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dr who regen Doctor Who: New Matt Smith Trailer
Following the highly controversial “The End of Time” special, Doctor Who fans have somewhat given a Russell T. Davies a reprieve in regards to David Tennant’s swan song. Instead, the Whovians around the world are now focusing on Matt Smith, the eleventh doctor. With a new trailer now available, could it possible quell wary fans?

I’m not going to lie, my response to Matt Smith replacing David Tennant has generally been cold and his brief performance in “The End of Time” didn’t exactly do anything to change my mind. Still, I feel that I have been a little quick to judge and after watching this trailer a couple of times, something happened…

I started to get excited about the upcoming season.

Sure, there are the elements that everyone has been complaining about; vampires, Daleks and Weeping Angels (Oh my!). While I’m not too happy that Steven Moffat (the new head writer, executive producer and the man behind great episodes such as “The Girl in the Fireplace,” “Blink,” and “Silence in the Library”) has chosen to go down the “cool, hip” Twilight route with vampires, there’s nothing to tell me it’s not going to be an amazing episode (he has yet to fail, in my eyes).

Weeping Angels? Bring ‘em on! I loved them and if he’s found a way to bring them back in a great story, why not tell it? …And then there’s Daleks. Alright, maybe I’m not excited about everything, but who knows… it could be good. Right?

Let me be quiet for a bit so you can check out the trailer below.

OK, Ok, ok… I know what you’re going to say and you’re right. They’re not at all being shy about trying to shovel that “Geronimo” catch-phrase down your throat. Still, there’s something there that has me excited and I think it’s because Matt Smith, who almost instinctively gives off an “emo” vibe, is going to be a more dark and gritty Doctor than the previous two.

This is all speculation and I could be completely wrong, but there’s a scene in the trailer where he’s walking down the steps and, as our friends across the pond would say, “he had a face like thunder” (he’s angry).

In case you’re too lazy to click play, here are some stills from the trailer.

who blink2 Doctor Who: New Matt Smith TrailerDon’t blink! …again

vamp who Doctor Who: New Matt Smith TrailerTeam Edward! …oh, wrong thing.

smith gun Doctor Who: New Matt Smith TrailerI thought he doesn’t use guns? (except that one time)

So, what did you think of the trailer? Has this changed your opinion of Matt Smith? If not, what will it take? Even if you’re not a fan of Matt Smith, you can’t deny that you’ll be tuning into Doctor Who this Spring to at least check it out.

The 13-episode season 5 (series 5 in the UK) of Doctor Who is set to air in Spring 2010 on BBC One (UK) and BBC America (US).

Source: BBC

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  1. It does change my mind about Smith as The Doctor. I didn’t like it at first, but thats probably because Tennant did an amazing job at it. Now, I’m liking the idea of Smith as The Doctor.

    @”Team Edward! …oh, wrong thing.”


  2. He seems like a Wellsian sort of character rather than the Doctor. It may take a while for him to find the “Who” in him. Could be a more action oriented Doctor than Tennant. He definitely won’t be as amusing…

  3. There will be running.

  4. goofy. very goofy. i thought that was one of the doctor’s main characteristics. i like it. for some brief moments in the trailer you could see some internal strength and moral struggles, which is also a hallmark of the doctor. to me, this seems promising. and i cant wait for new stories from Steven Moffat – his stories had a genuine original feeling of the who universe – creepy, intelligent, bizarre, visually stunning. the girl in the fire place is for me the most enchanting episode of the new series, and “The Doctor Dances (2)” with eccelston is still burnt in my mind.
    all in all – good news !
    Alllooonzzeeeee :)
    btw – are they changing directors as well ?

  5. I used to hate the constant lead change with Dr. Who but then I grew to accept the fact that it’s part of the story. It’s what makes the show what it is. I’ll give anyof hem a chance, although I still liked Eccelston the best of the modern Docs.

  6. Guns, used several times in that trailer, The Doctor punching someone and kissing his assistant yet again. Part of the coolness of the Weeping Angels was that we only saw them briefly and knew nothing about them. But considering they are mentioned in The End Of Time it was obvious they would be returning.

    And one damn series without Daleks would have been nice!!!

    This all comes across as a lazy approach, trying to be hip and cool, and I suspect falling flat on its arse.

  7. And how come it took so long for this to appear, it hasbeen online for a week!

  8. Well The Doctor shouldnt punch people, he hates using violence, did Ecclestone or Tennant punch anyone? No! Meant to be for kids, shouldnt tell kids its ok to go around hitting people.

    As for the romance, The Doctor can kiss his assistants as much as he likes, but would it kill them to not have the assistant fall for the Doctor just this once. It happened with Rose and Martha, and probably Captain Jack.

    And The Daleks, did every series of Doctor Who include Daleks. They are over using them, therefore taking away from the drama of them in anyway being a threat!

