‘Doctor Who’ Season 8 Set Images; Matt Smith Wants to Return

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Doctor Who series 8 set photo Doctor Who Season 8 Set Images; Matt Smith Wants to Return

Things have been fairly quiet on the Doctor Who front since the Christmas Special episode “The Time of the Doctor” bade farewell to Matt Smith’s version of the character and ushered in Peter Capaldi as the show’s new Time Lord. Jenna-Louise Coleman is set to return in season 8 as the Doctor’s companion Clara, along with a new character called Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson).

Capaldi’s Doctor has been described by showrunner Steven Moffat as being very different to the previous two incarnations. In contrast to their bouncy, friendly natures, the Twelfth Doctor will be “older, fiercer, madder [and] less reliable,” which will present new challenges within his friendship with Clara.

The eighth season of Doctor Who has been filming for several months now, with some location work taking place in Lanzarote and the rest across various parts of Wales. This week the crew has been on Aberavon Beach in Port Talbot, South Wales, and some new set photos (courtesy of Doctor Who TV and the South Wales Evening Post) show the Doctor, Clara, and a new character played by Ellis George all wearing very familiar-looking outfits as they stand on alien(?) shores.

Click the Tenth Doctor to see the return of the orange jumpsuit.

Tenth Doctor Waters of Mars Doctor Who Season 8 Set Images; Matt Smith Wants to Return

The photos don’t spoil anything so you can feel free to take a look at them just a teaser of what’s to come. Also shown in the pictures wearing a silver spacesuit, is veteran TV actor Hermione Norris (Spooks), who will have a guest role in the episode.

During one of the very first set video leaks of Capaldi’s new tenure as the Doctor, there was strong evidence to suggest that Smith will get a voice cameo early on in season 8, in order to give the Eleventh Doctor a proper goodbye to Clara.  According to Doctor Who TV, Smith was asked at Calgary Expo whether he would want to return for something a bit more substantial, like a guest role or another special episode. He was very receptive to the idea:

“I love the idea of other Doctors coming back. Also that gives me the opportunity to come back, which I totally will by the way! I’m just waiting for the next anniversary. I spoke to Steven the other day and said ‘what’s the quickest one we can do?'”

Doctor Who only just celebrated its 50th anniversary, so the other big dates are still quite a long way off. On the other hand, next year will mark the 10th anniversary of the series’ reboot, so perhaps the BBC could arrange a special episode to commemorate that.


Doctor Who returns to BBC One in fall 2014.

Source: Doctor Who TV, South Wales Evening Post

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  1. If he comes back, I hope they tell us in advance so I can skip that episode. I’m only just about to start watching the show again for the first time since Smith’s second episode, I’d hate to have to avoid it again.

    • Wow, you’re so cool.

    • Completely agree. Just when I’m going to go back to watching Dr Who, they’re talking about bringing him back(I know it’s only an episode but still).
      I got into Dr Who with Eccleston, loved it through Tennant and stopped watching when Smith came in, although I never liked Gillian’s Pond either so it wasn’t just Smith for me.

      • By the way, it is DOCTOR Who, not Dr. Who. But it’s okay, you aren’t an actual fan.

        • I know it’s Doctor Who, but I’ve always seen hardcore, normal and casual fans call it Dr Who(FOR SHORT!).

        • I have a book from around the time of the third doctor that says Dr. Who… on the cover as a part of the title of the book. So it really is not a big deal, seeing a classic Who does call him Dr. Who on actual merchandise from the time. But then again, if you were an actual fan, you would know that wouldn’t you?

      • I had the same problem here,but I think Smith isn’t the real problem here its Moffat and his Chaos writing style !

        His stories have no Focus and are all over the place as he tries to put to much into one episode !

        Respect him as a creative,but Moffat is better of under control and guidance,and not as a showrunner !

        • I could not agree more about Moffat’s story telling. There was too much going on that took away from the characters during Smith’s last few seasons. I did feel less than enthusiastic about Matt Smith’s Finale. I wanted something bigger, more substance and not that we spent the last 20 minutes of the finale spanning 300 years stuck on one planet. It felt forced and insincere.

          • I can’t even believe someone would say that, I absolutely LOVE Moffat’s writing style. It’s so much better than Davies and explores much different sides of things than Davies did.

        • This is the bald truth!

          Moffat has *severe* difficulties with emotions. He seems to not understand how people work beyond a very rudimentary level. I read the leaked first episode, and it’s the same old thing, (No spoilers):

          Clever plot mechanics, 2-dimensional characters, a few embarrassingly juvenile sex gags, and a couple of insanely stupid logic holes. (Like, and I’m not saying this facetiously, the kind of peculiar logic errors you see with people who have suffered head injuries.)

          What a waste of great actors. An emotionally vacant writer trying to direct fully-human actors. I miss Davies. He knew what the important things were.

          Just compare Rose’s Mom and Mickey, heck, Donna’s nasty Mom, how *human* and emotive and recognizably *real* they were, to the stupid cartoon characters Moffat has cast as supporting characters.

