‘Doctor Who’ Season 8 Won’t Premiere Until Autumn 2014

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Doctor Who Twelfth Doctor Rumors Doctor Who Season 8 Wont Premiere Until Autumn 2014

The waiting game for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special and for this years eventful Christmas Special – which will see the end of Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor and the rise of Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor – may seem unbearable, but it may pale in comparison to the wait that Whovians will have to endure following those two episodes.

According to a new report, season 8 of the regenerated series will return in the autumn of 2014, meaning that we are more than a year away from the next season of Doctor Who and a full look at the new Doctor.

Here’s a bit from The Guardian’s Top 100 profile of Doctor Who showrunner, Steven Moffat.

Doctor Who may not be quite the force it was when it returned with Christopher Eccleston and in its David Tennant heyday in the UK, but has a growing audience in the US on cable channel BBC America.

It will not return next year until the autumn, giving it plenty of time to recharge batteries. And what better way to do that than with a new Doctor?

Previous reports had indicated that the next season/series would bow in August, so this is a bit of a push-back – meaning fans will have to endure an even greater delay following the more than six month delay between the season 7 finale and the anniversary special’s November air-date. Does the show really need that much battery re-charging?

Granted, this last season didn’t net the critical accolades like some of Moffat’s past work on the show, but with the ceaseless speculation and all the buzz generated by the dawn of a new Doctor, one would think that the BBC and Steven Moffat would be chomping at the bit to push the show out to the world as soon as is possible to capitalize on the vaunted announcement.

sherlock season 3 start date Doctor Who Season 8 Wont Premiere Until Autumn 2014

Trouble is, Moffat is a busy fellow thanks to his Sherlock commitment, and with that show presently filming its 3rd season, some will likely repeat an oft-uttered criticism against Moffat – particularly among American fans who are used to more consistency: Moffat has too many irons in the fire, making Doctor Who less than his top priority at various times.

Whether Moffat’s mixed focus and busy schedule is at the heart of this specific delay is not known, but it is reasonable to assume that the show would likely enjoy a more consistent schedule if not for his side work. Still, there are plenty of people who clearly think that these sacrifices are worth it – particularly the BBC, who collects gains from both Who and Moffat’s Sherlock success – but at some point, even they have to realize that¬†anticipation can turn to anger if the tease is proceeded by a great expanse of time and little else.


Doctor Who returns for its 50th Anniversary Special on November 23

Source: The Guardian, Digital Spy

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  1. I have noticed people really not liking this new doctor lets give him a chance what 30 seconds and sorry your the weakest goodbye .

    Every doctor has brought something unique to their respective character of the doctor if its only young pretty boys that can BE the doctor then heaven forbid sign bieber up now REALLY (that would kill of the show)

    my favourite doctor was Mr tom baker followed by Jon Pertwee remember the 1st 3 doctors were older gents .Clara’s character is still growing imo
    my favourite companion was NYSSA during the early peter Davison years she feisty and tough with a hint of vulnerability and I did have the biggest crush lol.

    This waiting until August is blatant insult towards the fans.
    But this is just 1 mans opinion
    So time to EXTERMINATE this post and go to bed.

    • I don’t have a problem with the older gents. I was a huge fan of Baker and Pertwee, I just don’t care for this particular actor. I didn’t like his work on the series in the Pompeii episode, and I didn’t like him in Torchwoods last season either. Everything I have seen him in has been dry, even by british standards and his opening in the new series was anything but. This tells me he will be playing a character that is outside his range, at least by the things I have seen him in. I hope I am wrong, I love Dr Who, and have since I was a kid.

      As for waiting till Fall… Holy Hell, if they want to keep American audiences, that is certainly no way to do it. How much can possibly go into Sherlock anyway? 3 episode seasons with each episode being 2 hours… Its not like they are running a huge CGI budget. Heck, Pixar takes as long making an entire animated film in the amount of time to get a season of Sherlock done.

