Will The New Doctor Who Face An Old Nemesis?

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matt smith dr who Will The New Doctor Who Face An Old Nemesis?

If you believe British tabloids like the the Daily Star, in order to introduce the newest actor in the long line of actors who have portrayed Doctor Who, producers are bringing in an old familiar bad-guy – the Daleks.

Because we have a new face playing the role of Doctor Who, Matt Smith, there’s an underlying thought that to help fans adjust to the new actor, they might as well pitch him right in the middle of it with the Daleks, the arch-nemesis of the Time Lord.

Another change coming at fans will be a retro look of sorts as the Tardis will have blue walls and white windows once again, much like it looked in the 1960’s era.  The era that William Hartnell (63-66) and Patrick Troughton (66-69) played the good Doctor on television.

I’m not sure what to think of this.

daleks Will The New Doctor Who Face An Old Nemesis?

Daleks are a common theme in the Doctor Who mythos.  I’ve never really been caught up in the stories involving the rolling trash cans with guns (I mean that in a humorous, good way folks).  I think the only Dalek episode I liked was when one was captured by a high end collector and the Dalek had developed a sense of ‘self’ near the end of the episode.

I’ve enjoyed seeing the Doctor pitched up against new and unknown issues to keep us guessing.  Daleks are a little predictable.  I’ve got enough predictable in my life aside from Matt Smith coming into the role of Doctor Who.

We’ll see.

Source:  The Press Association

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  1. I hope its not true.

  2. I don’t like the changes to the interior of the Tardis but I never get tired of the Daleks.

  3. We’re all victims of entertainment change… sigh.

  4. It’s a bit of a DW tradition to have some old element in the first story of the new Doctor – Patrick Troughton faced the Daleks in his début story for instance. It is meant to help viewers accept that even though the Doctor may have a new face, he’s the same man. So while it may not be the Daleks, I would not be surprised to see some old friends/enemies in Matt Smith’s first story.

  5. Good point Simon, I love how the mention of the word “Doctor” sends chills through the hearts of the Dalek’s…

    There’s a great episode in the Eccelston season where he encounters a Dalek. It hasn’t spoken for 30 years but when it sees the Doctor it speaks.
    I forget the name of that episode but it was great!!!

  6. Hey look, you can never have enough daleks!

    All The Best!

  7. “If you believe British tabloids like the the Daily Star,”

    You lost me here. I’ve read tabloid newspapers from other countries, they don’t even come close to the bile and excrement that we seem to put into our tabloids here in the UK. I’ll happily wait until this is confirmed by a credible source (and then proceed not to care since I’m not a Dr Who fan).

  8. Yeah, never trust the tabloids.

    But wouldn’t surprise me. They have rolled out the Daleks so often to get things going again. Of the new show, only one series hasn’t ended with the Daleks. To keep them effective they should appear less.

    Still love the Daleks though, and that episode with Eccleston – him terrified of the Dalek in the dark, then sneering at it; the poor Dalek we feel sorry for, then regaining its power and going on a rampage – that was an excellent episode. When I saw it, I felt like I had seen an incredible bit of scifi.

  9. I think that doctor who is going to die when Tennant leaves. This is because Russell T Davis is leaving too, and the TARDIS is changing. Boo Hoo, I loved Doctor Who.

  10. Indeed, the very reason I wanted to include who this source was is because I did want to stress the pinch of salt needed.

    Yet with the castings of Smith and his companion, I’m starting to believe anything at this point.

    I’ll wait to see it disproved. (And probably won’t be surprised)

  11. The daleks of course are actually all dead… so there would have to be a BIG buildup to bring them back… and I dont think Moffat would just waste a decent storyline like that on the first epsiode… if he needs a fmailiar face he can always use any of the companions or the minor enemies… but dont waste the daleks

  12. Sadly, I was killed by a Dalek last night.

    Typhoon Rising, an older on-line first person shooter… I think he called himself “The Imperial Dalek” or something like that.

    When I regenerated, I lobbed a rocket launched grenade at him. Took care of that Earth menace!

  13. @Bruce
    The Imperial Dalek… so a cross between a Dalek and a Stormtrooper.

    Dude, you were killed by something with the worst marksmanship in the world and it can’t even climb stairs.

  14. yeah I think Moffat is going to make the show bigger and better, instead of daft shop window dummies, silly cat people, Rhino-like sontarans, ridiculous living fat tissue blobs, we get the Daleks in episode one! it could only be that Moffat is going to make the show more interesting explosive than it already is.

    RTD has made Doctor Who a stupid show with daft comedies farting aliens, rubbish writing, naff spaceship Titanic’s!etc etc.

  15. I know tabloids aren’t always reliable, but this story is plausible. Tennant is the most popular Doctor ever. So its not too far fetched to believe they would use the Daleks to endear the new guy to the audience.

  16. JOSHI:

    LOL… if I had thought of that, (can’t climb stairs) I might have just ‘naded myself and be done with it.

  17. If you keep up with the new series you would know that the Daleks can levitate up stairs no prob.

  18. @790

    “If you keep up with the new series…”

    I don’t.

    “…you would know that the Daleks can levitate up stairs no prob.”

    I don’t.


  19. I do, I did, but it was just too damn funny to not contemplate being blasted by something that can’t climb stairs.

  20. @Joshi, yeah there’s a pretty amusing scene where the Doctor and Rose run up some stairs “fleeing from Dalek tyrrany”, they get to the top and look down as the Dalek powers up and hovers right up after them.
    they also fly pretty damn fast as well,,,

  21. I agree w/ 790…..I never get tired of the Daleks.

  22. Right on Matt, you know everytime they bring them back they always write a good story behind it. I think that’s one reason ppl like them, not to mention there EXTERMINATE attitude…

  23. @790

    I’ve relegated Dr Who to the category of “shows I know I’d love if I sat down and actually watched it from start to finish but haven’t actually done it yet”.

    It’s now sharing space with Battlestar Galactica, The Wire and The Shield among others.

  24. Does anyone know if Davros died in “The Journedys End”?

  25. Ha I’ve got some of those on my shelf as well, Joshi.
    May I suggest you also check out Red Dwarf and LEXX,,,
    Don’t know about that Matt,,, :-)

  26. You kidding me, of course I watched Red Dwarf (grew up with it).

    LEXX on the other hand… hmm..

  27. Haa!! Yeah I love Red Dwarf.
    LEXX, I think you would dig it!!!