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When the highly anticipated Doctor Who season 6 return episode, entitled “Let’s Kill Hitler,” begins, it’s hard to hold back the unenthusiastic shock as an awkwardly presented storyline, wrapped in a ridiculous premise, serves to present the audience with the notion of begrudgingly accepting what’s occurring, all while second-guessing their commitment to the series.

Fortunately (and thankfully), this fallacy of uninspired contrivances lasted but a mere fraction of the episode, as the (hopefully) planned ruse made way for brilliant and original storytelling, rich character development, as well as shocking revelations that one can expect from a series with a proven pedigree.

With Rory and Amy returned to their normal timeline, a beautifully composed tracking shot of the childless couple speeding through a cornfield to an open area containing the TARDIS briefly elicits compelling thoughts of impending plotlines. Unfortunately, as a sports car containing Amy and Rory’s “long-time” friend (who was never previously mentioned), Mel, bursts onto the scene, all notions of a cryptic meaning to the episode title quickly disappeared as a ridiculous flashback, a threat of a gun pointed at the Doctor, and a boisterous command of “Let’s Kill Hitler” from the ever unfamiliar Mel brought on a feeling of dread regarding what the rest of the episode might entail.

A jump back to Berlin in 1938 introduces us to the presumed alien threat for the episode, the Teselecta. With revelations of a transformative body manned by miniature beings, the intent is clear that the ridiculous quest for righting the wrong of Hitler’s history by the nefarious Mel will be circumvented by the robotic aliens driven by their assumed good intentions.

A crash into Hitler’s office, an awkward introduction, and an extraterrestrial showdown involving the master of the Third Reich leads to the most satisfying turnaround of the year: this episode has nothing to do with Hitler. Aside from a episodic title mention and quip from the Doctor telling Rory to “take Hitler and put him in the cupboard,” all of the fan speculation regarding the title of the Doctor Who season 6 return episode appears to have been wasted. Though as the true story begins to unfold, one hardly cares about past expenditures of fanatical hypothesizing.

doctor who lets kill hitler 2 570x320 Doctor Who Season 6 Lets Kill Hitler Review & Discussion

A shot fired from the Teselecta – aimed at Hitler, but striking Mel – reveals the brilliantly missing bookend to the story of River Song. As Mel lay dying, her arms begin to glow – like that of a Time Lord. An announcement that Mel is actually short for Melody exposes the truth that Amy and Rory’s daughter has been acting as their best friend for the majority of the couple’s life – including helping Amy progress past her notion that Rory is a homosexual. With that, Mel regenerates into her most familiar form – River Song.

Unfortunately, a Back to the Future moment telling the story of an offspring helping to secure the future of their family is not what’s in the cards. Since Melody was raised with the goal of killing the Doctor, her intent stays true – even if Melody has now regenerated into River Song’s appearance. A kiss on the lips with a bit a poison and the Doctor’s life is whittled down to but a mere 31 minutes (He’ll be dead in 32 minutes, says young Amelia Pond).

What follows the death strike by the clueless River Song is nothing short of brilliant storytelling. With so much information competently presented, the ability to completely recite exactly what all was revealed would be complicated at best. To sum it up, everything was revealed. From the biggest questions regarding River Song’s evolution, to the passing wonderings about whether or not plot holes were created with the execution of this story. If there were any doubts regarding Steven Moffat’s ability to continue his largely regarded brilliance as the executive producer, and head writer of  Doctor Who, this episode most certainly puts things to rest.

doctor who lets kill hitler 1 570x320 Doctor Who Season 6 Lets Kill Hitler Review & Discussion

While it can certainly be said that the surprising shift in the actual presented story could be a sign of sloppy storytelling, one could hardly fault Moffat for advertising one select adventure and then, in actuality, delivering something more fantastically wonderful than what was expected.

Since there have been a few episodes of Doctor Who season 6 that have been somewhat below the expectations of the series’ many fans, it may be easier for fans to initially respond negatively to the roller coaster of emotional storytelling. That being said, whatever lingering resentment may have remained following the summer hiatus should absolutely be absolved at the conclusion of tonight’s episode.


