‘Doctor Who’ Season 8 Gets a Premiere Date & New Teaser

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The Doctor Who season seven finale marked the end of an era, but the upcoming premiere of season eight will usher in a new one as Peter Capaldi takes over the iconic “Doctor” role. Showrunner Steven Moffat has promised that the next season will change things up in a way that hasn’t been seen since the rebooted series began, and an early teaser for the next season framed the Doctor as a distinctly imposing and even frightening figure.

Continuing that theme, a new and slightly longer teaser for season eight shows the Doctor once again silhouetted against the backdrop of the TARDIS in flames as he asks Clara a chilling question. The tidbits about season eight that we’ve heard so far have indicated that Clara won’t be immediately accepting of the Doctor’s new face, especially since every new regeneration tends to come with its own slight personality change – something that her line in this teaser certainly reflects.

In light of all that happened in the final few episodes of season seven, it’s understandable that the Doctor would be having a crisis over whether or not he’s really a good man, and the fact that Clara doesn’t seem to be sure of the answer probably isn’t a good sign. To accompany the teaser, the BBC has also released a new promotional image for Doctor Who that shows the Doctor and Clara posing inside the TARDIS. Who knows what planet they’ll end up on next.

Doctor Who season 8 promo image Doctor Who Season 8 Gets a Premiere Date & New Teaser

Whovians who were hoping for a sneak peek at Doctor Who season eight during San Diego Comic Con next month will be disappointed to hear that there won’t be a Doctor Who panel at the convention this year. Nerdist broke the news, explaining that the Doctor Who cast will still be busy filming during SDCC, since production on season eight doesn’t wrap until early August.

To make up for the absence, however, the Doctor Who cast and creators will be going on a world tour starting in August, which will span five continents, seven cities and twelve days. Apparently the show’s splendor could not be contained in a single SDCC panel.


Doctor Who returns to BBC One And BBC America on August 23rd, 2014.

Source: BBC America

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  1. “I don’t think I know who The Doctor is anymore.” Intrigue to see Capaldi’s Doctor. I do wonder if we’re getting close to see The Valeyard?

    • And I got to say, Capaldi in that pose is so similar to the Third Doctor. Makes you wonder if Capaldi’s Doctor is somewhat like the Third just like how Smith’s Doctor is like the Second.

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  2. Seriously, why can’t we Brits watch this *insert swear word* trailer!

  3. Anybody have any links to the trailer for people in europe?

    • Here you go:

      • Thanx for the vid…..cool teaser trailer…cant wait for 23rd of august…..2 days after my birthday…nice

        • A couple of weeks before mine too. Sounds as though he’s keeping the Scottish accent – can’t be bad.

          • i wonder how this change wil affect the relationship with Clara. And how his personality is going to be.

            • There’s certainly the opportunity to portray for the first time one of the Doctor’s assistants being seriously perturbed by his regeneration. By his transforming into someone of a completely different age group, never mind a different personality, it must drive home to Clara the point that not only is the Doctor not human, but that he is hundreds of years old, with a history and entire lifetimes-worth of experiences she can barely conceive of. Although she may have realised that perfectly well that before, it’s suddenly more than just a nebulous concept now.

              Obviously she’s not going to be reduced to a gibbering wreck rocking back and forth in a corner, but that situation would be enough to temporarily freak out even the most level-headed companion, or at the very least give them pause for thought. Here’s hoping Jenna Coleman gets to add a little more dimension to Clara’s character than plain old “feistiness”.

              • “perfectly well before”, even

      • Thanks – it works in Oz too. :)

  4. why won’t the video work in my country. im English, and considering my taxes paid for this show to be made I think its quite insulting.

    • BBC America. Completely different entity to the BBC we all know in the UK. It’s like asking why a BBC Persia video doesn’t work, I guess, even though it should be available for all to see worldwide since the same publicly paid for corporation owns it all.

      Then again, doesn’t BBC America air Downton Abbey in the US? Considering it’s an ITV1 show and the BBC and ITV have been mortal enemies since ITV started in the early 60s, it makes you wonder what’s going on.

      • Naw I’m pretty sure Downtown Abbey airs on PBS over here.

        • Genuinely not sure so figured I’d ask, I just remember watching Orphan Black online a few weeks ago and seeing messages pop up at the bottom of the screen (the episodes were ripped from TV minus the commercial breaks, which is odd because BBC over here has none due to it being paid for by British taxpayers but anyway)for an episode of Graham Norton (which the UK had the week before) and then for Downton Abbey and it confused me.

          • Interesting. I watch Orphan Black and Doctor Who on BBC America, (our version is sooo corny) but yea Downtown Abbey is only on PBS. Which is kind of surprising in itself because PBS usually airs educational shows rather than scripted.

