5. He’s got the best friends in the world

The Doctor has a knack for bringing out the best in people, but it’s pretty safe to say that his friends (or companions) are already pretty great. Even when they’re annoying at first (Mickey) or distrustful (Rory), they always come through in some heroic way when it matters. Maybe you’ve got a friend who would risk his life for you, but The Doctor has dozens of them. Quite simply, The Doctor has the best friends in the world.

4. He’s got 13 lives

Most of us spend our short time on earth trying to fight off the inevitability of death. It’s always “Don’t eat that, you’ll get heart disease!” or “Don’t you know that stuff will kill you?” The Doctor doesn’t have to worry about all that. As a Timelord, he can regenerate 12 times for a total of 13 lives. Granted, he’s starting to push the limit, but he’s still probably going to outlive all of us by hundreds of years. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is debatable, but it certainly allows him to take chances that normal people couldn’t.

3. He doesn’t have to work

The Doctor doesn’t have to worry about such trivialities as paying a mortgage or making a car payment. In fact, The Doctor doesn’t even have a job. If he really needs money (though it’s hard to imagine a circumstance in which he would), he can just go back in time and buy a future winning lotto ticket. He’s just a mad man with a box, and that’s why he’s so brilliant.

2. He had a robot dog

In the 1970s, The Doctor had a robot pet dog named K-9. Not only was K-9 adorable, but he was also a hugely helpful companion, even returning with Sarah Jane Smith to help the 10th Doctor out of a tight jam. Is The Doctor’s life really better because he can have a robot dog, and you can’t? Maybe not, but there’s no denying that K-9 is perhaps the cutest robot animal in the history of television, and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t a little bit jealous that you couldn’t have him for your own.

1. He’s The Doctor

If you’ve made it this far, then you’ve probably accepted that The Doctor’s life is better than yours. But the truth is, that’s a good thing. If he weren’t getting into all kinds of “timey-wimey, spacey-wacey” situations each week, we wouldn’t have anything fun to do on Saturday nights. Simply put, The Doctor’s life is more interesting, exciting, and fulfilling than ours because it has to be. Nobody wants to watch a TV show about a regular working stiff. They want action and adventure, and The Doctor delivers it in spades. It’s why we love him, and it’s why we he’s a cultural institution.

Doctor Who returns to BBC and BBC America Saturday in the amazingly titled episode “Let’s Kill Hitler.” It’s been a long wait for diehard Who fans, who still have lots of unanswered questions about the first-half of Season 6. I’m extremely excited to see where Steven Moffat takes the show after some jaw-dropping revelations in the mid-season finale “A Good Man Goes to War.”

Check out Screen Rant Saturday night following the episode for our review. In the meantime, feel free to debate what other things make The Doctor’s life so awesome in the comments.

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