‘Doctor Who’ Season 7 Returns April 2013; New Christmas Special Clips & Details

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Since the show’s revival in 2005, the Doctor Who Christmas Day Special has become something of a yearly tradition. Featuring all the whimsy and adventure of the regular series, but with a holiday-themed twist, each Christmas Special has also guest-starred actors such as Michael Gambon (the Harry Potter series), Kylie Minogue, and (this time around) Sir Ian McKellen (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey).

New Doctor Who episodes will be released in April of 2013, and this year’s Christmas episode, “The Snowmen,” will bridge the gap between eras in the overall Doctor Who series. As such, it looks like BBC is pulling out the stops when it comes to promoting the episode – including the web-exclusive prequel video posted above.

Since the beginning of the month, BBC has posted one special Doctor Who-related feature per day as part of a celebratory “Adventure Calendar.” The prequel video posted above is only one of the latest of a series of clips, image galleries, interviews with cast and crew, and other sundry bits of promotional tinsel.

Not all of the Adventure Calendar Features are geared exclusively toward the upcoming Christmas Special. For long-time fans of Doctor Who, Stephen Moffat hosts a trio of featurettes discussing the pop-cultural history of the Daleks. Those interested in the Doctor’s adventures in prose (something that actually has a long and respected history), there is the three-part story, “Houdini and the Space Cuckoos.”

Check out a pair of preview clips below:


Other than a desire for healthy ratings, BBC’s heavy emphasis on publicity for this year’s special makes a good amount of sense. “The Snowmen” marks a major point of departure for Doctor Who as a whole. The special will feature viewers’ first look at a newly designed interior for the TARDIS, a new title theme song, and a new companion in Jenna-Louise Coleman (Captain America: The First Avenger).

For all the exciting new stuff on display, the episode will feature a Doctor once more in mourning. Despite being a Christmas episode featuring carnivorous snowmen as villains, this year’s special should prove to have quite the melancholy undercurrent – even as it kicks off a new set of adventures that will begin in April of next year.

Doctor Who Christmas Special Doctor Who Season 7 Returns April 2013; New Christmas Special Clips & Details

Doctor Who‘s 2012 Christmas Special, “The Snowmen,” will premiere tomorrow on BBC. The regular series will return to our space-time in April of 2013.

Source: BBC

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  1. April? APRIL!?! Thats to long!!! Why cant it start in like February? I hate how they keep splitting up the series like this. go back to airing all 13 episodes in a row.

    • I agree %100… I’m not sure what they’re doing now.. they’re screwing up the series… Also they’re messing up the New followings they had.. My wife had began to enjoy Doctor Who but now since they can’t get any kind of real consistency she’s completely lost interest..

  2. So the reason Moffat wanted to split Series 6 was so that “new episodes were never more than a few months away”.

    We wait 9 months for Series 7 but are told it is because they want to air the show later in the year so it can be dark again rather than in the Spring.

    Then they push Series 7.2 back to April.

    So we’re getting half a series every year now is it?

    Remember the good old days of 14 episodes a year, 14 episodes of Confidential, 13 Torchwood’s and 12 Sarah Jane’s?

    Now we get 14 episodes of Doctor Who…

    Over TWO years.

    Nice one BBC.

    • Haha, brilliant XD.

  3. April is when doctor who normally starts and series 7 p1 wrapped up in September so calm down its not that long.

  4. I think they’re split into two, because Moffat can’t do a 13 episode over all story arc, he can’t seem to pull it off, like Davies could. But I think that it works best for Moffatt, i really enjoyed Series 7.1 unlike 5 or 6 they. Can’t wait for this special, part 7.2, and new companion! 😀

    • Its not because moffat cant write a proper story arch, its due to other commitments that cause Doctor who to get delayed. Hes currently working on the 3rd series of sherlock which films in january so thats top priority right now.

      • Sherlock actually actually doesn’t start filming until March, it got pushed back.

    • Moffat can do a 13 episode story arc just fine. Cracks in the universe in season 5 was great, as was the Doctor’s death in season 6. Both 5 and 6 are, so far, way better than season 7. They all gave you more information as the season went on in a good, timely way, that eventually lead to a big climatic finale. There was literally no over arcing story for the first few episodes of season 7. The over arcing story was not even brought up until episode 6 (which in my book is a bad thing). Moffat is just having an off season, but I’m hoping that the last half of season 7 is good, as the new companion’s plot is intriguing.

      • Moffat can write a 13-episode arc, yeah, but not one that’s “fine”. Both of the past 2 sucked–there were individually good episodes, but the overall season arcs were bad. And there’s not supposed to be an overall story arc for this year’s episodes (well, OK, the late 2012/early 2013 episodes). Personally, I’d prefer that there be no overall arc anyway; at least the very least, no arc is better than the poor ones. And the RTD years didn’t really have story arcs, just a few arc words strung about.

  5. You know whats f***** a X-mas special aired in the month of April. that’s royally screwed up.

    • The Christmas special aired on December 25th…the rest of season 7 airs in April.


  6. i REALLY hope the new companion doesnt play the same type of character as she did in her first episode… i really dont understand why they need to make every character over exaggerate in this series. even amy started to get annoying towards the end. the only character that should be doing it is the doctor… matt is good but he isnt as good as tennant.

    • Over exaggerate what? You say they’re annoying, but not what annoyed you?

      • I think Corey means over-acting, or being over-the-top in personality/actions. I personally liked Pond and am excited about the new companion, but I could see how being dramatic and exaggerated could wear on some people.

