Helen Mirren Wants a Lady ‘Doctor Who’ – Do You Agree?

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helen mirren doctor who Helen Mirren Wants a Lady Doctor Who   Do You Agree?

It seems like a new name falls off the Doctor Who rumor wagon on a daily basis, replacing the last and giving us all someone new to ponder and parse. Yesterday, the Internet was all a flutter over the prospect of Rory Kinnear and before that it was Dominic Cooper – but Dame Helen Mirren’s name always seems to keep coming back around, and she has something to say about it.

Speaking about the prospect of playing the the Time Lord for the first time since she said that she would be interested back in 2011, Mirren opened up about not just the likelihood of her getting the part, but also her desire to see a Time Lady, and her seeming displeasure over the continued swing toward convention with regards to Doctor Who.

Said Mirren, before adding that she would “put much longer odds” on her winning the role than the stated 25 to 1 line that has been circulated:

“I think it’s absolutely time for a female Doctor Who. I’m so sick of that man with his girl sidekick. I could name at least 10 wonderful British actresses who would absolutely kill in that role.”

While Mirren doesn’t think that she’ll get a chance to pilot the TARDIS, her remarks do add fuel to a debate that has been raging for years: is it time for a woman to play The Doctor?

Peter Davison and David Tennant in the Doctor Who Children in Need special Helen Mirren Wants a Lady Doctor Who   Do You Agree?

Now, obviously, the question is one that polarizes, and both sides have a pocket full of valid points to throw at each other with regard to both the Doctor’s long history as a man and the characters worldly, evolved views that would seemingly team up with his mostly asexual nature to inoculate him from the existence a gender preference. Those views would also seem to make a change in the Doctor’s race or ethnicity completely viable as well.

With that said, though, this is not a purely intellectual (and emotional) debate between fans and critics. Commerce weighs heavily on these decisions, and while the show and showrunner Steven Moffat could use both an influx of buzz and a new field of available story options to mine, the existing formula of a white male Doctor remains proven while a change is likely perceived as risky and untested… because, to some, the time never quite seems right to test it.

So, when will that change and when will the BBC roll the dice and bank on both an influx of new fans and the acceptance of a majority of current fans over the likely loud outrage of other fans? Time Lord only knows, but until then, the Whovian gender debate’s very own Time War continues.

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Doctor Who returns with the 50th Anniversary Special in November.

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  1. YES !

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  2. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

    Oh and by the way. No.

    • Out of curiosity, why not?

      • Out of curiosity why should there be??

        • So in other words you have no reason why it shouldn’t be a woman?
          Okay reasons why?
          #1 It is established in canon that it can occur (multiple times actually)
          #2 A female Doctor could bring fresh possibilities to the role.
          #3 This expands the pool of possible actors to choose from.
          #4 Straight Male companions could drool over the Doctor for a change.
          #5 Women are just as smart, strong, funny, and amazing as we men. There is a woman (and probably scores of them) that would render a Doctor as beloved as my favorite (D.T.). Attempting to throw out half of the human race because of a “tradition” for a shape shifting science fiction character on TV is ludicrous.

      • I dont think it fits the character of the Doctor, not that he’s a creep but he has a thing for women, and tends to have a female companion most of the time. Plus when Tennant regenerated into Smith and felt his long hair he thought he was a girl at first and didnt like it, desperately feeling for an adams apple and looking relieved when he found it, so i dont think the character has anything but a male timelord.

        • “but he has a thing for women”

          So you established The Doctor either
          A. Likes Women regardless of form. Which would mean a Doctor with lesbian tendencies.
          B. Is straight. Which would likely mean as a woman she would prefer the company of men.

          Still not seeing the problem with casting a woman…

          • the doctors only had a female form so we dont know, its also been established in the past timelords can partially control the outcome of regeneration, so if after eleven regenerations he’s still male i think he’s comfortable as is, also i love how you take one part of my comment out of context and ignore the rest, very sneaky.

    • Have a rational and thought-out explanation to go with that?

      • I am guessing George’s answer to whether he has a rational argument is: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, and NO!

        • Haha, I laughed.

          But I did assume the answer as to why not is obvious.

          The Doctor doesn’t act like/express interest in being/ever mentioned he ever could be in a very solid reference/ a girl.

          Doctor Who should be about what it has always been about, with its themes and messages. People who want a female Doctor, I find, are just the people who have become over obsessed with gender equalities etcetera. The Doctor has always been male, and should continue to be so. Just like all female Time Lords who have been female, should continue to be so.

          No one wants to see a SEX CHANGE of the main protagonist in a television program fit for children and families. It’s not something that can be decided with a flip of a coin either. This decision will effectively steer the show forever.

          In this case, BBC need to play it safe, and not do a Moffat (introduce something annoying like a question that doesn’t get answered, make it sound complex, execute an explanation poorly)>

          • “People who want a female Doctor, I find, are just the people who have become over obsessed with gender equalities etcetera.”

