‘Doctor Who': Peter Capaldi’s Official Costume Revealed

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doctor who capaldi costume closeup Doctor Who: Peter Capaldis Official Costume Revealed

The regeneration/new-Doctor process can make one feel like they’re building a puzzle. First, we saw his face by way of a gaudy TV special that announced Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor, then we got a closer look at his ferociously furry and furrowed brow in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, and then we heard the new Doctor speak – a pleasure, though he was too excited about new kidneys and confused about proper TARDIS operation to really give us anything tangible about his new persona. Sadly, we’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out who this Doctor is, but at least we now know what kind of shoes he wears.

In an amazing triumph of official releases over the scourge of grainy on-set spy photos that – let’s be honest – never do their subjects justice, the BBC has released a still photograph of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor in his new costume with nary a bow tie, scarf, decorative vegetable, or pair of trainers to be seen.

Here’s the description from the BBC:

“Sporting a dark blue Crombie coat with red lining, dark blue trousers, a white shirt as well as black Dr. Marten shoes, the look was created by Doctor Who costume designer Howard Burden.”


doctor who peter capaldi costume Doctor Who: Peter Capaldis Official Costume Revealed

It’s all rather plain and bland, isn’t it? According to Peter Capaldi, though, the Time Lord’s new look is supposed to be basic.

“He’s woven the future from the cloth of the past. Simple, stark, and back to basics. No frills, no scarf, no messing, just 100 per cent Rebel Time Lord.”

The “no scarf” comment is not going to be oh so popular with old school Whovians, but pushing that minor flap aside, both the “woven his future from the cloth of the past” remark and the “Rebel Time Lord” label are well placed little nuggets for us to ponder while we gaze upon the Time Lord’s new clothes – looking for clues because the Doctor’s costume usually says something about the character.

Look at the Doctors from the renewed Who era: Christopher Eccleston’s leather jacket and his Doctor’s tough guy loner act; David Tennant’s trainers and occasional trench coat and his Doctor’s penchant for running and dashing around like a caped crusader; and Matt Smith’s bow-tie and suspenders look, which paired nicely with his absent minded professor routine. What does this costume say about Capaldi? It’s so bare that it’s hard to theorize, but really, it’s a chicken or egg thing: do the clothes make the man (Time Lord) or does the man (Time Lord) make the clothes?

We’ll find out when Doctor Who returns this fall, but until then, feel free to let us know what you think about the Doctor’s new swag.


Doctor Who Season 8 is expected to begin airing by Autumn 2014.

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  1. Looks good to me.

  2. I like it! It’s not what I was expecting, or even hoping, but I think it works :) kind of classy and smart but not too overboard! Going overboard just to make him look distinctive is kind of pointless, I don’t think he would suit the unusual outfit of the Second, Fourth or Sixth Doctor. Although I must admit I was hoping for something along the lines of Derek Jacobi’s outfit in Utopia haha

    • You’re comment….I LIKE IT!!

  3. He looks like a Las Vegas magician.

    • Agreed, though perhaps a better way to put it would be a simplified callback to the 3rd Doctor.

  4. It looks good, I’m excited for the new Doctor. Can’t wait to see Capaldi’s take on it.

  5. LOVE IT! The flash of red is fantastic :)

  6. I like it. Of course people are going to complain about it being plain just like the nu-Who’s are going to complain about him being old, but let ’em.

  7. First…very sexy! :-) Second…I think I know what he means by “rebel”. That cardigan doesn´t match the coat at all, the trousers is too big, yet the shoes look shiny and expensive. Eccentric, show off, but also sharp and smart…like he means business. I love, it´s perfect. Also, when I saw it, I was like: “It´s the Doctor!” :-)

    • I like the trousers. They are tight at the lower leg and looser around the seat. A bit like breeches from years ago when people wore suits when horseriding without having to wear jodhpurs. His Dr Martens won’t be expensive. In fact they are the same as the 9th doctors, although possibly patent leather instead of a soft finish.

      The jacket is great. I just hope he takes it off now and then like David Tennant and Matt Smith did with theirs. It just makes it more interesting and less of a cartoon cgharacter.

      I do wish he had the nifty mustache and goaty that he is currently sporting for his role as Cardinal Richelieu because he looks really cool with it.

  8. I like it. I wonder what it would look like with a fez.

  9. Love it. The red accent is a touch of graphic genius. Now for a new screwdriver!

  10. He will be the oldest doctor! 56 ! 1 year older than the first

  11. Well, I think that outfit paired with that pose kind of makes him look like he’s taking on the persona of “The Doctor the Magician”.

  12. Although simple, still looks good! Can’t wait to see him as the new doctor. I think it was a great idea for them to go with someone older.

  13. Honestly? I was expecting this. His doctor is a Fresh doctor that doesnt have any weight on his sholders. Not running to adventure to waste time or just hanging out. He is going home. That’s it plain and simple. Gallifrey is the goal. His clothes and regenerations throughout the years have always to me symbolized where his mindset was. Now that he isnt emotionally broken and wandering around like an emo genius he can get back to who he was. Before the war. Before he ever regenerated. He can feel those years again and can now feel pride for coming this far. Which is also why I think peter is a good fit for the look. He really was an old man this whole time and its time his body matched that.

