‘Doctor Who’ Season 6 Opener To Film In The U.S.

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Doctor Who Series Six Doctor Who Season 6 Opener To Film In The U.S.

The 900+ year-old, time-traveling extra-terrestrial, who refers to himself solely as The Doctor, will journey to an all-new location in the upcoming season of Doctor Who – and by that we mean the North American continent.

While the two-parter opening for the sixth season of the modern incarnation of Doctor Who won’t be the first episodes in the show’s history to take place in the U.S., they will mark the first time the cult British sci-fi series has actually been filmed on location in the States.

Matt Smith will return for the sixth season of Doctor Who as the eleventh regeneration of The Doctor and will be accompanied by his current human companion, Amelia Pond (Karen Gillan); her husband, Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill); and Alex Kingston as River Song – a mysterious woman whose past is inextricably linked to The Doctor’s future (don’t ask – time travel is complicated).

Current showrunner and head writer Steven Moffat scripted both parts of the Doctor Who Season six opening episode, which will revolve around – according to the official press release – “a story set in the late ’60s in which The Doctor, Amy, and Rory find themselves on a secret summons that takes them on an adventure from the desert in Utah – right to the Oval Office itself.”

doctor who eleventh hour doctor amy Doctor Who Season 6 Opener To Film In The U.S.

The finale for the fifth season of the new Doctor Who pointed towards an expanded role for Kingston as River Song, a character whose origins will at last be revealed in this new season. Moffat has also announced that the sixth season will be aired in two blocks – spring and autumn 2011 – and that its first half will end on a major cliffhanger and plot twist. Chances are good that it will have something to do with Kingston’s character and her connection to The Doctor.

Doctor Who‘s fifth season – which arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on November 9th – hit the number one spot on the “Top TV Seasons” on iTunes and attracted some of the large ratings in the U.S. in the history of the show, which has existed in some form since 1963. We’ll have to wait and see whether the sixth season will be even more popular with American viewers.

Those eager to catch The Doctor’s next adventure should remember to watch the latest Doctor Who Christmas special, which will air during the 2010 holiday season.

Source: BBC Worldwide, Americas

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  1. Huh.

    Last season was great, Smith and Gillan were both fantastic, but the stories keep focusing too much on River.
    The Doctor should always be centre.

    • Agreed, though I don’t entirely mind getting an answer on who precisely she is.

      I’d rather like to see the Dream Lord make a reappearence though I found the episode he was in to be a little weak. Seeing Toby Jones again would be a great pleasure.

      • Yes! I really hope he comes back!

        • I don’t think it should always be focus on The Doctor, even though the show is Doctor Who, we have to learn more about the people around him before we can learn more about him. Last season was amazing by the way, truly well written and Matt Smith playing an excellent Doctor.

          • No, that wasnt quite what I meant. With episodes like “Blink” The Doctor was barely in it, but he was still the driving force behind the plot.
            River was meant to be a mysterious character, she was in 4 episodes out of last season 13, and thats too many. She’s a great character but like the Daleks, somewhat overused and that takes something away from the character.

  2. Also, I’m a little bit in love with Amy Pond

    • Easily one of my favorite companions. Much better than any of the ones featured on RTD’s run. Love what Moffat’s done with the show and can’t wait for this season.

      • As long as he puts the IKEA Daleks on a diet before they crop up again I’ll be happy. It’s great that they’ve got the budget to film in the US – that would’ve been unheard of in the pre-revival days.

        • I’m a little burnt out on the Daleks in general. I know they’re the most iconic adversary at this point but very few of my favorite episodes have been Dalek-centric. And yeah- the horrible new crayola color schemes do them no favors.

              • It was definitely all downhill for them after the 2005 season. For me, they’re increasingly less threatening and more and more irritating.

                My favorite Dalek episode of the new run was actually their first (just called “Dalek” I believe). But a lot of that had to do with Eccleston and how well he sold that scene where he confronted it. The whole thing actually felt legitimately dangerous and intriguing.

                I wouldn’t say Eccleston was my favorite of the new doctors, but I do miss his edge and the darkness that always seened to be peeking out from around the corners.

                • That was a great way to reintroduce them, Chris. One’s enough bad news on its own, and they’ve succumbed to the law of increased numbers/diminishing returns ever since. I see that edge you’re talking about in Matt Smith: I completely buy him as an older presence in a younger body in a way I never did with David Tennant. Also the Doctor’s darker, more irascible side, which Tennant had to really work at for me, whereas Smith seems to slip into it on occasion effortlessly.

                  • Smith IS my favorite of the new Doctors. He’s brought back an aspect of past incarnations that I really love which is the sense that sometimes he might be a little bit too smart for his own good.

                    Tennant was certainly very charismatic, but Smith’s eccentricities feel considerably more genuine to me.

                    • Totally agree – I was sold on him and Amy by the end of the second episode. Smith’s performance puts across admirably the idea that his mind’s constantly jumping around faster than he can physically express it. There’s stuff going on in there that we can’t even conceive of!

          • I could never get tired of The Daleks. There’s always a great story to go along with their appearance.

            • I thought they seriously dropped the ball with that “Daleks In Manhattan/Evolution Of The Daleks” two-parter, LM. The concept of Daleks with a sense of individuality (and names) is a fascinating one, and to me they squandered it by having Sec go the hybrid route. Illogical too: although mentally it might make sense to absorb the qualities of an enemy, why would you exchange a virtually indestructible outer shell for vulnerable flesh (and a bad suit!)?

    • With you on that one!

