‘Doctor Who’: Peter Capaldi Revealed as Twelfth Doctor – What Do You Think?

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doctor who season 8 peter capaldi Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi Revealed as Twelfth Doctor   What Do You Think?

A new Doctor has been found and, now, has finally been revealed. After much speculation as to who would replace Matt Smith in the iconic role, famed Scottish actor Peter Capaldi was revealed on Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor as the next actor to become the Doctor. Should fans be excited to have an older Doctor?

Capaldi, who starred in the spin-off series’ Torchwood: Children of Earth, was actually on the short list of actors many thought might fill the role. In the UK, he’s most famously known as the star of the long-running comedy series The Thick of It, which is in the vein of HBO’s Veep. Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurtiwtz was at one time enlisted to create an American adaptation.

Of course, fans aren’t likely going to have issue with a well-known comedic actor stepping in to the legendary role; it’ll likely be his age. Capaldi, who is 55, isn’t the oldest actor the play the Doctor but… not by much. William Hartnell, who played the First Doctor at age 55, is still the oldest actor to play the character, besting Capaldi by just a few months. But will the switch from Matt Smith, the youngest actor to play the role, to Capaldi appease the series’ ever growing fanbase?

Matt Smith Eleventh Doctor regeneration Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi Revealed as Twelfth Doctor   What Do You Think?

Although a few might think it’s odd to have an older actor step in to the role of the Doctor – especially with its young audience – there are more than enough reasons to be excited about what’s to come, and what Capaldi can bring to the role. With the younger Smith, grand adventures of exploration is what best fits the character. Sure, Smith can deliver a dramatic monologue like the best of them, but the overall series was at its best when he was able to take advantage of his youthful exuberance.

With Capaldi stepping in to the role, Moffat will be able to make the Doctor more introspective, more aware of his actions. And since age equals experience, audiences are more likely to believe it, thus allowing Moffat to more earnestly explore the weighted past of everyone’s favorite Time Lord without having to worry about writing “run, you clever boy” all too often. And after this season, perhaps a change will be good for the series overall.

In Doctor Who season 7, though it had quite a few fantastic, standalone episodes, the overall story-arc was weak, and the use of editing tricked audiences into believing that answers to long-standing questions were going to come in the next episode (and they never did). So while some may not yet be on board with Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor, everyone should be excited about the fact that Moffat and Co. have a new muse, allowing them to take the character in many new directions that they previously couldn’t.

Still, fans of Smith have the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary and the Doctor Who Christmas Special left, allowing everyone some time to get used to the fact that he will no longer be on the series. And though no one really knows what to expect from the upcoming, final adventures with the Doctor, Moffat surely won’t disappoint.

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Doctor Who returns for its 50th Anniversary Special on November 23

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  1. As I said earlier on the other article, congratulations to Peter Capaldi and I’ll definitely be watching again now that he’s taken over from that godawful Matt Smith.

    • matt smith isnt ‘godawful’, its ok for you not to like his portrayal of the doctor but theres no need to insult the man

      • +1

        • -1

          I haven’t insulted the man at all, I just don’t rate him as an actor in anything he’s done so far. He’s terrible in his other projects, not just Doctor Who.

          • So saying someone is “godawful” at everything he has ever done isn’t insulting them?

            • If he thinks he is god awful he should be allowed to express it. I’ve seen people on this sight call Adam Sandler a f***tard. That isn’t insulting? Besides, I doubt Matt Smith was the one insulted by that remark.

          • No respect for you as a human being at all now. Even if I didn’t like Matt Smith, you’re just being rude.

    • +100

    • Dazz, you’re a pathetic excuse for a human being and we’d all be better off if you just killed yourself. Could you please do that? Pretty please? If you kill yourself, I’ll pay you 100 dollars afterwards.

  2. great choice! I expected an older actor anyway :)

  3. I was expecting a ginger, the Doctor is goung to be dissapointed with his new look

    • I was expecting Dazz to wind ‘em up and watch ‘em go!!
      And so…

  4. Dazz Matt was great in the role you Donn`t knowing anything about acting, so he has played two roles in Dr who mythology

    • it was his opinion. urs isn’t any more right

      • I love how I don’t think an actor is very good and that makes me not know anything about acting?

