‘Doctor Who’ Season 7 Finale Promises to Reveal the Doctor’s Name

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doctor who season 7 finale name of the doctor Doctor Who Season 7 Finale Promises to Reveal the Doctors Name

This week the remaining Doctor Who season 7 posters were released, revealing the adventures that will lead up to the 50th Anniversary special. Missing in the group, though, was the season 7 finale poster. That poster has arrived today – and with it the potential for the biggest reveal in series history: the Doctor’s name.

In the Doctor Who season 7 finale poster, the title of the episode is revealed to be “The Name of the Doctor”, confirming that this season’s last episode will touch upon the underlying series mystery, but tag-line on the movie-style poster also reads “His secret revealed.” Could this be confirmation that the answer to the question, “Doctor Who?” will be answered, or is series producer Steven Moffat simply toying with fans?

When it comes to revealing age-old mysteries on Doctor Who, Moffat has made it clear over the course of his tenure that he’s not a fan. In Moffat’s opinion, the imagination of those watching is more powerful than anything that could ever be realistically done in the series to answer many of series’ mysteries. That being said, there’s more than just a title and a tag-line that suggest we’ll find out the truth about the Doctor.

doctor who first doctor Doctor Who Season 7 Finale Promises to Reveal the Doctors NameThe first Doctor, William Hartnell (1963-66)

At Comic-Con last year, Moffat was asked if he knew the Doctor’s name, to which he replied, “We find out the truth, but I cannot pass it on.” After a bit of back-and-forth with Matt Smith about withholding the Doctor’s name from him, Moffat confirmed that he knew the Doctor’s name and then said, “…you’ll see.” Thanks to Doctor Who season 7 being split up over 2012 and 2013, there’s no doubt that Moffat had, at the time he made those comments, already plotted out the course of the season, including the finale. But if this does mean that the Doctor’s name will be revealed, there’s much more that must come with it, thanks to the season 6 finale.

“On the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the eleventh, when no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer, a question will be asked, a question that must never, ever be answered,” a headless Dorium Maldover said to the Doctor before repeatedly beckoning “Doctor Who?” as the episode came to a close. So, if this is the time when the Doctor’s name will be revealed, it will be done at the fall of the eleventh – but how can the eleventh fall if Matt Smith is in the 50th anniversary (and isn’t leaving anytime soon)? This, perhaps, is where a bit of word play comes in.

doctor who season 7 matt smith Doctor Who Season 7 Finale Promises to Reveal the Doctors NameThe eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith (2010-present)

Since a “fall” for the eleventh could be any number of things, literal or philosophical, and the question of “Doctor Who?” needs to be answered, there’s a good chance that what fans believe will be the reveal of the Doctor’s name will actually be more about the character itself, revealing the history of the Doctor and not his name. But still, even if there was some truth to that, Moffat’s previous comments do point directly at a name reveal. Alas, it’s still a bit of a mystery.

If a monumental Doctor Who reveal is in the cards for the season 7, there haven’t been any hints of it yet. After this week, Doctor Who will only have 3 episodes to prepare for what’s to come in the finale and so far, the story is technically focused on Clara, even though her mystery has yet to really be touched upon. Still, past seasons of Doctor Who have shown that anything and everything can change in a single episode – so with another month left before the finale, there’s more than enough time to set things up for a (hopefully) satisfying (possible) reveal of the Doctor’s name. Maybe.

You can check out the posters for the remaining episodes below:


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  1. yeah, even with the clara mystery, there hasnt really been any build up to the finale like with other seasons (Bad Wolf, Torchwood, Mr. Saxon, Cracks in the Universe) which is a little disappointing. Like i have said before though, this half of the season is a great improvement over the first half and cant wait for the finale. Though i hope we dont really get the Doctor’s real name. That’s why the show is called Doctor Who. I hope he just finally reveals his name to River. I also hope that Moffat writes an episode for second to final encounter with the doctor (for her timeline anyway. That would be where the doctor takes her to the singing trees or whatever it was before she goes to the library) i think that could be a pretty emotional story and i would hate it if Moffat didnt write an episode about it.

    • You, sir, may have just figured out the finale!

    • Ditto on the River story, but I don’t know that Moffat will want to cut her out of the series quite yet. Although, part of this was already in one of the additional mini-episodes on the series 6 (I think) DVD/Blu-Ray. But you’re right, it needs to be done at one point or another.

      • I don’t think they’re going to write her off just yet. But even Matt Smith is due to leave soon. He said he is guaranteed to be the doctor until 2014, and that’s when his contract is up. The longer the actors stay on the show, the more they have to pay them. The more they have to pay them, the less they can invest in the actual story and when it comes down to it, as much as we love the actors, it is definitely about the characters and the stories. The joy of the doctor is that you can give him a new actor, but he’s still just as loveable.

