‘Doctor Who’: Peter Capaldi Revealed as Twelfth Doctor – What Do You Think?

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doctor who season 8 peter capaldi Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi Revealed as Twelfth Doctor   What Do You Think?

A new Doctor has been found and, now, has finally been revealed. After much speculation as to who would replace Matt Smith in the iconic role, famed Scottish actor Peter Capaldi was revealed on Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor as the next actor to become the Doctor. Should fans be excited to have an older Doctor?

Capaldi, who starred in the spin-off series’ Torchwood: Children of Earth, was actually on the short list of actors many thought might fill the role. In the UK, he’s most famously known as the star of the long-running comedy series The Thick of It, which is in the vein of HBO’s Veep. Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurtiwtz was at one time enlisted to create an American adaptation.

Of course, fans aren’t likely going to have issue with a well-known comedic actor stepping in to the legendary role; it’ll likely be his age. Capaldi, who is 55, isn’t the oldest actor the play the Doctor but… not by much. William Hartnell, who played the First Doctor at age 55, is still the oldest actor to play the character, besting Capaldi by just a few months. But will the switch from Matt Smith, the youngest actor to play the role, to Capaldi appease the series’ ever growing fanbase?

Matt Smith Eleventh Doctor regeneration Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi Revealed as Twelfth Doctor   What Do You Think?

Although a few might think it’s odd to have an older actor step in to the role of the Doctor – especially with its young audience – there are more than enough reasons to be excited about what’s to come, and what Capaldi can bring to the role. With the younger Smith, grand adventures of exploration is what best fits the character. Sure, Smith can deliver a dramatic monologue like the best of them, but the overall series was at its best when he was able to take advantage of his youthful exuberance.

With Capaldi stepping in to the role, Moffat will be able to make the Doctor more introspective, more aware of his actions. And since age equals experience, audiences are more likely to believe it, thus allowing Moffat to more earnestly explore the weighted past of everyone’s favorite Time Lord without having to worry about writing “run, you clever boy” all too often. And after this season, perhaps a change will be good for the series overall.

In Doctor Who season 7, though it had quite a few fantastic, standalone episodes, the overall story-arc was weak, and the use of editing tricked audiences into believing that answers to long-standing questions were going to come in the next episode (and they never did). So while some may not yet be on board with Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor, everyone should be excited about the fact that Moffat and Co. have a new muse, allowing them to take the character in many new directions that they previously couldn’t.

Still, fans of Smith have the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary and the Doctor Who Christmas Special left, allowing everyone some time to get used to the fact that he will no longer be on the series. And though no one really knows what to expect from the upcoming, final adventures with the Doctor, Moffat surely won’t disappoint.

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Doctor Who returns for its 50th Anniversary Special on November 23

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  1. Where’s the Don’t Care option? I’ve tried to watch DW many times and could never get in to it.

    • The dont care option is called, the “dont click on the link if it doesnt mean anything to you” button. In Europe its the “common sense says, move along” button. Try it. Its quite awesome

      • Don’t forget the most important thing about not caring about a subject is to let all those that do care know that you don’t.

        If no one knows you don’t care, what’s the point in not caring lol

        • Yes, but if Troll doesn’t express his/her disdain for said topic they care nothing about, than said Troll cannot attempt to prove how much more hip/cool they are than fans of said topic who do.

          • I’d just like to publicly point out that I don’t care whether Tronia cares or not about Doctor Who.

            • Zing!

              • I agree with Jasca, I don’t care if Tronia doesn’t care. ;-)

                Should there be a button for that?

    • weird that you read the article then

    • I love Doctor Who though. It’s sorta like coffee, it’s a acquired taste sort of. :)

  2. “starred in the spin-off series’ Torchwood: Children of Men”

    That’s actually “Torchwood: Children of Earth.” Children of Men was a 2006 post apocalyptic movie starring Clive Owen.

    • He’s also starred in an episode of Doctor Who (i.e. “The Fires of Pompeii”).

      • He was also a fan of Doctor Who growing up.

        I was really moved when he said in the interview revealing that he’ll be taking on the role: “I haven’t played the Doctor since I was nine!”

