‘Doctor Who’ Season 7 Mid-Season Finale Review – Amy & Rory’s Last Episode

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doctor who season 7 finale matt smith Doctor Who Season 7 Mid Season Finale Review   Amy & Rorys Last Episode

Up until this point, much of Amy and Rory’s story in Doctor Who season 7 has been centered around pulling the Williams’ away from the Doctor, through relationship problems and/or a busier, more demanding life than traveling with the Doctor can allow. Fortunately, the highly-anticipated, long-awaited mid-season finale proves to be one of Steven Moffat’s most successful episodes of recent, mixing the terrifying suspense of his most famed episode, “Blink,” with that of his most emotionally nuanced, “The Girl in the Fireplace.”

Amy and Rory’s final episode finds them taking in the sights of New York City, through various moments in time, thanks to the Weeping Angels. Though the Weeping Angels have returned since their introduction in Moffat’s aforementioned opus, this is the first time since that moment where their involvement was an integral, active, element of the story, rather than a species looking to rescue itself using time energy.

The story itself attempts to combine the emotional impact of what the Angels can do with the intrigue of developing the silent assassin backstory, to varying degrees of success. When the Angels’ time traveling ability is playing an impactful element of the story, its use is flawless and often imaginative, leading the series to explore and, more importantly, explain new rules in traversing time travel. However, when the Angels’ backstory is further developed (introducing the infant weepings of its offspring), it often takes away from the nuanced terrors that the Angels subtly brings. A Statue of Liberty Angel, while interesting, is awkward in its use.

doctor who season 7 finale angels Doctor Who Season 7 Mid Season Finale Review   Amy & Rorys Last Episode

For Amy and Rory’s farewell, the entire Williams family is brought in on the action, giving update to (now) Professor River Song and her frequent legal issues. Song isn’t used to her full potential in the episode, but since it is a story centered around Amy and Rory, her inclusion as a supportive character brings some emotionally rich, often painfully dark, moments to the episode.

The Doctor is at his all-time best in this episode, often touching on more personal elements of the story to bring depth to the character and plot. As the Williams family is battling the time travel conundrum before them, the Doctor is attempting to beat the laws of time and space, all to prevent an inevitable ending to occur.

But that ending does occur – multiple times, in fact. Providing multiple moments of conclusion for audiences to ease the stress, Moffat waits until the end to sneak in one of the most heartbreaking conclusions to one of the Doctor’s companions. The moment hits you with the same shock you see the characters react with, leading Amy to do the most instinctual thing: uncontrollably scream for his assistance. After rules of paradoxes are somewhat explained, Amy says her final farewell and joins Rory in his time-fixed destiny in the past, adding “Amelia Williams” to a present-day grave stone already bearing his name.

Since this is Moffat’s first companion departure, everyone was wondering how he would do with the transition. Though there have been some interesting episodes in this season, we’ve yet to have any one episode really tie into another – and this mid-season finale doesn’t really either. Now that Amy and Rory are gone, a new companion, Clara, will be introduced on Christmas, and then the Doctor’s story with a new traveler will begin, unlikely to touch upon previous moments including the departed companions.

doctor who season 7 finale river song Doctor Who Season 7 Mid Season Finale Review   Amy & Rorys Last Episode

Still, Amy and Rory’s finale more than make up for whatever stand-alone episodes may have been contained in the first half of season 7. Because Amy and Rory have become such an integral element of the series, even helping to secure Matt Smith’s Doctor in the hearts of many fans, the handling of their departure was of the upmost concern. More than just a series about space travel and alien encounters, Doctor Who is very much a character driven series, and Amy and Rory are certainly two memorable characters. The girl who waited, and The Last Centurion.

The conclusion was handled masterfully, mixing the heavy-hearted ending of Donna Moss (Catherine Tate) with the fixed, untouchable destiny of Rose Tyler, to bring an emotionally fitting finale for two of the TARDIS’ most memorable inhabitants.