        So those drama classes and roles in minor productions mean I don’t know anything about acting? Probably know a lot more than some random no-name on the internet like jacob.

        Besides, my fave actors currently are Sean Harris, Peter Dinklage, Michael Fassbender and John Simm, not to mention some of my all time faves include McKelle, Stewart, Hurt, Bill Murray, Robin Williams (especially in his more serious roles) and Christopher Eccleston.

        How dare you even claim that I know nothing about good acting as if your opinion is fact. Also shows why I should’ve continued to stay away from discussions on this show because it seems to me that a lot of Whovians seem to be completely immature and hate when people have criticisms and opinions that differ from theirs. Gives everyone else a bad name.

        Guess that teaches me. I’ll stick to articles where more mature and adult discussion takes place instead to avoid people like jacob and the other kiddies that have trolled my opinion on this and other Doctor Who articles.

        • No Matt Smith will be a welcome change. He’s never been more than passable on his own. His stories have only been as good as the characters and actors around him. He never sold me on being the Doctor, just an actor playing a role.

        • It’s not what your opinion was, its the way you expressed it.

          You could have said you never really warmed to Matt Smith, not that he is ‘god awful’ at his profession.

          You should have seen the backlash coming. There’s disagreeing, and being disrespectful. You were disrespectful, as evidenced in the comment I am replying to.

          —BACK TO TOPIC—

          The only problem I have with this actor is that he has already appeared in Doctor Who and Torchwood, as separate characters.

          Though everybody I know has assured me Capaldi is very seasoned and grand, and they all speak highly of him. So I am on board and will support him until his debut, and beyond if he is good enough. Though I must admit I have a hard time imagining him having a kiss with his (probably young female) companion, or running down a corridor as he is chasing/being chased by a monster.

          I had my doubts of Tennant and Smith, and they both proved me very wrong minutes into their first episodes. I reckon Peter will do just fine.

    • Your opinion, Dazz has his.

      I happen to agree with Dazz, I stuck with one season of Smith and walked away.

      Problem wasn’t Smith’s portrayal per say, it was more the writing. Russell’s departure REALLY hurt the show. It’s a shame Matt didn’t start with a seasoned show runner in charge.

      Eccleston was maybe a bit too serious, Smith was too comedic and Amy and Rory we’re plain irritating.

      Tennant was spot on in the middle, a bit wacky and wild then in a heart beat he becomes the Doctor who ended the war…. serious and hard.

      Hopefully with Capaldi being an older actor the writers will get rid of much of the silly and bring back a bit of seriousness.

      There are more Who fans who are out of their teens than there are in them. Time for Who to grow up a bit again.

  5. HABEMUS DOCTOREM! *white smoking coming out of the TARDIS*

    Good and interesting choice…the first time we get an older version of the Doctor on the new show, a mix of Doctors 1,2 and 4 if I may say so. I personally would have prefered Domhnal Gleeson, but he’s still young and might become the first ginger Doctor yet…

    • Who cares if the Doctor is a redhead? So what.

      • Well, the Doctor seems to care quite a lot.

        • As well he might. whether a it’s a red tinge or the full on ginge, either way it’s a bold statement.

      • Its gonna be the first thing he mentions on his regeneration.

    • Sounds a bit racist of you, preferring a non-white, but it appears you may think the same of those who would prefer to keep the character as written and always portrayed. I guess the “dog”ma of political correctness hasn’t gotten ahold of Dr. Who in its teeth just yet…

      • SMH.

        • SMH at your SMH.

    • Doctor Who isn’t human so there is no reason he should necessarily look like a human racial “stock” other than white. I’ve noticed that Doctor Who has had a lot of black actors in their episodes, more surely than in most American shows. Good for them!

      • like the wire, wait a sec im not doin it right.

