‘Doctor Who’ Season 8 Adds New Executive Producer – Could He Take Over for Moffat?

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Doctor Who Season 8 Executive Producer Doctor Who Season 8 Adds New Executive Producer   Could He Take Over for Moffat?

Now that only three episodes are left in Doctor Who Season 7, speculation is at an all time high – as fans pour over the story so far in anticipation of the upcoming (and possibly controversial) finale. BBC has released official synopses and titles for the remaining episodes and, while week to week viewing is sure to shed light on a few secrets, where Steven Moffat (show runner and lead writer) intends to take the series in season 8 is becoming an increasingly frequent topic of discussion. Season finales are always a big deal but a trip to Trenzalore would mean major changes for the Doctor and the show – changes that would only be compounded by events in the 50th anniversary special.

As a result, it’s only appropriate that with so much uncertainty comes the news of another change in the series – as BBC has announced that Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Sarah Jane Adventures alum, Brian Minchin will serve as executive producer of the series in season 8 (and likely beyond).

Minchin will fill the executive producer chair vacated by Caroline Skinner (who departed just after season 7 part two began airing); that said, Minchin could have a slightly more active role in the future of Who than Skinner – since his resume includes work as script editor on earlier seasons of the show (along with Torchwood).

doctor who season 7 clara doctor Doctor Who Season 8 Adds New Executive Producer   Could He Take Over for Moffat?

Additionally, given Minchin’s history with the franchise, it’s probable that he was selected to help take some of the pressure off Moffat – as a knowledgeable second in command, well-versed in Doctor Who lore, that can help support the increasingly busy show runner. Plenty of fans are still on-board with the direction Moffat has taken the series (though he has a vocal group of detractors too) but there’s no question that he’s been spread thin – overseeing too many elements of day-to-day production.

Given rumors that Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith might be planning to depart the series in the not-to-distant future, some fans will no doubt speculate that Minchin’s hiring could mean that Moffat is also looking to hand-over the reigns in a year or two. For now, there’s no reason to think Moffat will step down any time soon but it’s likely that BBC is looking at Minchin as a possible (though not guaranteed) show runner candidate – when that time does come.

After all, in the announcement of Minchin’s new role, Faith Penhale, BBC Head of Drama Wales, was keen to point out the new Executive Producer’s talent for story and passion for the Doctor Who franchise – both attributes that are key to Moffat’s success as show runner:

“I’ve no doubt Doctor Who will enjoy a very exciting time with Brian at the helm working alongside Steven. Since joining BBC Wales in 2005, he’s proved he has a fantastic eye for story and a sharp awareness of what makes a drama like Doctor Who unmissable.”

doctor who season 7 episode 7 Doctor Who Season 8 Adds New Executive Producer   Could He Take Over for Moffat?

That said, Doctor Who fans that are eager to see Moffat leave the series shouldn’t hold their breath. For the time being it sounds as though Minchin’s efforts will be focused on working with the current show runner – not preparing to take over. In response to the new executive producer announcement, Moffat was excited by the choice for his new companion in Doctor Who:

“When I first took over Doctor Who, Brian was there as script editor, and in the most difficult time of a new Doctor and a new era, was completely brilliant. We lost him to producing The Sarah Jane Adventures at the end of our first run. Rising talent keeps rising, is how I comforted myself back then – but now I am beyond happy that Brian has risen all the way back to Doctor Who, in his new role of Executive Producer. I look forward to getting hopelessly lost in space and time with him.”

Like Skinner (whose first credit was The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe), Minchin will cut his teeth as a Doctor Who Executive Producer with the 2013 Christmas Special before working on season 8 of the series.

matt smith ryan gosling how catch monster Doctor Who Season 8 Adds New Executive Producer   Could He Take Over for Moffat?

Speaking about his new role and the future of Doctor Who Minchin said:

“I’m thrilled and excited to be joining Steven Moffat on a show that has meant so much to me over the years. I’ve watched in awe as Steven has taken Doctor Who to wild and imaginative places and I can’t wait to get started on many more adventures with the Doctor.”

Moffat and his team have been tight-lipped about the finer details of what’s to come in the upcoming season 7 episodes, 50th Anniversary Special, 2013 Christmas Special, much less season 8 of the series – which will presumably debut, though nothing is official yet, in the same time frame as season 6 (with a premier in April 2014). Doctor Who seasons do not always stick to a standard release window and an April 2014 premiere isn’t confirmed – so it could be awhile before we hear any official season 8 story or release details.

In the meantime, check out our Doctor Who Viewing Guide: Tips, Suggestions & Complete Episode List!