    I have seen plenty of Doctor Who, but I suspect I wont be seeing much more!

  9. You really shouldn’t perpetuate the myth that the Doctor doesn’t use guns. He doesn’t LIKE guns, that’s for sure. But he’s used guns (and lasers) throughout the series at different times. What mattes is WHAT HE’S SHOOTING AT. It could be a light globe, or a rope holding a companion or anything, really.

  10. I thought it was awesome. I really don’t get the guna t the end but I love how much action there is. The doctor is becoming much more gritty and also a bit more violent, punching a guy in the face? ( I bet there’s a reason for that though) he shoots off a gun, and also he’s kissing someone? (I couldn’t make out if it was the new companion or not.)

    I’m going to keep an open midn because I think Stephen Moffat is an excellent storyteller and won’t dissapoint and also I have seen Matt Smith in a couple movies (the Philip Pullman ones) and he was pretty darn cool! Plus, are we ever happy with the choices of who will play the Doctor before we see him in action?

    Plus, I just love how he thought he was a girl. That was hilarious. I also like the ‘Geromino’, they say it was too much in the traielr but I think it’s cool. It’s like how the 9th doctor always said Fantastic!

  11. Just had to comment on this:

    As for the romance, The Doctor can kiss his assistants as much as he likes, but would it kill them to not have the assistant fall for the Doctor just this once. It happened with Rose and Martha, and probably Captain Jack.

    Did you miss the whole Donna series?

  12. Looks like you haven’t watched much Dr Who, Dr Sam. The Doctor has often used guns… he’s punched out tons of people (Pertwee and the two Bakers did it often)… kissing is nothing new (we got over that during the 1996 TVM) and the kiss in question looks quite “forced” and not romantic. And Daleks are a mainstay of Dr Who, period. Your complaints, in short, are bizarre.

  13. Matt Smith: His hair distracts me.

  14. Ah, so by only talking about Eccleston and Tennant it sounds like this “plenty” of Dr Who that you’ve seen doesn’t actually include episodes where he DOES use guns and DOES punch people, etc? OK, I can see why it would be surprising to you. But to those of us who have seen the Doctor do this stuff before, it’s seriously No Big Deal.

  15. Well, I’m totally geeked out about it, and cannot wait for the new seaon! DT is my fave, but I’ve been watching the show since the 80′s, and each actor brings something unique to the role. And, hey, DT wanted to leave, and he went out with a bang. (Sorry. Gun pun. And now a rhyme. Oy.)
    Anyway, I think it’ll still be 100 times better than most of the crud on U.S. network TV.

  16. I would hope people get used to the idea that the Doctor DOES regenerate. The newbies, I mean. There was just as much hub bub about Tom Baker leaving. He OWNED this role so much that it seemed impossible to imagine the show without him.

    I remember sitting in a video-room at a convention watching Tom Baker laying there amidst his companions, waiting for the inevitable. I looked around me – there was not a dry eye in the room! Then, a few moments later when Peter Davison sat up in Tom’s red-velvet coat the room erupted in ecstatic cheering!!!

    THAT will always be the spirit of Doctor Who to me. That change is inevitable, but life continues. I have come to be a fan of each and every Doctor for what they bring to the role – and look at it from an actor’s perspective – what a role to have!!! You get to make a nod to what the previous actors have brought to the character, but inject a bit of yourself into it as well! What a dream!

    I just hope that they don’t ignore the 12 regeneration/13 incarnation thing. The 13th Doctor will have to know that time is UP. Of course they will continue it:

    2nd Doctor: “[Time Lords] – live forever barring accidents”

    The High Council of the Time Lords offered a new set of regenerations to the Master in the 5 Doctors.

    But it seems to be something that only the Time Lords can bestow, otherwise the Master would not have to lead such a ghoulish body-stealing lifestyle and Mawdryn and his kind would not have had the curse of perpetual regenerative mutation.

    So I just hope they make it into a big THING and don’t just gloss over it.

    As for Matt Smith – I won’t really be able to comment until a few episodes in. Tom Baker hit the ground running, but it took about until Tooth and Claw for me to like David Tennant. But welcome to a New Doctor Era everyone!!!

  17. It’s kind of fun to see the different things people are taking from this trailer. I actually get the feeling that Matt Smith’s Doctor will have a bit more of an excited lust for life again. It’s a new beginning after all and David Tennant’s Doctor had been through so much and was in so much pain. Sure, there will be darkness, but I think it will be a bit more upbeat as well.

    Regarding the punch, look at his face after he hits the guy. Even he looks surprised. Speaking of surprised, I’m pretty sure that’s her moving in to kiss him & judging from the look on his face there & his body language when the camera switches, it may be unexpected.

