‘Doctor Who’ Season 8 Full Trailer: The Doctor Into Darkness

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A full-length trailer for the upcoming eighth season of Doctor Who‘s modern iteration has arrive at last; building on the teasers released in recent weeks, this preview suggests that the Doctor’s latest regeneration (brought to life by Peter Capaldi) isn’t just older-looking on the outside, but that also his disposition is closer to that of a seasoned warrior, more weary yet knowledgable and wiser than ever he was before.

Of course, when you’re The Doctor, that doesn’t stop you from undertaking even more zany adventures spanning time and space – encountering many an enemy both new and familiar, along the way, but also some friends as well. Indeed, returning for Doctor Who season 8 is Jenna Coleman as the Doctor’s companion Clara Oswald; Clara won’t be the only human at Capaldi’s side, though, as she’s to be joined later in the season by Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson), one of her fellow teachers at Coal Hill School.

We don’t get a good look at Danny in the new trailer for season eight, though we do get some flashy action, glimpses at spaceships and different enemies (and the classic baddies that are Daleks), along with what appears to be fan-favorite Silurian warrior Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh), delivering the perennial “Here we go again.” In spite of that line, perhaps, the overall tone of the trailer is decidedly darker and more ominous that those for recent seasons of Doctor Who – though, not so dark that a shot of a dinosaur rampaging around England looks out of place, mind you.

Doctor Who season 8 Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Season 8 Full Trailer: The Doctor Into Darkness

Current Doctor Who head writer/show-runner Steven Moffat has promised that season eight will be more “surprising” than recent series have been. That’s good to hear since, after three seasons of overseeing the beloved sci-fi series, Moffat seems to have used up most of the tricks in his old Doctor Who magic bag – and could stand to mix things up a little, after having formed a bit of a habit of repeating himself during Matt Smith’s run as The Doctor.

Hopefully, the presence of new faces onscreen along with some fresher eyes keeping watch behind the camera – that includes well-respected filmmaker Ben Wheatley (Kill List, A Field in England) on the first couple episodes of season eight – will help to liven up Moffat’s ongoing act. To quote Capaldi’s Doctor from the trailer, “I’ve made many mistakes. It’s about time that I did something about that.”

Doctor Who season 8 premieres on August 23rd, 2014.

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  1. Maybe Capaldi will bring over some of this shows haters to the light. I will continue to defend this show and its direction. (If you say “It’s made for kids”, just stop already) With this awesome trailer, I can’t wait for some more adventures with our favorite mad man with a box.

    • He;s definitely bringing me back after the abysmal Matt Smith seasons (I stopped after his second episode, tuned in for last year’s season finale plus the 50th anniversary and Christmas specials and he was still terrible).

      • What made you dislike his version so much it made you stop watching the show? I thought he is better than Tennant in every category, and he finds himself completely by the end of Series 5. He’s my favorite Doctor, actually.

        • More and more I get the feeling it wasn’t Matt who made me dislike the last few seasons,more that it’s Moffat’s direction as a show runner!

          Don’t get me wrong,I respect the man and he is a Genius in creativity ,but his writing is all over the place and most stories have no focus at all since there is nobody to control him!
          It’s as he is trying to put as much stuff into one episode as possible and it becomes a mess !

          He was best under control back then,but with his freedom and creativity running wild and no one to stop him it really lost me !

          Same i felt happened to sherlock !
          First 2 seasons had more focus,one case ,one mystery to solve ! Very good !
          Then last season it happened there as well..stories were so polluted and all over the place,too many different things going on and out of focus !

          Moffat really needs to tone it down a bit,and go back to the more focused writing as he had when RTD was leading the show !

          Otherwise I fear the new show with Capaldi will suffer the same problems as Smiths !

          Really wish not,I miss the Doctor !

  2. Isn’t Danny the guy jumping away from the explosion?

  3. I really like the direction the show is taking. I think Capaldi was the right choice for this next iteration of the Doctor. Something a little more darker/adult than the previous versions.

  4. Can’t wait. Capaldi will be a great Doctor and to be honest, there hasn’t been a bad Doctor. To me, I think the 12th Doctor might be the mix between 3rd and 9th.

