‘Doctor Who’ Season 8 Casts a New Male Companion

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doctor who companion new main Doctor Who Season 8 Casts a New Male Companion

As we head toward this season of change on Doctor Who - with actor Peter Capaldi taking over the eponymous role from Matt Smith – many are wondering about what bits of newness will be present when the show returns in the fall.

We already know what the Doctor will be wearing, but will he be gruff and grumbly, or light and whimsical? Is River Song actually just a memory now? What about this new Doctor and his companion Clara, how will they get on? All of these questions figure to be answered in due time (even the River question, which may be answered by her continued absence) but showrunner Steven Moffat is throwing a new variable into the mix and his name is Danny Pink, a teacher beside Clara at the Coal Hill School and the Doctor’s new (occasional) companion.

Played by actor Samuel Anderson, Pink follows in the footsteps of Ian Chesterton, Jamie McCrimmon, Rory Williams and a handful of other fellows who have adventured with the Doctor, here’s what the actor had to say about his selection:

“I was so excited to join Doctor Who I wanted to jump and click my heels, but I was scared I might not come down before filming started! It’s a quintessential part of British culture and I can’t believe I’m part of it. It’s an honor to be able to work alongside Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman and I can’t wait to show people how my character becomes involved with such a fantastic duo!”

How he “becomes involved”, indeed. Will Pink merely be a chum and an able lieutenant, or will he echo Rory and Russell T. Davies-era sometimes companion Mickey Smith by viewing the Doctor as a romantic rival for the female companion’s heart? What is his role?

doctor who companion fullsize Doctor Who Season 8 Casts a New Male Companion

As we alluded to, people are mighty curious about Clara and this new Doctor’s relationship, and there has been ample speculation about whether Clara’s flirtatiousness would be tamped down now that this Doctor looks a bit less age-appropriate for her. After the fiftieth anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor“, many seemed to think that Tom (actor Tristan Beint), the out of breath human guard dog that alerted Clara to the Doctor’s presence at episode’s start might be a logical choice to come aboard to act as the Doctor’s flirt surrogate, but it seems as though his song has come to an end, quite probably without explanation.

The addition of Danny Pink seems to indicate that Moffat is giving Clara a new distraction – but it also seems like a rehash of the beats from the modern Who era following a rehash of the “companion swoons over the Doctor” direction that both Davies and Moffat took the show in with Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, and Amy Pond (initially).

DOCTOR WHO The Doctors Wife Doctor Who Season 8 Casts a New Male Companion

Rory and Amy wound up being quite the dynamic pair once he dusted himself off and Amy came to her senses (something helped along by the brilliant Alex Kingston’s River Song) but if Danny’s introduction is the start of Clara’s great love story, one has to wonder, might that be a bit boring to see all over again? We might also wonder, as many often do, why the exploration of all of space and time isn’t enough to keep people (both viewers and the characters) occupied without the constant need to couple and make kissy faces? Do you, as a viewer, need some kind of romantic going on to enjoy Doctor Who fully? Let us know in the comment section and tell us what you think about Samuel Anderson’s addition to the show.


Doctor Who returns in the autumn of 2014.

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  1. Always excited for new Who news, I’m hoping now that Matt has moved on I may actually see Clara a little different now and actually enjoy her character. I committed the cardinal sin for a WHO and became to attached to a companion IE Amy…

    • *FAN

      • if it really mattered its whovian lol

        • ^This Guy

  2. Yeah, I gotta feeling this is gonna be Mickey 2.0.

    • good. the companions have really acted the same since tennants companions

    • That seems like a reeeeeeeally unsubstantiated claim. The only thing we know about him is that he is a teacher, which is not Mickey-like at all. I’m very curious as to why you would automatically jump to that conclusion.

  3. Is it just me or does the new companion look sorta like a black Shia LaBeouf

    • It’s just you.

      • Lolz. Yes, it is just you.

  4. yay! i dont know how peter will be as doctor so if hes gonna be loopy then i hope this companion brings a bit more seriousness to the show.

    imo it was too much with smith and clara because they basically acted the same and i enjoyed it and disliked it but i started to dislike it more and more. but with the dr being older he may not be as energetic as smith to that pleases me.

  5. I would prefer a new spin on the male companion other than as a means to keep the Doctor’s female companions from getting romantically attached, but we’ll have to see. I mean, Rory is my favorite companion by far. I’m excited for a fresh face!

  6. I just hope we get to see Craig again. Best male sorta-companion since the reboot.

  7. Wait, is he a full time companion or not? They really need to mix up the companions again. In the classic show there were men and women from throughout all of time and space and he frequently kept multiple companions. The Doctor and his current contemporary English girl is getting a bit boring. I want more aliens and Australians. At least have a full time male companion to start. Rory was more of an accessory to Amy and doesn’t really count. I just want something fresh.

  8. So, romancing the Doctor is exclusive to only the female companions?
    Maybe they’re really going to shake things up.

