‘Doctor Who’ Season 7 Deleted Scene ‘P.S.’: What Happened to Amy & Rory?

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The Doctor Who season 7 midseries finale has received a positive reaction from fans and critics alike (read our review) – successfully handling the departure of fan-favorite companions, Amy (played by Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill). Despite a number of entertaining stand-alone season 7 episodes, some fans were beginning to worry that Steven Moffat might falter in handling his first companion exit – since the writer/producer came into his showrunner position just as Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and companion Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) were set to leave the show. Moffat delivered an exciting and mind-bending episode with, “The Angels Take Manhattan,” as well as an emotional (and very permanent) goodbye for the Eleventh Doctor’s companions.

That said, the episode did leave a few notable plot threads dangling and Moffat, with the help of Darvill, have released a storyboarded “deleted scene” with voiceover that details exactly what happened to “The Ponds” after their departure as well as the fate of Brian Williams, Rory’s father (actor Mark Williams), still “watering the plants” in the present.

The remainder of this post contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the Doctor Who season 7 midseries finale. Any readers who have yet to see the episode and are attempting to avoid spoilers should turn away now (and do not watch the video).



For anyone who hasn’t seen the episode but wants to have context for the video epilogue (which you can view at the top of the page), in “The Angels Take Manhattan,” The Doctor, Amy, Rory, and River Song encounter a weeping angels plot to farm food sources by sending victims back in time – subsequently feeding off the lingering energy over the years. However, The Doctor and friends successfully create a time paradox that shuts down the angels’ battery farm – but not before a surviving angel suddenly appears and maroons Rory in 1950s New York City, aiming for Amy next.

doctor who season 7 finale angels Doctor Who Season 7 Deleted Scene P.S.: What Happened to Amy & Rory?

Knowing that the wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff caused by the paradox makes it impossible for The Doctor to return to the past to save Rory, Amy says her goodbyes and blinks, allowing the angel to send her back in time (to rendezvous with her husband). After the emotional goodbye, the episode concluded with one final scene – where the Doctor reads a letter from Amy describing what happened to the pair after they were transported back in time (they grew old together and lived a good life).

However, fans who’ve journeyed with the Ponds throughout the last couple years found that a few remaining plot points were unaddressed in the wake of the midseries finale, specifically: did the Ponds ever get to properly parent a child (a point of contention that was hammered in the season 7 premier) and what happens to Brian (a man that was only introduced as a supporting character this season)? The last we heard, Brian had given the pair his blessing, encouraging them to travel with the Doctor for as long as they lived – while he stayed behind to “water the plants.”

Fortunately, the epilogue directly addressed the two remaining questions, providing a “happy” ending (respectively) for everyone involved – as well as offering a few more details about Amy and Rory’s post time-traveling lives (example: Rory gardens). While the scene was never filmed, the Doctor Who producers released animated storyboards, complete with Arthur Darvill’s voiceover, and an accompanying musical score. The resulting video, titled “P.S.” would certainly have been a moving addition to the show had it actually been shot but anyone who enjoyed the Ponds, and was sad to see them go, will nevertheless still find the draft video especially moving.

Brian Williams Doctor Who Season 7 Deleted Scene Doctor Who Season 7 Deleted Scene P.S.: What Happened to Amy & Rory?

In the scene, Brian is seen watering the plants at Amy and Rory’s house when an older man knocks on the door and delivers a letter. The letter is from Rory – written years before his death in order to break the news to Brian that they will never see each other again as well as describe the life that Amy and Rory shared while stuck in the past. They were happy and, in 1946, adopted a son, Anthony Brian Williams, the old man who delivered the letter to Brian. The video closes with grandfather Brian and grandson Anthony hugging, presumably the start of another relationship that defies the boundaries of time and space. Basically business as usual on Doctor Who.


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Doctor Who season 7 continues in 2013 on BBC and BBC America. In the meantime, check out our Doctor Who Viewing Guide: Tips, Suggestions & Complete Episode List!

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  1. Oh man. I really wished they’d found a way to include the scene in the episode. Feels just right.

    • i think it had to do with time constraints. you know, being that doctor who is becoming more popular in america, and we have this thing called commercial brakes where england doesnt, they are starting to tallor the eps to be short enough to air in america without cutting out sections like they use to do. stupid america! though i guess asylum of the daleks was 50 minutes long.

      • Yeah I knew there were some time constraints – wish they could’ve found something to cut for this scene instead. Perhaps at the beginning? The opening was pretty OK for setting the tone but I don’t think it needed to be as long.

  2. It’s amazing what they will leave on the cutting room floor…..I do feel very satisfied after watching that…

  3. If this was a movie I whould of been pissed for not adding this in. How ever its a tv show and they are required to keep the run time between 22 minutes and 24 minutes. So I get why they did not add it in. Still a great scene though.

    • Correction 44 to 49 minutes. Forgot this was a hour show not a half hour show.

      • but in the UK, runtime doesnt really matter there have been several regular eps that have been any where from 50 minutes 65 minutes long. and there was even a special that was 75 minutes long. and i think midseason ep was only 43 minutes long so idk why they didnt take the time to shoot an extra 4 minutes to bring the runtime up to 47 minutes, which would still be shorter than even asylum of the daleks.

