‘Doctor Who’ Season 7 Finale Trailer & Prequel: Trenzalore is Here!

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Now that Neil Gaiman’s penultimate episode of Doctor Who season 7 has aired, it’s time to prepare for the highly-anticipated finale. And thanks to the trailer for next week’s episode (below), as well as a much needed prequel (above), we now know that the “fields of Trenzalore” is upon us.

In the 3-minute prequel to the Doctor Who season 7 finale, which is essentially split into two parts, Clara and the Doctor each present the many questions one has for the other. “I found out on the day we went to Trenzalore,” is how both internal monologues end, hinting to fans that answers, though significantly delayed, are finally coming. But is it time for the fall of the Eleventh?

That aspect of the finale, it seems, still remains a mystery; after all, Matt Smith is in the 50th Anniversary. What the two videos combined do show, though, is that Clara, the impossible girl, was born to save the Doctor. Whether that be literal or figuratively, it appears that the Doctor’s life will be in danger next week, and Clara is the only one who can save him, despite Rivers, Strax, Madam Vastra and Jenny also being present. But as the Doctor questions in the prequel, could Clara be “too perfect” of a companion for him?

You can watch the trailer below:

Ever since the Doctor Who season 7 premiere, Clara’s mystery has generally been an awkwardly-handled storyline which has loomed over almost every episode; hints at answers were always present, but they were fully explored. And though part 2 of this season has had some enjoyable, standalone episodes, the ever-present questions about Clara and who (or what) she is have always taken focus away from the story at hand. Now, it seems, all will be revealed. Could all this wait for answers be worth it? Perhaps.

In part 1 of this season, Amy and Rory traversed a similarly bumpy path in their last few episodes, in which there was a sense that Steven Moffat, the Doctor Who mastermind, was attempting to make their departure easier by simply trying to get audiences to like them less. That said, in the end, the tale of Amy and Rory received a beautiful and heat-breaking conclusion – and there was even a deleted, unproduced scene which is equally as moving.

So even though most of Clara’s journey wasn’t laid out as perfectly as some had hoped, there’s no doubt that Moffat will make up for it and then some in the season 7 finale. Whether or not this conclusion will have been worth the wait, however, is something that each fan will have to decide for themselves.


Doctor Who season 7 finale airs next week @8pm on BBC America

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  1. the finale is gonna be interesting. River’s name on a tombstone? the doctor crossing his own timeline? return of the Great Intelligence? and i swear i saw the doctor wearing the same outfit that he wore during the christmas episode. so it seems like the crossing his timeline involves going back to where he ran into Victorian Clara and the great intelligence.

    Hope it is a great finale.

    and Matt and Jenna are both confirmed for series 8 so yeah, the 11th doctor is obviously gonna be around for a while longer. and apparently Clara wont die again. or if she does, the doctor will find another.

  2. “[...] there’s no doubt that Moffat will make up for it and then some in the season 7 finale.” Really? So you not only have bad opinions on supernatural but also on doctor who. I don’t know if it’s your sense of professionalism or what but you’re way too easy on these guys when they don’t deserve it, you give them waaaaay too much credit.

    I’ve enjoyed most of the episodes this half of the season from an entertaining stand alone perspective despite their individual issues, but the Clara storyline has been handled really poorly so far. Like I keep thinking that they’ll somehow develop it, but beyond us learning the tardis doesn’t like Clara, bringing up the mystery of the doctor’s name and seeing a couple of parallels emphasizing Eleven’s interest in Clara (which is already very clear) there hasn’t… been… anything? That might sound like a lot but it’s not, especially when it’s repeated over and over. I fear that those episodes will be undermined in the long run by a weak reveal in the finale and this season will mostly be wasted.

    • I’m really not… What I do is try to provide a context for everything. I’ve heavily criticized both Doctor Who and Supernatural in previous articles.

    • Yeah if you read his previous reviews, he does mention how the episodes have been entertaining but fall short on certain counts. It most definitely isn’t giving them way more credit that any balanced reviewer might.