          Moffat is a clever man in some ways, but without adult supervision he is trashing Doctor Who with his pitiful show running.

  2. lmao… hollywood must be failing. he should have stayed longer. tennant left at the perfect time. he left at the peak of his career as the doctor

    im not complaining about smith leaving though cause peter is the exact type of actor i wanted. and older doctor. smith annoyed me honestly, i also hated how his companions were basically him. they all had the same personality.

    • I guess nobody wanted to look at his muscles.

      • hahaha good gone, it seems that warner brothers either because, spoiler alert: they are selling that movie.

    • That has more to do with Moffat being extremely average as a writer, but I agree completely.

  3. I appreciate Smith’s love for the show and the character. It will be interesting to see his Doctor interact with Capaldi and future incarnations.

  4. Matt Smith better show us his muscles if he wants back.

  5. i just want an air date :(

  6. When Matt Smith first aired as the Doctor I was very dubious. But he totally won me over, he is so wonderfully exuberant with a wondrous joy for life. I watch reruns all the time and when David is the Doctor I like him the best. When Matt is the Doctor I like Matt the best. I gave Matt a chance and am glad I did. But this newest Doctor – “older, fiercer, madder [and] less reliable,” – this is not in the tradition of Doctor Who. The Doctor who helps people, civilizations, and universes.

    • Err… It’s actually a return of sorts to the original grumpy and acerbic Doctor played by William Hurt, so it absolutely IS in the tradition of the show. The more ‘family friendly’ Doctor is a manifestation of the 21st century.

      • William Hartnell.

      • I think the use of younger actors started with Tom Baker

  7. I saw Peter in this movie with Steve Coogan years ago (can’t remember the name). He was a riot. The way he sling profanity seemed so natural and I wanted to see more of him, but he obv can’t do that in DW nor was he able to in his part for the movie World War Z. His scene in the movie reminded of when I fell in love with Joe Pesci during his beginning years in gangster flicks.

  8. Wow. I have never seen a bigger fandom of elitist’s. Really? Doctor vs Dr.? Smith vs Tennant can be a fun debate, but the majority of you suck the fun out of it by proclaiming one side is ultimately right while other is inherently wrong.

    Kudos to those who have this debate with reasoning and thoughtful opinions.

    • (I step down from my soap box and anxiously await more Doctor/Dr. Who this Fall)

  9. Bring Matt or David back! Anyone but this old man who’s hard to look at!!!

  10. Is it just me or are people getting tired of Matt Smith telling everybody he wants to return to the show. If he liked it that much, why did he quit in the first place.
    I guess the grass is always greener until he isn’t.

    As someone who’s watched DOCTOR Who (thank you very much) for a long while, I think I will wait and see how Capaldi does before I decide to hate him or not. Those of us who remember Old Who will probably not be as affected as those who grew up with only the last three as the Doctor. But I’ll bet one thing, after Capaldi’s first episodes air, you’ll have a lot more people going back to the Old Who to revisit those episodes. They may not measure up stylistically, but New Who is in there, you just have to look harder to find it.

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  12. Why are there so many people here hating on the writers and the show and the actors??? If you don’t like the show, why would you research it to this extent? Go get your panties out of their holier-than-thou bunch, and find something you actually like to occupy your time.

  13. I loved doctor who during the first few seasons of the reboot. Season three was perhaps for me one of the best. And while Matt Smith had some of my favourite stand alone episodes, and he was a fantastic doctor, I feel the story arches suffered. The silence was overly complicated, and while I absolutely love Clara, her character gives me a headache. For example, she jumped into the doctor’s time stream from his grave at tranzalore. Hence soufflé girl and snow monster episodes. But if the doctor didn’t really die at tranzalore, does that mean it didn’t happen? And if it did, then does she remember it? I’m sure somewhere there’s a story board in Moffat’s office to keep track of all these things, but for a casual viewer it’s hard to keep up. And now we have Capaldi as the new doctor. And while I’m glad to see the possibility of some of the weight and gravity that was lost since tennant (no one does heartbreaking sadness like Tennant, his facial expressions are incredible) , I feel like the first episode didn’t really establish him as his own character. The other intro eps managed to show what the new doctor would be like. But I just didn’t get much of a sense of him this time. It felt more like they were trying to focus on all the things he wasn’t going to be (funny, charming, young etc.) rather than really hone in on his own unique take. Although I do like the rather interesting question of who was lying, which I guess does give some foreshadowing of the darker turn this doctor may take, I don’t like the new idea of having to introduce a big bad at the start of a season. While some may complain, Davies story telling was much more subtle. The space station that was introduced, and returned in a big way, Harold Saxon being mentioned, but never really seen and not becoming a major presence until the end. The alternate reality that just seemed like a midseason arch rather than hugely important in the ending. The subtler ways of hitting and suggesting without flat out in your face announcing who the bad guy will be (I think it might be the crazy girlfriend this season, possibly? Maybe?)

  14. LOVE MATT SMITH!!!! We were sad to see Amy Pond leave
    but enjoyed The Doctor with Clara too… My family and I will
    Definitely miss Matt Smith.!!! Big Fans