‘Doctor Who’ Season 6 ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ Plot Revealed

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doctor who season 6 a good man goes to war Doctor Who Season 6 Lets Kill Hitler Plot Revealed

The September return of Doctor Who may be months away, but the episode description for the highly-anticipated conclusion to the season 6 spring finale has just been revealed.

When we last left The Doctor (Matt Smith), Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill), River (neigh Melody) Song (neigh Pond) had revealed that she is, in fact, Amy and Rory’s daughter from the future. With the illusive Kovarian making away with the infant pond, the Doctor sets out to rescue her.

Picking up where that episode left off, the September return of Doctor Who, titled “Let’s Kill Hitler,” is leaving many wondering what exactly is going to happen next – and what it has to do with Melody Pond.  The episode description, discovered by the always resourceful Doctor Who News page, was attached to a scheduled screening of this episode at the annual Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival – an event made up of select influential television industry figures.

You can read the episode description below:

In the desperate search for Melody Pond, the TARDIS crash lands in 1930s Berlin, bringing the Doctor face to face with the greatest war criminal in the Universe. And Hitler. The Doctor must teach his adversaries that time travel has responsibilities – and in so doing, learns a harsh lesson in the cruelest warfare of all.

With very little in terms of revelation, the entirety of the episode description lends itself to almost endless speculation from the series’ dedicated fanbase – something that will surely occur.

Considering the episode includes Hitler, and someone else described as the greatest war criminal in the Universe, one can only guess who exactly that would be. Since Kovarian is not in the 1930s with Melody, it’s going to take some next-level Doctor Who encyclopedic knowledge to figure out what baddy this could be referring to – unless it’s a completely new creation from Stephen Moffat.

You can view the “Let’s Kill Hitler” teaser trailer below:

If we combine this episode description with the teaser trailer…. We still get nothing. BUT – someone has to die. If one would like to speculate on who exactly is going to die, the general sentiment has to be that it’s going to be Rory. Even though the hand is holding the sonic screwdriver, one has to consciously fall back on the previous River Song (Alex Kingston) revelation that she killed a very good man – something that she specifically refers to Rory as.

We’ll have to wait to see if River Song ends up killing someone, or if the body is actually The Doctor’s. Until then, it’s up to the fans to figure out what’s going on. So, have at it!

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Doctor Who returns in September on BBC and BBC America

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Source: Edinburgh International Television Festival (via: Doctor Who News Page)

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  1. Sorry but I can’t resist. I like your website and the article is nicely put together however I can hardly type this because I am still laughing so much. All this time and I didn’t know that getting married involved horses!!!!

    • A closet Brony maybe? I mean Doctor Whoof/Whooves has taken off quite well with fans.

  2. Yeah, Rory’s probably gonna die. Let’s see, how many times has he been killed off so far? The first was in Amy’s Choice (killed by the Eknodines), then Cold Blood (shot by a Silurian), then Day of the Moon (“shot” by Canton), then Curse of the Black Spot (drowned), and finally The Doctor’s Wife (old age). That’s five, three of them in a row. He’s definitely going to get killed for a sixth time (and probably come back anyway!) sometime soon, and this seems like a perfect opportunity. As for the screwdriver, Rory has been trusted with it before (in The Big Bang), so who knows? Maybe the Doctor will lend it to him again.

  3. I think this article is pulling at strings in regards to the whole Rory thing. The first half of the series had the astronaut as it’s central focus within promotion. The Doctor gets killed in the first episode of that half of the series so I think it is highly likely that this promotional material is directly linked. This is much like the constant promotional material featuring the crack in time from the last series, rather than showing a single aspect from one story they are constantly reminding the audience of the on going plot. I expect the trailer is a reminder of the first episode and is foreshadowing the finale of this series where I expect (as series seven has been commissioned) The Doctors death will be prevented in some way shape or form. As for River killing a good man lets not forget the title of the last broadcasted episode (A GOOD MAN goes to war). Plus she was in the spacesuit in the first episode and it is a spaceman that kills the doctor, easy maths or red herring? I suppose there is only one way to find out.

  4. Lets do some math. 1. the little girl is amy. 2. the little girl kills the doctor in the first episode. 3. Amy says many times that she killed one of the greatest men shes ever knew. Im putting my money on the doctor . History can be changed and the doctor will not die

    • Evan, you are soooooo wrong! The little girl is NOT Amy Pond! If anything, it’s more implied that the little girl in the space suit is River Song (Melody Pond). Yes, the little girl “kills” the Doctor in the first episode. AMY HAS NEVER ONCE SAID THAT SHE KILLED ANYONE!!! River has though. Granted, you may have mixed up your sources. Do not forget that the Doctor told his Ganger that he may “survive this” when everything went down the tubes at the end of “The Rebel Flesh”. I.E. the Ganger MAY be able to regenerate and/or heal itself. We will just have to see what kind of twists that will happen.