  3. To be honest, I am getting fed up with this show.

    For some reason, Moffat thinks genius writing is presenting a load of questions that don’t get answered till the end of the season. He has basically developed a load of (lets face it, half interesting teasers) that just won’t pay off all grouped together. No one wants to know the Doctors name. The whole dying repeatedly but not dying has been done to death in the past 7 series.

    - Series 1 – The Doctor being eaten in the church.
    - Series 1 – Jack becoming immortal.
    - Series 1 – Doctor regeneration.
    - Series 2 – Rose being ‘dead’, transported to paralell universe.
    - Series 3 – Jack in the last few episodes.
    - Series 4 – River Song ‘death’.
    - Series 4 – Jack in the finale.
    - Series 5 – Rory deaths.
    - Series 5 – Rory shooting Amy in the finale.
    - Series 5 – The Doctor lying about dying when another version of himself appears zapped by a dalek.
    - Series 5 – The Doctor ‘dying’ when he causes the big bang.
    - Series 6 – The Doctor ‘dying’ in the opening episodes.
    - Series 6 – Rory and Amy deaths all over again.
    - Series 6 – That fat blue guy being executed, then turning out to be a talking head in a box.
    - Series 7 – Clara death.
    - Series 7 – Rory and Amy actually die, but not immediatly and sent back in time so they can live happily before they die of old age (Not an untimely death).
    - Series 7 – Clara death.

    I have probably missed some stuff out, and still gone overboard on the list. But still, a lot of these questions end up amounting to a non-story.

    When River said in the series 6 finale ‘This is the Doctors darkest hour, he’ll rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further’, and then absoloutely nothing awesome in relation to that statement happened, I lost faith in the show.

    It’s all talk.

    • Well to be fair, the ‘dead but not dead’ thing is a twist used in pretty much EVERY other show there is, so I wouldn’t knock Moffat for that. And a lot of your examples come from the RTD era anyway.

      But other than that, yeah, I agree with you. His ‘mysteries’ are kinda half-cooked – I don’t think any rational fan really expects him to tell us the Doctor’s name. The Clara mystery doesn’t really hook me, too. IMO his ‘cracks in the universe’ story in Season 5 was probably okay, because it wasn’t particularly intrusive and it wasn’t overplayed. The River Song one I was okay with. But he’s been running away with the idea of setting up these sort of teasers.

      I think he’s much better at writing good standalone mystery episodes, than managing season-long arc stories. Still looking forward to next week though!

      • Ah I see. Yes I should have explained that I was complaining about the revival, not just Moffat. Good point.

        The ‘dead but not dead’ twist is fine, but if you think about it, the show has become far to reliant upon it. It has come to the point where a main character dies, and I just think ‘yeah, they’re coming back’. Moffat gave an interview before S6 aired, and said in the opening episode a character will die, and it’ll be gone forever. As soon as the Doctor ‘died’, I knew its not game over.

        Personally, I think the whole ‘very obvious’ hints approach, has been done to much. I think it would be much more interesting for their to be very very subtle hints, and in a finale have the audience go ‘oh yeah I see how that came to be, cool’, instead of the whole ‘Stop paying attention to the story and look at this for a few seconds’. I think the Bad Wolf one did it best in series 1.

        I agree with the stand alone adventures, they were the best episodes in the RTD era. When River was revealed as Amy’s daughter, I wasn’t surprised or intrigued, I was just underwhelmed. She had no reason to be her daughter. It hardly served the legacy of Doctor Who much. It was an ‘oh’ moment, and nothing more for me.

        Smith (though I like him) and Moffat need to go at this point I think. The show seems to be in a repetitive cycle of mysteries no audience member has any reason to care about. He needs an alien or cyborg or male companion, the Doctor with a good looking chick with a quirky personality has been retired too.

        • Agree completely. By the time Season 6 rolled around – well, the shock of seeing the Doctor ‘die’ was still an awesome TV moment, but after that episode everyone wasn’t wondering IF the Doctor was going to die – just HOW he was going to trick them about it. So I believe our gripe just has to do with them making links for the sake of making links (people being related to each other, people destined to do something, blablabla).