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  1. Awesome episode. One of Moffat’s finest. This season will be epic.

  2. This episode blew my mind! Moffat is at it again, only leaving us guessing what could happen next. Can’t wait until next week.

  3. A great episode with a few nice questions still hanging about (if melody kills the doctor in an earlier regeneration, why did she try again in this episode??) that suggests more to the story maybe for a nice finale ;)

    And yeah the whole transfer of regenerations thing answers why tennent didnt detect the ‘time lord’ in river when they meet so loved that :D

    Hafta say bit dissapointed that we’ll not see any/much more early melody and the whole ‘melody is part time lord’ arc was over wayyy sooner than I would have liked.

    Great episode tho – always great!

  4. Riotously written, well directed, lively performances from all. Took some guts to use Hitler as a total red herring, and Moffat can certainly never be accused of being boring or predictable.

    The Teselecta “antibodies” though: I’m not getting why anyone would build a vehicle that keeps its own crew under constant threat of death.

    • Dentist,
      Those antibody bots were probably requested by the same minds who commisioned the ship, and who decided that “time travel has. . . resposibilities”, and that that meant “lets go punish dead ppl”. Obviously heavy-handed authoritarians who take themselves too seriously. That whole ship was a recipe for disaster!
      What I don’t get is why Amy tested it on herself first, tho likely the second screwdriver use turned off all the other units in the ship, Rory’s included.

  5. Not to be mean, but this episode left me wanting aLLLOOOOTttt more . Anyone else remember the thrills of doctor’s 9, and 10 . Well I do, and only 3 or 4 episodes during Moffet’s reign have left me satisfied. Not to say there weren’t duds in the previous take ( Dalak’s in Manhattan)

    Every episode this season is sold as being “SUPER EPIC”, it makes me miss some gold old fun Doctor Who episodes, where one might actually contemplate what would happen if Hitler was killed????

    If an episode is called let’s kill Hitler, then there should defintely by some Nazi Hunting.

    Plus, River Song felt totally wedged into this episode. Granted Moffet probably had this planned a year ago,but the selling of the character to me was again disappointing. I keep being told ” LOOK how Awesome She Is, Don’t You like River , LOOK She is just like the Doctor ” . That’s cute and all, but at no point am I given real emotional reason to care that she is ” just like the Doctor”. Having her be Pond’s kid does help, but spraying melody with insta-Song doesn’t do much for character growth and development. Prove to me that this woman is amazing enough for the Doctor to fall in Love with and even give his true name to. Rose got a love you from the Doctor, but even she didn’t get the name part.

    Do any of you think she is a better companion than Rose?????

    Again one more episode where nothing WHO is left Sacred. Kingston ( bless her ) is pushed to be this character we are expected to love without any valid seen reason. And worse, she is pushed into an episode where we are supposed to be hunting Nazi’s. UGGHHHHH, it almost makes me wish for the end of Doctor 10 season 2, where everyone just has to believe in Fairies…..err, I mean the Doctor ; so that the Day may be saved.

    • yeah I agree. :( when I heard the episode was lets kill Hitler I didn’t want them to use Hitler but after seeing what they did I now wish they had. It could of worked better and everything with River feels wedged in. Its all to obv that Moffit is making up her story as he goes along and I’m sorry but are we to just assume that her lipstick is not only powerful enough to kill the doctor yet not harm her but also powerful enough to stop him regenerating? And are we to assume that just because she works out shes river song she turns good? NOO thats too easy. the River from the first episode she was in was more than the character will ever be now. if she had to be trying to kill the doctor they could of atlest had her do it for several more episodes and add a better reason for her to change. And they could stop making every episode about her.

      ALSO the doctor would not let the baby Melody be kept away from her parents (who don’t seem to care) the 9th and 10th doctors you know would never of stopped so why does Matt’s give in so easily? Gahh I think i just watch the show in the hope it will get better now.

    • Moffat isn’t quitting. At least one more season, as the story he set up isn’t goin to be over.