  5. well it cant be the doctor cos they saw him die by the spacesuit with the child river inside, thats the this river ment when she said she killed a good man. so both out, and it cant be river she dies by the shadows. so it has to be rory or amy. i think amy since river didnt change her name back with means she didnt know till after she grew up…without her perents. so it make sence that both of them die sooner or later. yeah?

    but i think no one does because the doc changes it. same as his own deaf.

  6. and the little girl isnt amy its river! cos she has pictures of amy with a baby on the sideboard.

  7. Just a simple correction. It’s née, not neigh.

    “Neigh” is what horses say.

    People are born. “Né” for a man. “Née” for a woman. It’s French.

    River Song (née Melody Pond).

  8. Everyone saw River as being Amy’s baby, right? I wasn’t the only one who knew that before the finale, was I?

    • I was thinking it, but I didn’t think it’d actually happen, it seemed more of my usual speculating than something Moffet would do.

  9. I think it’s obvious the greatest war criminal in the universe is the doctor himself- so in my opinion the doctor meets his ganger again- they did state that the ganged could survive in the almost people. Also remember river song saying she had been taken our for her birthday by the doctor and that their cannot be two doctors around- I’ll bet their is

  10. Hmm…think it’s the darkness in the space suite that kills the doctor? Seems to move the same way..also it could be that

    We know how river dies…we know how the doctor dies…I don’t think rory has a skeleton at this point does he? Amy is getting a bit long in the tooth for a companion…

    Regenerated time lords don’t leave skeletons…also, the other time lord…wasn’t he around the same time period?

    • What other timelord … there is only one?

    • What other timelord? … there is only one!

      • I think he means the Master.
        He died earlier, though. I think it was when David Tennant was the Doctor?

        • No he didn’t due he went off with the other timelords

  11. okay the hand that dies has to be the doctor’s as the last time a sonic screwdriver went out was when the doctor died in the donna noble world when he drowned the light on the tip went out and it is kinda obvious that the space suit girl was melody pond and the greatest war criminal is probably a dalek or sontaran.

  12. Amy is getting long in the tooth for a companion

  13. greatest war criminal in the universe = The Master.

    • The master isn’t a war criminal, he’s just a maniac who wants to rule the world, and whenever he did, there was no war, he overtook Earth so well that no one started a war

  14. I can’t see it being rory BECAUSE she keeps referring to as a great man, and if one thing stephen moffet is fond of its red herring so I think he just wants us to think that, doctor doesn’t leave a skelington and amy Isn’t going to die yet (she is signed up for the whole season), So i just cant see who is going to die, or at least I don’t think it is going to be part of the main cast. (and rivers already died … although if anything is going to kill her twice its going to be doctor who)

  15. ok so here’s what i have compiled from different posts…
    #1= The Doctor dies in Utah on sand and not on rocks like in the trailer
    #2= Rory has been intrusted with the sonic screwdriver many times. He is given it in The Big Bang as well as A Good Man Goes to War
    #3= Amy seems to be describing the Doctor to Melody at the beginning of AGMGTW but it turns out to be Rory so could River Song also be describing Rory and not the Doctor when she says she killed the best man she’s ever known?
    #4= Is Rory the best man River Song has ever known? Certainly the Doctor isn’t from River Song’s description of him in AGMGTW. Rory Sacrificed himself several times during the 11th doctor’s time as well as waiting 2000 years for Amy in The Big Bang! Definitely sounds like a great man to me!
    #5= Amoungst Dr. Who fans the Dr and Amy are considered one of the greatest couples of all time dispite her being married and having a child. Could killing Rory off be Moffet’s way of improving the dr and Amy’s relationship (from interviews with Karen Gillan and Matt Smith we find their realtionship has changed significantly since the first half of season 6)Besides who really likes Rory besides the fact that he’s always the one ready to die?!
    #6= As to the greatest war criminal in the universe we are confronted with only 2 really possible arguements. Either the person in question is the Master who over the course of Dr. Who history has shown up only a few times or it is the dr himself which comes with it’s own set of questions. If we look closer into the 2nd possibility we have 2 new choices. Does the dr come face to face with his avatar of flesh (who would have survived the other flesh people from Almost people) or does he meet with himself in the form of the Dream Lord from Amy’s choice (who according to the dr hates him more than anyone else in the universe.) and who we learn at the end of amy’s choice is really the dr himself. Interestng thought isn’t it?
    #7= Last but not least let’s remember that the show is called Dr. Who and it cannot go on without Dr. Who! We see in The Impossible Astronaut that the Dr. does not regenerate after he is killed by whatever or whoever is in the astronaut suit but is burned (no skeleton there, just ashes!) And since there are episodes being filmed for the 2nd half of season 6 that follow Let’s Kill Hitler I assume he will live beyond that episode and it will be someone else who is killed and left as a skeleton.
    I’d like to inject just one more thought to think about =) what if the dr. we saw killed by the astronaut was actually the flesh avatar and not the real dr? If it lived why not use it one last time to save the dr’s existance and at the same time make him a hero as Moffet did before when he stayed instead of going with the dr? Afterall the dr knew what would happen to him when he sent all those messages to River,Amy,Rory, and himself so why not also scheme a plan with his flesh avatar? Just something that’s been churning in my mind…

