really matter as I see it, and a black Doctor could work. Remember though, the colour of his skin would be totally unimportant to the storyline, it would never be mentioned (just as the colour of Matt Smith’s skin is never mentioned in the series) except perhaps immediately after the regeneration Clara might comment, “you’re black.” Whereupon the Doctor, adjusting his fez in the mirror, might reply, “yes, that hasn’t happened before.” Subject forgotten for the next four or five years.

    In regards to James Bond, in movie world I think that an individual called James Bond doesn’t actually exist. Like M is the title of his boss, James Bond is the cipher attached to the current agent with the designation 007. A black agent with the appropriate skills would be designated 007, James Bond while his previous name would disappear from all the records.

    • Would men watch to see an attractive female Doctor? Depends on who she is :)
      But I will say that James Bond could definitely be a woman for the very reason you state at the end. There is not James Bond it’s just the name attached to the position. Jamie Bond could fire a gun, kick someone’s ass, and drive quickly just as easily as a man.

      I watch Who (and Bond) for the story and a connection to something I have enjoyed for a large portion of my life. I simply don’t believe people who say they would stop watching if a woman got the role.

      I would love a Richard Ayoade Doctor, an Emma Watson Doctor. But truly I just want David Tennant back.

      • If you’ve ever been hit by a woman, and a man, you’d know that a woman cannot “kick ass” like a man can. Twice the body mass for a given height, more than twice the muscle mass, men hit a heck of a lot harder.

        Still, if they ever have mixed martial arts competitions we’ll be able to see if your theory is correct.

  25. Since the producers tends to go younger, I’d like to see Daniel Radcliffe, since he does have that range as an actor to pull our off. Or, just as mind freak, Gareth David-Lloyd, who played Ianto Jones on Torchwood, which also could see the return of Captain Jack Harkness, who might have a problem with the Doctor resembling his dead pardner, which would make for an interesting storyline. After all, Freema Agyeman (?) played the first Cyber-victim in Billie Pipers last two episodes before she was cast as the latter’s replacement. And, going back even further, Colin Baker tried to kill Peter Davison’s doctor before being cast as his replacement. Like I’ve often said before, anything can happen in the Who universe.

  26. Since the producers tends to go younger, I’d like to see Daniel Radcliffe, since he does have that range as an actor to pull our off. Or, just as mind freak, Gareth David-Lloyd, who played Ianto Jones on Torchwood, which also could see the return of Captain Jack Harkness, who might have a problem with the Doctor resembling his dead pardner.After all, Freema Agyeman (?) played the first Cyber-victim in Billie Pipers last two episodes before she was cast as the latter’s replacement. And, going back even further, Colin Baker tried to kill Peter Davison’s doctor before being cast as his replacement. Like I’ve often said before, anything can happen in the Who universe.

  27. Call me a sexist if you want but I will not be happy if the doctor becomes a woman, he has his assistants and River has never changed into a man so unless she’s a lesbian I don’t see it happening. It will definitely harm the whovian fanbase and they will lose people. the Doctor IS and ALWAYS has been a man and since it’s not like the show has lost the interest of fans I think it would be a very poor choice to make that drastic of a change. I personally LOVE the show but don’t thin I could get on board with a woman Dr. Who.

  28. I trust Steve Moffat. He’s proven himself for years. Whoever he picks will be awesome.

  29. I swear I will be pretty upset if the next Doctor is a female