    • Pete, 9 and 10 flipped over Rose because 9 was in a bleak emotional state and she pulled him out of it.
      River gets under the Dr’s skin. because she can keep him off balance, which is something few ppl can do.
      The story arc IS rushed, but slower arcs won’t survive a modern mass audience, raised on sound bytes. The days of 6 slow episodes to complete ONE episode worth of story are long gone.
      As to the name of the ep meaning we are supposed to be hunting Nazis. . . I’m glad it wasn’t abt that, given we have so much else to take care of here!

  6. The whole tiny people in a robot thing started to make me think that i need to go back calling this a stupid cheesy show but it worked so well after they locked Hitler in the closet. This episode was great!

  7. I’m probably in the minority here, but to me the whole episode was a mess.

    As par of the course for a Doctor Who, there’s a lot of action, shouting, plot twist, scene jumps and tons of music. Everything was thrown in to give that feel as if something epic is happening. yet you just end up wondering exactly what is happening.

    It did come as a disappointment, the direction this episode went. The title itself promised a bold concept and I’d imagined a few viewers would’ve been confused in how events played out. A more appropriate title would’ve been ‘River’s Reckoning’ or even better ‘Land Of Confusion’ as that what what this episode is.

    I must then ask if Screen Rant can provide a preview for every episode as it’s summary makes a hell of a lot more sense that the actual episode itself. Then I would know where I’m at before watching the show.

    Just wish the show would just slow down a bit, and focus more on telling a coherent storyline. Next week’s episode looks like it will be a lot better though.

    • I agree. I actually think id of rathered a slower paced episode that focus’s on the characters. I mean “Let’s kill Hitler” now thats a statement to make. I mean if the whole episode was centred on his death and the dilema of they must save him to preserve history it would be a really interesting episode. The doctor wouldn’t really want to save him knowing what he has done and it would show him struggling to do what he must do and what he wants to do and also you’d see how the characters of Amy and Roary behave when they disagree with the doctor and try to kill Hitler too. Idk just anything would of been better than the episode they gave us

  8. Hey Pete – we get it. You loved Rose Tyler/Russel Davies/David Tennant. The point is Doctor Who is about change – Russel Davies and David Tennant CHOSE to move on. They weren’t kicked out. And if you read up on Russel Davies thoughts – he LOVES the new stuff Moffat is producing. I have a lot of respect to Davies for bringing the show back, but Moffat is doing an excellent job too.

    And yes, I do think River Song is an amazing character.

  9. Ok, I’m with the minority here. This episode left me feeling very underwhelmed. With a title like “Let’s Kill Hitler” I didn’t really know what to expect. I think that there were some funny lines in this episode and I absolutely love the Rory character, but nothing about the River Song character came as a real shock.

    When the sports car arrives in the field, everyone figures that it’s River, but out pops the new character Mels. Odd, but whatever. When they start doing the flashbacks and you see this girl’s seeming obsession with Amelias “imaginary friend” you start to catch on as to who she really is. So when the regeneration takes place, it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. The rest of the episode seems to be about answering questions. “River was raised to kill the Doctor.” “River Song IS the one who kills the Doctor.”… Ok, that was pretty much hinted at in “Flesh and Stone” and earlier in this season as well.

    One thing that I found odd was how this woman, brain-washed from birth to kill the doctor, could suddenly change her mind as she’s watching him die. That was a giant flip in a matter of seconds. Also, why are Rory and Amy so content with letting their daughter go? Yes they have to preserve the timeline and they did get to grow up with her, but it’s not the same as raising their child. Hopefully those emotions will be dealt with later in the season.

    I love Doctor Who, but this was a “meh” episode for me. Next week looks pretty interesting, though.

    • i agree :)

  10. “A shot fired from the Teselecta – aimed at Hitler, but striking Mel”

    Other way around — it was Hitler aiming at the Teselecta that shot Mels.

  11. This episode was so much better than the mid-series break. I almost think this episode should have been the mid-series break. But this was a great episode to start on! There’s still a lot about river we don’t know and I want to know. When does she kill the doctor, and does she actually kill him. I still don’t know if she’s the person in the suite. I’m guessing another crucial plot twist is coming, since the Doctor
    knows who is in the astronaut suit.
    However, I am a tiny bit disappointed in that I was hoping the Doctor was going to be able to meet up and fall in love with a younger looking river. I love Alex Kingston just thought it would have been cool for the Dr to gain a new assistant, maybe a River that didn’t know him well and they can get to know each other while they travel the universe.
    Still this episode made up for most of part one being rather disappointing…and the new coat is ace.