  2. I’m old enough,and honored enough to have started watching The Doctor ever since the 3rd regeneration.
    Every new face,I didn’t think this doctor wasn’t going to be any good.

    I am happy to be wrong what 8 times now?

    Let’s give this 12th one the chance to shine.
    Looking forward to Autumn 2014.

  3. I am pretty frustrated with Moffat. Honestly, I think the BBC should take Dr. Who away from him. He’s horrible. Not only has he essentially abandoned Torchwood completely… for years, neither ending it nor continuing, just letting it languish with no closure nor working on it. He’s made a mockery of what The Doctor’s companions should be. He also just puts out Dr. Who when he gets around to it. He claims it’s because he doesn’t want people too get used to Dr. Who, by only putting it out occasionally it makes it more special blah blah blah. I think really what it is, is that he’s making an excuse for him not giving the show the focus and respect it deserves. The whole splitting the 7th season into two parts was idiotic. 1 season spread out over two years. By the time the second half of the season showed up it was more like Doctor who cares? Now he pulls this? He’s not even as good as Russell T. Davies. Why is he getting away with this? FFS someone – please – take the show away from him and give it to someone who deserves it! IMO he’s more of a Doctor Who villain than any Dalek.

    • I thought Russell Davies did touchwood. Awful long rant on moffat for a show isn’t actually associated with.

    • I can’t agree more, Bunny. I have ranted on this topic too. At first I tried to just accept it but there are so many issues with continuity in the Moffat episodes that I have lost a great deal of my old fan fervour…having lowered my expectations now to just hoping I can get through the episode without rolling my eyes and huffing at the screen. I don’t bother even trying to make any expectations of a payoff. Something that even in the worst of the classic years Doctor Who has always done through even the least popular classic years there was always an attempt at making a point, even if muddled.
      Of course right now, I’ll happily take whatever we get since I still obsess over the show I just wish they would put someone with more experience to watch over Moffat. stuff that questions his ideas and tries to push for cleaner storylines that actually get to the oiunt he’s trying to make or something and get rid of all his YES men.
      It reminds me of the problem with George Lucas who surrounded himself with “Yes Men”..and always dismisses all suggestions and enhancements because he is so threatened about his someone else taking credit.. The Doctor has never been a show about one man’s vision but a collaborative effort over decades.
      Other geeks might see a correlation between Smallville and Buffy. I was obsessed with Smallville when it was on the air..but I never crave to see it again as the years went on each episode became more painful as you saw how much the production quality deteriorated. When I do watch it, I get angry at how how the writing got so bad that its painful to watch especially with captioning on.
      Compare that to Joss Whedon’s best work in the “Whedonverse” of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly. I didn’t see Buffy until ten years after it was completed yet I find I can watch it ten times over and still find nuances in it. The kind of life lessons I can even apply in my own dreary life. Turning on the captioning only makes it BETTER.

      The last 2 seasons of the Doctor have been painful and I find I have barely watched them more than twice since airing. Every other Doctor series from Hartnell on I can watch over and over again and still enjoy and that includes even some considered the worst ever made…remember the Candyman? I find it quite entertaining compared to a few recent stories.

      • I i completely agree moffet needs to be replaced or threatened ti finish one more and then have him replaced how can u make whovians wait were drawing impatient Im positive there are other overly qualified people who can write for it

    • Agreed

  4. Sherlock is in NO WAY more interesting then the great doctor who and to make us wait while that trash goes on is just like asking daleks to TEA its just not done sir doctor who is NOT a side project by ANYMEANS. RELEASE THE DOCTOR OR HAVE ALL TIME AND SPACE BROUGHT DOWN UPON YOU HEAD sstarting with that crap Sherlock show

    • True about the wait I just dont have patience when it comes to doctor who I have seen all episodes including older episodes except maybe a few here and there so I was disappointed especially since it wad because of Sherlock of all shows but hopefully the wait will be worth it and im confident that it will be so I shall wait and not blink ; )

  5. the dr is the dr which ever one you think is the best (tom baker) he is there to carry on this special journey thru time and space. I enjoy all the shows because you never know when you might not see him again. It was a long time before we got the new shows and was so glad that it was back. I do not look forward to the day when the tardis does not show up ever again> Like them all while you can!!!!!!!

