Matt Smith Will Remain ‘Doctor Who’ For Season 8; Filming to Start Late 2013

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doctor who season 7 clara doctor Matt Smith Will Remain Doctor Who For Season 8; Filming to Start Late 2013

With Doctor Who‘s seventh season finale approaching, the excitement over the 50th anniversary special has been pitched a bit higher since learning that Tenth Doctor David Tennant will be returning along with Billie Piper as Rose Tyler (arguably the Doctor’s best companion). There are even more shake-ups on the way, with reports that Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures alumnus Brian Minchin will serve as executive producer for Season 8 (and probably beyond).

And what of Matt Smith, our Eleventh Doctor and the current master of the TARDIS? Recent rumors of his departure were floating around, and Smith’s own reaction to these were vague. However, we can now confirm that Smith will return for season 8.

In a recent interview with TV Magazine (while on a break from filming Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut How To Catch A Monster, in which Smith plays the lead), the actor put his fans at ease, saying he’s definitely returning for the eighth season: “We come back and shoot the Christmas special over the summer, then we go on to the next series, which will either start filming at the end of this year or at the start of 2014.”

Smith’s debut in 2010 – like every new incarnation of the Time Lord – was off-putting to some critics and fans, which Smith acknowledged, drawing parallels to his introduction as the Doctor with Daniel Craig’s debut as James Bond: “We both came into our roles at similar times and got frosty receptions. That’s not what James Bond is’, ‘He can’t be the Doctor, he’s too young.’” Indeed, Smith seemed to face a particularly tough time when following up one of the most beloved (and greatest) Doctors of all, David Tennant. Still, his unique mix of charm and weirdness has proven a perfect fit for the character and the franchise is now more popular than ever.

There is no indication of how long after the next season Smith will stay aboard. At 30, he is the youngest Doctor in the history of the franchise, so it would seem that he could still have a long way to go. Still, Smith is 30, an age where any actor who has finally broken through and achieved a mass awareness will look toward other opportunities, with Smith’s involvement in How To Catch A Monster perhaps a sign toward a life beyond Doctor Who.

doctor who season 7 finale river song1 Matt Smith Will Remain Doctor Who For Season 8; Filming to Start Late 2013

Certainly Smith has made fans nervous – or downright scared – in the past with remarks like this one to Empire Magazine: “I couldn’t do this for seven years. I’d be run into the ground. I don’t think you can sustain it…” Or this one in 2011: “I’ve got another year of Doctor Who, but then I’m certainly going to come and give it a shot, come and hang out in LA.

With so many Doctor Who events this year, (“The biggest in its history,” according to Smith), it’s not much of a surprise that Smith is rather off-handedly confirming his presence for next season… unless it’s a red herring, designed to keep people focused on the big anniversary and Christmas special. The Time Lord doesn’t die, after all, he regenerates – we’ll have a new incarnation eventually, but not just yet.

Meanwhile, learn the Doctor’s name tonight on the Doctor Who Season 7 finale! The 50th Anniversary Special is expected to air November 23rd, 2013.

In the meantime, check out our Doctor Who Viewing Guide: Tips, Suggestions & Complete Episode List!

Source: TV Magazine [via Doctor Who News]

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  1. The first Doctor I ever watched was Matt, and he’s been my favorite. I’ll give Tennant his due and will say he’s better than Matt. Yet with Smith as my first Doctor I’ve gotta give him the nod as my own personal favorite and I’m glad he’ll be sticking around a little while longer!

    • I didn’t really like Matt Smith I like David Tenant he was a good actor.

  2. Yay!! Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor. He wasn’t at the beginning but he grew on me.

  3. I think Smith is really good I just don’t like Steven Moffat !

  4. Thing is, you can’t compare Daniel Craig’s debut as Bond with Smith’s debut as The Doctor. Craig’s Bond was great, Smith’s was an annoying shadow of Tennant (been watching the show since the Sylvester McCoy incarnation but my fave will always be Christopher Eccleston).

    I went against my vow to never watch the show until Smith and Moffat are removed just to see the finale tonight and while he’s still horrendous as an actor (in this show anyway, can’t speak for his other roles) and the story was as ridiculous and terribly acted as I remember the show being, the ending was pretty cool.

    I won’t give it away so don’t worry about spoilers.

