‘Doctor Who’ Season 8 Won’t Premiere Until Autumn 2014

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Doctor Who Twelfth Doctor Rumors Doctor Who Season 8 Wont Premiere Until Autumn 2014

The waiting game for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special and for this years eventful Christmas Special – which will see the end of Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor and the rise of Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor – may seem unbearable, but it may pale in comparison to the wait that Whovians will have to endure following those two episodes.

According to a new report, season 8 of the regenerated series will return in the autumn of 2014, meaning that we are more than a year away from the next season of Doctor Who and a full look at the new Doctor.

Here’s a bit from The Guardian’s Top 100 profile of Doctor Who showrunner, Steven Moffat.

Doctor Who may not be quite the force it was when it returned with Christopher Eccleston and in its David Tennant heyday in the UK, but has a growing audience in the US on cable channel BBC America.

It will not return next year until the autumn, giving it plenty of time to recharge batteries. And what better way to do that than with a new Doctor?

Previous reports had indicated that the next season/series would bow in August, so this is a bit of a push-back – meaning fans will have to endure an even greater delay following the more than six month delay between the season 7 finale and the anniversary special’s November air-date. Does the show really need that much battery re-charging?

Granted, this last season didn’t net the critical accolades like some of Moffat’s past work on the show, but with the ceaseless speculation and all the buzz generated by the dawn of a new Doctor, one would think that the BBC and Steven Moffat would be chomping at the bit to push the show out to the world as soon as is possible to capitalize on the vaunted announcement.

sherlock season 3 start date Doctor Who Season 8 Wont Premiere Until Autumn 2014

Trouble is, Moffat is a busy fellow thanks to his Sherlock commitment, and with that show presently filming its 3rd season, some will likely repeat an oft-uttered criticism against Moffat – particularly among American fans who are used to more consistency: Moffat has too many irons in the fire, making Doctor Who less than his top priority at various times.

Whether Moffat’s mixed focus and busy schedule is at the heart of this specific delay is not known, but it is reasonable to assume that the show would likely enjoy a more consistent schedule if not for his side work. Still, there are plenty of people who clearly think that these sacrifices are worth it – particularly the BBC, who collects gains from both Who and Moffat’s Sherlock success – but at some point, even they have to realize that anticipation can turn to anger if the tease is proceeded by a great expanse of time and little else.


Doctor Who returns for its 50th Anniversary Special on November 23

Source: The Guardian, Digital Spy

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  1. Good decision.

    It will help bolster BBC1’s audience on Saturday nights against The X Factor on ITV1 along with BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

  2. I just hope they don’t split the 8th season into two halves like they’ve done with the last two.

    • Yes. i want a solid run of 13 episodes, with a couple two parter stories, INCLUDING the finale. I hate all these one off finales weve been getting.

      • Well here’s the good news/bad news thing. Season eight is reported to play consecutively from episode 1 up to the Xmas special. Here’s the bad part… the season is only 12 episodes long, and that INCLUDES the Xmas special as the finale for the season. So, not only do we have to wait a whole year, they are chopping two episodes from the expected and established run (ie: each season is typically 13 eps PLUS the special – now only 12 total WITH the special).

        Take that as you will…

        • Yeah i heard that to! I was hoping it was just a dumb rumor. You saying that is still just “reported” to be 12 including the xmas. so there is still a chance that it will be the regular 14 (13+xmas). But the hole airing it straight up to the xmas special is kind of a cool idea. we’ll how it actually pans out though i guess.

        • It Looks like BBC is trying to kill it the same way they did in the 80s

      • Can’t agree more. I don’t mind the wait between FULL seasons of the show, but waiting so long just to get 7 episodes, and then having to wait again – that was ridiculous. And bring back the two parter stories, dammit! Some of the stories last season could’ve been way better and more epic had they given it two episodes to breathe – like the Cybermen story, perhaps.

        I think Moffat is more integral to Sherlock than he is to Doctor Who. He wrote great standalone stories but his shepherding has been a little frustrating. Although I think the general quality of writing and overall production values of the Smith era is quite a lot better than the RTD one (Smith and Tennant aside; that’s usually a matter of preference), the way he’s building the mythology while leaving a LOT of dangling questions is incredibly frustrating. He’d better do a lot of serious answering in the anniversary and Christmas specials, or I will have given up completely on him. If that’s the case then they’d be better off letting someone else take over DW and leaving him with Sherlock – that way we get more consistent production on both.

    • Not having to compete with the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics happening during what would be the middle of the season, I don’t see why they would. I think Season 7 would have been better off if 2012 were a series of specials like they did in 2009, then a full 12 episode (consecutive) season in 2013. But then again, if they did it that way, it wouldn’t have left as much anticipation time to the 50th anniversary… we have to have a little suspense on the big occasions.

  3. seriously, im tired of always waiting for doctor who. i miss the david tennant era where a new series ALWAYS aired in the spring. I didnt mind the wait between a season finale and the xmas special. if it meant there was only a 3 month wait until the start of a new season again. all this fall and winter and two part seasons is getting annoying. maybe they would have more consistency if they were more consistent with their scheduling.