        Anywho, back to River. She told ten the last time she had seen him, he was sporting a new hair cut and clothes (NOT referring 10 to 11), insinuating that she will be here until at least the next regeneration. As much as the fans have theorized, he does not have a new hair cut. His coat is slightly longer, but his shirt, suspenders, bow tie, pants, shoes, are all the same.

        I doubt they’re going to give away his name. He might tell someone, or he will come close to revealing it. But I doubt he will.

        • actually, on the DVD set for series 6, you see that it is matt smith who takes River to that planet before the library. The future Matt smith and present Matt Smith give each other a knowing look then future Matt leaves with future River. So we do know that it is with Matt that will have to see her one last time before the library.

          • Yup, that’s exactly what I was referring to.

            Although, someone correct me if I’m wrong – just because the Doctor sees River off knowing she will then go to the Library, it doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s the last time he’ll see her right? Since they don’t meet in a particular order, he can always meet a younger version of her after that.

            • yeah thats true, but then i dont think her last time with matt before the library will have the same impact. though it would be interesting to see how the doctor reacts.

    • I think that episode you are talking about, was already done. It appears on the DVD of series 6

    • To the last commentator ~ by Jove, I think you’ve got it.

  2. As much as Moffat has toyed with us in the past, it’d be criminal if he didn’t at least settle the Trenzalore story by the finale. I’m not saying we need to actually know the Doctor’s name, any good fan should that that’s a pointless question to actually answer, but for almost everything else (what silence will fall? Why? Where are the Silence now – what was up with them blowing up the Tardis? And so on) needs to be answered or given a resolution. It’s possible that the title may be slightly misleading a la The Wedding of River Song, where the ‘wedding’ part wasn’t at all a major part of the episode.

    • yeah i agree, while i thought that series 5 final was the best finale moffat has done so far, he still hasnt tied up all the loose ends from that season. maybe hes waiting to tie everything up with the silence, the cracks, and exploding tardis for when he leaves? He has said he is over halfway done with his run which means that moffat could be leaving after the 8th season next year.

      • Wait he said that? Somehow I pictured Moffat wouldn’t want to let go so quickly…RTD lasted about 5 years didn’t he.

        It’s certainly possible he’ll leave a few threads dangling to be wrapped up right at the end, but I think it’d be smarter for him to at least answer the questions he introduced himself – especially those from the season 5 finale. If those don’t get answered this season, I may just treat them as forgotten – seriously, last season there was just about zero mention of the Tardis exploding and the cracks, he didn’t even ask the Silence why they did it.

        • Well it will have been 4 years for Moffat after series 8. and who knows, he could stick around for 9th maybe. all i know is he said he has more stories behind him then ahead of him so he could still have another 3 years roughly not counting series 8.

  3. Would think that he may be Omega or “the Other” before Rassilion.

  4. I really hope that his name is not revealed: some things are better left unspoken,and The Doctor’s name is one of them. It has so much more meaning to it if we do not know what it is.

  5. We not going to find out he’s name

  6. We’re assuming the two items on the poster refer to each other. Everyone’s assuming the secret revealed will be his name. Has Moffatt EVER been that straight forward?

    • Well idk if you saw this weekend episode yet, but that empath or whatever she is, told Clara that the doctor has a sliver of ice in his heart, or something like that, so maybe his “secret has something to do with that?

  7. We’ve already seen the Doctor’s name on his crib. Anyone know how to translate Gallifreyan alphabet??

    • Wait that wasn’t the doctor’s name. That was river song’s name remember cuz she was like look here and then Amy couldn’t read it so she gave her the prayer leaf to make it easier and the prayer leaf had River Song’s name on it.

      • That was just the prayer leaf that had River’s name on it. The crib was the Doctor’s and had his name in Gallifreyan on it.

  8. Wait that wasn’t the doctor’s name. That was river song’s name remember cuz she was like look here and then Amy couldn’t read it so she gave her the prayer leaf to make it easier and the prayer leaf had River Song’s name on it.

  9. I personally hate the idea of them telling the doctors name. It is a question thats literally from the begining of the series. No matter what it turns out to be it wont live up to what I expected. Its like a Halo 5 being made and master chief takes off his helmet and you see his face, the only outcome will be disappointment

  10. I think the docs name souldnt be revealed, because, the series kinda has its name because of a someone who’s name is never mentioned. If his name was revealed, it would ruin the purpose of the series name.( for example, if his names Steve, the series might become “doctor Steve!”

    • Marty McFly? John Connor?

      Or Sam Beckett ( Quantum Leap )?