    • Very true.

      “Doctor Who” didn’t go through what the Bond franchise did after “Die Another Day” was released.

      It wasn’t just Daniel Craig; it was the fact that “Casino Royale” was a damn good modern adaption of Ian Fleming’s novel and also a great reboot to the franchise. When the slate is wiped clean, all you can expect is something new.

      “Doctor Who” has been ongoing for so long. It has been what it always will be. Continuity of the entire series hasn’t been closed off or rebooted, this is the same show with the same premise.

    • Youre not a true fan if you vow to not watch the show until some people are off. You watch it because you love it and if those little things bother you, get over them and suck it up because ever since matt smith joined doctor who its popularity skyrocketed so thanks to him doctor who might live to see another day. Matt Smith is one of the best doctors ever and to disrespect him like that is wrong. Have a nice day ungreatful person

      • Keppar, are you responding to me, Geronimo? I re-read my comments and am
        nonplussed at your accusation of disrespecting Matt Smith’s Doctor. I’m not sure how I may have given that impression. I thought I made it clear that I love his Doctor, but am very frustrated with a number of points. Mainly, the few loose ends I mentioned and the myriad I didn’t, and the whole arc of the story since The Williams’ departure. Don’t really want to go there. I’ll just say that to me, since Clara’s introduction, the Doctor seems hollow, or gutted or…what? I don’t even know the word. Does anybody else feel this? Maybe I’m not a true Who fan, but I’ve certainly given it enough time and thought to have an opinion and questions. And to make the decision that I’ve had enough. At least for now, at least of this storyline. Btw, I did submit a comment on another Screenrant which goes into detail what exactly I think and feel about this storyline and what I consider to be a fitting end to the 11th Doctor, the Doctor who “doesn’t like endings.” And I mean no disrespect there, either. As always, just mho.

  5. Tom Baker will always be the best Doctor.

    • Heck yeah! xD

  6. Episode was a massive disaointment

  7. Just watched The Name of the Doctor. I won’t spoil it, of course, but I’d say don’t get your hopes up on it answering too many of your questions. I’m not sure why the early reviews all said this finale answered more questions than it raised – I think it was a classic Moffat finale. Answer some questions, create a lot more. Plenty of interesting ideas though.

    • I found it awful and utterly lacking in any sense in relation to what went before and the final 2 seconds smashed that 4th wall to bits.

      • I enjoyed the Finale. I don’t take the show too seriously. It only leads to disappointment if I do. Its entertainment to me not rocket science.

  8. Second half of the season 7 was probably the worst Doctor Who has been since it came back. Liked Matt Smith since he got the role however this part of season 7 has really hit him as a Doctor. Disappointed is an understatement for the second half of season 7. 50th anniversary HAS to be good however I’m not getting my hopes up at all.

    • Odd. Just watched part 2 on DVD and the pacing, storylines, pacing echoed back to Tom Baker’s Doctor to me. Seemed to be an homage.

      • …Meaning that I liked it.

  9. There is no doubting the show has got worse, but Smith is absoloutely NOT the reason. It’s Moffat.

    Series 5 is my favorite series hands down. 6 for me, is when the show started to dip.

    Smith is a good Doctor, to be quite honest everyone of them so far is. You can believe they are one person in a different body, just by the way the actor’s do their job. That to me shows how good at playing the Doctor they are. Smith so far, has in the role of the Doctor acted mad, angry, funny, evil (his doppelgangers etc), intelligent and anything else the Doctor is.

    He is doing a good job, just like all the others did. I’d say he is my Doctor, simply because he achieved something that many A+ actors could not do. Play the Doctor immediatly after Tennant successfully.

    • I agree. Smith’s acting has always been great, but he stills has to do what the script calls him to do – and if he’s always given slapstick and over the top stuff, what’s he to do? But we know from the earlier seasons (and a few moments in this one) that he’s more than capable of a huge range of emotion – in my mind he is without question a great follow-up to Tennant. Maybe even better, given the right material (but that will always be a matter of opinion).

      • Completely agree. After all, bad actors are still praised by directors in the moment for what fans call to be ‘bad acting’.

        They are literally instructed all the way through a scene, and if the director doesn’t like it he’ll shoot a retake until he gets what he wants. Same if they fluff bad lines, which is down to the script writers for poor dialogue.