            • Downton Abbey does kind of fit in (thematically, even though it is a different creature) with the ‘Masterpiece Theater/Classic’-type programming that PBS has aired a lot of.

  5. I’m almost caught up. 2 more episodes to go Season 7, plus the Day of the Doctor special and I’m ready for Season 8. I might even be able to sequeeze in all of Torchwood before then. ;)

    • You forgot about the Christmas special Time of the Doctor after Day… It would be a shame if you missed 11′s final moments :)

      • Oops! Thanks for the heads up!

    • It is also essential for you to see the ‘Night of the Doctor’ minisode before going to watch the 50th anniversary. It is available on Youtube.

      • Not necessary, but certainly worth watching for context.

  6. I’d kill to be able to stream the real British BBC – with British commercials and all – over here in the States.

    • There are no commercials or ad breaks on BBC channels in the UK.

    • Yep, like Meddling Tom said, the BBC doesn’t have commercials. The BBC is entirely paid for by the British public via taxes and has been since it first began broadcasting in 1922.

  7. Two days before my birthday! ‘appy Birthday to this Scots-Irish-American Whovian!

    • So basically, you’re an American Whovian then? You’re not Scottish because you wasn’t born in Scotland, neither are you Irish if you wasn’t born in the Republic of Ireland. Plus the Scots and Irish have a centuries-old friendly rivalry between them.

      It’d be like me saying I’m Irish-English, it sounds stupid because it is, despite my father’s side having Irish heritage. You can’t be two nationalities or three or more. Even if you have a mother from Dublin and a father from Washington DC, if you were born on American soil, you’re an American, nothing else. Sorry but it just angers me so much whenever I see Americans or Canadians say stuff like that, it perpetuates a stereotype about stupidity, you know? Either that or makes it seem like people are so ashamed of their country of birth that they pretend to be something else to prevent people from being hostile towards them for whatever reason.

      • My ancestry is what it is, and I am proud of it… sounds more like you have issues with yours.

        • Who you are is not about where you are born but your ancestry and upbringing. Just because an englishman is born in the US does not mean that that child is ONLY american. You are still raised by english parents and treated to those customs/religions/etc.

          • And thank you, GizmoduckJP. Now can we get back to the subject at hand, the arrival of the 12th Doctor!

      • Seriously, the there’s nothing stupid about identifying your heritage. It’s quite normal for people to do. Maybe it seems that way to you, so don’t do it yourself, but you’re being so incredibly negative towards other people–are you actually being serious when you post such comments?

      • “You’re not Scottish because you wasn’t born in Scotland, neither are you Irish if you wasn’t born in the Republic of Ireland. Plus the Scots and Irish have a centuries-old friendly rivalry between them.”

        This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. You can’t be serious.

      • God Dazz just shut the fvck up man…you are so toxic to Screenrant comments. You are constantly attacking people on everything. And your anti-American attitude is getting really old.

  8. David Tennant got Allony-s
    Matt Smith got Geronimo
    What’s Peter Capaldi getting?? anyone?? any guess??

    • Hopefully, nothing.

  9. Series 8 is only going to be 12 episodes, but the first one is going to be “feature length.”

    I am betting on at least a two year hiatus until series 9 then, just before we get more Sherlock. . . Moffat . . .

  10. My only issue is claras character….dresses really?cmon the girlish s*** has got to go..if the doctor is a bit darker she should at least come half way.

    • Moffatt has very set views on what women are allowed to do and wear unless they’re his boner-fantasy, River Song.

  11. Always liked John Pertwee and Tom Baker. Mostly for Sarah Jane. Best moments of the new version were the ones with Sarah Jane in it. Was really sorry to see she was gone. Did like seeing Tom Baker return as the museum curator.

  12. I called this! CAPALDIS will be the modern version of PERTWEEs DR just like SMITH was very similar to TROUGHTON. It definetly is a throwback and not AS original as creating a whole new concept it.s like a requel almost.

  13. Reboot/sequel of an established property I.e. The PERTWEE era!

  14. I bet not only will we see BESSIE but CAPALDIS will be brandishing some karate or Kung fu what’re hi kito was since PERTWEEs DR was the karate kid of the drs

  15. Whatever^

  16. Also does anyone really doubt that CAPALDI won’t be EARTH based like PERTWEE? I mean with the intro of the UNITs museum. I predict the doctor will be very earth centric, we will see BESSIE, hi kito, CLARA will leave at the end of the season like SHAW left PERTWEE. So many things become almost predictable with this approach. It’s not groundbreaking it’s backtracking almost just with better effects.