Until Amy and Rory’s final episode, it felt as if, perhaps, Moffat was attempting to trade in an emotionally-driven companion transition for one where the audiences have already developed the want to see them go, allowing the new companion to be a welcomed face to the series, rather than a perceived downgrade from familiar characters.

Thankfully that was not the case, so on to bigger and better things. And a new companion to find in the past.



Doctor Who season 7 continues in 2013 on BBC and BBC America

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  1. It was a very touching/fitting episode for the departure of “the Ponds.” I actually had a lump in my throat. The Angels, as usual were a formidable foe, and I must say I actually liked the cherubs. Amusing, but frightening at the same time. I liked the variation of other “angels” even the Statue of Liberty. In one sense, I do agree with you to a point, having an “angel” that big isn’t exactly the most convenient “weapon.”

    Anyway, loved the episode. Sad to see Rory and Amelia go, but Doctor Who is always about something new and different, still a formula, but I have enjoyed the development of the Doctor himself. The depths and levels that Smith can convey for the character. Though sad with the departure, I look forward to more…

  2. Donna Moss? Don’t u mean Donna Noble??? :P

    • Do you not remember the West Wing, Doctor Who crossover episode? I thought the Republican Daleks we’re a it much though no Dalek is going to say its pro-life.

  3. This is the first episode to really make me cry with The 11th Doctor & The Ponds, although there have been other episodes that have gotten close. There are a few plot holes that I can forgive (I’m looking at you Statue of Liberty angel, even though it was really cool.) And it definitely was the best episode of the series / season so far.

    • I don’t know that the Statue of Liberty angel is a plot hole so much as an improbability.

  4. I hardly read any reviews now but i was glancing over it and noticed that you said that ” we’ve yet to have any one episode really tie into another”, but yet they may not tie in together like a knitting but River does tie in what the Doctor has been doing by erasing all evidence of himself from which i guess would be the first ep like he had that daelk mind wipe all the other daelks thus in theory in some odd way they do tie in just not like a woven piece of fabric such as some shows are. My two cents…loved the ep by the way and honestly Amy is the type of wife any man would want to have by her actions in that ep.

  5. Personally, I really wish that the idea of the Statue of Liberty being an angel had been left out. My reaction was pretty much that of the detective at that start of the episode: “You gotta be kidding me”. It really hurt my suspension of disbelief; I spent much of the episode thinking, “this is stupid” so I really wasn’t getting the vibe I was clearly supposed to get from the story.

    • Statue of Liberty Angel was really a cool idea,the only downside was that it was not fully developed and used in this episode !
      Imagine a King Kong like battle with the Tardis and the Statue :)
      Or a giant eye looking through the window,followed by hands grabbing into the building hunting them…wow.
      That would have been amazing ! But yeah,..TV Budget must have constrained the idea ! Too bad,had potential !

    • “suspension of disbelief”

      In a show about a 900 year old alien who travels through space and time in a 1960s Police Box. I leave my disbelief at the door every week.

  6. I can’t believe Moffat did that to Rory and Amy :-(

  7. I’m sorry but I found the whole episode to a bit of a let down the whole story was riddled with plot holes. As much as I think Steven Moffat can write exceptional single episodes he has really struggled to pull off decent season arcs. As for bringing things whole circle what happened to Rory’s dad? He was a really good character and I was hoping he would get a nice part in the send off. Otherwise what really was the point of his inclusion?

    The concept of a Statue of Liberty Angel is absolutely ridiculous. The idea behind the Angels is that they don’t move when seen are you seriously telling me that noone in New York, the city that never sleeps, is going to spot a giant Angel walking across the city? I get the feeling the only reason the story was set in New York was to accommodate this lousy plot idea. I think the story would be better served had it had the statue removed and had been relocated to Los Angeles. Also the LA location might have made the detective subplot more fitting.