    Daleks and Cybermen are staples and I have no complaints and those agels are awesome. I was hoping they’d return. The vampires don’t bug me. As far as I’m conserned, vampires have been strangely popular for at least a decade now anyway, never quite falling out of style. Besides, this is Doctor Who. There was a fun Who-ish explaination for the witches in The Shakespear Code & there’ll be one for the vamps as well. (Speaking of Doctor Who referencing popular movies… “Expelliarmus” ring any bells?)

    Matt Smith managed to sell me on his version of the good Doctor in the short minute we got to see him after the regeneration. In that short span of time I went from a blubbering tear-filled mess to an excited kid again. I am looking soooo forward to this new season.

  18. This is going to come off as crass and stupid, but it’s honestly my first reaction to seeing the new Doc – does anyone else think it looks like he has some kind prosthetic jaw??

    I liked David Tennant, but I think I preferred Christopher Eccleston as far as recent Doctors. He had that “quirky” thing down.

  19. I haven’t seen the “Waters of Mars” yet or this trailer but here’s my thoughts on Doctor Who and some of these comments.
    You have to admit Rob that in the “New Series”, handgun usage by the Doctor has been deemed beneath a Time Lord.
    I think its a tad PC of the writers to take that approach maybe that’s changing but I’m not sure that’s a good thing? I’m Conflicted on that?
    Donna Nobel was a true anomaly! When it came to a companion. I didn’t dig her look at first, but I soon grew to love how the Doctor brought out the best in her. I hear she’s back in WOM, that’s great!
    Tennant or Eccleston I like them both the difference, Tennant took the gig seriously.
    BBC I need you to rush out the last 3 Who episodes on Dvd thanks! Region 1!

  20. Vampires are awesome!
    the vampire folklore has been around ALOT longer than the day twilight bastardized them.. we have had werewolves, why not another classic horror movie monster?

    Weeping Angels? yes yes yes!!! cant wait to see them again

    Daleks? the single best villains in Doctor who history ever, definitly bring them back…and supreme dalkes? :o yes! cant wait!!

    im holding my matt smith judgement till I see him in action

    as for the new trailer.. Im at work right now but will watch when I get home

  21. Almost forgot, I dont have any problems with the Dalek’s in the seasons finales.
    The Cyberman had their day in (Season 2 NS) but the Dalek’s always bring a smile to my face when I hear them say, “Exterminate!!!!”
    I loved the all the Dalek two parters in the New series! The first one with Eccleston was real good. :-)
    Tennant, Tom Baker, and Eccleston are my favs…
    Don’t blink!

  22. He does have a big jaw and, as you saw, he even acknowledged it after regenerating.

  23. @790

    Oops… I knew I forgot something. “Waters of March” and “The End of Time” specials will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on February 2.

    There will also be a box-set of “the specials” released on the same day (also available in Blu-ray).

    Maybe if we bug Vic enough he’ll get ahold of Warner Bros. to see if they will hook us up with some to give away.

  24. 790, indeed, that’s how it’s been repeatedly portrayed in the new series, which I feel has a been a betrayal of the original to some degree. Consider, however, that as we enter the Moffatt era, including that rumour that they were going to call the series Year One, or Season One, or something, that we’re going to see a vision of the show which i think will be better than RTDs, and yet maybe truer to the original, too.

  25. @ Rob Irwin

    Just like to say, I have seen plenty of Who beyond the past couple of regenerations, quite a lot to be honest.
    Peter Davidson always used to be my favourtie, and he did use guns quite often, actually shot Cybermen if I remember correctly.
    But this new trailer isnt aimed at kids or adults, this new Doctor is aimed squarely at the teenage market. Which is a shame.

  26. Rob – and if you want to go one further, it’s Moffat, like Steven – Davison is his stage name. But I’m sure you know that already! ;)

    The Doctor will use whatever weapon will destroy the enemy if it is a choice between that and the demise of innocents. He prefers not to use guns, has used a sword an awful lot, and would rather defeat the enemy by the use of mental powers. This is hard for some writers, to come up with plot devices which are brilliant uses of the Doctor’s superior intelligence.
    The trailer shows the Doctor shooting a gun. Big deal. Someone got it right here when they said that it doesn’t show what he was shooting at. Someone who made the trailer got it right when they included that clip, knowing it would send some people into typing frenzies in forums such as this. :)

  27. Ok I can understand The Doctor using a gun in that regard, but what about giving some guy an uppercut???

  28. I’m not getting your point…? You’ve capitulated on the Doctor uses guns issue, now that I’ve pointed out he has often used guns. OK. But now you seem to have an issue with the show being made for teenagers, not adults or kids. Why? PS: It’s Davison. One of my pet hates, when he gets called Davidson.

  29. Ummmmmm, it was ME who made the point about not knowing what he was shooting at.