Doctor Who airs Saturday @8pm on BBC America. The 50th Anniversary Special is set to air in late 2013.

Source: BBC

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  1. You know, this second half of series 7 has been a great improvement on the first half. but i hope series 8 brings back the easter premier. I also hope it airs all 13 episodes in a row and doesnt split the season up again. I also hope for the return of the 2 parters, seriously, what happened to those this season? I dont think you can do a finale justice with only one episode especially. That was one weak point about the 6th series finale. It didnt have enough time to develop the story i thought. and i believe that might be a problem with this series’ finale. so hopefully series 8 has at least a two parter finale and maybe a couple two parter stories in between. series 1-5 each had 3 two parters.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. Season 7 feels horribly discontinuous and disjointed after being split into two. That may be partially to do with the fact that Moffat decided to switch companions in the middle of it.

      And I definitely want two-parters back too. Not all two-part stories were great, but when they were they were awesome. Plenty of stories in this season would’ve benefited a LOT from a two-parter, rather than feeling rushed and having underdeveloped characters. I like most of what Moffat does but his idea of having a ‘blockbuster’ theme for all his Season 7 episodes has weakened it. I’d rather have a bit more substance than spectacle.

    • Look everybody it’s Dolph Lundgren Jr!

  2. Please please please. Even if Moffat doesn’t leave soon maybe he can at least control some of his worse ideas. I am so tired of getting Moffated.

  3. The show definitely needs some one new help carry the series. Journey to the center of the Tardis was cool and creepy but Moffat missed a HUGE opportunity with it. “The tardis does not like me. The tardis hates me.” Journey to the center of the tardis would of been a great chance to actually touch upon on that. But nope. Wasted opportunity.

  4. I’m sorry to say this, but I am very dissapionted!! not in the show or Moffat, but some of the fans. They seem to put down the show i love so dearly. And what was written by Bio is a perfect example..
    “The tardis does not like me. The tardis hates me.” Journey to the center of the tardis would of been a great chance to actually touch upon on that. But nope. Wasted opportunity.”
    Have you ever stopped to think that, that this can’t be touched upon or it will spoil the whole season’s arc and final episodes!!
    Why can’t people trust Moffat, I don’t believe he has every steared the show wrong..
    If these people are not carefull we will lose the show altogether.

    • Because he can and has steered the show wrong. He already betrayed our trust with more than a few lackluster episodes. overall weak seasons and a really weird obsession with defeating evil with the power of love.

    • THANK YOU. The Anti-Moffat Brigade is becoming completely obnoxious at this point. I love the show, but the fandom is really testing my patience.

      • Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks this. I’m not saying the Moffat era is perfect but man oh man are the Anti-Moffat people annoying.

  5. Whatever faults the RTD era had, the episodes were an event for everyone in my family. Even my mother-in-law stopped what she was doing to join us. Today, nobody stops to watch it and even my seven-year-old complains that Who is getting “silly and too complicated”. That worries me, because the show needs to attract a mainstream audience as well fans like me.

    I think that Moffatt’s stories are more complex and incredibly creative, but he needs to slow down and tell a simple story. Also, the characters have to be more than vehicles for story arcs. Clara doesn’t feel like a real person and Matt Smith hasn’t completely convinced me that he’s the Doctor.

  6. “That worries me, because the show needs to attract a mainstream audience as well fans like me”
    Relax, the ratings are fine, the show won’t get cancelled, anecdata is not data, etc.

  7. “The Name of the Doctor” was utter rubbish. Moffat has stopped telling stories and is content with disconnected scenes full of explosions and over-emoting. The Moffat-cult that tells us we should ‘trust Moffat’ are deluding themselves; Moffat is supposedly a storyteller, it’s his responsibility to tell stories, not lead us on with nonsense, puzzles, soap opera and cheap jokes. The self-annointed ‘Whovians’ (Moffatians, really) who tell critics to shut up seem to forget that only ratings keep the Dcotor alive, and after the 50th, my guess is that at least the third of the audience vocal in their opposition to Moffat will simply stop watching. Then they won’t be ‘ruining’ the show for Moffatians, because there won’t be any show. Moffat is driving away a large chunk of his audience – that’s what’s ruining the show.

    • Sorry, mate, but you’re one of the vocal minority. I’m a member of a number of big Who forums and The Name of the Doctor has been a huge hit, running at 78 to 80% excellent ratings. And as for the audience, please get your facts right before commenting as the consolidated figures for season 7 in the UK are remaining steady, and in fact, Matt Smith recently broke a record for the series since it returned with 11 consecutive episodes breaking the 7 million mark.