    But the most glaring plot hole of all was why he couldn’t go back to get them: he could have met them either 1. A year or two in the future. 2. Get them to travel outside New York and pick them up. Also what is to stop him just going back to before he picked them up and taking them adventuring again?

    Also use of the paradox ignores the plot of the episode ‘Father’s Day’.

    That said Rory got some nice scenes though as ever just seemed to be stuck in the role dragging Amy through the plot which is a shame as he is easily the best and most under utilised of the 3 main cast.

    The overall plot was half decent but I think would have been more enjoyable had the plot holes not been so obvious as to stop me from enjoying it. Even so I’m looking forward to see what they do with the new companion.

    • I find it laughable when people moan about plotholes in Doctor Who. The stories are always contrived nonsense designed to fit around the narrative and characters, its the characters that matter, everything else is superfluous.

    • Because, them being sent back by the angels is a fixed point in time. If The Doctor went to get them it would create another paradox and rip New York apart.

    • yeah, I agree with you. The whole thing felt like a cop out to me also. The episodes so far showed them moving on with their lives and having interactions with the doctor more spread out. They felt like they were almost ready to intentionally stop traveling with the Doctor (I had the feeling of a Peter Pan/Wendy kind of feel with their relationship and it was time for them to move on). But instead they forced it and had all the build up thrown out. All the “emotional moments” in the episode were horrible and the emotions came out of the events instead of the characters. When they fall off the building, it wasn’t sad because you knew it was a paradox and that they would be fine. Very disappointed with this one.

    • You are right on the money. And some idiot prattled some laughable nonsense that the plot holes don’t matter?! Either that moron is getting paid to say such embarrassing garbage or he must work for Steven Moffat. That is the only logical explanation for such idiotic nonsense.
      Moffat created the Angels and set down some rules about them in ‘Blink’, he then proceeded to ignore them throughout this lame episode.
      Some people cried at this imbecilic nonsense?! I’m guessing those people are getting paid, OR they are easily manipulated. I on the other hand want the story to flow naturally. And yes, there have been countless other Doctor who stories that did flow naturally. “The Green Death”. When the Dr is close to tears because his good friend Jo Grant is going away. That felt completely natural. Not overly contrived like only the WORST TYPE OF STORIES DO!
      Until more people stop kissing Moffat’s butt and start REALLY watching the stories and THINKING ABOUT THEM, he will be free to write worse and worse stories.
      Sadly too many fools nowadays think that a “Real Fan” never complains and just mindlessly accepts whatever garbage is thrown there way. That’s why the morons are quick to prattle “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it”. They are not intelligent or mature enough to comprehend that Real Fans most certainly complain. To suggest otherwise is just plain childish. And no my complaining isn’t childish, except to mindless idiots. It’s called exercising Free Speech! A glorious Right, which I am only too happy to use!
      I DO LIKE SOME OF MOFFAT’S STORIES LEST SOME BABBLING FOOLS START IN WITH THE MORONIC “Oh you just hate Moffat” garbage. No, I do not hate Moffat! That is the prattle of fools. I hate his grandiose attitude. And no number of awards will ever justify such a worthless attitude. And I hate most of his writing. Only a complete fool would confuse hatred of writing with hatred of the man himself.
      The only thing that makes me want to cry about this episode is how easily impressed Moffat’s fans are. That is something to cry about. :-(

    • Totally agree. Glad to see more fans not enchanted by Moffat. I love his stand alone episodes from the past but he clearly has trouble running the show. I am disappointed in the current state of Who. Although I do still watch and enjoy, i find myself distracted easily, and ho-hum, waiting for the next episode before the current one is over, each time hoping his next leap will be the leap home…oops wait sorry..

      Looking forward to new companion, and hopefully with her a new direction. And God willing someday a new writer. Bring the good Doctor back to basics, bring back some darn rules, and stick to them (mostly). new doctor and new Tardis interior and bring back the time lords!