        • Could have been budgetary restraints or some other issues related to production that prevented actors or materials needed. Time restraints is not the only thing that can derail a scene.

  4. Such a shame they didn’t film that and include it, or at least have put it online after the episode was over. Gonna miss Amy and Rory, I really enjoyed their turn with The Doctor.

  5. That was impressive. I wish it had been in there. I will miss Amy and Rory but I feel as if this would have added the extra emotional affect that would have made it that much more memorable.

  6. That was so touching! Thanks Steven! Thank you so much for that!! God Bless!

  7. i think the ending wouldve been even more touching and memorable had it been a two parter.

  8. I still don’t understand how this was possible, with Rory being the last Centurion. Wasn’t he immortal?

    • no that was in a different universe, that exploded, plus ***SPOILER*** the real Rory died and the last centurion was actually part of the nesteen consciousness.

      • Oh my God…they killed Rory…again! You bastards!!!
        Sorry, couldn’t resist)

        • The man who dies and dies and than dies again just for an encore.

          • He still has nothing on Daniel Jackson for deaths.

  9. Thank you.

  10. I think the reason they didn’t use this scene is probably because it’s the exact same thing that happened in Blink. The exact same thing. Lame.

  11. It’s a beautiful scene, They’d must have done it. I’m almost crying.

  12. I am glad I found this site. I wish also that they had made that last bit. Yeah even tho it was just like Blink. Still it would have wrapped things up and let us say goodbye to Rory and Amy properly. I saw the Christmas Special and look forward to the Doctor’s new companion. I wish we didn’t have to wait until the end of March!!

  13. Wish they would have filmed the last bit even tho it was just like Blink.
    Wish also we didn’t have to wait until the end of March for the show to continue!

  14. This scene was taken directly from Doctor (is this irony?) Emmitt Brown’s letter from 1885 to Marty in Back to the Future, part 2.

    Also, I don’t think this was really a deleted scene. It would be too important to the story. I think they developed this after the fan reaction wasn’t as warm as they’d hoped.

    • Yeah there was a very similar message used in the episode Blink, where the girl received a message from her friend’s grandson, moments after the friend was grabbed by the angels.

  15. I started crying… That definatly needed to be shown.

  16. Lovely scene, but basically just updated and tweaked from the one that appeared in Blink! Much more poignant, I believe would have been to have Rory write that while they started out to save the world, here they were stuck in the 1930′s, and could do no more than to save it one day at a time by living the best, albeit, most ordinary, lives that they could. It also would have distinguished itself from Blink by perhaps sending a *granddaughter’ this time? I’m glad they didn’t include this scene, it’s just Blink all over again.

  17. I don’t care if it is seen as similar to Blink. In Blink, it was a letter from one friend to another. This was a letter from a son to a dad, expressing his love. It would have made a difference to me if they had chosen to film this and include it and cut short some of the scenes in the beginning while they are lounging around Central Park or cut short Rory’s time in the basement with the cherubs.

    Of course this doesn’t begin to explain the giant plotholes that prevent the Doctor (and River Song?) from visiting Amy & Rory (just in the 1930s? just in NYC? everywhere?). It doesn’t really matter I suppose because it was an invented plot twist to explain why we never see Amy & Rory in future episodes. But it was badly explained and while this epilogue doesn’t even try to touch the logic of the storyling, it does reassure the viewer, more than Amy’s letter to the Doctor, that Rory and Amy had a happy life even though they were separated from everyone they cared about.

    • Yeah, that’s the plot hole I’m trying to ignore.
      Go to Florida, wait a year. go to florida and wait a year.
      Both ways seem to be how one could easily get around the temporal fuse.

      Lazy storytelling. I would have liked it better if they just got on with their life and stopped hangin’ out with the Doctor. Every story arc doesn’t have to mean the end of the actors.

      Wibbily timey.

      The Doctors could go and come back, the companions could come and go and show up for effect (see Sarah Jane), this is TIME TRAVEL. Go with the plot line that bounces back and forth between Doctors and companions.

      No other show could make us view time in such a non-linier way. Play with it, I say.

      They didn’t need to disappear forever. None of them do.

  18. That made me cry. I’m glad they got around the kid issue. I’m glad they were happy.
    Hey! With their knowledge of the future, I bet they bought stock and left their kid and dad verrrry rich.
    I’m going to miss those guys.

  19. Oh man they should have added this!! I would cried so hard!! Heck I’m even crying at the story boards!!

  20. This just made me sob so hard. It is so beautiful, and so sad.
    The episode itself, when I watched it, left me totally shell-shocked. My boyfriend, whom I had watched it with, was the first to find his words: “Not okay.” A few tears had run down my face when Amy detailed her plan, but no crying afterwards, and it felt, while beautiful, more than worthy (and very moffat, if I may use it as an adjective), still a bit incomplete.
    And now I feel like I have properly cried for Amy and Rory and Brian and all of them.
    Though I still like the theory that little Melody, who also got lost in New York, found Amy and Rory, too. Can’t remember the details, though.

  21. So how come the doctor couldn’t just go back to like new york 1940 and pick the ponds up a couple years later?