The New Doctor Who vs. The Daleks

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daleks The New Doctor Who vs. The Daleks

Most people expected this and according to Digital Spy, the Daleks are back facing off against Doctor Who.

Showing up in London in World War II, the good Doctor and his companion meet Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who is using the Daleks to fight the Nazis.  Churchill has them painted up in green battle colors with Union Jack painted helmets.  That alone should be interesting to say the least.

The episode is written by Mark Gatiss and will be airing early on in the upcoming new season with Matt Smith and Karen Gillen.

I think this should be an interesting test of new actor and old chemistry.  Are they trying to seal the deal with the fans who are on the bubble about the new Doctor Who, hoping to bring new and old together with a familiar air of familiarity?

We’ll see how this pans out.  What thoughts are you harboring about this match up in the new Doctor Who season?  Anything good?

Source:  Digital Spy

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  1. Can’t wait !

  2. I still can’t get over tenth doctor leaving, he was my favorite doc who of all time. Let’s see how Matt Smith carries the torch.

  3. I was getting hooked on Tennant myself and I am ticked off wondering why he left?

  4. If Mark Gatiss has written the Dalek episode, then it will up to his usual appallingly self-indulgent low quality. On the bright side, under Steven Moffat’s stewardship, the series should flourish again from the diabolical mess that RTD left it mired in

  5. I think fans of the show are used to having the Doctors changing. I would have preferred Tennant staying on, but I am moe than willing to give the new guy a shot.

    However, Daleks in WWII fighting for the Allies? Doesn’t sound like Dalek behavior of extermination. What would have been cool would have been a storyline similar to Harry Turtledove’s World War series. The Daleks invade and mankind unites to fight against the alien invaders.

  6. ANDY S: Yea, it doesn’t sound like the DALEKs we know, but there has to be some twist somewhere, waiting to spring up.

  7. The ‘dalek project’ thing sounds like a potentially interesting dalek storyline to me, makes me look forward to the moffatt era as he’s always had rather clever twists in his stories.

    I’ve always thought daleks are more effective when there’s less, but they’re more ‘potentially’ threatening individually… its like Lord of the Rings, three black riders appearing and disappearing behind trees is much more frightening than 200,000 orcs. Personally I think ‘and then a massive number of alien X invade earth’ is more of a RTD tactic, and I hope we’ll see more interesting ideas with moffatt.

  8. Love how Dr Who uses Time Travel, the Dalaks have been destroyed in the past present and future but there’s always a few of them rolling around…

  9. I’m super skeptical of change on shows I love, but Doctor Who is pretty timeless. Can’t think of a single Doctor that didn’t just totally grow on me and quickly. It’s just part of it. You know it’s going to change no matter how attached you get. The fact that he is getting progressively younger when he regenerates I find a bit worrisome, but I’m open to it all!

  10. @790

    As much as I LOVE the daleks its kind of annoying in that respect how every season we have a “last dalek in the universe” episode, then next season there are like million more

    nevertheless this story sounds quite intriguing and I cant wait to see the new doctor.

    Definitely one of the best series around at the moment

    @bill. Agrred totally about your LOTR comparison.
    Reminds me of the scene in season 2 when the cybermen say to the daleks

    Cyberman: We have five million Cybermen. How many are you?
    Dalek Sec: Four.
    Cyberman: You would destroy the Cybermen with four Daleks?
    Dalek Sec: We would destroy the Cybermen with one Dalek! You are superior in only one respect.
    Cyberman: What is that?
    Dalek Sec: You are better at dying!

  11. @Shamose, yeah what’s even funnier is that the Daleks have had the opportunity to kill the Doctor at least every time they meet, but there seems to be some kind of underlying respect for the Doctor passed on through the ages,,, I love the way they fear the word, “Doctor”.

    That season 2 war between the Daleks and Cyberman was one of my fav new episodes. Those Daleks have balls when it counts. I loved the way they talked down to the Cybermen,,, :-)
    Great show!!!!

  12. Any word on when “Syfy” gets their butchering hands on the close of the Tennant era/beginning of the Smith era?

  13. I haven’t seen anything yet… when I do find out, you guys will find out! (Now I better go check all my sources right now, just in case.)

  14. With the exception of the ridiculous gangster-suited hybrid I think the Daleks have been handled really well in the current Doctor Who. The Cult of Skaro was an inspired idea, love the latest Davros, and it doesn’t get much better than that final Eccleston episode. But they’re in danger of being overused, or at least subject to the law of diminishing returns, particularly if there has to be some epic reason for them being around every time. Granted, Troughton got so bored during five years of Daleklessness he had to metamorphose into Pertwee just for kicks, but Tom Baker didn’t clap eyes on one for four years after the classic Genesis Of The Daleks and it never did him any harm.

    I mean, where do you go after a reality bomb? Oh right…

    You’d hope any self-respecting Dalek would have some ulterior motive behind (a) fighting AGAINST the Germans (the Daleks are, after all, the archetypal berserk Nazis, and seeing them flying around yelling in German in the Journey’s End episode was pretty hilarious), and (b) allowing itself to be painted up like a perfumed ponce. I’m fascinated to know how many of them are being used and where. Just send a dozen over to Nuremberg during one of the Nazi Party’s little rallies and Leni Riefenstahl would have had a few tracking shots to remember, surely?

    I know this: if those hemispheres on the Daleks’ lower casings aren’t painted with red, white & blue RAF roundels (and I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE), I shall be writing a stiff letter to The Times.

  15. Wow, You have all made very interesting points… @bill the LOTR comparison was spot on.. For the record Tennant said in an interview that he felt if he didn’t leave the “TARDIS” so to speak, now, that he may never let it go. I am excited to see how the young Mr Smith guides the series. As for the Daleks I feel they are over used. I get they are a nemesis, but after defeating them so many times I feel the Doctor would lose a lot of respect/fear that he has for them.

    I am sad to see Tennant leave but I welcome Mr Smith with the same objectivity I gave David at the beginning of the second series.

  16. “Love how Dr Who uses Time Travel, the Dalaks have been destroyed in the past present and future but there’s always a few of them rolling around…”

    DALEKS…the science-fiction version of cockroaches

  17. Eu adoro Dr.Who and Torchwood, são as melhores séries de ficção cientifica que eu já vi, posso dizer que a série Futurama é fantástico também. Agradeço aos produtores das duas primeiras séries que mencionei e desejo continuação de bom trabalho.

    Ângela Oliveira

  18. Daleks fighting Nazis? That’s most interesting since author Terry Nation who created the Daleks once said that they were based on Nazism. It did seem most evident in Genesis Of The Daleks which introduced Davros who mirrors Hitler in obvious ways.

    If the Daleks can finally fight the Cybermen, one of Russell T. Davies’ best contributions for the new Dr. Who, involving their Nazi human counterparts should be their next important groundbreaker. This we have to see.

  19. I dont care what anyone says about the Dalek issue, its gonna be fun. Stop taking it all too serious. Personally, I can’t wait for this episode to air and the new merchandise to hit the shops. Battleship grey Daleks with union flag helmets!!! FANTASTIC.