      Anyway, my favorite episode of season was Town called Mercy, I dont know why, just liked it alot. Power of three wasnt bad either.

      And I also agree Rory was best character on show, and his dada was hoot, hoped he had stayed on after whiny Amy’s departure. Love Amy’s looks but the acting and writing left something to be desired.

      River just needs to go. Hoping the next meeting is when Doc gives her the old Tennant screwdriver he saved and modified, meaning last meeting period.

      Sorry to be negative, but I just cant understand all the Moffat/Smith/AMY Pond Whogasms going on. i like Moffat in one shot stories, non-arc stories, like Blink, GIrl in Fireplace, EMpty Child/Doctor Dances. i like Matt Smith alot, but the plot holes and refusal to resolve any threads properly have left me disinterested half the time.

      Oh well, its still “Who” and I still watch and hope the next team will dos something different whether its better or not, it will still be Who.

      Honorable mentions from last couple seasons just to show I am not a hater: Vincent and the Doctor, The God Complex, and the character or the Dream Lord not so much the episode, and Rory’s dad, as well as Rory himself. I liked Victory of the Daleks better than Asylum, call me nuts or crazy, I dont care. Asylum was fantastic until the end. Ugh. Didnt like it. And we were promised all versions of Daleks from all eras, but no told they would be in shadows for a quick shot here or a quick blink and youll miss it shot there…

      i miss Tennant. Midnight. Unicorn and wasp. Pompeii. Stolen Earth/Journeys End. Silence in the library etc…

      I liked the way Tennant emulated Davison (my favorite classic who doctor) which just a touch of the idiosynchrosies of baker, yet his own quirky yet dark take on am iconic character.

      I do like Smithm the child like crazy wii playing doctor, but the missing the hammock scene in the xmas special was the epitomy of what I hate. This is Doctor Who not the three stooges.

      Rant over. Apologies.


      • wow. just proofread that. perhaps i should have done that BEFORE posting lol. Sorry folks i’m no writer or grammar teacher but that was just sad…ha.

        anyway, in any form, good or bad, keep the adventures of the good doctor coming!

      • An episode in which the Doctor gives River her sonic screwdriver would not be River’s last episode. It would be River’s last meeting with the Doctor before Silence in the Library, but the show doesn’t follow River’s time line, so there is no reason River’s last meeting with the Doctor from her perspective would be her last meeting with the Doctor from our perspective.

        Personally, I was really glad to see that Moffatt’s comment that he considered River’s story to be finished with the end of season 6 didn’t mean that he wasn’t going to have her as a character again (although I suppose that this episode may be her last, given that it is Amy and Rory’s last- of course, that isn’t necessarily the case either, we’ve seen the Doctor visit Amy out of sequence, so future Doctor could still visit past Amy).

  8. He got two out of three ponds and missed the one I wouldn’t mind see going. I just don’t care for River and I never will. It’s not the actress, it’s the character. The whole half alien half time lord love interest thing they tried to do with rose and then donna and now river is just not a proper fit to the series and never will be.

    • *pushes glasses up nose & starts spluttering with geek girl fury* Donna was NEVER even close to being a love interest, the D & D always passed themselves off as brother & sister. Remember the Ood episode. Also The Doctor’s detox in the Agatha Christie episode, neither of them wanted to do the kissing part of the detox again. However I do agree with you on the not liking River, she has become slightly less irritating but is still quite irritating to me.

  9. “. Though there have been some interesting episodes in this season, we’ve yet to have any one episode really tie into another”

    That being because they were deliberately written to be stand alone mini movies.

  10. I didn’t like it, and I love Doctor Who and every episode so far with the exceptions of love and monsters and the wasp one, and every other bad episode everyone didn’t like.