        Sometimes, its ‘bad acting’.

    • i agree. Matt has excelled as the doctor and brought his own unique twist.there are so many memorable moments and moffat isnt all bad. but this past season after the intro of clara as a companion has been the worst. some of the fan service eps like the gunslinger and dinosuars on a space ship where a bit of hard to watch at times. but the chemistry of the actors sold it and Matt smiths almost child like wonderment in the face of everything the doctor knows, will always be one of his most endearing qualities. though i would of liked an off hand mention of the doctors presence at the extinction of the dinosuars.

      the season finale felt very complete to me. though the finallity they seemed to place on river songs death annoyed me.. as if they are saying shes gone for good. i certainly hope not. she herself made off hand remarks that seemed to hint that she had seen many forms of the doctor. “oh baby faced… i do love it when you go baby face” and since shes only seen 2 currently and one of which she only saw when she died there must be other times shes crossed paths with him. but the clara moment. wow. she shaped his whole timeline. thats rather brilliant. she was better in asylum of the daleks and the snow man ep and i think its safe to say “run you clever little boy” is right up there with “hello sweetie” for memorable qoutes. so hopefully we will see more of clara in the light we saw her in those eps.

      possibly when the next doctor regens (i wont spoil who it is, incase someone hasnt seen the ep yet) we will see a love interest or possibly another female that she will bump heads with.

      the teams done a great job with the 11th doctor and the series so far. its had its bumps. but this is the 3rd modern doctor. a lot of people got on the boat with Eclesson and Tennant and Tennant swept everyone off their feet after Eclesson put us all on the edges of our seats. so this doctor has probably been under the most scrutiny but they had me with fish fingers and custard so Matt will be missed when he does leave and in my mind and my heart the next doctor will have some big shoes to fill…. and of course bowties…. cant forget the bowties… they’re cool

    • Thank you George!!! I’m so glad to hear that someone else see’s that Matt Smith is doing a great job playing the Doctor. I admit it, when David regenerated into Matt Smith I told myself,thats it. I wasn’t going to watch it anymore. And I didn’t until the second season started to advertise on TV. I told my son, WOW I think I’m going to start watching it again. It looks good. I did start watching it and enjoyed it very much. I purchase the First season and watched it and it was good. Matt Smith is a good actor. I hope he decides to stay at least a couple of more years. The finale was great. I got chocked up when Matt started to cry and when he was saying goodbye to River. I really like River and I hope we get to see her again. But I don’t know. Guess we will have to wait until November 23rd.

  10. Best doctor companion???? Elisabeth Sladen was the best doctor companion…PERIOD.

  11. What about John Hurt?

  12. I want Jack Harkness

  13. Well, they DID reveal the doctor biggest secret, and i think it was Ok. It’s a big set up for the 50th annyversary.

    • No, they didn’t. All they revealed was that the mystery behind his name was vaguely to do with something he did in the past which was implied to be horrible but necessary.

      They answered almost nothing else from the previous seasons. So why do the Silence want him dead? Was ‘the question’ technically answered at Trenzalore? Did silence fall? Why did they blow up the Tardis in The Big Bang? All conveniently dropped, and not even referred to.

      • Thats the point, all they told us was that there was going to be a big reveal in the episode ‘the name of the doctor’, but they never told us that they were going to reveal all the other mysteris in the series, this is something that the doctor kept in secret for a reason.

      • Blowing up the Tardis in The Big Bang was The Silence’s first attempt to kill The Doctor as the Doctor is predestined to answer the question, the Silence made it their goal to make his death a fixed point in time and prevent this. Don’t think they answered anything else.

        • exactly, and additionally the what the question is has already been answered as well, “doctor who?” or ‘what is the doctors name’ if you really need it to be spelled out for you

          • also “why do I have to die” I don’t remember exactly at the moment but I am fairly confident that it was determined that the question was one of those two

      • If they answered all your questions what reason would you have to keep watching? All season finales leave you at a cliffhanger to get you to tune in for the season premier.