  12. After the episode I thought about the title and it made a lot of sense on a slightly deeper level. The Doctor is exactly like Hitler to all those alien races who fear him and to those who trained River to kill him

  13. The title was a classic Moffat misdirection surely done because of the inevitable “fanatical hypothesizing” that he knew would occur over the extended break. Those that expended their energies this way should not feel disappointed but rather appreciate the joke, even though it was on them.

    The episode was a mental roller coaster – watching Doctor Who has been added to the list of activities not to do while drunk, along with riding a motorbike, tuning a guitar and applying for a job, among others. A couple more viewings while sober this morning and everything fell into place.

    I loved the jokes peppered throughout, from the opening scene when the Doctor asks Mels,
    “Why don’t I know you? I danced with everybody at the wedding. The women were brilliant. The men were a little (pauses) shy.”

    I found the combination of the unreliable identification wristbands for the Teselector’s crew and its polite robot ‘antibodies’ absolutely hysterical. “Welcome. You are unauthorised. You will feel a tingling sensation then you will die.”

    Then faced with the most infamous war tyrant in history, there is the farce of the Doctor telling Rory “go and put Hitler in the cupboard”.

    It was a stroke of genius that Melody was named after herself, that her parents and she all grew up together as best friends and that she was instrumental in bringing her parents together romantically so that she could be conceived!

    One question raised by this episode that I have seen anyone touch upon is that Melody Pond (not River Song) is described by one of the crew of the Teselecta as the biggest war criminal ever and suggesting that Hitler was small fry in comparison. This seems to imply being more than just the murderer of the Doctor when she was a toddler. Something tells me we will be seeing more of River Song before too long.

    Thoroughly enjoyable, funny and mind-bending.

  14. Have we pointed out that the Teselecta didn’t shoot at Hitler. Hitler shot at the Teselecta.

  15. I didn’t get why River called the Dr. Benjamin

    • That was a Mrs. Robinson line in the Graduate Benjamin was Dustin Hoffmin’s charactor.

  16. I really enjoyed the episode but got annoyed when everyone, including all the way through confidential on three after, kept calling the field Corn when it is clearly not. or is corn not the 7 foot high bright yellow stuff that people hide in in every other TV series.


    • LMAO Steve – someone’s had his Shredded Wheat today!

    • Steve, in Britain ‘corn’ means wheat or barley, not maize.

  17. Benjamin is a reference to The Graduate, and wheat is called corn in England (corn is “maize”).

    • No – I am in England and wheat is definitely called wheat and Corn is called Corn.
      Someone is just getting it wrong in all the reviews/programs.


  18. Contrary to many opinions here, I have to say that this is the episode that made me “Ok, I really don’t like River Song. I wish Moffat had never started this lame storyline. Compared to the brilliance of earlier seasons, this stuff is dreck!

  19. Ok so after giving the episode some further thought I am LESS overwhelmed and not more. I DO let moffet off on the whole mis-direction thing with hitler story, it was a good move and also the Teselecta crew mentioned they were 2 years early even then so we may yet get a revisit to the hitler storyline ;)

    Definitely agree with those who thought river was ‘wedged in’ to this episode – i DEF felt that also which is a BIG no if you consider that the river song arc is one that moffet has been working on since Doc 10!! He slacked off there, it could have been truly great!!

    And am really so unhappy with how rushed the whole episode felt and especially with the ending of rivers regenerations so soon! I do believe Moffet wanted an episode with as much regeneration SFX in it as he could just to say he did and was the first! Well over rushed, that one!!

    One last point! The Doctor uses a graduate reference in rivers FUTURE and his PAST!! so HER poping another one in here goes completely against any idea of continuity to that past reference (maybe a “they are ment to be moment’ tho ;))

    Still good – could have been MUCH better!!

