‘Doctor Who’ Trailer Teases Second Half of Season 7

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The recent Christmas Day Special for Doctor Who marked a major turning point for the fantastical science-fiction series. After solving a Victorian-era crisis of man-eating snowmen, the Doctor decided to set aside his grief and track down another iteration of Clara Oswin Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman), a woman he has seen die twice in two different time periods.

Though the second half of this season of Doctor Who won’t air until April of 2013, the show has wasted no time in drumming up interest in the upcoming episodes. As such, BBC released a trailer for the back half of season 7 on Christmas Day.

The trailer for next year’s Doctor Who episodes features all the time-hopping, growling aliens, creepy villain designs, and familiar faces fans have come to expect from the cult-favorite series. Naturally, the segment focuses heavily on Clara, set to become the next companion to share the TARDIS with the Doctor. Given its focus in the trailer footage, the mystery of Clara’s multiple incarnations looks to form the narrative backbone of Doctor Who‘s future installments.

One can glean quite a bit about the second half of Doctor Who‘s season 7 from the 40-odd seconds of video contained in the trailer. Other than the emphasis on Clara and her seemingly impossible existence, we can see glimpses of several different episodes. True to form for the revitalized series, it looks as if the show will make requisite stops in contemporary London, England’s past, and at least one grimy alien world. Even if the show appears to be treading familiar territory with its settings, Doctor Who certainly continues to impress with its various monsters and bad men. There are quick shots of the Cybermen’s return in the Neil Gaiman-penned, “The Last Cyberman,” as well as at least one Sontaran, armored marauders, and unnerving eyeless creatures in dapper evening wear.

Docto Who Season 7 Pt 2 Trailer Doctor Who Trailer Teases Second Half of Season 7Essentially resetting the Doctor’s personal status quo and starting a new overall storyline midseason is more than a bit of a gamble for Doctor Who. Had the sweeping changes to the show’s cast and visual design occurred between seasons, the transition probably would certainly have felt less jarring. Nonetheless, making Clara Oswald the source of the show’s new, overarching mystery is a smart move, creating an instant hook for audiences that might be jaded to the introduction of a new companion. This new trailer confirms that – despite the huge shift in its storyline halfway through – the show’s seventh season will end on a note that’s anything but boring.

Doctor Who will rematerialize on BBC and BBC America in April of 2013.


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  1. Gonna make a prediction, she is either Rani or an alien connected to the long past of the Time Lords. oh and i think she will be the whole reason for the DOCTOR WHO 50th anniversary special plot line.

  2. Holy jesus! I’d smash her back doors in, geronimo indeedy

  3. I bet she will be river song.

    • Please take that back. No I mean it PLEASE! I want Waterway Rhythm to disappear into the vortex for the next 60 years. They can resurrect her from prison after I hit the ash can.

  4. Cant wait for the rest of series 7! part one was disconjointed and didnt have a season arch. Part 2 looks to be back to the status quo. the character clara seems to be interesting enough. hopefully moffatt delivers on the revelation.

    • Agreed, Part 1 was pretty badly disjointed – so many of those episodes should’ve been two-parters, they were either resolved way too quickly and didn’t have time to breathe, or were very compressed.

      And I hope Moffat really gives us some answers this season. I like the mystery but some of it has been maddening. Anyone wanna bet he’s gonna dangle the Doctor Who question and then drag it on a couple more seasons?

  5. Since Tennant left the shows slowly gets worse each year :(
    For a long time who fan its hard to admit,but I feel the show has seen better days !
    Recent episodes feel so disconnected,no real emotions,just flashy jumps from one scene to another ! Miss what made Russels Who’s the Doctor !

  6. Is it just me, or do the armored people in that pic above look like Oods? Might we see a more…militant version of them?

    And I really don’t get why people knock on Moffat but can praise RTD so highly. It’s not that I don’t get Moffat’s weaknesses (some convoluted plotting sometimes, less emotionally anchored stories, etc.) but RTD wrote some of the most inconsistent, low-quality stories for the series. In fact I feel that Tennant’s run on the show (which was great) is a little marred by the fact that so many of his episodes weren’t that good.

    I mean, his performances were fantastic, but just who can say that Series 2, or 3, or 4, were really great? 5 and 6, on the other hand, had many more solid episodes as a whole – so I think even if you don’t like Matt Smith, he comes out looking better in the long run simply because his episodes were generally better-written. The Doctor is not the only thing that makes the show great.

    It’s just that RTD either 1) made geekbait episodes by mashing together villains (Doomsday) or hordes of cast members (Journey’s End) and 2) hid behind some admittedly great emotional scenes (End of Time). I mean, take out Rose’s goodbye in Doomsday, or the Tennant’s farewell in End of Time – the rest of those episodes were pretty crappy. The Dalek vs Cybermen fight was just weird mechanical banter and then the Daleks owning the Cybermen and making them look like crap for much of the rest of the series (hopefully Neil Gaiman will fix that). End of Time had a huge twist, and the 10th Doctor’s death – and that’s it. The returning Time Lords did nothing before being promptly sent back, and the Master’s ridiculous plan (and the ridiculous slapstick that went with it) totally killed what should have been an epic send-off.

    I may not be reaching for the tissues as much with Moffat, but I get more consistently well-written episodes, I get to watch good acting (Amy, Rory and River were all definitely far better than say, Martha, Donna or Mickey). There have been more interesting, creepy villains. The overarching storylines aren’t at all hard to follow, too – most of each season is still a week-by-week thing. So yeah, I get what RTD has accomplished and that Moffat’s not the same, but I’ll take Moffat any day.