    • * I love your post. I agree with 95% of it. The 5% I don’t agree with is about the flesh avatar. In the Almost People, we clearly see that the Doctor avatar and the other flesh that was with him died. As soon as the Flesh Doctor shoots Jennifer(as flesh) with the Sonic Screwdriver, the Doctor and the other flesh that was with him turn into that ivory colored liquid and fall to the floor. I’m not 100% sure, but pretty sure that Flesh can not come back to life after “melting”. Moffat could always change the story, so we never know what’s coming.

      *I am pretty sure that the person who will die will be Rory(did he say he would even be in Season 7?) because if you have a dad as sweet and as protective as Rory, he usually is the Greatest Man You Ever Knew. Also, a thought just hit me, the title of AGMGTW could have a double meaning, because both the Doctor and Rory are good men that fought in the war (Rory more than the Doctor in the “fighting” category), and River Song killed a good man…

      * I agree that they will try to increase the Doctor and Amy’s relationship. I was watching the Vincent and the Doctor episode and I noticed that the Doctor and Amy seem not as connected to each other now as they did in the episodes when Rory was forgotten to Amy or when he just wasn’t around. I love Rory because he’s sweet, but the Doctor and Amy are the perfect pair. IDK if they may perhaps change the storyline with River(It would be weird if your mom loved a man your in love with), but they may.

      * I also got to thinking about Melody, the missing baby, and this was an idea I thought would most definantly be in Doctor Who. At the end of AGMGTW, River tells Amy and Rory that the Doctor will find Melody and care for her. I’m thinking that the doctor will find her in the orphanage where the Silence took her to protect her as being a weapon to destroy the Doctor. This would explain River’s journal. Her and the Doctor had many adventures together and, according to the journal, there are many journal pages filled(which I don’t think mention Amy and Rory until River got older, because we must keep in mind she was in a orphanage for a reason:She didn’t know her parents or where they were at). She could have been writing in that journal since she was a young girl. Also, many inside jokes could have come from their adventures(“Hello Sweetie” could be something the doctor said to someone and she thought it was hilarious and always made fun of him for it) and, when River Song became a teenager or a young adult she most very well could have fallen in love with the Doctor. “A young handsome man who is smart and funny and knows everything about you…” is something River said to Rory or Amy , right? And the Doctor most likely would know the most about her and her life if his best friends are her parents she doesn’t even know yet. Another question though, doesn;t the Doctor always come into contact with River’s future or her past whenever he meets her? That always confuses me. If it’s the past River he always meets, meeting a little girl version of her would make the most sense.

      * Also, we must never forget the NUMBER ONE RULE in Doctor Who: TIME CAN BE REWRITTEN!!!

  16. I agree totally about the flesh but it has been circulated a lot! I think Amy and the Dr. need to at least have 1 section where they become closer than just friends… Remember that in Amy’s choice the Dream Lord tells Amy that she is in “there” refering to the dr.’s thoughts not to mention he’s been in Amy’s dreams. There are many episodes when Rory isn’t around and personally they are my favorites. We know both Amy and the Dr will be back after Let’s kill hitler because both have confessed to being brought back for season 7 not just 1 episode and I haven’t heard a thing from Rory although you can never tell.
    River does kiss the Dr. in the end of Day of the Moon and she insinuates they’ve done it before not to mention she has just come back from ice skating with the Dr. in AGMGTW. River says he will protect Melody when he finds her but this could mean as a father figure and when River is talking to Rory about her relationship with the Dr. her discription of her 1st meeting with the dr. parallel’s Amy’s and so far nothing has come of that.
    Stephen Moffat certainly has given us lots to think of but in my opinion Rory is the one who will die but after that who knows what events will be rewritten?
    The only thing I know about missing Melody that’s different from your discription is that she does know who her parents are, at least 1 of them. In Day of the Moon Amy goes into Melody’s room at the orphanage and finds a picture of herself holding baby melody (no picture of Rory though…)
    My friend lost her mother when she was about 6 in a house fire and only had 1 picture left but to this day she can tell you ever detail about her mother fromt that picture and I’m sure that Melody(child time-lord could do the same.) She doesn’t admit to knowing Amy when they 1st meet in Time of the Angels but she might be holding back as she has with the Dr.
    I can’t wait to see what the 2nd half of season 6 and season 7 hold for the Dr.,Amy,and River and possibly Rory and we only have 12 days until we find out =)