          And yeah stuff like Bad Wolf, and even the Saxon one totally worked, because these weren’t ‘mysteries’ per se – they were clues laid out throughout the series, and then at the end we got a big reveal, and it totally worked. Here with Moffat it’s the opposite – he’s overpromising (Girl who dies twice! Name of the Doctor! Mysterious woman from his future who knows his name!) which then results in something that makes it hard to meet expectations.

          Me, I like Smith too, I just think they need to stop giving him scenes of the Doctor being ridiculous, because it makes him overact. Again, going back to Season 5, I think he was absolutely amazing then because he had the eccentricity, but he also had the range to play the serious side, or the angry side, or the emotional side of the Doctor. Lately we’ve mostly just been getting slapstick, and it’s getting old. As for Moffat leaving… I’m still not sold on that, it depends on who’s replacing him. I will credit Moffat for generally improving the quality of individual episodes for at least his first two seasons, and I still like the quality of his writing.

          • Yeah, some good points.

            Agree completely.

    • What you say is true enough, but the show is still very interesting to say the least. In response so your last statement, when River talks about it being the Doctor’s greatest hour, perhaps she was talking about a period of time, not just one episode- after all she was the future Rive in a Good Man goes to war.

      Also, let’s focus on the big talk. Yes, it is very repetitive, but you’re telling me that the Doctor’s greatest secret should be revealed straight away? If the writers were to do that, who would watch it. It’s his greatest secret that has made me- and possibly other fans- continue to watch the show since “The Wedding of River Song”. Also, you can’t say that it’s all disorganized, because the writers have been planning this for quite a LONG time, maybe even since the beginning of the show( MAYBE Don’t jump to speculations). Remember in the library when the 10th doctor says how river whispered his name, and that there was only one reason he could tell her, only one time he could? He was obviously referring to Trenzalore which means that the doctor was aware of it for a very long time, as well as the other writers, because Russel T Davis was the main writer back in the series with the library.

    • Doctor Who was always like this, even with the earlier Doctors. Regeneration and cheating death is a recurring theme.

    • Actually, River Song said that about A Good Man Goes to War which was the mid-series finale. And something did happen. He seem to defeat those armies massed against him with no bloodshed only for the Headless Monks to kill off his allies and fake him out (again!) with a Ganger and abduct Melody Pond. They are all left devastated.

      It is only because River Song arrives and tells them that she is their daughter that they know that Melody Pond is still alive and not only grows to adulthood but that they become close only now in the form of River Song, not the baby Melody Pond. Her revelation is the only plot point that saves this war the Doctor wages from being a colossal failure.

      I think you are comparing this show to some program think is superior but I’m not sure what–the classic Doctor Who, an ideal of what you think Doctor Who SHOULD be, or another show altogether that has the qualities you think the DW reboot lacks? You sound really disappointed.

      As a fan of the show just since the reboot, I’m happy with it. Not every episode is a gem and there are a ton of plot holes and unanswered questions. But compared to the rest of what’s on TV? I think it’s still way above average in terms of its writing, direction, art direction and acting. I have my favorite storylines and some I don’t care much for but I’ve always found it entertaining.

      And, just to end this long post, I’ve found that I get more out of rewatching episodes than I do on first view. Some episodes I disliked also had a lot of content and clues that I missed because they are so crammed with dialogue, asides and exposition. At times, I’ve even read over show transcripts and find there is even more information that I missed after watching and rewatching episodes. I think Moffat’s biggest contribution to the show is reviewing every script, tweaking them and putting in little clues to future reveals.

  4. BTW Anthony any chance of us getting a review from you on this week’s episode? ;)

    Always like reading ‘em plus it was a pretty highly-anticipated episode, too. Which for the most part I thought was good (and good for the Cybermen) although Matt Smith did some overacting here and there.

    • It’s coming! Had some serious computer issues this weekend.

      • Looking forward to it!

