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Doctor Who Series Six Doctor Who Season 6 Trailer

Not only was this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, A Christmas Carol, a fun and surprisingly kinetic episode – it also ended with an intriguing sneak peek at the show’s upcoming sixth season.

For those of you who were unable to catch it, don’t get your suspenders in a twist –  the minute-long trailer has just debuted online courtesy of BBC America. So now you can get your first glimpse of old friends, new foes, and The Doctor’s latest fashion accessory (personally, I prefer the fez).

In a somewhat unusual move, the new season of Doctor Who will be split it into two parts. The first six episodes begin airing this spring and will culminate with a mid-season finale (presumably a cliffhanger) before picking up again in the fall. Since the show is still currently in production, the majority of the footage featured in the trailer (such as The Doctor’s inaugural trip to America) is likely from the earlier half of the season.

Fasten your bow ties and check out it out below:

It’s hardly a surprise to see that the River Song character will be prominently featured again. Evidently, season six will finally clue fans in on her connection to The Doctor and in my opinion it’s not a moment too soon. The ambiguity of their relationship was great fun initially, but I felt that the whole thing was getting a bit tiresome by the end of last season.

There have been a few other missteps along the way (like the Crayola-colored Daleks), but by and large I think showrunner Steven Moffat has done a pretty incredible job since he inherited Doctor Who. I remain impressed with previous showrunner Russell T. Davies’ ability to craft a multi-season arc, but I have to say I much prefer Moffat’s writing and overall approach.

While there haven’t been too many callbacks to the Davies era, it’s nice to see the Ood pop up in the trailer. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of context provided for their appearance or for anything else that we’re seeing in the preview, but this definitely teases at a refreshingly diverse and suitably epic season.

Matt Smith is probably my favorite actor to play The Doctor since the show’s resurrection in 2005 and I think Amelia Pond (Karen Gillan) is one of his better companions. I can’t wait to see what sort of trouble they get into this season.

As stated, season six of Doctor Who will premiere in spring 2011.

Source: BBC America.

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  1. I enjoyed the Special’s suitably demented reworking of A Christmas Carol with flying sharks – managed to just about stay on the right side of outright sentimentality. Wonderful performance from Michael Gambon. Some great dialogue, could have done without the singing though… I was struck this time by the similarities between the “racing mind” stream of consciousness thing of Matt Smith’s Doctor and Benedict Cumberbatch as Steven Moffatt’s other creation, the superlative updated Sherlock (Holmes). Apparently Smith originally auditioned for the Dr Watson part, and was indeed considered more appropriate for Holmes before Moffat cast him as THE Doctor.

    Any (ahem) flimsy excuse to see Karen Gillan in her policewoman’s outfit again is fine by me, but I’d rather not have had her sidelined in the “spaceship in peril” contrivance. I have to say I’m still not getting along with Murray Gold’s lolloping version of the main theme, complete with cheap thunder crashes and tacky shots of the TARDIS getting batted about in the ether like a bath toy during the titles. After a decent couple of bouts in the last season, it seems his incidental music is back to being obtrusive instead of conducive as well (regardless of any seasonal singing requirements). It needs to be less strident, or just taken down a notch in the mix: I find I notice it way too much, and not in a good way either.

    I agree, Chris – it’s high time they stopped mucking about with the ambiguities of River Song’s personality and origins in the coming season.

    • One too many “t”s in Moffat there…

      • I thought the theme music from 2005-07 was incredible and it seemed like every year they had to add a little something extra to it. They weren’t content to just leave it be. For the most part it was pretty subtle stuff, but then they added the rock and roll drums and it sounded silly. The opening titles of season 4 still make me roll my eyes a little. The percussion is just so overbearing that it completely takes that sense of mystery out of the theme.

        I HATED the current theme when I first heard it, but it’s sort of grown on me. I have an mp3 that doesn’t have the thunder sound effects and it’s amazing what a difference that makes. To me, it does a pretty good job of capturing the spirit of Matt’s Doctor and the creepier elements that Moffat loves injecting into his stories. It’s not my favorite, but I am warming up to it.

        Interesting bit about Smith as a potential Holmes! I think they made the right call using him on DW instead. =-)

          • I LOVE Sherlock. It really captures the spirit of the books and stays remarkably true to both lead characters. It seems like a lot of people really love the third episode, but I think the first was probably my favorite. Can’t wait for season two.

        • Are you serious?

          The rocking Season 4 titles was the best theme in the show’s 40-odd year history. They finally got it right. Then Murrray Gold introduced the questionable new title theme; but I must admit I was slightly disappointed to see they had not updated the Xmas special opening. But it is growing on me – as is Matt Smith.

        • Are you serious?

          The rocking Season 4 titles was the best theme in the show’s 40-odd year history.They finally got it right. Then Murrray Gold introduced the questionable new title theme; but I must admit I was slightly disappointed to see they had not updated the Xmas special opening. But it is growing on me – as is Matt Smith.

          • Each to his own, Steve! As an old git I worship at the electronic temple of Delia Derbyshire and her tape loops, oscillators, open circuit boards and whatever the hell else she was using (we’ll never really know, and that’s part of the beauty of her version). After a few minor tweaks when Patrick Troughton took over from William Hartnell, the theme remained unchanged for fifteen years. Any subsequent versions for me have at best gilded the lily, and at worst have missed the whole point entirely. I was never that keen on the way Gold swamped the original bone-simple arrangement with anything he could lay his hands on from the word go: the strings and brass section altered the whole emphasis of the piece, but at least his first effort knew what it was based on. Season 4 made the percussion more prominent in the mix, and added unnecessary rock guitar and piano flourishes I couldn’t get along with. The current version does actually try and simplify things, replacing the brass with a choir, but the rhythm is just…wrong, and the visuals don’t help either.