        • There’s a difference between writing cliffhangers as an incentive to stay tuned, and writing an incoherent story. There’s much about the episode that’s a cliffhanger in itself, even without answering questions about the Silence or season 5 – John Hurt’s appearance, River Song’s fate post-Library, the future (or past) events on Trenzalore. My criticism isn’t that I’m not getting an answer on every single thing, but that the stuff that should’ve been answered by now still hasn’t been, and all it does is hurt the story by keeping it confusing. It doesn’t help us to not explain why the Silence were getting up to what they were doing. Look at Journey’s End/The End of Time. It cleared up just about every major plotline left hanging, but it ended such that we were obviously still interested in what would happen next.

          And lest it sound like I’m bashing Moffat and praising RTD, I’ll make it clear that I actually like Moffat more, but I have an appreciation for the different things that both of them brought to the table.

      • ahh. they did answer the question. sort of. they put a face to his biggest secret. something that his next incarnation will do is his biggest secret the one that he will take to his grave.

        the silence will fall when the question is answere. its a causal loop. the silence want him dead because when the question is answered they will fall. but the question will only be answered becuase of there actions to kill him. now what this is directly or indirectly linked to as far as what could the doctor possibly do that would be so terrible. im not sure but its apparent that what they have been building to with eps like demons run part 1 and 2. and references to him during the time wars. the doctor is a warrior and those around him that chose to fallow him become warriors themselves. and in any war perspective and history can change how any side is viewed. to the silence, the cyber men, the daleks, and even the time lords themselves hes a war criminal.

        my only worry is that they have set up the next team to carry a massive weight on their shoulders, a new doctor a story line they have to build up to and the amount of hype that is surrounding this secret. could go badly if they dont deliver. hopefully it will be clever.

      • But the doctors biggest secret is not his name, its that other reincarnation that has never been seen before. and that no one has know about. And they answered the reason why he had already previously met Clara twice in his past. And the silence were not even mention this season and they were taken care of in season 6. All of the things you have mentioned were from previous seasons and were answered. there will always be question in doctor who that what keeps it going. They answer the questions but immediately raise new ones. The title of the show is even a question.

        Honesty if you don’t like the show as much as your acting like you don’t then whydo you watch it

  14. Maybe at 30 actors who broke through move on to try to expand into other areas of acting. There’s a very long list of those who did one character on a sucessful show very well, and moved on to explore other areas only to fade away because their one sucess was about the only chance they would get. Even Tennant hasn’t really done a lot since leaving the show, and he’s really talented. I think Matt would do well ride this wave as long as they let him. I imagine he’ll get some BBC parts in future dramas, but I’m not sure it’d be a staring roll like this one.

    • Tennant’s done a fair bit, really. He played main characters in 3 different dramas over the past few months – he was brilliant in Broadchurch. I doubt he’ll have another role as major as the Doctor, though. But still, I wouldn’t say he’ll fade away. And Matt Smith’s already starting to do some films.

  15. At the end of the last episode they said introducing this new dr

  16. Yeah!!!!
    Can’t wait for Nov 23rd to see who John is.

    Need a fix? Check out my Doctor Who Fan-Fic “The Aresian Saga”. (Just google the title)

  17. I was/am a really big fan of David Tennants performing of The Doctor and first I was really ”pissed” that he quit and Matt Smith took his place. His luck was that I couldn’t stop watching Doctor Who and soon, episode after episode, I became a bigger fan of him, and his interpretation of The Doctor :)

    • Yah Hoooo Me too. I also was a big fan of David Tennant and went as far as not watching when Matt Smith took his place. I finally started watching it again in the Second Season and I told myself this guy Matt Smith is good at playing the Doctor. I bought the 1st Season and watched it and loved it. I love Matts version of playing the Doctor. He’s GREAT. Really, really like him and hope he decides to stay a few more years. Also,I’m one of his big FANS. I have friends who also like Matt Smiths version of the Doctor. He has more of the characteristics of Doctor Who then David Tennant did. Can’t wait until November 23rd.

  18. Matt Smith is brilliant !

  19. I just read that he has said he’s done after this season. So apparently they jumped the gun here. In a way this is probably a good thing. If someone plays Dr. Who for too many seasons it’s really hard to accept a new actor…..As was this one after Tennent’s long rein. I know it took me quite a while to accept him. Four seasnons is just aobut right to switch.

    • Not sure how they jumped the gun, when Matt himself said he was staying..