  3. Filming in the US is all very well and good, but the thing I’m really excited about here is that they’re kicking off the season with a two parter. I always prefer the two parters, so if this hints that perhaps we’ll get four instead of three next year, colour me happy.

  4. Daleks suffer from “Ninja Syndrome” – one lone Dalek is a terrifying personal tank that can float into your house with a mutant inside and exterminate you and your whole family. An army of Daleks is quite easy to get rid of by contrast…

    Word is that the new Daleks are only going to be the ruling class of the older ones. I don’t really mind the new design, except that the heads look ridiculously small – why couldn’t the heads grow along with them? Colours don’t bother me TOO much, except when they emerged it did seem like a skittles commercial. Still, the different colour denoting different position and rank is not a terrible idea, though it could have been done much less conspicuously…like some symbols on the side or something. Unfortunately they have a contract with the Terry Nation estate that requires them to have an appearance at least once per season in order to continue having the rights to use them at all.

    I too am happier with Moffat’s Who than I ever was with RTD’s. I love the fact that the whole mystery of last season has not been solved – new season opening with a two parter (in America, even), all of these breaks with “tradition”. Granted, I do like that there is more human interaction than in classic Who, but visiting people’s families just got so tedious and expected. Glad Amy’s get restored and then she’s like – bye! That was one of the cool things about Sarah Jane Smith – she was a journalist and only lived with her Aunt – was expected to be away and incommunicado for long periods of time because it was her job.

    Couldn’t agree more about Smith – Tennant seemed like a nice guy, and a decent actor, but WAY overrated for me. Smith is a welcome return to a more genuine (re: Tom Baker) eccentricity. (Though every Doctor before and since has lightyears to go before approaching the barmyness that is Tom Baker!)

    • I didn’t know that about the contract with Terry Nation’s estate, Kris. I suppose it’s the gift that never stops giving: you’d think someone involved has to realise their continual use becomes counter-productive at some stage though. I mean, Tom Baker only encountered them twice in seven years.

      I thought the whole idea of the “New Paradigm” Daleks was that they were a return to pure Kaled mutated DNA (contradiction in terms, I know), rather than having been created using human DNA, or even that of Davros. That’s why the old-school Daleks offered themselves up willingly to be exterminated, and why the new mob scarpered into the future to start rebuilding their empire.

      My main problem with the new look is how it affects the Daleks’ appearance in profile: hunched over, with a comically bulbous backside that the props department couldn’t afford the extra balls for, so to speak. The standard model sits back, upright – just looks fundamentally more stable. The new “shoulders” resemble some kind of cheap plastic dashboard material, added on almost as an afterthought, in direct contrast to the “moulded-in-one-unit” way they’ve attempted to tidy up the rest of the casing.

      I don’t have a problem with different-coloured Daleks at all, but I can’t help getting the impression these bubblegum hues have (ahem) one eye on the toy market. Slate grey was good enough for them for years, with the odd multicoloured variants denoting rank. The bronze/gold finish of the revival Daleks is beautiful, though still functional and otherworldly. Ever since the black/gold Dalek Supreme in the Pertwee-era “Planet Of The Daleks” I always wanted to see one done completely in black, so when Sec first turned up I was a definitely a satisfied customer. Even the red/gold Supreme Dalek in “The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End” worked, although it did look like a pressure cooker with clamps holding its head on (what was all that about?). Not keen on the white/gold Imperial Daleks though – bit too much like Christmas tree decorations.

      Good point about the “family visits”. Companions’ backgrounds were hardly touched on at all pre-2005 so that whole thing was a novelty at first, but they eventually overdid it with Rose’s mum, I think.

      Tom Baker was indeed a very peculiar man – still is too!

          • Oh yes! The mechmaster comic is something I have been following for a long time – have you read it? There’s a beautiful moment when the Emperor Dalek is taking a tour of the secret Dalek basement where they keep all of the Dalek design disasters, and the new skittles-Daleks are in there! :)

            Design-wise, though, this guy is where it’s at. THAT is how the Daleks should be looking! InSANE amount of detail on the whole comic…

            • Finally read it all. Epic. Like the 1960s Ron Turner/Richard Jennings Dalek strips with cheesy dialogue and visual gags by Viz comic. Every single Dalek variant, every colour scheme just superb, and there have to be well over a HUNDRED there, easily. Can’t fault the guy’s design sense or his work ethic! Loved the new rabble hanging their ill-formed concertina heads in shame, as well they might…

              The BBC need to employ this man immediately, they really do. If he ever puts out a hard copy of this strip I’m first in line. I raise my sink plunger in salute to him.

              All I can say is “It tastes like chicken”…

  5. Just started – the title page alone was a jaw-dropper! Found that completely at random last night. A labour of love, for sure: the Dalek comic alone’s more than 300 pages. One image that made me laugh out loud was the old Mechanoids talking in bar code. Genius.

  6. Wait…weren’t “Daleks In Manhattan/Evolution Of The Daleks” at least PARTIALLY filmed in New York (I refer to Ellis Island)?

    • Nope it was done on a Green Screen in Cardiff. It would have been a huge waste of money to send them and a crew to the US for one shot, that they still would have to do massive CG to anyway.

  7. EEEp! a doctor who Episode based in the US! that makes the extra long wait (for it to pop up on netflix) bearable.. :)

  8. I miss the one with David Tennant as the Doctor Who! I can’t get use to the new Doctor!! There is some good episodes but still. For me Matt Smith don’t show the emotions as David Tennant did.