Will The New Doctor Who Face An Old Nemesis?

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matt smith dr who Will The New Doctor Who Face An Old Nemesis?

If you believe British tabloids like the the Daily Star, in order to introduce the newest actor in the long line of actors who have portrayed Doctor Who, producers are bringing in an old familiar bad-guy – the Daleks.

Because we have a new face playing the role of Doctor Who, Matt Smith, there’s an underlying thought that to help fans adjust to the new actor, they might as well pitch him right in the middle of it with the Daleks, the arch-nemesis of the Time Lord.

Another change coming at fans will be a retro look of sorts as the Tardis will have blue walls and white windows once again, much like it looked in the 1960′s era.  The era that William Hartnell (63-66) and Patrick Troughton (66-69) played the good Doctor on television.

I’m not sure what to think of this.

daleks Will The New Doctor Who Face An Old Nemesis?

Daleks are a common theme in the Doctor Who mythos.  I’ve never really been caught up in the stories involving the rolling trash cans with guns (I mean that in a humorous, good way folks).  I think the only Dalek episode I liked was when one was captured by a high end collector and the Dalek had developed a sense of ‘self’ near the end of the episode.

I’ve enjoyed seeing the Doctor pitched up against new and unknown issues to keep us guessing.  Daleks are a little predictable.  I’ve got enough predictable in my life aside from Matt Smith coming into the role of Doctor Who.

We’ll see.

Source:  The Press Association

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  1. The new vfx on the flying Daleks look real good.

    LEXX, hope everyone checks it out.
    Make sure to catch it in order if possible.
    (I Worship his Shadow) is the first episode. Once you’ve seen that episode the rest of the series makes sense.

  2. I thought all the Daleks including davros died at the end of last series??

    Agreed that the Daleks are aweseome, the perfect villians IMO however “everytime they bring them back they always write a good story behind it” remember that pig people story, i thought that was rather weak…

    Also I only recently got into red dwarf but i LOVE it watched the whole series in under a fortnight :)

  3. @Shamose, yeah funny I just watched that Dalek ep about 2 weeks ago. It was kinda weak but still good. I love how The Doctor has no fear of them but they are stark raving mad with fear when they hear his name mentioned.

    Yeah isn’t Red Dwarf addictive. Man that show is so well done!!!! Big Rimmer fan!!

  4. And of course Craig Charles and Hattie Hayridge turned up in one episode of LEXX. :D

    I think, with the three new Red Dwarf episodes they did a couple of months ago, that brings them up to 49 episodes. There’s an outside chance they will do more, but not holding my breath.

  5. Haha Steven the Git, yes season 4. Very funny epsiode.
    I think fans of Who and Red Dwarf would dig LEXX.

    Hey did you have any more info on that site that’s showing LEXX??? Also have you seen all the LEXX episodes?

  6. Cool thanks for the link!!! I hope other people here get a chance to watch it. But dont watch the last epsiode first. ;-)

    Cool how the entire series is pretty much based on Kai’s experience after he’s killed in the first 6 min of episode 1.
    Wasn’t that last episode the perfect ending? Hey check out the second to last episode Lyekka vs Japan. That’s one of the best as well! Thanks again,! SGit

  7. I would like to see the Doctor face The Master again…I have a feeling The Master may return as a woman!

    Love the Daleks and the cybermen too. Can’t wait for Doctor ho to return!

  8. John Simms has been rumoured to have been seen on set, albeit with blond hair, even though no one knows the characters name. But conjecture would suggest that The Master isn’t dead, somehow doing a “Ming” and putting his essence into the ring we saw being picked up at the end of his last appearance. Add in the line of “He will knock four times” from the last special and you can conjecture that The Master is going to return and it is he that ushers in the 11th Doctor.

    Also mentioned was “It is returning through the dark”. The last time “the darkness” was mentioned it was the Daleks, so it would make sense that that which was returning is Gallifrey – which could also usher in the Doctors 11th regeneration as the Timelords are probably not going to be too happy with him, especially as they haven’t been around to keep his meddling under control. A return to the Earth-bound/disabled Tardis years of Jon Pertwee? I hope not! But seeing the Timelords restored would be nice.

    As for the Daleks……the more I think about it, the more I can come up with a nice little theory. One that would encompass all of these rumours/conjectures.


    The Doctor encounters the unlikely alliance of some Daleks (who have somehow survived) and The Master (who has also somehow survived!).

    To defeat them, he ends up having to perform the ultimate sacrifice, one which will see him and the Tardis destroyed forever with no chance of escape.

    At the last minute, the Doctors actions somehow cause the return of Gallifrey and the Timelords leap once more into battle with the Daleks, and rescue the crippled Tardis before it is totally destroyed.

    The Doctor, meanwhile has been mortally wounded, even beyond the normal power of regeneration, but the returned and restored Timelords somehow push him into an emergency regeneration which culminates in Matt Smith!

    This would give us:

    1) A proper heroes death for David Tennant (something I’m sure we are all agreed he deserves)
    2) The chance for the Daleks and The Master to usher in the next Doctor
    3) The return of Gallifrey
    4) The destruction of the Tardis which would make a redesign needed.

    So there you go. Pure conjecture, probably wrong, but still food for thought. ;)

  9. Lyekka vs Japan! Yeah that was cool.

    Now that would be a cool ending for the current Doctor.
    And yeah, none of the classic villains ever get killed off. Daleks, Cybermen, the Master will always come back for more.

  10. I wish these would get to The US a lot sooner.

  11. james brandenstein:

    No kidding!

  12. truth be told, you can never trust what the daily star says. And in the last couple of seasons of Doctor Who the daleks have had pretty large story lines, so i would be suprised if they introduced them again so soon.

    We shall see…

  13. I hope they can surprise us.

    With David Tennant as the Doctor, the stories became better and better. I liked the emotional depth in the series, however, it became a little bit ‘fanboy’ when the Doctor2 and Rose were able to have a mortal life together in another dimension. And Rose STILL wasn’t happy!

    Has anyone seen the two episodes, the Christmas Special, ‘ The New Doctor’ and the Easter Special, ‘Planet of the Dead’ yet?

    I am really going to miss David Tennant’s Doctor!

  14. I don’t see how they’ll do that, given Season 4.

  15. @gottarhyme

    I have seen both, Australia gets them pretty soon (about a month) after they air in the UK… the first one is great and the second one is pretty good aswell… mostly because of an ominous warning toward the end ;)

    apparently the remaining DT as the doctor episode are going to be much more dark from here on out up until he is replaced