    Though with this, I just wanted there to be more of the angels. I felt like the entire thing was centered on Amy and Rory leaving and the angels were just a step that needed to be taken to get to that point in the story. I also wish Amy and Rory died on screen, especially Rory. I like the characters, but the Doctor is always moaning about how his life is depressing yet all his companions so far have lived happily afterwards. I know its sad as they leave, but as soon as they do it they’re fine afterwards.

    Maybe its just me. Looking forward to the next episode still.

    • “Doctor is always moaning about how his life is depressing”

      He lost the people he cared about the most in the whole universe, I think that qualifies as depressing.

    • What are you talking about you saw Rory die in the episode, it was just Amy we didn’t see

    • Sure his companions always end up living hippily ever longer. But he always has to keep sacrificing so that so that they can end up that way. In the end he always ends up in a position where he can never see them again and has to keep on traveling by himself. Besides think of just how long his life span is. He’s several thousand years old so far. He keeps trying to have close friends and family but to him it only lasts a moment and then he (almost) never ever sees them again even if he can time travel.

  11. I’m with smokin666. I’m not that keen on River’s character. The releationship with the Doctor has always felt forced to me and while she seems to have some power over him, I don’t know why he doesn’t just drop her. It’s obvious how Rory feels about her when she’s first brought in to this episode and she calls him dad. The look on his face speaks volumes. I wonder what they’re going to do with her.

    I’m also with some of the others here on the statues. Liberty, while a fun idea, was completely ridiculous. And the cherubs just felt like the writers were trying to expand on the statue idea and thought more needed to be done than just normal statues. I think JUST having the normal statues would have been much more impactful that just throwing any kind of statue at them at every turn. The thing that made Blink one of the best episodes was the scarcity of the angels. Now you just feel bombarded by them in this episode. They didn’t raise the same kind of fear they had in Blink for me.

    As for the Ponds (or if you must call them the Williams’), it was a very nice way to see them go. I think Rory showed he’d had enough of time travel and was throwing his hat into the ring for the final time. And Amy’s response chosing Rory over the Doctor with no doubt whatsoever, was wonderful. Now we know that Amy has chosen Rory over the Doctor and they could live their life out together and die together without dying immediately in some elaborately, overcomplicated plotline. Zap them to another timeline and let them live their lives out together, sans the Doctor.

    I wasn’t as broken up about this episode as I’d expected. Maybe I felt the Pond’s departure was long overdue and was ready to see them go. This whole season thus far, has felt flat to me, maybe because everything up to this episode has felt like filler to their ending.

    • You just need to stop over-analyzing every thing. Just watch the show and enjoy it.

  12. So glad to see the end of Amy Pond. Worst companion since the start of this new series.

    • Or….. Best companion since the start of this new series.

      • I believe this is where our opinions differ.

  13. Although I am a fan of the “new” Doctor Who and have watched it since it’s re-boot, I have to say has anyone else noticed the similarities between the Weeping Angels (generally regarded as one of the best and scariest Docto Who villains) and the hedge animals from Stephen King’s The Shining novel? The were cut from the film version but the concept is very similar….

  14. THANK GOD Amy’s gone…man she really wore out her welcome…let’s be honest – Rory deserved WAY better than her…the guy waited over 2,000 years for her, yet she’d contemplated them separating before the doctor came back to talk some sense into her…what an ungrateful b****…you’re hot, and way smarter than a kiss-o-gram should ever be…what makes her so special that she could solve cases on her own when meeting the doctor right away, yet (A DOCTOR IN TRAINING like) Martha Jones needs a few episodes to get into the swing of things? Come on, Amy – the time for you to go was last season…how may times can they die and not die and be brought back again? Seriously? How much does Moffat insist on insulting the audience? And we get it, Moffat – you created the angels, so you want to use them as much as possible to keep getting your “recurring character” checks…but stop overusing them and changing their rules every episode…man I miss Russel T. Davies, at least he seemed to understand what made the show so great…I am excited to finally see Matt Smith with a new companion though and see whether or not he can have convincing chemistry with them (stormageddon! best part of Smith’s tenure!!)…I’m sure Oswin will be fantastic though…until Christmas…ALLONS-Y!

