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dr who regen Doctor Who: New Matt Smith Trailer
Following the highly controversial “The End of Time” special, Doctor Who fans have somewhat given a Russell T. Davies a reprieve in regards to David Tennant’s swan song. Instead, the Whovians around the world are now focusing on Matt Smith, the eleventh doctor. With a new trailer now available, could it possible quell wary fans?

I’m not going to lie, my response to Matt Smith replacing David Tennant has generally been cold and his brief performance in “The End of Time” didn’t exactly do anything to change my mind. Still, I feel that I have been a little quick to judge and after watching this trailer a couple of times, something happened…

I started to get excited about the upcoming season.

Sure, there are the elements that everyone has been complaining about; vampires, Daleks and Weeping Angels (Oh my!). While I’m not too happy that Steven Moffat (the new head writer, executive producer and the man behind great episodes such as “The Girl in the Fireplace,” “Blink,” and “Silence in the Library”) has chosen to go down the “cool, hip” Twilight route with vampires, there’s nothing to tell me it’s not going to be an amazing episode (he has yet to fail, in my eyes).

Weeping Angels? Bring ‘em on! I loved them and if he’s found a way to bring them back in a great story, why not tell it? …And then there’s Daleks. Alright, maybe I’m not excited about everything, but who knows… it could be good. Right?

Let me be quiet for a bit so you can check out the trailer below.

OK, Ok, ok… I know what you’re going to say and you’re right. They’re not at all being shy about trying to shovel that “Geronimo” catch-phrase down your throat. Still, there’s something there that has me excited and I think it’s because Matt Smith, who almost instinctively gives off an “emo” vibe, is going to be a more dark and gritty Doctor than the previous two.

This is all speculation and I could be completely wrong, but there’s a scene in the trailer where he’s walking down the steps and, as our friends across the pond would say, “he had a face like thunder” (he’s angry).

In case you’re too lazy to click play, here are some stills from the trailer.

who blink2 Doctor Who: New Matt Smith TrailerDon’t blink! …again

vamp who Doctor Who: New Matt Smith TrailerTeam Edward! …oh, wrong thing.

smith gun Doctor Who: New Matt Smith TrailerI thought he doesn’t use guns? (except that one time)

So, what did you think of the trailer? Has this changed your opinion of Matt Smith? If not, what will it take? Even if you’re not a fan of Matt Smith, you can’t deny that you’ll be tuning into Doctor Who this Spring to at least check it out.

The 13-episode season 5 (series 5 in the UK) of Doctor Who is set to air in Spring 2010 on BBC One (UK) and BBC America (US).

Source: BBC

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  1. Further, I had pointed to an off-site article I’d written on the trailer, for more information on my thoughts about it, but the entry got deleted, presumably because this site is terrified of linking to other sites… even though if someone clicks on my name and searches the “trailer” entries on my blog, they’ll find what I wrote anyway.

  2. I have absolutely no problem with Matt Smith. Being ‘down under’ I have no pre-conceived perceptions of him, we’ve seen precious little of him to be honest. Tennant will always be my Doctor but Smith looks like he will bring something new to the role and, personally, I’m all for that. Weeping Angels – excellent, can’t wait. Guns? Let’s wait and see the context. Kissing? all a bit ho-hum really but let’s hope it doesn’t get in the way of a great story line. Now, the bow tie I’m not so sure about….

  3. I don’t understand the complaints about vampires. It was established in the 1980 Tom Baker episode ‘State of Decay’ that Rassilon and the Timelords fought vampires back in “The Dark Times”. The doctor himself tangled with them in the same story.

  4. I can’t view the trailer at work, but I will check it out once I am home. I have LOVED David Tennant as The Doctor and I am sad to see him leave, but I am glad that he CHOSE to leave instead of being kicked out. I am willing to give Matt Smith a chance. I am kicking myself for missing the The End of Time, but I am hoping that BBC America reairs it soon.

    I’m cool with Dr. Who using vampires as long as they’re not all emo and worried about the mousse in their hair. I wish they would use the Daleks more sparingly because the constant use of them really takes away from their effectiveness as major villains. I’d like to see them develop a brand new evil race for The Doctor to have to learn about.

  5. Andy you make that kicked out comment like it’s common for Doctors to be kicked out. Only Colin Baker comes to mind, out of all the Doctors, to have suffered that fate.

  6. @Rob Irwin…

    Didn’t mean to make it sound like that. I meant I am just glad that Tennant was able to leave on his own terms. To be honest, I didn’t really follow Dr. Who until Eccleston took over and they started showing it on Sci-Fi. To me, David Tennant IS The Doctor and always will be my favorite.

    Just an FYI, this Sunday January 10, BBC America is re-airing the Dr. Who movie The Waters of Mars at 3:40-5 and then The End of Time from 5-8 in case anyone missed it (like me).

  7. Is it just me or was River Song in that trailer with shorter, blonder hair? Any ideas?

  8. @ Andy

    Give it time. At the end of Eccleston’s first season, people were like, “OMG, this is such a loss!!!” Then Tennant turned up. That is the beauty of Who and you’ll see it more, the longer you watch. It’s part of the fun.