  14. Looks good! Sleek, simple and badass!

  15. I don’t like it, looks to simple and basic even if it was what they were going for.

    HAVING SAID THAT: I almost always dislike the latest editions of Who in image form. E.g new doctor’s, TARDIS’, costumes etc. When I all of these things in action however, they do QUICKLY grow on me and I love them and miss the designs when they’re gone.

    I’ll title myself a *insert swear word of your choice* for now, because I always go back on my initial dislikes on this show. Rock on Who!

  16. I hate that top button buttoned-up without a tie look that’s gotten popular lately.

  17. I’m sure this guy is a good actor and all, but I think it was a mistake on their part choosing someone so… Old. I mean for a while, at least with the last 3 doctors there’s been this type of chemistry between the passengers and the doctor like, do they have feelings for each other? And now with this older guy it’s like, is he a father figure for the passenger or what? I would have made the regeneration even younger rather then older. And he could have been like, what the hell? Kinda reversing the roles a little between doctor and passenger. And then I would have made the next regeneration older. Kinda like the whole thing is on the fritz. Then the next season if they could some how convince eccleston to come back. I would do a whole season with last 3 doctors maybe doing 4 episodes a piece. Explaining this situation with some kind of malfunction with the tardis. Going backward and forward. That way having 3 doctors in one season won’t count as regenerations. That’s what I would have done

    • I have to completely disagree with you on this. As much as I loved the younger doctors, the relationships have been the more disappointing aspect. It’s completely unnecessary to have added these love interests, when the whole goal is the adventure part. Which is why I thought Donna Noble was one of the best companions in the new generation.

      • Completely agree with you. Even though early on in NuWho it was a different and interesting aspect having a possible romance, it wore pretty thin on me with Martha swooning over the Doctor. By far Donna was my favorite companion of the new era. Fantastic chemistry. I was devastated when she left so soon, I thought Catherine and David would be together for 2 full seasons at least…
        That being said I did like the “confusion” when Clara came on board. I was not the biggest Amy fan admittedly, and I love Clara, but I felt by the time her mystery was revealed it was obvious her and Matt’s doctor were simply chums or besties if you will. I liked their dynamic and I love that the new Doctor is older. Great decision. Also I hope they continue the story of him not knowing how to fly the Tardis. Being a new life cycle was bestowed upon him by the Time Lords, and it was they who took his Tardis knowledge away upon his exile in the 3d doctors era, it makes some sense. Many interesting story possibilities… they can return for a short while to the 1st doctors “never knowing where they will land” aspect… with possibly the Time Lords controlling the Doctor’s destinations as a secret plan to return to the universe… hmm, I’m liking the idea anyway… frankly, I thought 9, 10 and 11 were always a bit too confident being able to land the Tardis on a dime so to speak.. I miss that old formula of the Doctor not quite having full control…
        Regardless, I’m looking forward to this new season more than ever before. My only wish for season 8 is to bring the Master back, and possibly borrow something else from the 3rd doctor’s era: have the Master become a recurring character… like how River Song had been used, showing up from time to time, never knowing where his allegiances lie.

        • I agree with you….yhis older doctor can really shake things up….but the previous doctors didn’t have full control of the tardis all the time. Donna was fun every now and again but i find her irritating sometimes. I loved the Amy character and specially later on that Rory came in to the picture…he went from an anoying side character to be even more watchable then Amy in the end. Proof that 2 companions can work in Doctor Who. They need to bring or make reacuring characters that you can get attached to.

          And i must be the only person that liked Rose…..lol. We now have Clara and she is actually awsome.

          • Oh dont get me wrong! I loved Rose! I even liked Martha. its just the swooning got old quick. And yes you’re right, 2 or more companions can work, in fact that is how the show started. There was 3. Ian, Barbara and Susan. and I loved Rory. him coming on board made me able to stomach watching Amy’s character.
            I actually grew to really care for Matt’s doctor (the 10th is my fave) even moreso once Amy was gone. I love Matt and Clara together. Reminds me of Chris and early David with Rose.
            And yes I know they throw in the occasional ohno the tardis is acting up scenes an thats fun, but sometimes when needed they can land anywhere anytime without fail. In the old series it was very rare if that happened. Landing was always an adventure, and going out those doors they never knew what to expect.

      • That’s just stupid. Get off the internet now.