            • Yeah I guess. I loved those titles though – I thought they were the perfect sound for that particular Doctor – rocking! lol.

            • I think there is more to the opening title scenes than meets the eye, actually…

              IF my hypothesis is correct, it is depicting the TARDIS being attacked (the lightning bolts) by the Silence, who appear to be responsible for the destruction of the TARDIS at the end of the Pandorica episode before the Doctor undos the entire time stream with the Big Bang 2…. but while he undid the damage, the Silence are still out there and I believe are still trying to destroy the Doctor and the TARDIS.

              Just another theory to be proven or disproved by the end of the season I hope! :-)

  2. Nice to see the Doctor get over stateside properly. It’s about time they paid dividends to the fans over there..

    Looking forward to it :)

  3. I haven’t watched since Tennant left the show. For me, he was the heartbeat of the doctor. I don’t know what it is about Matt, but he really turned me off of the show. I didn’t even really mind Chris as the doctor even though he looked more like a thug than the doctor with his leather coat. Matt just doesn’t do it for me. I watch the trailers and try to get interested in Matt’s Doctor. I just can’t. He seems too young and so does his companions.

  4. I’m three episodes into the Matt Smith series. He hasn’t quite grown on me yet. I’m not impressed with the new title sequences or the inside of the TARDIS. I’m too sure about Amy Pond right now either… her in and out Scottish brouge bugs me.

    I’m just not ready to like them yet. Rose accepted David Tennant so, I did too. I don’t have to accept Matt Smith. I’m really trying though. Moffat hasn’t quite impressed me yet either. I don’t know what he was thinking with his Power Ranger Daleks and the cracks are reminiscent of the Bad Wolf plot line.

    Matt Smith hits his stride by episode five so I’m told. I’ll have to hang on till then. I really, really want to like him. I just can’t figure him out. I can’t even call him the Doctor yet. He just doesn’t feel like it to me.

  5. Having frown up in SoCal in the late 70’s/early 80’s, Tom Baker was the 1st doctor I was exposed to and until Tennant he was my fav.

    I later became aware of the other Doctors [1-3, 5-7] and have been watching since the ’05 restart.

    To me the problem with Matt Smith’s tenure so far is that his stories have been rather weak, including the X-Mas Special [the worst of the Christmas specials so far-with The Christmas Invasion being the best followed by The End of Time,Voyage of the Damned, The Next Doctor, The Runaway Bride].

    In order to not have the 11th Doctor not be the 1st or 2nd shortest invountary tenured Doctor [before/after Colin Baker], Moffat better pick up the slack in Series 32 or Smith may not be long for the T.A.R.D.I.S.

    Expanding the character of River Song was a great idea, the Pandorica was not, although that is a tie with “The Hungry Earth”/”Cold Blood”.

    But at least the special still had the obligatory Douglas Adams reference.

  6. Matt Smith is great as The Doctor! I liked David Tennant loads, but, his Doctor was far too human and was is in danger of becoming a charicature towards the end, he loved Rose (which is far enough) but the Doctor should never have been like that and they took it too far.
    Matt Smith’s Doctor is very alien, rude and at times not very nice.

    As for Amy, well, I’m seriously in love with her.

  7. I haven’t disliked any of the new Doctors. I really liked the darker shades that Eccleston brought to the character and the authority. I understand why Tennant is so massively popular. He’s easily the most accessible Doctor – especially to people that have never watched the show before. And listen, I think Tennant is a great actor and that he’s going to be a big, big star. But he really played to the cheap seats A LOT. When he was angry he was ANGRY. When he was crazy he was CRAZY. To me it always felt a little forced. It was bordering on schtick. Overall I still really enjoyed him and when he pops up halfway through his debut episode it’s one jaw-dropping moment after another until the credits roll. But once he settled into the part I thought he had tendency to oversell all of the character’s eccentricities.

    Which is why I really like Smith. It all feels so much more genuine to me. He still looks insanely young, but I love the mad scientist quality he brings to The Doctor. I know a lot of fans are having trouble accepting someone other than Tennant in the role, but I think Smith is acting circles around him.

    And I liked the Christmas special. Not nearly as much as the better episodes of the past season, but it was a refreshing change of pace from another Doctor saving Earth story.

    I know Moffat’s approach isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But it really reminds me of what I loved about the show when I was a little kid watching it with my dad.

  8. Like the exterior of the Tardis, or the voice modulation of the Daleks , the Dr Who theme music should have stayed true to series one…

  9. Of course I’m talking about Series One, with Christopher Eccleston.

    That opening theme nailed it!!!!!!!!!!

      • A better “cleaned-up” version. I’ve rattled on about this before (more than once), but not even Orbital with every piece of software known to mankind managed to recreate this…

  10. yeeee another season

  11. matt smith is my favorite as well
    i thought i was alone

  12. THE DOCTOR HAS A BEARD!!!!!!!!!

    Why is this?

  13. I really REALLY REALLLLY loved David Tennant as The Doctor, and he’ll always be my favorite. I thought he really nailed how to BE The Doctor. Needless to say, I was disappointed when he left and was replaced by Matt Smith. However, I am a fan of Doctor Who and I decided to give Smith a chance. He’s grown on me as The Doctor, and I really like the Amy Pond character too. In fact, she might be my favorite companion since the revamping of the show in ’05. I enjoyed the christmas special, alot. I thought it was a nice change from the whole “End of the World” stuff they’ve done in the past. I’m looking forward to season 6!!

  14. Amy Pond is so bad.

  15. I didn’t care much for the weird version of the christmas carol. I prefer my holiday specials to be traditional, warm and gooey. WHile sci-fi is pretty much acceptable for almost all times of the year, I hope they spare christmas :)