  20. Also – The Doctor NEVER uses the ‘Doctor who?’ running joke – This was always what made it funny!!

    Sometimes I think moffett is taking wayyyy too many liberties with the Dr Who cannon!!

    • I’m wondering if the 1st question “hidden in plain sight” is. . .
      “Dr. WHO?”
      River gained 10′s trust way back in “Silence in the Library” SPECIFICALLY because she knew the answer to that question. . .

    • Actually, the canon very specifically says he DOES use that line. In the second DW epidode back in 1963, “The Cave of Skulls”, the Dr is referred to as “Dr. Foreman”, to which he responds, “Eh? Dr. Who?!?”

  21. A.J. said “Contrary to many opinions here, I have to say that this is the episode that made me “Ok, I really don’t like River Song.””

    I think it is because that this is the first time, in the Doctor’s timeline not ours, that he had met Amy & Rory’s child. He didn’t know who ‘Mels’ was until she started regenerating and told all. This gave the Doctor enough time to prepare for his potential murderer. The consequences still had to be played out with River. Hence she was a ‘pre-programmed’ killer and not particularly likeable to the viewer, although she had some funny lines. The Doctor’s life depended upon turning her around which he did quite calculatingly. We didn’t see enough of the converted River to like her in the end.

    Overall, I agree it was all too fast. The story would perhaps have been more satisfying and convincing had it been a two-parter.

    There is an implied great love affair, if not marriage, of the Doctor and River. All we have seen so far are the two opposite ends time-wise, where one doesn’t the other particularly well. There must be a middle to this sandwich. Moffat created River Song and I expect we will see their joint story run intermittently for quite some time.

    I also think that River is a great character but that I need a PhD in Doctor Who to keep up with their opposite timelines and the consequences!


  22. I can’t stand River Song. Or Rory, for that matter. I wish they’d both kick off and leave Amy and The Doctor (and their chemistry) ALONE so that they could sail off to new adventures. As it is, this show’s starting to get too plotty for me.

    • We don’t want excess chemistry tween Amy and the Dr. That’s one of the primary things that made the 2005-2009 seasons so fail: they weren’t proper Dr. Who. Rory helps keep the show on track by keeping the Dr. “honest”, w/respect to Amy. No more Roses, please, even if her holo did make an appearance this time around.
      Besides, Rory is comic relief and actually might have a plot of his own hidden ans on the way; a lot of questions abt him if you think abt it.

    • We don’t want excess chemistry tween Amy and the Dr. That’s one of the primary things that made the 2005-2009 seasons so fail: they weren’t proper Dr. Who. Rory helps keep the show on track by keeping the Dr. “honest”, w/respect to Amy. No more Roses, please, even if her holo did make an appearance this time around.
      Besides, Rory is comic relief and actually might have a plot of his own hidden and on the way.

    • We don’t want excess chemistry tween Amy and the Dr. That’s one of the primary things that made the 2005-2009 seasons so fail: they weren’t proper Dr. Who. Rory helps keep the show on track by keeping the Dr. “honest”, w/respect to Amy. No more Roses, please, even if her holo did make an appearance this time around.

    • Had to spilt reply as was too long!
      Not exaclty in love w/River here either, but Alex at least makes her fun. They need to resolve her arc sooner rather than later (the TARDIS is the Dr’s wife, after all!), imo, but that arc is tied to the overall plot, so at least there is some purpose in it. Plus, she already HAS been killed off! Just a matter of running out of lead-up stories to it.

      • Just because she used up her regenerations (and I don’t think for a second that the writers wouldn’t find a way around that if they felt the need) does not mean that her death is any way close to happening soon. She is a full-blown Time Lord. She could have been over a thousand years old in the library. I think this creates an interesting twist.

        • Well, we know that Dr. 1 was only 200 or so, and he “died” of old age. How much of River’s life we actually see will owe more to popularity and Moffat, with a nod to how long the makeup dep’t can keep her “as is”, than to plot logic (which is apparently infinitely flexible).

          • I think the rules have changed. If you remember from the Impossible Astronaut the doctor ages 1000 years and looks the same. so i guess that river could infact live as long.