    • Yeah, I’ll have to disagree with you on that one, my friend.
      I have been a fan of Doctor Who since the Tom Baker years began (I had no idea what the show was about back then but I loved Tom Baker’s outfit and attitude). With the 2005 reincarnation of the show – pun intended – I loved Christopher Eccleston’s take on our favorite Time Lord. Then David Tennant came in and made it his own followed by Matt Smith who REALLY made it unique. Rose was a wonderful companion because she was almost fearless and Martha was older than Rose and already an actual doctor, making her The Doctor’s intellectual human equal. Amy was younger than both (perhaps about Rose’s age or slightly older) and was kind of enjoyable to watch. BUT THE SWOONING!! I even liked Martha because even when faced with alien situations, her medical spirit kicked into gear when someone was injured. But they all swooned upon The Doctor and Amy came closest to actually sleeping with him! It was refreshing to see Donna who, initially a bit annoying to me proved to be someone who kept our Time Lord on his toes. Having said all this, here is my point: WE NEED AN OLDER DOCTOR! All these young and handsome Time Lords were good enough to reboot the series and get the younger audiences watching, but after all the swooning and flirting and glazed-over-eyes, it’s time to get The Doctor back to his roots (Peter Capaldi is the exact same age William Hartnell was when he became the very first Doctor in 1963).
      The honeymoon is over, it’s been 9 long years of romanticism. Now it’s time to get down to brass tacks. I’ve seen Peter Capaldi in other roles, and I must say, the man is wonderful. He has a presence that is simply awesome and impossible to ignore (have you seen him as Cardinal Richlieu in BBC’s The Musketeers? OMG, he OWNS his screentime like a boss!) And Clara is the perfect companion. She knows The Doctor’s history (she’s seen all his incarnations) and she’s NOT a swooner. Yes, it’s time to get back to classic Doctor Who, and I think this Doctor – who Peter Capaldi has said will be more alien, more impatient, less polite and less “user-friendly” – is READY!

  18. “Daleks. Cybermen. Weeping Angels. I’m The Doctor, I am going after Gallifrey and I do not like the colour of my kidneys. So get out of the way!”

  19. Imagine the doctor to be a little kid/teenager/ or something like it, the more i think about the more i like the idea 😀 That guy is a bit old, but he’s a good actor.

  20. So he’s dressed like a member of a late 70s/early 80s ska band like Madness or The Specials then?


    I used to dress like that myself in my dad’s old black Crombie in my mid teens slightly over a decade ago (when I wasn’t sporting denim over leather jackets and jeans lol).

  21. Doc Martens? So from this time forth to be known as Doctor Martens? 😉

    Yup, I do like the new costume. Very classy

    For the folks complaining about the age factor… About time they had an older fellow playing the part. How about the John Hurt version as the War Doctor as that worked great.

  22. I am…the magician.

  23. The wonderful thing about the regeneration process is the mystery of finding out who/how/what this man is going to be next. The costume is subtle, yet shows a dash of spice to it.

    Kinda like The Doctor – there’s always subtext.

    Well done, and can’t wait to see Mr Capaldi, in costume, in action.

  24. The top half s really going for classy but still with lots of style and the lower end i really like an adventurer. It Time Lord fashion meets Indiana Jones…I LIKE IT. Now for the new sonic screwdriver, a new Tardis interior and a catchfrase or word.

    • New Sonic. YES. (Cant wait to add the toy to my collection lol). New interior. NO. God please no. Sorry, but I love the new interior, and they just introduced it halfway thru Season 7 so its here to stay at least for another season. Some may not like it, but any classic long term Whovian i think should like it. In my opinion its a perfect blend of the classic old console rooms from the past with a bit of tech and flash thrown in from the new era. But they need to bring back the circles though. haha. even though the doctor didnt know what they were for, I do. They offered lighting, and at times access to the ships systems and wiring. they were lights/powerpanels. The 6th doctor once accessed one to repair the Chameleon circuit, if i remember correctly…

      • I got caught up in my own words….i totaly forgot that they introtuced a new interior half way season 7 lol….
        I wonder if they change the exterior in any way…when Smith’s Doctor and Tennant’s Doctor got together and you saw the 2 tardis standing next to each other you could defenitly see some subtle differences. And it will be curious to see if the doctor knows how to use his screwdriver….he doesn’t even know how to fly the Tardis. Hope its just the innitial confusion that the Doctor has from those first moments after regenerating…hope its not permenant.

        • Its amazing how such a fantastic show can send different people down different paths! You see I hope they DO keep him like that. I would love to see, at least for half a season or a full season, the Doctor be all smart and confident with normal sciency stuff but have no clue what to push on the Tardis! Hilarious.
          And another thought about the exterior: At first I thought i was crazy, but on second and third viewings I’m sure i’m right, Matt’s Tardis gradually lightnened in color from when it first repaired itself in the 11th Hour episode, thru Series 7. His Tardis was the first in years to be that dark blue. look at some of the others, Chris/Davids was dark but a different blue, but prior to that the Tardis was very Royal blue-like. During most of the color TV years anyway. I believe I saw a Hartnell Photo where his and Matts Tardis are almost identical, with the exception of quality.
          I wonder if that was somthing they did on purpose as Matt’s persona changed and matured and evolved… but go back and watch from Matt’s debut in Amy’s garden when the Tardis was done repairing, then watch some season 7 episodes… tell me I’m not nuts. lol

  25. I love the outfit – nice and simple yet a littler bit of finesse. I especially love the brogues! They’re next on my “to-buy” list! Some folks will complain of it being too simple, but I love the direction Mr. Capaldi’s Doctor is taking – no more flirting and a bit more serious. For those who complain about his age, well – it’s a whole new ball game. This is a return to classic DOCTOR WHO – AND I LOVE IT!!