‘Doctor Who’ Season 7 Premiere is ‘An Epic Dalek Adventure’

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Doctor Who Asylum of the Daleks Doctor Who Season 7 Premiere is An Epic Dalek Adventure

The British Film Institute will kick off the new season of Doctor Who a bit early this year at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival with “Asylum of the Daleks.”

The premiere episode has been described as containing “every Dalek ever” and was listed in the Institute’s advance programing. The screening will conclude with an in-depth Q&A session with writer and showrunner, Steven Moffat (Sherlock), as well as other yet undisclosed cast and crew members.

While still remaining fairly tight-lipped about the episode, Moffat teased:

“The Daleks are coming back and they’re worse than ever. Just you wait until you see what they’re going to do.”

Speaking via the BBC’s official Doctor Who Website, executive producer Caroline Skinner added:

“This is an epic Dalek adventure that kicks off the new series in explosive style! If you think you know all there is to know about the Daleks, think again…  [The episode will feature] every kind of Dalek ever faced by the Time Lord – including the legendary Special Weapons Dalek.”

There are already plenty of theories as to what “Asylum of the Daleks” actually refers to. Has The Doctor stumbled upon a hidden intergalactic nuthouse full of Daleks? Or perhaps a secret group of Dalek refugees has escaped the destruction of their planet Skaro – caused by The Doctor himself – and are now seeking sanctuary with him…or from him.

Check out some sneak peak photos of “Asylum of the Daleks” released by the BBC (click to enlarge):

Doctor Who Asylum of the Daleks 3 280x170 Doctor Who Season 7 Premiere is An Epic Dalek Adventure

Doctor Who Asylum of the Daleks 1 280x170 Doctor Who Season 7 Premiere is An Epic Dalek Adventure

Doctor Who Asylum of the Daleks 2 280x170 Doctor Who Season 7 Premiere is An Epic Dalek Adventure

As usual, a lot of what will happen this season is being kept close to the chest, with Moffat only dropping little hints by tweeting:

“14 eps + Matt DEFINITELY. I’ve got a plan and I’m NOT TELLING YOU WHAT IT IS. Now hush or River shoots you with her Spoiler Gun.”

But here’s what we do know (SPOILERS BELOW):

  • This season will consist of 14 episodes split between Autumn 2012 and Spring 2013.
  • The second episode of this season – partly set in ancient Egypt – will feature Queen Nefertiti  and Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley in the Harry Potter films) as Rory’s dad.
  • The third episode will have a “Wild West” theme.
  • Episode five will partially be set in Manhattan and feature the return of the Weeping Angels and River Song (YES!), plus the “final” departure of Amy and Rory (NO!).
  • The series will break until Christmas.
  • The Christmas special will written by Moffat and feature the debut of The Doctor’s new companion played by Jenna-Louise Coleman. The new companion will be very different from previous companions and is “going to be a shock.
  • The remaining episodes will air in spring 2013 and will contain the big 50th anniversary episode, which is still very hush-hush but is said to feature many familiar faces.
  • UNIT and the Ood will both appear this season.
  • Moffat has created new villains that he says are his “scariest yet.”
  • Confirmed  guest stars include David Gyasi, Rupert Graves, David Bradley, Riann Steele (as Queen Nefertiti) in Episode 2, Ben Browder, Adrian Scarborough, Garrick Hagon, Steven Berkoff, Ruthie Henshall, Jemma Redgrave, Michael McShan, Dougray Scott, Jessica Raine, David Warner, and Liam Cunningham.
  • Moffat also teased: “If we did a UNIT story, would Martha [the Tenth Doctor's second companion] be there?”

It should be noted that the BBC has not confirmed the actual television premiere date of “Asylum of the Daleks.” Despite the British Film Institute showing the episode early, it doesn’t mean it will (or won’t) hit TV around the same time.

Look for more Doctor Who season 7 news during San Diego Comic-Con 2012.


Source: BBC

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  1. I know they’re probably going to announce when the series/season premieres at Comic-Con but it’s kind of frustrating to wait, especially with the news about Doctor Who this past week. xD
    I’m guessing a September or October premiere date though.

  2. Cannot wait! Doctor Who is one of the few good shows left on air and I’m sad to see Karen Gillan go :( She was the best companion so far IMO.

    Just a side note: am I the only one who doesn’t like River Song? I just find that character overly annoying, and the fact that the actress has absolutely no idea how to hold a gun doesn’t help either…

    • Yeah, I could really take her or leave her. And I wish they’d used Nina Toussaint-White (the other actress who played River) for more than ten minutes. There’s something very awkward about seeing an older Alex Kingston play a younger River Song.

      • Yeah, but she is part time lord, so she will always look pretty much the same.

        • Huh? That doesn’t…make sense. Not only do Time Lords actually look different allll the time, but I was talking about how different River Song looked when she regenerated for the first time into the Alex Kingston version of the character. My point being, Kingston was obviously several years older than she had been when she originally appeared as an older version of River. Which would’ve been neatly solved had they just kept Nina Toussaint-White in the role of young River for a while longer.