  15. Sorry to see the Ponds depart. Loved the episode even when tearing up at the ending tombstone. Could Rory’s dad be a descendant of Rory … possibilities there. When watching the Doctor tis best to leave critical thinking somewhere on a doorstep to be picked up at a later date. Just go along for the ride. I love River and thoroughly enjoyed “Just wait til my husband gets home”.

  16. Good evening, I’ll be the voice of the minority on this thread.

    I found the whole of Season 7 to be suffering from what one might call Die Hard Syndrome. The nuances and character of the stories have been pummeled into submission by special effects and an almost spinning-wheel placement of emotional peaks and valleys (spin the wheel….rrrrrrrrrr ding! Doctor’s really angry! rrrrrrrrrrr ding! Ten seconds later, he’s happy again!).

    This is to say nothing of neutering the Daleks to the point that the scariest Dalek is still the single one that appeared in Season 1. Six seasons later, a few million Daleks? No problem. Why, they don’t even shoot invaders, even if they don’t recognize them (an idea cooked up by a young woman and not a 1000+ year old Time Lord… why didn’t he think of that in Episode 2 back in 1963?).

    But to go back to the Spinning Wheel of emotions, I find it stunning that no critic or audience member have made note that the Ponds’ marriage was saved by a three-minute conversation. I know DW is a kid’s show, but is it for infants? I can suspend my disbelief to buy time travel, but I cannot believe a broken marriage can be saved by a short chat.

    And further, how much cheesy emotional manipulation is in not only killing the Ponds off once but twice? Well, the first death was a death; the second was only a death because, of all of space and time, the Tardis cannot penetrate New York City. And apparently the Ponds couldn’t go to New Jersey and get a message to the Doctor.

    The Doctor has roamed the universe, deleting himself from everywhere. He’s done a spectacular job, as I doubt he will be on my television come this Christmas.

    • Wow. Can I join your minority? Seriously you need to go on http://www.denofgeek.com and start saying some of this to the Moff-ites on there! I fear I am one of about 3 people who think the current Who is in shambles. Join our club. Yet you are intelligent and make sense unlike my very few other club members who just troll and hate.

      Only thing I feel differently than you is I will continue to watch as painful as it is at times, hoping it will get better, because it usually does. Ups and downs, thats why Who has lasted 50 years.

      I look forward to more of your posts as you put so eloquently what I feel about this.
      What did you think about the pretty much immediate lack of emotion by Amy when her little Melody was stolen? And to find out she lost her forever? Oh, so River is Melody? Hmm, then its ok, I’m good, lets go Doc…”

      Wha wha What?

  17. I have seen the Doctor develope over the years,with various companions, each and every one of them different in their own right. But when the new series started with Eccleston, the writer’s began to see the kind of companions The Doctor really needed, and as such, made some pretty good decisions, I feel, based on the storyline at the time. Matt Smith’s doctor, needed someone like Amy Pond.
    What made her special was meeting her as a little girl, and then promising to go back to her, something that was entirly new for the Doctor’s MO. I thought Amy was the most fun of all the companions. Unlike Rose who had mother issues, Amy’s family was basiclly non exsistant.
    I will totally miss the Ponds, especially Amy. From the first episode she was in, I knew her run would be special.
    As for the new companion, Im hoping that she isnt quite as manic as the Doctor himself. Time will tell.

  18. I’m actually glad Amy and Rory are gone now. I loved the characters but they were getting boring to watch. I honestly can’t wait to see the next half of season 7 with Clara and finding out who she is. And the River character is boring now that we know who she is. Hopefully her character is almost over now that she’s a professor. She was a professor in Silence in the Library and that was where she died.

  19. Donnas name is Donna noble not Donna moss