      Hollywood teaches us that once the name of a person falls into the hands of time travelling enemies, this person, well, ceases to be what it was before.
      Dib ( from Invader Zim ‘Bad Bad Rubber Piggy’) presents this from the victim´s perspective.
      Warlock ( J. Sands )shouts ‘I know your name’ going to undo creation ( yhwh from ex 3 14 literally means ‘I am the one that will be’ = ‘I speak to you, Moses, from the future’ = ‘The essence of my existence is my ability to traverse time’).
      Personally, if I´d be given a choice, I´d prefer to be granted a reasonable chance at growing up without being subjected to insidious and perfectly camouflaged attacks by rival time travellers.
      ‘Now it´s father´s day and everybody´s wounded’, so someone might as well tell the world the truth about the feasibility of time travel.

      So, how about renaming the show ‘Doctor Hawking’ ( someone whose life can hardly be made worse by envious rivals )?

  11. The title is always misleading, remember the title “Lets kill Hitler” it was more of a pun and Hitler wasnt really utilised in the story it was to take us away from the river song stroyline which was quite clever. The name of the Doctor should be a mystery not to be solved but his title other than the doctor could be revealed instead such as executioner etc. For example he could say “I am The Doctor, the executioner, my name must never be spoken because if it was……. or something like that

  12. I definitely think that after the finale, the show will be titled “Doctor Stew”. Or if he only reveals that his name is Hebrew, the title could be “Doctor Jew”. I think I just nailed it.

  13. According to US EP 1 comic, which I assume is canon, his name is: d³Σx²

    Start watching at 1 minute, stop around 1:22.

    • LOL.. no, it’s not cannon.

    • That equation is impossible because ‘x’ is not defined. ‘d’ can be assumed as ‘x^2′ but you still don’t have ‘x’

  14. The real mystery is who was the doctor before he threw himself into the looms. He will always be a mystery. Revealing his name wont change that. It just scratches the surface.

  15. If you follow Dr. Who, like I have, since it started in the 60′s, there are a lot of clues of who he is.

    He even admits he destroyed the Daleks and in the episode, End of Time, remember he kills send Rassilon and his entourage(including I believe his own mother) back to the last day of Time Wars and the destruction of the Time Lords In effect, the Doctor has killed a great deal. He has travelled through time and space to redeem himself, and we see occasonally very dark sides of the doctor. Vengeful and angry, but he’s always touched by humanity, the same humanity he sought to save from Rassilon who wanted to destroy everyone else so the TimeLords would continue to exists.
    The Doctor himself is a paradox. He keeps breaking his own rules, tries to explain it away, but he’s not such a ‘clever boy’ as Clara calls him. Indeed, he is a child in many ways.

  16. Well, if Moffat does “reveal” the Doctors name, it will be the final nail in a coffin that’s been building over the last few years. The man has butchered the story of Doctor who, you know why non of the stories have really been touched on? Because Moffat isn’t capable of it. In every episode, hell every TV Show Moffat has created, it contains 80% beginning 10% Quick explanation of why and then 10% of the main character (The Doctor in this case) swooping in and waving their magic wand. It’s pitiful drivel and aimed at the minds of infants. If all is revealed and Moffat tries to name the Doctor, he will have destroyed one of the most beautiful continuing Sci-Fi series the British have come up with. Moffat needs to stop pandering to the Americans childish view on television, it’s nice when things aren’t constantly exploding and there’s an actual plot.

    • Moffat is a very capable writer, I think, if he were to put more effort into it. He’s certainly no Russell T. Davies, because he was brilliant. Moffat just seems like he’s not trying as hard as he should for such a phenomenal thing as Doctor Who. Personally, I think, with effort, he’s more than capable of being fantastic.

  17. If they have to have him say something they could at least have him say Theta Sigma since we already know that’s not his actual name but it is something he was called on Gallifrey

  18. The Episode is out, and the secret is revelead.

    Like always posters and prophesies can be misleading, but ITS AN AMAZING SECRET.

  19. Well,I watched the last episode The Name of the Doctor. I didn’t get his name. I replayed it 3 times. Still don’t know his name. Since I am Cuban, maybe british accents make no sense to me. I did see the Doctor as he was. Does anybody knows his name?

    • they didnt show it

  20. What is the doctor’s name revealed as?

  21. I didn’t catch it

    • He didn’t say his name. River said his name to the tardis and the door opened. We were unable to hear his name.

  22. and a pity they were perfect together
    river and the eleventh doctor a couple breathtaking
    we would have views of the beautiful
    with two brilliant minds so
    river and the doctor thinks for a bit if they had children
    of children with a higher than normal intelligence
    would have been even greater than their rocking
    I wish that Steven Moffat took all this into consideration
    we’ll see
    you never know he is so unpredictable

    it would be fantastic
    I will not even
    that this pair
    river and the doctor to separate

    river and the eleventh doctor
    to imitate a pair ready to give our lives for one another
    for me this is true love

  23. Maybe the doctor’s name is made up of the first names of all the actors who have ever portrayed him :P