  20. The thing is, the people behind Doctor Who love to keep secrets and keep people guessing for as long as possible, especially in recent years with Steven Moffat behind the wheel.

    Think about the secrecy behind Journey’s End, or the constant debates about “The Name of the Doctor”, or Jenna Louise Coleman’s surprise appearance in “Asylum of the Daleks”. Nothing is ever quite as it seems in Who-land.

    In his case, I’m afraid it looks like this story may have been a red herring, to keep the news of Matt Smith’s departure secret. He’ll be missed dearly, of course, but as Whovians, we have to keep looking forward.

  21. My first Doctor was Tom Baker, and I’ve been watching Dr. Who ever since.

  22. Liar!

  23. Well you got that wrong eh?.Matt Smith has confirmed he is leaving after Xmas special.

  24. The BIG question is: Did Matt Smith really want to quit? Or, didn’t BBC want to renew his contract as the Doctor for a new season?

  25. And then they just announced that he will be regenerating on the Christmas Special.

    Maybe 2 Doctors in one series?

    • well they cant wait around too long john hurt isnt getting any younger.

  26. Whoever thinks John Hurt is going to be the 12th doctor, he isn’t. John was the dark side of The Doctor (Hope I got that right).

  27. Still just feel so betrayed, let-down and frustrated. And confused. First, and feel free to skip this but I really to vent (to you fans bc maybe you’ve thought of stuff I haven’t), what the hay?
    In no particular order: Clara’s “born to save the Doctor.” Whaaa? Where’d that come from?! He’s 900 years old & suddenly needs a “mommy”? This is the saviour of some worlds and destroyer of others for Pete’s sake! But, ok, she’s born to save the Doctor. How, exactly? Where does she come from and why? Emma Grayling, whom the Doctor specifically sought out, said she’s just and ordinary girl. So that’s two issues for me right there.
    Here’s my rant: I hate that purple frock coat! One of the most enjoyable aspects of watching Smith is those goofy, bowed, bandy-legs of his! They added to his alien-ness, for sure. I hate the cold color lens of the last half of season 7! I even hate the chill sterility of the new Tardis! I hated those salvage brothers ( but did like that episode.)
    I hate all this emphasis on the companions and how they come off as soooo …unpleasant. Is that supposed to be cute, funny or sexy? It’s not. I think any earth girl would be wowwed, properly wowwed, and respond as such. I hate that we were lied to. First, Smith’s doing season 8, then he’s not. That has a cold, calculated feel. Why do that to us? I hate the idea of a Christmas re-gen. Christmas specials are stand-alone episodes & not the time or place for a new Doctor. I hate where this all went. I hate the idea of John Hurt. No way I’m watching that decrepit old man when Smith’s youth, exuberance and energy were so appealing. Although even that was sorely lacking lately. This last half felt gutted, sterile and wrong, wrong, wrong. I just want to be entertained, not drawn into a sci-fi soap opera. And, yeah, questions and lots of ’em. Why did the Tardis explode? Who was the GI, thwarted at every turn by the Doctor? I mean, where did he come from? Dr Moriarty? This ain’t Sherlock. Moffat has blurred the lines between the shows, imo. And the dead he mentioned? Weren’t they all threats to Earth, bad guys? And if the Doctor himself would not open his tomb even as his friends and especially Clara were being killed, why did River Song?! And when, exactly, did he tell her his name?! How did she “make” him? Did we see that? And what’s with Smith thrashing and moaning on the floor for 10 minutes? Why didn’t his friends even try to stop Simeon from entering his time-stream? He was yelling for someone to stop him. Why did he so clearly say “breathe”?
    Guys, this is just my first round of questions but I’m tired of typing and you’re probably tired of reading. IF you even still are. Anyone wants to answer, I’ll gladly read your thoughts. Right now, though, truly do not think I’ll be watching further.
    I really do hate that ugly, cold purple frock coat!

    • They give the impression that he told River Song his name on their wedding day, that being the only time he could tell her. They explained all that in the library episode when they sorta first met.

  28. Billie Piper??? Seriously?? Best companion??? NOT!!! Ick. She is soooo gross. Anyone ever notice that she can’t shut her mouth? She has lock jaw or something. If she comes back, I am not watching. She makes me ill. Gross.