      • “I’ve noticed that Doctor Who has had a lot of black actors in their episodes, more surely than in most American shows. Good for them!”

        Yeah, there are not enough Black Actors in the United States.

        Damn you B.E.T! WAIT? What? Never mind?

        You can never have enough bad similar Tyler Perry Shows.

  6. He’s going to be awesome, but I’m going to miss Matt, he was a really good Doctor.

  7. Got introduced to the show a couple of semester ago along with Sherlock.
    So the first Doctor I saw was Matt Smith and after a few episodes I have decided to go back and watch some of the past seasons.

    I am really excited to be catching up and slowly becoming a full fledged Whovian- although I would say that some of the more recent episodes were kind of lackluster, so hopefully these earlier episodes are much more exciting and make a full fan out of me.

    I am not overly familiar with some of UK’s actors unfortunately including the new Doctor but I do kind of like a change to someone older for a bit of change and almost returning to the roots of sorts of the show. I think they show should try to keep fresh in order to stop become fatigue.

    I worry that DOctor Who may be another Supernatural where somewhere along the lines it became derivative, regression and sometimes illogical weak storytelling overall. I have high hopes that this change begs for some different renewed energy rather than “rinse and repeat” of who the Doctor is/becomes.

    So I support the age and although I am not familiar with Peter’s overall acting career some scenes and clips game me an idea of his range and I am very much in support. Plus in the live announcement he seemed nice and cool. Always a plus if the actor is likeable in personality.

    • I, too, found him pleasant in the live announcement, though perhaps a bit subsided; I’m looking forward to seeing him get his quirk on in future appearances, as his confidence within the role builds up.

      As a viewer with a similar experience as the one you describe for yourself, I too am pretty excited to see an older actor in the role (Eccleston, while not as mature, sure had a completely different aura than Smith’s, and Hurt’s brief stint as the character is guaranteed to be spectacular in that respect). I have to say, though, that much of it will depend on looks, as far as I’m concerned: that is to say, I’m withholding judgment until I see Capaldi ‘s official Twelfth Doctor outfit (and haircut!).

    • You hit the nail on the head there about Supernatural! Glad you liked Sherlock and watching previous seasons of Doctor Who, so I would recommend watching Peter Capaldi in the comedy The Thick of It if you want to see a bit of him before he takes over as the Doctor. It’s not sci-fi but a very well written and witty show and his character, Malcolm Tucker, is legendary.

    • Doctor Who ran out of steam during the Sylvester McCoy era. That’s why the show was canceled.

  8. Peter Capaldi was credited in World War Z as “W.H.O Doctor”. Coincidence? :)

    • Nice coincidence… Of course it’s World Health Organisation here, but it’s such a nice parallel…

    • Really..? If that’s true, good spot! That’s the sort’a stuff that could win a pub quiz.

      • It’s true! You can see on his IMDB page. :)

  9. Excellent choice. After The Thick Of It, In The Loop, and his turn in Torchwood: Children Of Earth, Capaldi can do no wrong in my eyes. I’m very happy with this – just hope the writing doesn’t let him down.

  10. This is awesome. I definitely want an older Doctor. Smith was just too whimsical. I’m sure he could have been better without Moffat’s terrible lead but I don;t imagine he’ll write an older guy quite the same.

  11. I’ve not been able to sit still since this was announced, the new Doctor is from Posso.

    • I wonder whether he’ll retain his Scottish accent or he’ll go the Tennant way and adopt an English one.

      • I just posted a comment about that, I don’t think he will, it’d remind you too much of Malcolm Tucker.

        • I suppose that’s true. I have no experience with the actor outside his previous appearance in “The Fires of Pompeii”, so it would’ve worked either way for me.

          • You’re missing out.

            Local Hero, if I could recommend any Capaldi film it’d be that one.

            and it’s Capaldi not Capauldi like Zoe Ball said.

            • Being Italian, I believe I of all people know how to pronounce Capaldi.

      • No reason why he shouldn’t. Eccleston kept his.