  6. I’ve been a fan since 1979 and was 4 years old. I danced a jig when I first saw that they were bringing the series back! My 3 boys were instant fans and we love watching it together. It makes me laugh when I hear it wasn’t that big here in the U.S. till Matt Smith since I’ve been a huge fan my whole life. The wait doesn’t bother me as long as the wait is worth it. To me, Dr. Who is the best show that has ever been made. When I was a little boy and I heard the theme song I would get so excited like it was Christmas! Thanks for bringing back one of the greatest parts of my childhood and please don’t crush my hopes and take it back away.

  7. Although some valid points have been brought up in many of the comments I’ve read (the last season wasn’t exceptional, Clara’s character is underdeveloped and the casting of Peter Capaldi doesn’t exactly correspond to our previous image of the Doctor, especially for younger viewers such as myself), attacking Moffat for the later release date seems a little over the top. The way he divides his time is commendable in my opinion – managing to put out 2 chart-topping TV shows at once? It’s not an easy feat. For those ranting about how long it takes to put out a Sherlock episode, take this into account – each episode is about 1h30 – 1h45 long. Moffat is basically putting out 3 short films in the space of 1-2 years. He may have been off his game lately but with a new season comes a new chance to redeem himself.
    As for those judging Capaldi, I’ll admit, I’m not thrilled about his casting either but, as many have said, let’s give him a chance. When I first found out David Tennant was being replaced by Matt Smith I was upset but now I couldn’t pick my favourite of the two even if I had to. Capaldi may not be the Doctor we expected or the one we want but part of the beauty of Doctor Who is the unexpected element. He may surprise us yet. Finally, let’s remember that Doctor Who is British. Pandering to an American fan base is not what we do. This is not saying that Americans should not watch Doctor Who or that it should not be internationalised but good things take time – after all the revival of Doctor Who (the TV show, not the film) took 16 years. I doubt we’ll have that long a wait but however long it takes, it’ll be worth it.

    • Saying capaldi is old isn’t a valid argument. The reasoning for picking capaldi have been explained, first of all, the reason the recent doctors were all so young (and got younger as they went), was because after the ‘war doctor’, they all hated the idea of being old. John hurts character himself even hints at this in the episode. After the last special, where they may or may not have saved gallifrey and have basically forgiven themselves for what happened, his regeneration a return to an older state. Also, I’m pretty sure it was moffat himself that said ‘well…. Nobody can really follow matt smiths performance for a young doctor’.

      Don’t be complaining just because he’s not some 25 year old that you can oogle and have sexual fantasies about, capaldi is going to be amazing.

      • Like many people who love Dr Who it is often a painful experience when one goes and a new one arrives. I adored each one and felt a pang of annoyance that anyone could replace them, however, initially feeling rather disloyal, I grew to like them all. I have tried very hard to warm to Peter Capaldi but have failed miserably. A fine actor he may be but he is not, never will be, Dr Who. Idiosyncrasies and whimsical behaviour are the breath of life to the character and are what helps to endear people to the m. You can find traces of this in all of the Doctors from the beginning. Not with this one though. Also in recent incarnations the slight frisson between the Dr and his female companions added a new dimension to the series. This would never be possible with the current Dr. Well I hope not anyway!

        I would also like to stress that this is not an age related critique as I am older than Peter Capaldi!

  8. hey, some things are just worth waiting for! Enthusiasm for the show has not dwindled here in the US because of the long wait…..matter of fact, it’s given us all a chance to catch up on some of the older Doctors in anticipation of Peter Capaldi.

  9. For someone who produces a show that you are all probably obsessed with, you whine a lot. Think of how much work and imagination he is forced to put out for raving lunatics like yourselves, but god forbid you have to wait 6 months, then he’s just a complete idiot who can’t do anything, right? Wow.