  5. Horrible. Horrible prequel. Ugh. Why why why. Winced the whole way through. I’m embarrassed for the show.

  6. Apperntly the creatures are like the ones belonging to the patheon of discord, which alter timelines seeing as the dr (and it was hinted at in yesterdays episode) has been erasing himself from history creating chaos they feed on i suspect Clara is a tracking device or weapon of some sort.

  7. There was a point when i wondered if she was real

  8. My Wild-Assed Clara theory list:

    1. Clara is River Song and the Doctor’s daughter. Since they are married…. Why not? River could have had Clara in prison. Then became separated from her, and then Clara was raised by her adopted parents on Earth. Nothing concrete about her Earth parents being Clara’s biological mother and father right?

    2. Clara is the Tardis. The hints dropped in Hide episode may point to this.

    3. Clara is Amy and Rory’s second daughter. Born to them in old Victorian London. Hey, they could have had another one after being sent back in time by the Weeping Angel right? And that explains how she got ahold of the book written by “Amelia Williams.”

    3. Clara is the Doctor’s daughter from that episode…. “The Doctor’s Daughter” regenerated. This plot thread was totally dropped in Series 4. It was David Tennant as the Doctor and his cloned/daughter, Jenny, was played by Georgia Moffett, daughter of Fifth Doctor actor Peter Davison. Did she marry a Moffett?

    Am I leaving anything out?

    • Georgia married David. The Doctor’s Daughter (who played The Doctor’s Daughter in the show) married The Doctor.

    • Other possibilities are that each Clara is made of The Flesh (see Series 6), or is a Watcher (see Logopolis) or even the Twelfth Doctor. One wild theory is that she’s Romana living under a chameleon arch (see Human Nature) but that doesn’t explain her resurrection.

  9. Oh, apparently some people who pre-ordered the Series 7 Part 2 Bluray accidentally got their copies early – and got to see The Name of the Doctor early too. Anyone here?

  10. Gave up on Who after Smith and Moffet’s first series.

    Amy was saving the Doctor and picking up the “key” to each episode before he did and the dynamic felt out of whack for me.

    That’s a couple of years ago, maybe it’s time to give the Smith run another chance.

    Me thinks a DVD marathon weekend is on the cards, best get the nibbles and chips in.

    Oh Doctor’s name…easy it’s Jeff….. (it’s not really, like they’re going to solidifiy something like that…)

  11. Okay, I’m as big a Moffat fan as anyone but I don’t see how he can meet audience expectations. I’d have more confidence if ANYTHING had been resolved over the past 6 episodes but aside from the first few minutes of The Rings of Akhaten that showed her parents meeting, we know no more about Clara than we saw in the Bells of St. John.

    So far, I’ve heard that the series 7 finale includes:
    a) Whispermen
    b) Clara’s identity
    c) The Doctor’s “biggest” secret
    d) Trenzalore (so, the Silence, too?)
    e) The Great Intelligence
    f) Madame Vastra, Jenny & Strax

    …all tied up neatly in a box in not a 2 part episode or a 60 minute one but in a quick 45 minutes. Now, I was impressed at how much information & reveals were crammed in The Big Bang and The Wedding of River Song but I just don’t how he can pull this one off having basically laid very little ground work this series beyond some bits about the Great Intelligence in The Snowmen and The Bells of St. John.

    But if he accomplishes this, I’ll be as happy as anyone else. I’m just doubtful at this point.

  12. and a pity they were perfect together
    river and the eleventh doctor a couple breathtaking
    we would have views of the beautiful
    with two brilliant minds so
    river and the doctor thinks for a bit if they had children
    of children with a higher than normal intelligence
    would have been even greater than their rocking
    I wish that Steven Moffat took all this into consideration
    we’ll see
    you never know he is so unpredictable

    it would be fantastic
    I will not even
    that this pair
    river and the doctor to separate

    river and the eleventh doctor
    to imitate a pair ready to give our lives for one another
    for me this is true love

  13. the only solution would be that in fact the Professor River Song
    not really dead but just in a pharmacological coma
    and why you can get in touch with the doctor
    by moffat not make me beg
    would be a nice Christmas gift
    For Christmas Is You do what you can not ever do