    • +9000

  9. Mickey’s story was really terrible and messy at the start, though it got a little better later on. Rory was much better written and was basically what Mickey could’ve been. I think it’s very much been there, done that and I hope the new companion is more Jack Harkness than Mickey. The Doctor-Rose-Jack companion combo had terrific chemistry without the need for overt romantic overtones, and they were all sort of equal (whereas Rory, as good a character as he was, pretty much got the short shrift till the end). I think it’s time to bring back that old dynamic and hopefully have it last longer than a few episodes this time.

    • Hear, hear. Enough romance already with the companions unless River comes back. I wouldn’t mind an older companion like good ole Bernard. But we might have to wait for another younger looking doctor for that to happen. Good point about Rose and Jack. Felt more like watching a group of friends rather than another dumb love triangle.

  10. More lovey dovey companions making kissy faces most of the time instead of an actual sci-fi story. When did Doctor Who become a serial “romcom”?

    ** smashes head into wall repeatedly until blacking out **

  11. the new master?

    • My thoughts exactly! a few weeks ago, I had mentioned i liked how the newly regen Doctor didnt know how to fly the TARDIS, and although that may be a very short lived plot point, it reminded me of the early years when the first doctor never knew where he would land, and especially the 3rd doctor having his knowledge stripped from him upon exile on earth by the Time Lords… which led me to remember the amazing Mr Delgado and his fantastic Master. Hoping for a similar sometime-recurring Master again like the old days, this article then popped up.
      So that was the first thought I had.
      But my pessimistic side tends to fear another “love” interest.
      And no, I do no think there is need for a place for that in Doctor Who. They did it with Rose, Martha, Amy and it was different and I love those stories, but I personally would like a return to the classic roots, with no romantic concerns, just fun adventures.

  12. I’m really excited about season 8. Though I realize he didn’t know how to fly the Tardis when he first appeared, I think Capaldi will be a darker, more serious Doctor. Much like Eccelston. Clara has already demonstrated that there really is a “there there”. She may be full of bounce, but she’s also a strong woman and has shown it contrasting with Smith’s Doctor, more like Rose was. I think Danny may end up more of a partner than a lover and that’s fine. I only hope River Song returns. I’ve got a massive crush on her!

  13. I think the thing about Doctor Who is that as much as it’s about adventures in time and space, it’s also about the relationships between and among characters. While I am done with these jealous love triangles too, I’m excited for another companion and a new doctor to mix up the dynamic a bit.

  14. Wow he is cute <3 hope he brings something good to the table !!!!!

  15. If it returns to anything like the first 6 seasons of the NEW Who I’m all for it but as for the last season and a bit that it is returning to more like the original WHO I’m completely against it.

  16. kissy-faces just get in the way & slow down the action, creating annoying hiccups in the plot. I’m just saying.
    Definitely will be an adventure with a “More Mature” Regeneration again, especially with all the movie-magic now available from when the first, More Mature Doctors, started traveling time & space back in the 60′s.
    Will be interesting to see if any of the “Wonder what ever happened to them since….” will find their way in with this new Doctor; like River Song, or like The Doctor’s Daughter, or like the Almost Doctor, or a few others I can’t immediately recall.
    A few (of the few) Whovians in these parts are groaning because the new Doc “…is so OLD…!!”
    Me, I’m awaiting this new Season with an open mind; it’s gonna be Different with a capital “D”.

  17. Enough with the love triangles. I’m ready for the Doctor to be the alien Time Lord. I do not like him acting “human”. The new male companion looks interesting. Time for action, monsters and adventure. The romance angle bores me to death. Adore River Song. So I guess thanks for Rory and Amy mixed with the Tardis. :)

  18. I am reserving judgment a little – Peter Capaldi has a lot to live up to and I remain uncertain of his being chosen as the Doctor. While no doubt an accomplished actor he seems to lack a special charisma of the previous actors. We shall see about having two companions again ,but it would be lacking if they over same old ground. It would be best to have a ‘maty’ relationship like Harry and Sarah or Jamie and Zoe – Kissy relations are tedious in Dr Who During an adventure and danger you need to get on with the detail, not stop for a snog.. That has been done. Let’s hope for a dynamic relationship between the 3 adventurers!

  19. I love the romantic drama as a side note, even the humor it brings. When Donna Noble kissed The Doctor to “shock” him, I never laughed so hard. When he had to say goodbye to Rose, I never cried so hard. It builds chemistry and adds so much to the show. I believe it appeals to a wider audience.

  20. The traditional romantic “pulsations” between The Doctor and his female companion are the MOST riveting to the most people watching… It is NOT just “romance,” it is a set-up for some of the most riveting, and humorous, pithy banter of all…

  21. I think that it would be kind of cute if the companions got together. I mean Amy and Rory were together before Amy met The Doctor, they were like a packaged deal.

  22. gay Doctor Who