‘Sin City 2′ & ‘Doctor Who’ Season 8 Premiere – SR Underground Ep. 158

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sr underground 158 sin city 2 1 Sin City 2 & Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere – SR Underground Ep. 158

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode one-hundred fifty-eight of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick, fellow SR editors Anthony Ocasio, Kofi Outlaw, plus special guests Andrew Dyce and Hannah Shaw-Williams as we review Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, discuss the Doctor Who season 8 premiere, as well as cover updates on True Detective season 2, rumors that Activision is forming a movie studio, and a fan-made Despecialized Edition of Star Wars.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 158 - Sin City: A Dame to Kill For & Doctor Who Season 8

We review Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, discuss the Doctor Who season 8 premiere, as well as cover updates on True Detective season 2, rumors that Activision is forming a movie studio, and a fan-made Despecialized Edition of Star Wars.

[0:00] News: True Detective Season 2 Character Details; Premieres Summer 2015Call of Duty Publisher Activision Forming Movie Studio, and Star Wars ‘Despecialized Edition’ in the Works.

[1:12:08] Rants and Raves: True Blood, Ultimate Spider-Man, The Strain, The Simpsons, VMAs, Black Jesus, My Little Pony, The Grand Seduction, Calvary, The Intruders, and Doctor Who (read our Doctor Who season 8 premiere review).

[2:13:07] Review: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (read our full written Sin City 2 review).

[2:35:05]  SPOILERS: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

[2:51:39] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



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Music by Omarie B. Williams (@OmarieWilliams)

Guest: Andrew Dyce (@Andrew_Dyce) and Hannah Shaw-Williams (@HSW3K)

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  1. I liked the Doctor Who premiere. I agree with what all you guys said but I enjoyed it. Also, that T-Rex might has well have been Godzilla Jr. That thing was massive.

    • I wondered why it was that big and assumed they just needed an unrealistic sized T-Rex so The Doctor could see it from all the way over there.

      I loved Capaldi, Coleman was still just “ok” from her role on Emmerdale (where I last saw her on TV many years ago) and I have no idea who the lizard, her wife or that potato looking guy are but they were annoying and only ever offered exposition to the episode. Get rid of them if possible.

  2. I watch my little daughter before work, and she loves to watch ‘My Little Pony,’ and Yes, it feels just like ‘PowerPuff Girls.’. I’m so glad I stopped watching ‘True Blood,’ seasons ago, funny comments Kofi made about seeing everyone naked all the time! Great Podcast like always, Everyone!

  3. Hannah needs to see the others then write a piece called Star Wars according to hannah.

    “Then the black armor guy with the helmet pulled a maury pauvich and mark hamill was like noooooo or whatever.”

    Kofi Ultimate spiderman is s***, watch spectacular spiderman

    Back off Dyce and Anthony Tara Strong is my love!!

    My little Pony is no Power Puff Girls, its pbs 8:00 am baby toon garbage at best.
    If youre a “brony” and its not ironic, youre wrong. Just be a guy who watches a cartoon that you think is cute, dont make it more than it is.

    • On the Korra finale-
      Also the way Anthony described the Korra finale made it sound graphic but what I love about Avatar, Korra and cartoons in general is implied things since they cant show them and I thing implying violence is way better and artful then actually showing it.

      Such as an implied head burst-the best moment for me
      Or in the finale of the first season with the murder-suicide explosion.

      Also the plan to kill the Avatar was brilliant and makes sense to the lore, I love when theres escalation a series where the main character learns more abilities but the villain do too and twist it.

      Also the villain uses airbending in a deadly way that I thought it could be used when TLA was still on, the thing he does to the earth queen etc.

      Also this season didnt have any of the agonizingly weak relationship drama between korra-isami-mako(whos the weakest character)
      And wasnt afraid to end on a somber note
      This season definitely made up for spirits

  4. You need to watch Clay Pigeons, if you haven’t already. Vince Vaughn combines his goofiness and his creepiness in that flick.