  17. I pretty much agree with the three last posts I’ve read, especially the part where Rory dies. I’m usually quite good at guessing these things (I knew River was Amy and Rory’s daughter after “The Day of the Moon” but I assumed that was too obvious especially after that scene in AGMGTW where Rory asks River to help them get Amy and Melody back from demons run.) although a strange idea occurred that maybe river was lying, I mean, is some leaf really proof? But that’s just a strange thought and there seems to be A LOT against it.

    Anyway I have another thought about the second part of series 6. I think the Silence were responsible for Amy and Rory getting together in the Vampires of Venice a bit lol now bare with me because I know it’s strange. But do you remember when they were leaving Venice right at the end of the episode? And The Doctor asked Rory what he heard and he said “All I can hear is Silence” Well what if the Silence used their creepy hypnotic suggestion thing to get them together (to which of course they forgot when they looked away), so they would have baby Melody and then be able to train her to kill the Doctor? After all why did they kidnap Amy in the first place in that shoddy TARDIS remake and tell her she would help “Bring the Silence” and that her part would soon be over (after she had given birth) PLUS we’ve been told that Amy and Rory’s relationship will be tested. Well what if it’s because they find that out? That their whole relationship and marriage was the result of the silence manipulating them? Did I mention I think the Silence are responsible for Amy being kidnapped in the first place and put on demons run? Because yeah, that’s whirling around in my crazy head.

    But yeah Rory’s a goner. At comic con Karen Gillan said she would be back for series 7, and as someone very wisely said before me you can’t have Doctor who without the Doctor PLUS matt smith’s contract goes all the way up to the Doctor Who 50th anniversay in 2013 was it? So Tara Rory.

    God if I’m wrong I’m gonna look incredibly thick lol but it’s all just something thats been in my head a while and I’m probably wrong about the Silence thing especially.

    • also, sorry about this, thats what Beth said the other day

      Ok I’m done now….wait….no I’m done!

  18. Oh and I highly doubt the greatest war criminal they’re talking about in let’s kill hitler is the Master (as awesome as that would be). I think it is either the Doctor, the flesh avatar (who I believe is the one who got shot by the astronaut) or perhaps even River Song herself ay? No one seems to be pointing the finger at her do they? And we’ve been told that she’s in the storm cage prison because she killed a good man, but who knows it could be for more as well.

    Damn you Moffat.

    • Also rory could die but will come back!

  19. Sorry one more quick thing. Does anyone remember Amy crying over the Doctors dead body on the beach just after the astronaut had shot him? Didn’t she say, and I quote –
    Amy: But maybe he’s a clone or a duplicate or something. I’ll shut up now :P

    • Yes they just put that in to tease all of us!

      Curse you moffet!

  20. For god sake, Rory isn’t going to die, Moffat isn’t that cruel (even though he is pretty god damn mean), RORY JUST HAD A KID FOR GOD SAKE! And as for the master being the greatest war criminal in the universe-
    1: John Simm hasn’t signed on for another episode of Doctor Who, in an interview he said so. And we would know in the list for the cast.
    2: HE ISN’T A WAR CRIMINAL. There is a difference between crazy dude and war criminal.
    3: He went with Rassilon and all the other time lords to time-locked Gallifrey.
    For the Doctor’s death, it could be a ganger. Even if his ganger in The Almost People is dead, the Doctor could make another one because, somehow, those guys who wanted to kill the Doctor made an ganger for both Amy and Melody. And anyway, the show is called Doctor Who for a reason, the main character is the Doctor. And, Matt Smith is doing at least another Christmas Special (hopefully he dies then and we get a new actor who is better) so the Doctor WILL NOT die.

  21. ok so here’s what I figure
    #1 it was indeed a flesh avatar that was killed on the beach in Utah.
    #2 rory will die but might be brought back again though if moffat does that I will be so done with never dying rory.
    #3 River song is who she says she is but when we have met her all we know is she has killed the greatest man she’s ever known but not when. We can’t be sure it was when she was a little girl it might have been very recent after all who can she compare the greatest man she ever met to if she’s been raised by aliens until she was stuck in the space suit
    so besides that I’m confused and it’s mainly because of the posts on this page so take a look and then let me know what u think…