            • He didn’t age 1000 yrs; he had only aged 200 since Amy last saw him. , He simply was a bit over 1100 yrs old at the time. That is, however, after 10 regenerations, and possibly some other, unknown factor. Divide 1100 by 11 (11 incarnations), and you get a wee lad of 100, relatively speaking.
              Note that the “Night Terrors” Dr. *may* have implied that he was already 1000+, when he said to George; “When I was your age, about… oh… a thousand years ago…”

  23. Liked it. But continue to be baffled by the point of amy’s title intro (for newbs) to convoluted plots that challenge veteran fans. Look forward to seeing how Moff tidies up this Escheresque storyline.

  24. I think seasons 5 +6 have been way more compelling than a lot of what came before, with RTD. Not that I don’t love the earlier doctors, because I do, and not that Moffat never drops the ball, cuz he does. But PLOT IS GOOD. And they don’t always handle it great this season (although the first two episodes were KILLER). But Moffat you have to be in for the long-haul, with. We’re still waiting for some of the payoff and answers and that’s way more interesting to me that getting stand-alone episodes.

    I for one, ADORE River Song. She’s bad-ass, and I’d watch as show full of her. Love Amy. Love the Doctor. Love Jack. Love 10 and 9.

    I, for one, kind of hate Rose, and really hate Rory. Why do so many people love him? Perhaps moreseo, I hate Amy and Rory together. No, there’s no one else I think they should be with, but they are not right for each other. And stop trying to make Rory a bad-ass. HE’S A NURSE, LET HIM BE A NURSE.

  25. One question i’ve been asking is River’s use of her regens to revive the Doctor. The question is were they all used to revive him or did they transfer to The Doctor. So that once Matt Smith dies and has a final 13th regen, we can in fact have 11 or 10 more?

    • I’m assuming they will be able to use River giving up her regens so that the doctor can continue on, but I’m hoping we don’t really see this until a need for a regen pass the 13th Doctor. Flashbacks/tie ins are always fun. :)

      • Moff hinted at giving the Dr. more lives in a “cheeky” way, and it seems likely this was it.

  26. So many interesting comments.

    I like the episode yet……
    Well it still was a very interesting show. I was hoping for a young River Song that was a programed killer without her active persona involved.

    I would also say it felt rushed. This one should have been split up to give us time to get on board the roller coaster ride. Moffet did a great job but too much too quickly.


  27. I don’t understand why people would say this episode was good. I like Amy Pond and the new Doctor is ok, but the story was nonsense. I do feel sorry for the people who make Dr Who because the formula of being able to travel to any time or place makes it the most promising thing on TV and therefore bound to disappoint. The people who make Dr who now have no excuse, anyone, anyone at all could come up with a better way to kill an alien than pressing a button. Russell T Davies has got a lot of credit for reinventing Dr Who but I think if it was released by anyone it would have done well. The concept is so good it is almost impossible to make it terrible. But RTD did turn Dr Who into a load of nonsense; he managed to make it bad. Dr Who dies by kissing Billie Piper, they then have to explain why this would kill someone. Then David Tennant dies by pressing a button in a box after escaping countless more elaborate deaths (probably by pressing a button). The show is full of anticlimaxes as the Daleks are flushed away by a pulling a lever or the stone angels are flushed away by pressing a button or any other alien creatures are killed because they only have five minutes left so they press a button on a console. I think the cyber men were killed by pressing several buttons into a mobile phone. Now the new Dr Who gets nearly killed by being kissed again. River being shot with a gun was only original by Dr who standards but as old as the wheel, or at least guns. There is no point worrying about the death of Dr Who because Amy Pond only needs to remember him really hard for him to come back from the dead anyway. I like the episodes with the creepy silence and the stone angels but they are rare. I keep watching in the hope there is more of that. I like Dr Who the concept; I don’t like most of the writing. If after coming up with a couple of good ideas they should really just let someone else have a go because there is a lot of life left in Dr Who. It is screaming obvious that Stephen Moffit is just making things up as he goes along. When we were introduced to River Song Moffit had no idea who’s daughter she was. When song met Amy pond and Rory for the first time she was only interested in talking to Dr Who because they had not made up that she was Amy’s daughter yet. I don’t really have much of a problem that they make it up as they go along. Like they made up ‘let’s kill Hitler’ and then decided to just do another story. I just think better writers would have more planning. I don’t care who River Song is and I groaned when they announced it was Amy’s daughter. A woman posing with machine guns was done in the seventies, eighties and nineties and when River Song does it, it is just tired, unoriginal and offensive that they are getting paid to write this. In the seventies such a caricature could be mistaken for an empowering representation of women but now it is transparent exploitation and not very interesting either.