        Sweet! :D

  3. I’m excited! It will definitely take some getting used to, I love Smith’s doctor a ton, but I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

  4. This feels right so far. I will miss Smith bigtime, but with Capaldi replacing him, I’m hopeful that the process will feel like a change motivated by something intrinsic to the story, instead of just ‘time for the end of eleven’. Here’s hoping too that Matt Smith gets to have the awesome final scenes as the Doctor he’s deserving of!

  5. David Tennant…was hoping for his return ,but yeah…what can i say ?
    In this case,I take an older Doc any time over Smith !
    Never liked his doctor so much ! Maybe its just Moffat and his ability to run the show.

    Russel was best in my opinion !

    • As I understand it, David Tennant IS returning. I believe he’s going to be in the Anniversary episode. (Unless that was a sneaky misdirect that Tennant was on board for…) Of course he’s not going to be the new incarnation of the Doctor. Nobody ever plays the Doctor twice. But the time travel element of the show means he can show up for a visit. ;)

  6. Both Matt Smith and Karen Gillan took a bit more serious approach to there roles, I wasn’t really a fan of season 5,6, or 7 when comparing them to the previous ones.(Just my opinion) But I hope Capaldi will bring his great acting experience into the role. Not complaining about the last few seasons it just seemed at some points Rorey was the best part of some episodes. I just wanted Amy and the Doctor to get eaten by a Slitheran.

    • Well, part of the reason Rory was the best part of some episodes is that he was, IMO, the best companion of the relaunch (Donna’s story arc was the best, though). Amy was actually a pretty crappy person most of the time and the show would have had absolutely no heart without Rory.

      I liked Smith, though, and I’ve enjoyed his run. Since they managed to successfully replace Tennant, I’m much less concerned about this changeover because Tennant left the bigger shoes to fill in my mind.

      • I really liked Rory. He was actually very effective as, what TV writers like to call, “a Rick.” Rick was one of Magnum PI’s friends who was always asking, “Why are we doing this, Boss?” and “What the hell is going on?” In other words, he was the one who could speak for the audience during those convoluted plot episodes. Every show needs a Rick. Doctor Who had Rory.

        • Hurley was the same for Lost. But he also was a great character and not just a plot device for asking questions.

  7. Here’s hoping that on day one of production they hand him a script and a bottle of ginger hair dye!

  8. I am a little unsure at this selection as the trend was moving towards younger doctors, but I was BLOWN away by his Capaldi’s performance in Children Of Earth at the bureaucrat who has to do terrible things. So the outlook seems good. However the question is, are we looking at a more serious doctor compared to the lovable goofiness that has come before? Only time will tell

    • Classic Who is full of older actors with loveable goofiness. I doubt you’ll be disappointed. ;)

  9. Here’s hoping that on day one of production they hand him a script and a bottle of ginger hair dye!

  10. I’ve only ever watched one episode of Docotor who (it doesn’t come out in our country) but I’ve been very intrigued by it for the longest time.

    I’ve only ever eatched Peter Capaldi as Randall Brown in The Hour and HE HAS CAPTIVATED me. I’ve since been in the lookout of all his projects. And now HIM as the new DOCTOR is setting some major tingles in my curiosity, I am definitely excited for this.

    Now I just have to figure out how I can watch the several seasons of Doctor Who before it’s Peter’s debut.

  11. Not very familiar with Peter.

    Regardless of the actual actor, what I find interesting is the aging of the Doctor.

    This new run since Eccleston the Doctor has gotten younger with each regeneration with Smith being almost comedic.

    Aging him up again might be a signal for a more serious tone to the show.

    Whether that will turn off more viewers than it brings in… we shall have to see.

    As someone who struggled with Smith, I’ll be tuning back in.

    • You talk almost as if the show had a more serious tone under Tennant than it did under Smith. Many noted that Smith often seemed to act like the original William Hartnell as a more energetic younger man.

      But both Tennant and Smith seem to love humans a little too much. (With Tennant regularly telling us “you HUUUMANS are BRRIIILIANT!”) I don’t want Capaldi to play an old and bitter Doctor, but if the new incarnation of the Doctor could at least bring back that scepticism about human nature we saw from Eccleston in the episode “Father’s Day”, I’d appreciate that.

      • I wouldn’t say the Tennant era was more serious, it just felt more grown up.

        I really struggled through Smith’s 1st season, his Doctor seemed too comedic, too flappable (not in a good way) and with too much emphasis on Amy working out the twist of the week.