  9. Rob…

    I have no intention of NOT watching the show. It’s one of my favorites. Unless Smith is completely HORRIBLE, which I doubt, I will keep on watching. Hell, if I can stick with Heroes this long, I’m certainly not going to abandon The Doctor!

  10. Okay, Rob – don’t get upset – don’t freak out – but when you blinked in your last post, the picture of the Weeping Angel in this forum just crept a little closer to you – stay calm….

  11. *Blinks* What part of my comment suggested you wouldn’t be watching? In a very particular way, my comment, “… you’ll see it more, the longer you watch…” assumed you WOULD be watching, Andy.

  12. Who’s upset OR freaking out? I made a simple comment, it was misinterpreted, so I set the guy straight. Over and done with. Why are you trying to add drama where this isn’t any, Kris?

  13. Oh Criminey mate! I was making a Doctor Who joke about blinking and weeping angels! I wasn’t trying to attach it to another comment!

    Sorry – really I wasn’t trying to make “drama”!


  14. not running down steps with a “face like thunder” more of a “hope they didn’t see me/that” “I got away with THAT” or “if only they knew what had just happened to me” face – check out raised eyebrows and open expression – def not face like thunder – def not angry :)

  15. Eccleston & Tennant are some fairly big shoes to fill – very tough acts to follow. And I don’t expect or want Smith to be like either of them. But from the promos I must admit I am worried. I will tune in however. I am disappointed though that the new Dr. Who is no “cutie”. There will be no lusting after this “Dr.”……Dang!

  16. All this talk about the Doctor using guns and none about the fact that he’s wearing a bow tie? I think the Doctor would be ashamed of all you right now. A bow tie? Really? Are trying to make him look like he’s actually 906 years old?

    Eccleston (my doctor) was born out of the Time War and wore a black leather jacket.

    Tennant was born out of self-sacrifice and wore a well-fitted suit and trainers.

    Smith is born out of fear and he wears… a bow tie? Probably a snap-on. Can’t even tie it himself.

    I like the look of his companion though. Hopefully she sticks around for more than a season. That’s my hope for the new season (besides Matt Smith not mucking it up) is that I’ll get a couple of seasons with the same Doctor and companion.

  17. Jessie, if you roll back through Who history, you’ll see the 2nd Doctor wore a bow tie. Steven Moffat and Co. are clearly evoking some of that look with the character. I can see why it might seem odd for people who have only watched Doctors 9 and 10, but it’s totally fitting if you look across the entire series. In part you’ve even answered your own question… it does make him seem old and out of place, despite what he physically looks like… because he is.

  18. @ Rob

    I’m being sarcastic. I know that Patrick Troughton wore a bow tie. Of course they’re trying to evoke a feeling of past Doctors. Just because I started watching with the Ninth Doctor doesn’t mean I haven’t watched past seasons. What kind of fan would I be if I didn’t?

    I just thought that all the talk about guns needed to stop. And a witty way would be to talk about the bow-tie. He needs to look out of place, I know.

    But a bow-tie? Really?

  19. Ok, so we have discussed guns and the odd new outfit, but can anyone justify why they felt the need to make the Tardis a completely different shade of blue, it is a thousand times brighter than it used to be. I get changing the interior but why alter the windows and colour! Why are the producers trying so hard to distance themselves from the 9th and 10th years? If it ain’t broke….

  20. The gun shot is in the preview to cause a stir. I guarantee he’s not firing at anything living. I’ve downloaded other movies/shows Matt Smith has appeared in to get a feel and I think he has a great depth and range. I also trust Moffat as he is the writer on all my favorite episodes.

  21. @Sam, at its most basic, the policebox-style TARDIS has changed features, even dimensions, and definitely colour many times since 1963, and never with an explanation. Now, given the windows blew out during the regeneration, that might be one explanation for why it’s “rebuilt” itself, for want of a better word with a different look. Add to that, where did the St Johns Ambulance sticker reappear from? Conversely, why did it disappear in the first place? It is possible to be too nitpicky about these things, you know.

  22. I’ve got no problem with Matt Smith. Seeing him for 2 minutes at the of “The End of Time” made me a little more excited to see a new doctor. Bring on Season 5

  23. withholding judgement on smith though im very happy with this trailer.

    all i gotta say is im LOVIN the raybans!!!

  24. The exterior changing can be put down to either the Doctor’s influence over the years trying to make the Chameleon Circuit work, or the TARDIS itself making slight changes in mathematical modeling. It is a bit eccentric after all, you know.

    Practically speaking, the TARDIS gets an amazing amount of wear-and-tear moving it from place to place and needs to be replaced from time-to-time. (no pun intended)

    I am sure someone somewhere has a website detailing the changes.

    I am actually kind of glad they have changed it back to what a Police-Box really looks like as opposed to the “stylized” version of it for 9 and 10. It seemed like it was a cartoony version of it.

    Bring the Police Box back! (An American invention in 1888, you know!)

  25. maybe his right hook came from his fighin’ hand?

  26. *fightin’