        Rose: “You sound like you’re from the North.”
        Doctor: “Lots of planets have a North!”

  12. I hope he gets to use his own accent.

    • Me too. It’ll be so obvious to me that he’s putting on an accent and there’s no need for it.

  13. I also did not like Matt Smith as the Doctor, it was hard to watch him in the role, however I’ll say David Tennant was made for the role. I’ll return to watching the show to give this new guy a try.

  14. I’m glad they’ve gone for an older actor this time round. And while Capaldi is a fantastic actor, I think they could have gone with someone who hasn’t been in the show before. And as to why they decided against an actor of colour or a woman, moffat can’t write these characters well to save his life; he ruined river song and amy pond, clara doesn’t really do much and when was the last time a decent actor of colour appeared in an episode.

    There are more than a few people in the Uk accusing Moffat of being sexist for the way he portrays women in the show. Ad he’s never been one for putting actors of colour in his shows (look coupling and sherlock for examples). Obviously he is entitled to get the best actors possible for the show, but when Russell T Davies was in charge there was always variety and depth in the characters that were written and the actor used to portray them.

    I won’t particularly miss Matt Smith as since Moffat has taken over my love for the show has gone from uber-geeky to my current state of “meh”

    • Moffat didn’t “ruin” River Song. He CREATED the character of River Song.

      Personally I reckon that Amy Pond is the best companion of NewWho and my biggest problem with Clara is that she seems too much like an Amy Pond clone. But admittedly none of the NewWho companions has been as badass explosives expert “Ace” from the classic series.

  15. yes! got another scot in there! just hope he gets to use his scottish accent but he probably wont like what happened to tennant. really looking forward to be getting an older actor and its what i wanted. i didnt think they would get anyone over 30 but they have.

    • you’ve got to ask how long he’s known… do you think he’ll be in the 50th anniversary?

      it’s a shout is it not?

      • the regeneration is in the Christmas episode. its been confirmed thats smiths last appearance.

        • Doesn’t mean Capaldi can’t make an appearance, it’d be a first yes that a sitting Doctor meets his next incarnation but it does not mean it can’t happen.

  16. So… The best ever Doctor was from Glasgow, the man that writes it is from Glasgow & the new Doctor is from Glasgow.

    Don’t mean to gloat but…

    • Nonsense. Sylvester McCoy was from Dunoon! :P


  17. I guess I’ve enjoyed all incarnations of the Doctor, each actor has given his perspective on the character. I have no doubt Peter will do the same. Look forward to it.

  18. At least now I can finally stop having to put up with fans b!%ching for them to bring goddamned overrated David Tennant back…for a while…

    • David Tennant is one of the best actors Britain has ever produced, he’s up there with Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen.

      • But he’s a Death Eater! ;)

  19. Hurray for old white men.

  20. Just to correct you Anthony, it’s Children of Earth not Children of Men.

  21. Kinda funny that he was also a W.H.O doctor in World War Z

  22. I think you’ll find it’s Torchwood: Children of Earth!

    But anyway, I’m excited by this choice, can’t wait to see him in action!

  23. “I’m still not f*cking ginger? Are you f*cking kidding me? Motherf*cking regeneration never gives me what I want!!!” Cut cut cut.
    Peter. There are children watching!
    “Oh right.”
    Next day:
    “YES. I get it. It’s f*cking bigger on the inside.”

    • +1

  24. Matt was my favorite Doctor, mostly because I believe his writing team was better, especially at the epic two-part episodes, than the previous modern seasons. Moffat wrote the best episodes during seasons 1 through 4 so I was really happy when he became the head writer for the whole show. One weakness of the mess that was season 7 is that Moffat decided to do away with the two-part episodes. Big mistake in my opinion!

  25. Malcolm f**king Tucker is the new doctor

  26. I believe Capaldi is a good choice because he looks like the Valeyard in Trial of a TimeLord. I hope that we have a story arc that makes light of that. Anthony Ainley’s Master had contact with him.

  27. Are they going to do what they did with Tennant, and make Capaldi give up the Scottish accent?