    • Totally what I thought. They look like Oods to War!

      • Would be interesting to watch! Especially since they were supposed to be pacifists. Love the Oods, would be great to see a great Ood story again.

    • Disagree about 2 3 and 4. All amazing seasons. The 1 offs were usually better than the intertwined plots. But I have thought that through the whole modern run of the show. Doomsday is still one of the most emotionally charged pieces of television I have ever seen and the song alone brings tears to my eyes.

      • I too think that the one-offs were great – some were written by Moffat, some by others. But that doesn’t make the seasons great, not to me. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m hating on those seasons or RTD – they are what introduced me to Doctor Who after all – but I’m just saying that they left me with extremely mixed feelings (especially on rewatching) because there were really good parts and really big let downs as well. Doomsday really was extremely emotional, and I totally agree with that. But that was somewhat undercut by the lackluster Dalek-Cybermen confrontation – in essence, the non-Rose-Doctor parts of the episode.

  7. @Nick totally agree, and I prefer Smith to Tennant even though Tennant was good, sorry just prefer Smith, and I will take Amy over Roses’ non stop whining anyday, Just wanted to kick her in the face most the time.

    • I think Smith comes off better to newer fans of the show (older ones have a lot more fondness for Tennant, and I do too) because the episodes written for him fit him well, companions and all.

      To be fair I liked Rose a lot, and when she wasn’t being pouty and all she was a nice witty companion. She was pretty bad after returning in the latter part of Tennant’s run though.

      • at the conference in Birmingham uk 16/12/12, she admitted that she found it difficult to come back as Rose as she was still filming Secret diary at the time,.. must say she sounded v odd compared to the old Rose lol.. imho I would guess that’s whats putting her off returning for the anniversery

        • That and Moffat’s incredible insults about her character. Moffat makes some good tv, but I wouldn’t mind taking a swipe at him for insulting my favorite companion (line forms here). God knows I think River Song is the least interesting character they may have ever written. The only good she ever did for the show was in the Silence in the Library episode. Every bit of writing about her since has been stupid and poorly presented. I liked the Ponds (who couldn’t) but I hope that River has run dry. Poor actress isn’t to blame, Moffat just didn’t have any idea how to use her once he created her.

          • I haven’t heard about this…what did he say, exactly? Although I think it was pretty evident how…odd her performance was when she returned (although I still liked that she was brought back that one time). In any case I don’t think bringing back characters who’ve had neatly wrapped-up storylines will do much good, even if it’s an anniversary episode – Rose should probably stay out. Although I’d love to see Jack come back, and it’s a pity we don’t have Elisabeth Sladen anymore :(

  8. Rose was my favorite companion and she was the one who should have been a 5-6 season companion. Too bad for her success and therefore desire to leave. Matt does okay, Tennant _was_ the Dr., Matt is someone playing the doctor. I did enjoy the Xmas special ALOT and other than the new crappy visuals for the introduction it was a great episode, and the new companion is fun and gorgeous. Hope she sticks around for a good bit even if Smith has something less exciting he wants to go pursue (face it Matt your no Benedict Cumberbatch…).

  9. Everyone dicks on Matt Smith and praises Tennant… I honestly believe Eccleston was the best of the revived series, if not the best Doctor ever. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Tennant and Smith is growing on me more with every series but Eccleston holds a special place in my heart, I consider his Doctor to be similar to Firefly in that it was utterly fantastic, and stopped far too soon.

    Nothing against Clara (unless she turns out to be River, that would be awful), I f****** love the idea of her being the Rani though.

    • Was Eccleston the first Doctor you watched? I think he’s pretty underrated too, think it’s probably to do with the fact that I began the series watching his run. It’s too bad his run was short, but in a way I like his sendoff even more than Tennant’s.

      • Eccleston certainly wasn’t my first but I would rank him right up there with Tom Baker. I started off with the 4th as a child on PBS late Sunday nights and thought they changed shows when they started airing the 3rd until a few serials had gone by, and watched all the way from there till the end (at the time). As a more seasoned fan that can honestly say I’ve seen them all (even the reconstructions), I’d have to say that Eccleston is highly underrated.

        • I would rank Eccleston higher if he had stayed more than 1 season… I liked him but He shouldn’t have taken the role if he didn’t have the desire to be the Doctor longer than that…

  10. I find the new companion very intriguing.I wonder what is her origin.

  11. I don’t know why people need to tear down one doctor or writer in order to praise another. One has nothing to do with the other. Like what you want. You don’t need to insecurely make snide comments about how what you like is so much better than the rubbish other people like. Are you people 10?

  12. I will take any incarnation of the Doctor. There is ALWAYS something interesting, fun or thrilling.

  13. The BBC announced that the second half of the seventh season will air on March 30th.

  14. really? nobody made the connection from the eyeless creatures to The Trickster from sarah jane adventures?? if theres a whole legion of those f**kers s**t could get REAL

  15. March 30th . Ill be waiting :)


  17. and a pity they were perfect together
    river and the eleventh doctor a couple breathtaking
    we would have views of the beautiful
    with two brilliant minds so
    river and the doctor thinks for a bit if they had children
    of children with a higher than normal intelligence
    would have been even greater than their rocking
    I wish that Steven Moffat took all this into consideration
    we’ll see
    you never know he is so unpredictable

    it would be fantastic
    I will not even
    that this pair
    river and the doctor to separate

    river and the eleventh doctor
    to imitate a pair ready to give our lives for one another
    for me this is true love