  5. I’m going to tread some big fan theorising here, so be warned.
    It seems to me that the Doctor is trying to fix his past mistakes from past adventures. His line “I’ve made many mistakes. It’s about time that I did something about that” supports my theory. The dinosaur in England looks like a retread of the classic episode “Invasion of the Dinosaurs”, where dinosaurs were attacking London. Some filming details say that an episode was filmed at Lanzarote, where two episodes have been filmed at in the past, and Moffat teased that the Doctor will be returning to the location of a former adventure for that same episode. This makes my theory more possible. Also, if you add the other returning characters/monsters, and familiar locations, it could mean my theory is correct.
    I don’t really think this is going to happen, I just think it would be a cool twist, and would make the show more interesting. Also, I love the theory. It’s probably not true, but you never know.

  6. BRING IT ON !!!!

  7. Doctor Who Into Darkness, also starring Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison… Looks good, looking forward to seeing how the new direction pans out.

  8. Looking forward to Madame Vastra coming back, provided that Jenny Flint comes along for the trip. She’s amazing! And Strax is also fun. Him calling women “boy” never get’s old. :D

  9. Finally, a Doctor I can get behind. Matt Smith’s Doctor was like a child, running around having adventures and not caring who got hurt, but Capaldi’s Doctor looks to be seeking redemption, and unlike Smith’s, doesn’t seem to see his title as a “saviour of worlds” some kind of get out of jail free card whenever he causes the death of people. Capaldi’s seems to recognise his mistakes and what that means for him as a person, and want to make amends.

    • People also got scared of/mad at 11 including 10.

  10. I think bringing River back would be awesome with this new doctor. Seeing as he is now the doctor that was not suppose to be ( new regenerations ) does her book no longer contain spoilers? Would she consider herself married to this new person still? She would be a great defining foil as the wife who no longer is to his new take on life…

    • River escaped jail all the time. She already knew what she did/did not did, the moment the Doctor met her.

      • But that begs the question…was the new regeneration(s) of the doctor pre-ordained..and was always a part of the timeline…or is this new doctor different and this was an anomoly that River never knew about.

        I guess I got the impression that the doctor changed his future by saving Galifrey, redeeming the War Doctor and getting them to give him additional lives…something that was not suppose to happen…but I guess since it did happen then it was always meant to?

        My head hurts.

  11. First off….If you’re a time traveler…Then how do you know you’ve actually been alive for some 2000 years…Especially when you’ve re-generated so many times? On the other hand…In our short lives we can easily think of the many mistakes we’ve made along the way…..Just imagine all the “Ooops” moments in 20000 years.

    I’ve been a fan since sometime around 2006 I think with David Tennent as Dr. Who. I really liked him as the Dr. and got into the series ever since. I personally think that most actors who take on the part will always have tough shoes to fill at first because we become used to one Dr. Who and most of us don’t want to see our hero become sombody different. Unfortunates for those….It’s part of the story line that he rejuvenates from time to time after being killed. Personally….I think it’s one of the things that has kept this show popular for so long. By re-juvenating the Dr. They in turn re-juvenate the entire show. Otherwise it would become a bit stale with the same people trying to find different adventures….Much li8ke our cop shows that go on forever and ever….I’m looking foreward to the new season…

    • That’s the main reason Doctor Who has lasted so long.

      It was officially cancelled in the late 80s by the head of the BBC at the time who thought it was a ridiculous show but luckily, the regeneration excuse they had to come up with early on meant they could bring in new actors when someone decided to bring it back and Russell T Davis brought his old friend Christopher Eccleston on board (Russell wrote Second Coming, which aired on ITV in 1999 and starred Eccleston as the literal Second Coming of Christ living in modern Manchester, brilliant 2-part drama).

  12. Matt Smith’s Doctor wasn’t that bad.Sure he was zany and a bit of a goofball but wasn’t the second Doctor like that?.
    From the trailer the series looks like it taking a darker tone than the previous series has done.
    Which is a good thing and I like where show runner Steven Moffat is taking the series to.
    Bring on August 23rd as a new chapter in one of the most iconic television series of all time starts anew.

    • I like zany goofballs but Smith was just annoying, not either of those things. Felt like he was trying too hard to emulate someone else.

  13. 2000 years? Didn’t Matt Smith say something like 910 years or something like that? Did Doctor jump a millenia and that’s why he looks so old now?

    • The 11th doctor was stuck on a planet for 700-900 years in the final episode. Which could raise it over 2000+ years old.