    • I’d honestly say that it’s more to do with BBC always losing in the ratings war to The X Factor over here than wanting to make the American audiences happy.

      Despite not being very highly rated or talked about since Moffat/Smith took over from Davis/Tennant, it still does some good numbers ratings wise (not as good as the Eccleston/Tennant seasons but good enough) and with Sharon Osborne returning to X Factor last weekend and the BBC rarely winning the Saturday evening ratings against Simon Cowell shows, having Strictly Come Dancing (or Dancing With The Stars as you guys call it) bolstered by Doctor Who might help.

    • Amy had to wait for the doctor all the time. Why can’t you?

      • I dont like being stuck on the slow path!

  4. Sherlock S3 just finished filming. I think a breather from DW might be good even though I’m eager to see Peter Capaldi’s Doctor.

    • We’ll get a small glimpse during the Christmas special, right? I mean, that’s Matt Smith’s last episode so it should be our first meeting with the 12th Doctor.

      • Oh yes, we do but that is that, a glimpse. It won’t tell us very much yet how he is.

      • What Xena said, remember our introduction to Tennant “New teeth, that’s weird. Where was I? Oh yes, Barcelona.” And that 5 second intro wasn’t even enough to whet our palette.

  5. NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I understand their reasoning but it still makes me sad :( I’ve waited a whole bloomin’ two years for Sherlock (which actually wrapped up filming earlier this week) and now I have to wait for Doctor Who. Tis a sad, sad day my friends :(

    • You are not alone.

    • But at least we are being warned that this is happening and not checking the Sherlock IMDB page every once in a while.

    • I know . Im sad too ..

  6. Do not want.
    Still, if the resulting quality curve is equal to that after the long hiatus between seasons 1 and 2 of Sherlock, then I’m all for it.

  7. Why can’t they just make the show with a run of 13 episodes and put it out instead of arsing around with schedules and two finales and two seasons etc, and hiring show runner who is clearly overworked.

    Moffat thinks he’s better than he actually is, always smug in his interviews thinking having a load of unanswered questions is good storytelling. No, they’re plot holes. Most of them still are. His stand alone stories were great in 2005-2009, but he can’t run Doctor Who for anything.

    It’s a shame, because Smith is an amazing Doctor with pants storylines. Such a wounder. It’s a shame really, because Doctor Who has become all talk. ‘Oh he’s a legend…oh he’s a warrior…oh he’s this, he’s that’. Yet we don’t get to see it, or any real proof of it. It’s just words. Smith’s Doctor’s only truly bad experience was losing Amy and Rory, and he got over that in like, an episode.

    Have something happen every episode Moffat. Change characters overtime, make the show feel like the Doctor is on actual adventures instead of just popping up in small sets and confined spaces and solving everything with his sonic screwdriver and a bunch of non-words.

    Doctor Who is a show where literally anything can happen, and has limitless potential and this sentence isn’t even an exaggeration. What is the point of just limiting everything with non-words and recycled characters. No one even cares about River anymore, yet still she is showing up unwanted.

    You’d think in a show in which anything can happen, that writing a good story really isn’t that hard.

  8. Solution: Get Moffat out of there. If we have to wait a year for more stuff of the quality his seasons have been it is not worth it.

    • And who (no pun intended) would pick up the baton? I agree that Moffat shouldn’t be the only person to have vested interest, but it’s the BBC that really calls the shots. Blame them if you want to start throwing stones.

      Maybe bring in a different renown director for each episode? Just a thought, but it sure would make for interesting viewing from episode to episode.

    • I agree- Send moffat packing.

      Put the show on a regular schedule.

      Terminate the BBC clowns WHO think jerking around the folks who watch these shows is a good idea.

      Sheesh- sequels to major movies don’t timeline like this- Producers here know that absence doesn’t just make the heart grow fonder- it makes people forget why they watch- they then leave and they develop other interests, other priorities.

  9. Let’s hope they are taking the year off because they have an elaborate story line crafted involving the cast aging like Amy in “The Girl Who Waited”. They need to be more imaginative with the timey-wimey nature of time travel.

  10. They should do an Easter special to fill the gap until the new series starts

    • That would be cool. i wouldnt mind that.

  11. Moffat is being spread too thin. If it is a problem, then they need to do the obvious: new showrunner. Period. I don’t mind Moffat, but hey, if it’s going to detract from DW, then make a change!!

    I guess. Otherwise, we have suffered through longer dry spells without Doctor Who. How long between Sylvester McCoy/Paul McGann and Eccleston?

  12. Well, they can carry on with one less fan here.

    Moffat’s a brilliant writer and a dud as a showrunner.

    Oh and BBC-A, if it’s too much to ask for a full series, then it’s too much to ask for my attention.

  13. Eight months is too long to keep viewers waiting. TV is a business that is constantly in the now, and people will migrate to their many, many other options if you don’t keep your momentum going.