      • Alex Kingston is a great actress and she did a phenomenal job in depicting the younger River Song. I would like to see more of River.

      • Alex Kingston is a great actress and she did a phenomenal job in depicting the younger River Song. I would like to see more of River.

    • I definitely think it’s time to get new companions – preferable ones that aren’t there to be either romantic interests or rivals for the Doctor.

    • no i completely agree with you. did you know that kate winslet was moff’s first choice to play river?! can you imagine that epicness?! i guess they had worked together in the past. i know a name like winslet is really busy, but it woulda been a major triumph for how far the doctor has come to get a talent like her in a role that big. plus i just never buy any attraction between the two. with winslet things would have been very different.

      river is a great character – kingston is the problem. oh well, bring on coleman. can’t wait to see what the mystery is with her!

  3. All I can say is that this series better be really good! I have been completely underwhelmed by the first two Matt Smith/Moffat series so far and can’t wait to see the going of Gillan. I agree with the above comment about the River Song character; simply more evidence that Moffat can write a good build up story but doesn’t know how to write a finale or finish a story thread.

  4. Is itbad that (aside from Mark Williams) I don’t recognize any of the guest stars. But then again Doctor has been really good with talent over star power

    • you must not be british and if you are then you dont watch tv much. for example everybody knows who james cordon is here.

      • Yeah, Doctor Who is one of the few shows I watch anyway, British or American (which is what I am, please don’t hold that against me :) )


          • yeah yeah, I get it. I’m not complaining either. I like the rotating cast Doctor provides. Quality.

    • I’m surprised the name Ben Browder didn’t ring a bell, he’s well known to anyone who watched Farscape or some of the last seasons of Stargate SG-1 :p.

  5. So one last farewell to the proper Daleks before the fat-arse IKEA substitutes kick in forever. Definitely looking forward to seeing David Warner and old ham Steven Berkoff. For those who don’t know, Garrick Hagon was Biggs in the original Star Wars, provided the voice of Bruce Wayne in the 1990 radio play Batman: The Lazarus Syndrome – which I’ve still got on tape somewhere – and made an appearance in Doctor Who during the Jon Pertwee era.

  6. Yay Scotty this one made me so happy! My love for the doctor. Is almost as great as my love for your writing. Another killer one sir.

    Keep up the amazing work!

    Hurry up doctor everyone needs some bow tie love!

  7. Yay Scotty this one made me so happy! My love for the doctor. Is almost as great as my love for your writing. Another killer one sir.
    Keep up the amazing work!
    Hurry up doctor everyone needs some bow tie love!

  8. Bow ties are COOL!

  9. I don’t trust Moffat. This is the guy that gave us color-coded Daleks.

    • He also brought us Weeping Angels, Gas-Mask Zombies, and the Silence. I’ll forgive him his rainbow Dalek slip-up.
      (Although, seeing as it *is* Moffat, those Daleks were probably no mistake.)

  10. Cant wait for the new season! and i cant wait for some returning faces!!! i thought i heard somewhere a while back that the new season was gonna air the end of september. but maybe that was just a rumor.

    • I know!! I can’t believe she hasn’t been brought back yet. I think that it would really change the Doctor’s perspective if he knew his daughter was alive. They have let way too much time go by without mentioning her. It would be such a major plot twist!

    • And the real-life wife of the 10th doctor :p.

  11. YES!! i was talking with my brother yesterday about how i wanted them to bring back the special weapons daleks, also can’t wait till they get rid of amy. i feel like i’m the only one who finds her annoying. i’m sure karen is a nice person and amy has had some good moments and episodes but over all her character feels like the worst part of rose and donna.

  12. I heard “very different” companion is code for gay. Clara will be the first lesbian companion.

    • Maybe she’s an android.

      • Maybe a gay android? Either way I’m intrigued

  13. Glad to see the return of UNIT, the Daleks and the reintroduction of the Ice Warriors into NuWho!

  14. Dr Who sucks balls! the last series was terrible.

    • Doctor who needs Russell back. It’s fallen back past torchwood and even Sarah Jane adventures has gained more credibility

      • Won’t happen until a new writer takes over. Moffat has effectively destroyed doctor who and turned it into the Adventures of Amy and Rory….

  15. probably they showed at last who con in cardiff

  16. this episode was an epic fail forever ruining the darlks for me but i am excited about Maratha’s return

  17. and a pity they were perfect together
    river and the eleventh doctor a couple breathtaking
    we would have views of the beautiful
    with two brilliant minds so
    river and the doctor thinks for a bit if they had children
    of children with a higher than normal intelligence
    would have been even greater than their rocking
    I wish that Steven Moffat took all this into consideration
    we’ll see
    you never know he is so unpredictable

    it would be fantastic
    I will not even
    that this pair
    river and the doctor to separate

    river and the eleventh doctor
    to imitate a pair ready to give our lives for one another
    for me this is true love