        • Has anyone in this conversation actually grasped the concept? ……. Dr who has always been about tongue in cheek over acted characters…the doctor for example…

  7. omg lived the Xmas episode and can’t wait till april now! i really do hope t starts in April for NZ to though I hate waiting for things longer then the us and uk! and whilst I would love a whole 14 episode season in a row I think this works and love Stevens writing so much!!! genius honestly! o on rambling on a bit arent I sorry!

  8. APRIL!!!! april there is so long time to april!!! why not in january! there have gone so long time since Amy and Rory died or got back in time and them finaly this Christmas special and now we have to wait until april!

  9. I HATE waiting untill April. I know that Moffat is writing Sherlock (I need 2 watch that and Torchwood) but PLEASE just a little bit closer? I LOVE Clara though. She is amazing. At the end of the Xmas specials I was jumping up and down and screaming. Amy was getting anying though. The whole beginning of Asylum of the Daleks when Amy and Rory were not together sucked. I also just don’t like Amy.

    • “I also just don’t like Amy.” Amy played out the way she was written, she didn’t turn up on the the day and create her own persona, the new girl will be written by the same writers. The fact you didn’t like her is a compliment to her acting abilities.

      • Lol so true… I kinda liked Amy. I still tear up every time I watch her look at an older version of herself, and be able to convince herself that she could rewrite what has happend and have it all end in Rory <3 maybe I'm a true romantic at heart. Doctor Who is the best!!! I hope I can find out when it plays in Australia cause I just can't wait….

  10. Having the episodes spread out is annoying, but better than not having them at all. Matt is growing on me and the extra time allows for a better presentation. How long has it been since he had a ‘new’ enemy? One of my favorites is the ‘Angles’ as they provide a good backdrop for a story arc and time for the actors to actually act. I rshrt;u eagerly await the spring.

  11. I loved the christmas episode it was so funny

  12. April seams like forever away. I’m not going to live through the next 4 months. Just kill me now please. I was so exited when the series started that I actually injured myself on the doorframe whilst jumping up and down and screaming. I was almost as exited when the Christmas special came on. I’m going to die of the suspense soon. Goodbye world!

  13. We,the fans are not timelords we do not regenerate several times over a normal life span ….we simply go nuts every 6 months when we are deprived of our Doctor Who “fixes” meanwhile APRIL is too far away…but we have no choice so we wait. I do so hope it is worth the wait.

  14. APRIL?!?!?!?!?! NOOOOOO!!!! <3 Please come quicker… pretty pretty please xxx

  15. I don’t really understand, is the doctor who going to have new people or what

  16. Is it April yet??

  17. Actually, April works out just fine for me. I only occasionally do “current” TV shows, and there have been shows that sometimes tortured viewers for SIX. Loooong. Months. (eg, the X-Files, after the first movie screwed up its schedule, and eventually its overall quality)
    Besides, don’t you remember the Who drought of 2009? I’m sure some older Who fans suffered a ton of Who-withdrawal (or perhaps relief) during the Who-less years of 1990-2004 (complete with 1996’s false start).
    Besides, I’m still getting caught up right now, currently watching the 2011 episodes. Just keep busy and April will be here before you know it. If you’ve learned anything from Who, it’s that time can be like that sometimes. 😉

  18. I am just getting caught up on the episodes from 2011-2013, but I have got to say that Matt Smith is growing on me though I still miss David Tennant. One of the things that really annoy me about the seasons with Matt Smith as the Doctor is River Song. She is always popping in and out, and with all the lead up, I thought that when Amy and Rory finally find her as Melody, there would be a big battle and all; but they would still get to raise her. And she would find her own way to the Doctor when she is older. Another thing that pisses me off is that it is constant end of the world. In previous seasons, there would be one big, significant, universe changing event; but the one with Matt Smith in, there is so many more and it kind of puts the value of Doctor Who down if there is going to be CONSTANT massive events. I am all for the small things like invasions and near death, but if it is always “this changes the universe. Oh the Doctor has to die” and so on, it is a little degrading.

  19. Well at least they are still making doctor who, and it wasn’t like firefly that got canceled…

  20. Hi My name is Ronald Serota. I used to play guitar for Tommy James(Crimson and Clover). My patner Al Puglisi also co-wrote his last album he ever had a hit with called Thrre times in Love, and I are prolific song writers and Happened to write many Really good songs. We wrote and recorded A song “DR. WHO” after the original TV show.We wrote and recorded it 30 years ago. After learnong yesterday that the show is still airng and saw it I was shocked. I would love to send you an MP3 copy of the recording. I know you will love it for your show.


    Ronald Serota

    Give it a listen, you may be shocked when you hear it.

    • I am interested to know what you all think of the Doctor Who 2.0 Origins. Thanks!

  21. I think they did that because the actors had something else, they had to do so they had to stop working on season 7. So they will not be able to finish season 7 until April.

  22. Has anyone got the links for parts 2 and 3 of the story
    The link only sends me to part one

  23. I can’t wait. I love Matt smith and I can’t wait to meet Clara Oswald (or the girl who some how can’t be) !

  24. Sô fã de doctor who desde meus 5 anos
    e imploro que ele volte mais cedo

  25. Adoro Matt Smith e David Tennant

  26. I liked being able to watch the entire series on Netflix. But now that they are splitting it up because of story arcs, that’s infuriating. Mostly lack of patience on waiting for the episodes. I hear rumors of the next doctor being lined up and new arcs, but I’m still psyched about the special that they’ve been talking about on Facebook. The one where 10th and Rose come back. I really am looking forward to that.