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This week Brian (favorite movie: Battleship) is going head-to-head with Dan (favorite actor: Gene Hackman). Who do you want to win?

Al Pacino Day

al pacino SR Geek Picks: 50 Years Of Doctor Who, Superhero Speed Dating, Star Wars with Kittens & More!
Pacino image licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. Watch on YouTube. Additional data provided by IMDb and Direct2TV

Pacino. The man is a legend. He’s delivered some of the greatest performances, in the greatest roles, in the greatest movies of all time. And, as if to prove his greatness, most of his roles feature some of the most iconic vocal gymnastics we’ve ever heard, but he pulls it off, and keeps us coming back for more. So, help us spread the word! Then get cozy, cue up some amazing Pacino movies, and keep your volume controls close at hand, because you’re going to hear many raspy whispers, followed immediately by YELLING! We declare today (or any day really) Al Pacino day!

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Film Career Continuity

Actually,  the photographs are spaced ten years apart, not sixteen.

1912 to 1922.

The young, homeless (but no less dapper) wanderer shown in the first survived the sinking of the Titanic and swam to the shores of West Egg. There he built a life and a large, empty house, in an effort to win the heart of the wealthy, upper class woman he’d fallen in love with a decade earlier and had been separated from against his will.

He shed his earlier identity, and changed his name to reflect his new station. Jack was now known as Jay Gatsby, the eccentric millionaire who threw parties every night in the hopes that one day his love would show up and spin with him as they had long ago in the dance hall of the lower decks.

#and he still ends up dead floating in the water

And then, at the beginning of Inception, he starts out washed up on a shore.

Still no oscar.

Leo’s entire film career of unrelated projects has better continuity than Glee.

Shorts that Became Features

Join Valentina as she tries to understand how (and why) certain short films get deals to become feature-length, theatrical creations. Is it the concept, the actors, the visual effects, or something completely unknowable?

Iron Man Retro Stars Glass Wall Clock

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