    • Agree!

    • I so agree. I mean Moffit has wrote some good episodes, like “the girl in the fire place” but its like give him control and he runs wild like a kid with a toy. He focuses now on adding on going plots with River and extravagant nonsense, like the crop circles of the doctors name had no point, and Mels was new and it was all too rushed and most of his episodes are. The reason River worked as a character in silence in the library was because she and the doctor had a history we didn’t know and they could of gone in any direction but they chose to go in the most obvious and boring direction possible. They still haven’t even wrapped up the whole pandorica episode from series 5 and Moffit constantly does this whole the doctors going to die in the end of the series thing. NO HE IS NOT. we all know the actors are signed on so why focus on something we know will not happen? Focus on the plots, how does he survive? ect. I’m willing to bet the Doctor that died on the beach in episode one of series 6 was his double ganger. I hope its not, I’d like a twist but so far there has been no twists. I think moffit is an okay writer but when it comes to heading the series we need someone better, I don’t want to see the whole lets do this for the hell of it and screw its purpose to the plot we’ll forget about it and save the day by pressing a button plot or ohh look one more dalek got away and brought back/made a new dalek army, I want to see something original, something that adds to the series rather than disappointing. Plus considering the TARDIS can fly through time and space they seem to only ever fly through time these days, nearly EVERY episode is on earth or a space station

    • Like

    • Disagree. Moffat has things planned out well in advance, even having to keep Alex K. (River) from giving away info to the rest of the crew because he had to tell her some of the plot ahead of time so she knew how to play her role better. Ppl accused Moff of bad editing in Flesh and Stone when the Dr showed up w/his coat on after having lost it, but it was part of the plan, as we saw later. One of the things I like about Moff is that hw DOES gave a plan, whereas Davies’s plans were fairly off the cuff.
      As to the various pushbutton deaths, keep this in mind as to why previous incarnations died:
      Dr. 1: just too dang old
      Dr. 2: button pushed by Time Lords when he ticked them off.
      Dr. 3: radioactive cave
      Dr. 4: basically fell off a scaffold
      Dr. 5: poisoned
      Dr. 6: essentially, just bumped his head on the TARDIS console (seriously, that’s basically what he did).
      Dr. 7: killed by accident BY AN AMERICAN DOCTOR. In an American movie. Cue massive irony.
      Dr. 8: unkown reason.
      Dr. 9: absorbed entire vortex via a kiss (a good reason for the Dr. To stay celibate).
      Dr. 10: stupid plot contivance so poorly thought out that it can only be described as Davies’s original stated intent to “drop a radioactive piano” on 10′s head.
      So. . . Aside from 10.. The method of death was never that odd, and 9′s death was actually sort of creative.
      BTW, the Weeping Angels weren’t a pushbutton death; in both cases, they basically killed themselves.

  28. As with most of the episodes since Moffat took over, I feel like I may have to re-watch the episode. There’s so much timey-wimey stuff going on, it really does make your headspin. I loved the whole Mel-is-River bit, and it almost explains *why* we’ve never heard of this character before. If we’re thinking of time in a linear fashion for Amy & Rory. Ok, now my head hurts again. The Hitler bit was a touch contrived, but altogether enjoyable. As zany as this episode was though, I would like to see a little more emotional weight for poor Amy & Rory who have apparently given birth to a brainwashed killer, who, even now, is obsessed with the Doctor.

  29. I’m really intrigued by the religious concepts and allusions in the episode, which presumably lay the groundwork for major themes that will run through the rest of the season. I don’t just mean the idea of the Silence as a religious order, but also a group of people going around to “give hell” to war criminals. Lots of interesting stuff to think and talk about, as always!