  14. Here’s hoping the delay is due to thecontinuity and logic checking of the scripts, and not due to the over complicating of them this year.

    Personally I’m glad of a long wait, it will help me forget about the dire finale of the last season.

    I’m still not over that self captioning John Hurt yet.

  15. Frankly, this is a good lesson for Americans: ‘less quantity, more quality’

    • Kirk, your statement is not valid. The quality of Doctor Who has declined in recent years. I cannot comment on how or why. Tennant was my favorite Doctor, but Amy and Rory were great together. A few great episodes are sprinkled in here or there, but the consistency of quality has declined. As far as your American comment goes: keep putting us down if it makes you feel better about yourself.

  16. I hate to jump on that wagon, but i think Doctor Who and all of Moffat’s other works will be better off if he leaves as main showrunner. He should still do occasional episodes like he has, but it would be very helpful for everyone if the showrunner of Doctor Who to be totally focused on Doctor Who and Moffat can be totally focused on his other projects.

  17. Mystery Who Delay

    Here are several plausible reasons
    that season 8 is delayed.

    1) Bad scripts.Moffat has hardly
    been stellar this year.

    2)Capaldi redux: BBC is rethinking
    Capaldi as Doctor

    3) Clara redux: BBC is re-thinking
    Coleman as appropriate
    companion for Doctor.

    Just some food for thought.


  18. If only the add a special in between like the specials between Tennant final season and his final episode.

    • *they

      • Who Mystery

        It would be nice if BBC itself
        would issue a statement
        regarding the delay of the
        show. At least the fans
        would know where they


  19. It’s ashame. My daughter started watching the show with me last year. She is losing interest. So many reruns that are getting boring. A full year is too long to wait for a new series. I’ve been watching it since the late 70’s. I’m even getting frustrated with the long wait. BBC, your going lose your American audience.

  20. If Doctor Who was an American show, they would do 26 episodes a year and the new shows would be on NOW, not late 2014.

    Think about it for a second. Let it really sink in. 26 episodes a year, and the budget to do it right.

    BBC – sell out to Disney.

  21. Mr. Moffit:

    As a nearly 30 year fan of Doctor Who, I have suffered thru the near extermination and then celebrated the regeneration of the show. Die hard fans will not leave the fandom. They will cross their arms and tap their toes but will remain faithful. However, those people whom you have converted to Whovians over the last 10 years…many of them will not suffer this injustice. It is unfortunate, but our world culture today is one of instant gratification… in particular “Pop Culture.” A one year hiatus for a TV show that is the cornerstone in Pop Culture is, frankly, insane.

  22. and a pity they were perfect together
    river and the eleventh doctor a couple breathtaking
    we would have views of the beautiful
    with two brilliant minds so
    river and the doctor thinks for a bit if they had children
    of children with a higher than normal intelligence
    would have been even greater than their rocking
    I wish that Steven Moffat took all this into consideration
    we’ll see
    you never know he is so unpredictable

  23. it would be fantastic
    I will not even
    that this pair
    river and the doctor to separate

  24. river and the eleventh doctor
    to imitate a pair ready to give our lives for one another
    for me this is true love

  25. it would be really wonderful if the next companion of the Doctor was just his wife river song at least a lot of fans would not be disappointed
    and the one that most want not disappoint us Moffat would be a shame if I decide not accognere our demands and expectations Well you can always improvise saving unexpected the doctor’s wife many would be happy
    then saw that triggered the twelfth hour and if I’m not mistaken would be the last the life of the doctor would be a nice happy ending

  26. We do not want you to go doctor is still with us
    together with Professor River Song
    a pair breathtaking

  27. the only solution would be that in fact the Professor River Song
    not really dead but just in a pharmacological coma
    and why you can get in touch with the doctor
    by moffat not make me beg
    would be a nice Christmas gift
    For Christmas Is You do what you can not ever do

  28. Waiting a year and a half for new episodes is unbelievable. People who are new to the show will lose interest and move on. If this is the new norm I am sorry I ever watched and episode and became a fan. Smith is very good and now that I am able to watch the new seasons 3 and 4 I like Tennant as well. They did some good writing with Amy, Cora and of course Riversong. Made it very interesting. Hopefully she will be back in the next season. A one year hiatus, even with a special, would be the death call for any show in America.

  29. there would be another alternative and that the professor who died in the library and not the real River Song and that of the parallel world
    where the tenth doctor rose and sent to himself to save them
    you just have to convince steven moffat matt smith and Alex Kingston
    to embark on this wonderful adventure and really it would be a wonderful Christmas gift for all enthusiasts of the doctor who
    force moffat squeeze your brains by brainy not disappoint

    • I’m going to be very sad if I have to wait almost a year to get to know the new doctor.

      (It annoys me to no end that some if you write “Dr” Who..He’s not a Dr. He’s The Doctor)

      I’m very excited to see what the new doctor brings.

      And lastly, waiting over 18 months for the next season of any show is disrespectful to the fans.