    Another vote for selfcontained stories with a beginning, a middle and an end. I’m so sick of unresolved stories just ending because of cancellation, and of cliffhangers that I don’t even remember when the show comes back half a year later. Do they really think that the audience waits with bated breath in suspense during the break? No… people don’t care and just forget about it. They only come back for the next season, because they like the characters and the subject matter of a show, not because of a silly cliffhanger. Stop it, TV!

    Give me a Call of Duty movie directed by Michael Bay! There really isn’t any military combat movie of that giant scale yet. At least not one without transforming robots and clumsy kids. The assault on Chicago with the Ospreys in Dark of the Moon basically was Modern Warfare. Remove the goofy autobots, decepticons and teenagers and you got a great flick! As for Act of Valor: I love that movie for its badass action scenes, but the cast was really bad, because they were real SEALs who couldn’t act their way out of a wet paperbag.

    Bits and pieces: I’m really looking forward to Assassin’s Creed. I love those games. +++ The Doom first person sequence was really bad. It felt like an overly produced ghost train ride on a fun fair with laughing zombies that didn’t match the rest of the movie. +++ Prototype movie? Please! Do it! Rated R!

    George Lucas is crazy and has destroyed the award winning effects work of the original version. We have every right to take that away from him, just as you have the right to take the matches away when a crazy guy wants to set a public building on fire, because he thinks it’s better that way. Nearly every addition of the Special Edition and Blu-ray versions is terrible. The only exception is the space battle of the very first movie, which actually happens to be an improvement. As for the color timing: only colorblinds seem to work in movies anymore, that’s why almost every movie is blue and orange these days, with barely any other colors. The fact that some licensing BS prevents an official release of an umtampered version of Star Wars infuriates me.

    I like Capaldi as the new doctor. Those last scenes of the episode with Clara were really touching. The story of the episode was okay to introduce the new Doctor, but nothing special. I’m sure subsequent episodes will be better again. I wondered why the T-Rex was about a 100 times bigger than an actual T-Rex really would be. Oh… and I need more Jenny! She’s so gorgeous.

    I have nothing to say about Sin City 2. I really like the first movie and own it on DVD, in a limited edition no less, but someshow I couldn’t care less about the sequel.

    • The thing about the doctor who pilot is I dont like the lizard woman, her wife, and the potato man, Ive always found them annoying. Them being the ones to inform clara of the doctors change was a bad choice. Other than that, fine.

  5. Hannah, Hannah, Hannah. This is a geek movie website, there are certain requirements regarding having watched certain movies. Gotta have your geek bonafides!

    • I’ll watch the others at some point. Probably the next time I apply for a job that requires in-depth Star Wars knowledge.

  6. Usually love your podcasts. This one was cringe worthy. I think there was a segment where you were trying to wrap up a segment and everyone forgot what it was about.

    • All 3 hours were cringe worthy? Noted. I’ll make sure we keep it to 2 hours from now on! That said, The podcast is titled the Underground because we allow ourselves tangents. Trust me, I’m always VERY aware of what the segments are about ;)

      • Noooooooooo! Long podcasts are great and going off on tangents isn’t a problem. Picking your brains is why I love the podcast. People who want perfect structure should just read the articles. You certainly shouldn’t change anything, just because one guy complains!

    • Cuz I wasn’t on it, right?

    • Are you talking about me playing around before Doctor Who?

  7. Did I ever mention that I can draw?

    • Really? nothin, okay. Well I thought it was funny.

      • Haha. Cody, it’s been a busy couple days. That’s awesome though!

  8. So much for True Detective winning Emmys…

    • We’ll be talking about that this week!

  9. Hannah speaks some serious truth, Need for Speed is a GOOD movie!!!

  10. “I made you a star, now show e your naked body!” xD

  11. Neil Gaiman is a great Doctor Who writer. Of course I’m a little biased because of his other work.