        The Doctor’s supposed to be the brains on the operation with the companion humanising him, some times he forgets the little people when dealing with the bigger picture.

        This is not a criticism of Smith per say, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere it’s more the writing.

        It’s the writers and the show runners who set the tone and as good a WRITER as Moffatt is, he’s not quite as good as a show runner, based upon Smith’s first season and the reports on the latest season with Clara.

        Not familiar with Hartnell so can’t compare.

        Eccleston and Tennant you could believe, in their darker moments, obliterated TWO entire civilisations to end the Time War…. Smith, not so much.

        Admittedly I only stuck with Smith for one Season but none of the reports enticed me to come back. Now he’s done, I think a marathon could be in order…. give him the benefit of the doubt so too speak.

        Capaldi as an Eccleston-esc Doctor would be good, with all these “fantastic” “stupid apes” running around him, exasperated and fascinated at the same time.

        • There’s something about Matt Smith’s portrayal, the way he carries himself like an old man, combined with that flappability that you speak of, that reminds me of someone with the early signs of dementia. The forgetfulness. The emotional flip-flopping. I don’t know if this was intentional on his (or Moffatt’s) part, but it works for me. Eccleston played him like a guy with a lot of baggage, damaged goods. Tennant was a return to form, of sorts. Brilliant, passionate, charismatic. And I loved the season with Donna, where we finally saw a Doctor dealing with loss (both Rose, who left, and Sarah Jane, who he had left behind years ago.) My only complaint about Tennant was the smugness (but Tom Baker was the same) and those completely over-the-top Russel T Davies scripts. But Smith has been playing him how do I put this – like a guy at the end of his journey. And that probably was deliberate.

  12. What do I think?

    I think Craig Ferguson’s head just exploded.

    I’ve actually been a fan of Capaldi’s since Local Hero, and while I thought of him as a comic actor for years, his dramatic work has been exceptional. I’m hoping -like others – that this is a signal of a return to more traditional Doctor Who story-telling, and a little reliance on running around.

    I actually liked Matt Smith’s portrayal of the Doctor as an old man in a young body, but it will be interesting to see Capaldi having to cope with slower muscles and reflexes. Let’s just hope he gets scripts worthy of his talents. Matt Smith deserved better writing but held it together – mostly – with a lot of charisma and good looks. Capaldi will likely play it darker and more serious, and he lacks Smith’s (and Tennant’s) boyish charm. The real pressure is on the writers. If Capaldi bombs, it will be Moffatt’s fault and he will be out.

    • Oh my god! The Craig Ferguson reference! And the best part is, I totally know what you mean too!!!!!! hahahahahaahah

    • What’s wrong with Colin Baker!? He’s personally my favourite classic series Doctor. He was a bit crazy, sure, but I liked it.

  13. I would like to point out that William Hartnell isn’t the oldest individual to be cast as the Doctor; that honour now belongs to John Hurt, who is 73 years old.

    I didn’t see anybody complaining he was too old for the role, so I don’t see what all the furore over Capaldi’s appointment is about.

  14. I think that whoever watches Doctor Who needs to take a serious look at their life.

    • Exterminate.

    • (looks very seriously at all that’s happened in my life) Well there, I did it, and a good portion of it was spent enjoying Doctor Who and other things. What was you point? To make it look like we’re losers if we watch Doctor Who? I wish I would be there when someone insults something you love. Just to see that hypocritical angry expression on your smug face would make my day. You’re pathetic looper148.

    • My million pound bonus looks pretty good, dead easy being a trader and a time lord, some say it’s cheating where as I say I’m just using my natural gifts :)

    • This from someone who calls themself Looper……and not just Looper, but Looper number 148!…There’s only 12 doctors….

  15. I’m very excited…but I’m only on Season 3 on Netflix (I started watching a couple months back). So I have the entire Matt Smith era to go through still!

    • I envy you

  16. Great actor sure he’ll do the job but after 50 years of recasting the Doctor within a pretty narrow set of guidelines it is high past time they shake things up.

    Time to think outside the Tardis.

  17. If they were going to go older, I prefer Hugh Laurie. But what can you do…

  18. I think I was ready for either a woman or minority to be one of the doctors regenerations, mostly a woman though, but as my feelings having been waning on the show, I wish it the best and maybe will give the new doctor a viewing after all is said and done.

  19. i have only one wish just because he is 55 don’t make him similar to William hartnells doctor , make him different from all his previous doctors he is in his final regeneration do it like the tigers are more fiercer at there older age yet kinder and gentler (it’s from league of extraordinary gentlemen :)so …… any mistake forgive me) may be a bit of dual personality could work ,come on he is in his twelfth regeneration this is his final bring valeyard as the big bad in any one series

    • dude, this isn’t his final, this show is gonna go on forever.

      • Besides, River Song gave him more regenerations in Let’s Kill Hitler.

        • And the option/ability to become female?

  20. Not thrilled. Back where we started: with an aged actor portraying the Doctor. Maybe Moffat should be replaced too.

    • What’s wrong with an aged actor playing the Doctor again?

      if he keeps getting younger with each regeneration we’ll be looking at a teenager instead. Sorry you need a bit of presence to play the Doctor.

      Moffatt should be replaced though, keep him on staff as a episode writer (because he IS an excellent writer) just need someone else to set the tone, the arc of the season.

  21. Moffit should have really gone outside the box and tried to get Jason Statham to be the new Dr. Who. a Dr. Who that can not ony use his mind, bet kick butt to get their attention once in a while too. You know the ratings would go through the roof if they could get him.

  22. What makes Tom Baker my absolute favorite is his ability to take absurd silliness and back it up with gravitas, some times alternatively, often simultaneously.
    Other Docs have all had some amount of success with this, but Tennant seems to have come the closest, & I think that’s why he worked out so well. I have high hopes that Peter Capaldi will pull this off with flying colours.

    …I liked Matt Smith, but he kept being written as an imp. So young, so goofy, it was hard to take anything he did seriously. …in a series already pretty hard to take seriously, lets face it.

    And I definitely agree, the Star-Treky “humanity worship” is going a bit far. The doctor should have plenty of other places to be and things to do besides hang out in London all day, what the heck, he’s a lord of time & space & he’s got the whole universe to muck about in!

    Also, I liked it when there was at least *some* romantic tension between the doctor and his companion. Bringing a companion, and… her boyfriend along… ehhhh. The Doctor is a time lord. pity the doctor, and I don’t want to pity Darth Vader.

    So I guess I have confidence in Peter C, but definitely feel like the writing needs direction.

  23. There’s a good article on TV Addict about how this is a really bad choice and could lead to doom for the series. Primarily because with American audiences you need to continue with having a younger Dr. or you’ll loose the female fans who came aboard with Tennet and has stayed ever sense. Interesting perspective

    • If that’s really all the female fans are interested in, then let them leave. Doctor Who should NEVER be Twilight. I don’t think your giving the female fans enough credit though.

  24. Please make that “you’re” not “your”.

  25. Can’t cope. Watching that old man with Clara…ugh. Didn’t like him at all in The Fires of Pompeii and not familiar with this Malcolm Tucker you all are going on about. The gist I’m getting though is his willingness to say the f word. That’s funny? Not impressed. & won’t be, either, ‘cuz I’m not sticking around. But said all that in other rants. Really like this site and reading all of you has been an education, thank you. One final thought though on Matt Smith’s Doctor. He’s about 909 or so. But when he “dies” at Lake Silencio, Utah, he’s 1103. Remember his older self recruiting his younger self, via the Tardis blue invitation with the co-ordinates, but neither Amy, Rory nor River would tell him he invited himself? But 200 years later, he’s still the same Doctor with the same body?! So how does that work? Doesn’t that mean that he stays the 11th Doctor for at least 200 years? Or am I, once again, missing the to-me-at-least not so obvious?

  26. and a pity they were perfect together
    river and the eleventh doctor a couple breathtaking
    we would have views of the beautiful
    with two brilliant minds so
    river and the doctor thinks for a bit if they had children
    of children with a higher than normal intelligence
    would have been even greater than their rocking
    I wish that Steven Moffat took all this into consideration
    we’ll see
    you never know he is so unpredictable

    it would be fantastic
    I will not even
    that this pair
    river and the doctor to separate

    river and the eleventh doctor
    to imitate a pair ready to give our lives for one another
    for me this is true love

  27. I didn’t like
    River Song
    at all. Or the
    Idea that he would get married at all, least of all not to a human.

    Not very “universes greatest mad scientist adventurer” is it…
    Looks like the writers didn’t know how else to make an alien “relatable”.