            And I find people who swear the Doctor must remain male, are just people who find the status quo acceptable without any actual reasoning. Your statement “The Doctor doesn’t act like/express interest in being/ever mentioned he ever could be in a very solid reference/ a girl.” Is ludicrous. The 4th Doctor mentions that the Corsair regenerated into both sexes http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/The_Corsair

            Your further statement of “No one wants to see a SEX CHANGE of the main protagonist in a television program fit for children and families.” is absolute nonsense. Obviously from the voting more people are either for or neutral towards the idea than are against it. And it isn’t a sex change, it’s a regeneration. Calling it a “sex change” would be like referring to each regeneration into a male Doctor a “p*nis transplant”.

            Finally your statement of “This decision will effectively steer the show forever” is as benign a statement as can be made. Every decision for the show does that. The Tardis spitting out a Sonic for 11 rather than him building one for himself for example. The Doctor is the Doctor a being of overwhelming intelligence and compassion man or woman, those qualities define the Doctor. Not sex…

            And for those who want to say the Doctor can’t be black/asian/latino etc.. you may remember Melody Pond was black in 1 regeneration…

      • The main audience for Doctor Who is children, and people who have stuck with the show for many, many years, not just people who realised what it is two years ago and decided to watch them all (Americans mainly).

        The loyal majority of the audience who watch week after week, year on year, are the little kids who love it, and the adults who remember the show from their youth. The formula for the show has worked for 50 years, why change it? If it isn’t broke, don’t try and fix it.

        I seriously doubt the majority of fans watching the show at home are thinking, ‘I wish the Doctor was a girl’. The show has always been about damsel in distress (Female companion), and a male hero saviour (the Doctor). It’s not strike against women, it’s just the way the show is.

        If creative ideas are running so low that the writers cannot conjure one other strong female character who can drive some feminist movement, then the show deserves to die. The Doctor has been addressed as male for 50 years, and to be honest, I think the people who are really pushing for a female Doctor are probably only very casual viewers of the show with hardly any idea of what they’re talking about.

        • And teenagers. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO WATCH TOO! :P I’ve watched since I was a child, I think that would have been series 2 of the revived series (I was 9, Jesus….), now I’m 17 soon enough and still adore it, as do many of my same-aged friends. So it’s a show that everyone can love. I’m not fussed on the idea of a female Doctor, but hate when people look at me like it’s sexism. It just wouldn’t be the same. And I know that DW is far from a romantic program, but I personally love Clara as a companion (and yes, you can accuse that this is because I’m a teenager and she is…well, y’know), and given how she interacts with the Doctor, I think a female Doctor would lead to her quick departure. Also, this may sound better in my head, but some of the best Doctor-moments are when he gets angry and aggressive, e.g. end of The Doctor’s Daughter or any time he gets just very, very angry; I think that a women wouldn’t be able to have that bellowing sound of anger that a man has (not saying women can’t be angry, mother of God no, but it would likely come off more as screaming than shouting). Also, here’s something that wouldn’t restrict the actual show’s canon, but actual historical accuracy (and unfortunately also applies to a black Doctor, as much as I would love to hear Samuel L Jackson yell “I am tired of these motherf***ing daleks on this motherf***ing Tardis”): So they arrive in the 1800s, in England or America, would anybody at that time take a woman saving the day seriously? We would be almost restricted to present day, recent history or future. These are just a few arguments against it, so I wish people would stop thinking of us as sexist…

    • I dont want the Doctor going through a sex change. Would you do that to Batman? No.

      • The Doctor essentially dies at the end of each cycle. It isn’t a “sex change” if a Timelord becomes female for a regeneration, it’s just regeneration. Pretty sure he has gotten a new banana and coconuts with each incarnation thus far.

        When Batman is a shape shifting alien that acknowledges the possibility of turning into a woman then your argument will become valid.

  3. I would say yes but as a long time DW fan i think it is a bad idea maybe a spinoff with a female time lord ..but it cat be a lady because then it would have the doctor be lesbian with river…on the other hand……

    • That shouldn’t be too much of an issue. New “Doctor Who” has gone out of it’s way to have gay and lesbian characters. It has a bit of a gay agenda to the extent that it sometimes seems out of place to constantly bring up new characters sexual orientation on a kids show.

      I think people would have more problems with the Doctor being a woman than the Doctor being a lesbian. (I know that makes no sense, but you know what I mean.)

      Personally I’d love to see a female Doctor. (Gay or straight)

      • That agenda was caused by RTD, he specifically goes into his programming to promote the gay/lesbian agenda. He’s admitted this.

        Even when it’s uncalled for he does it, he is an ass. It’s basically propaganda he puts out.

        • Yeah what a jerk showing that gay and bi sexual people exist!

  4. The Doctor was born a Man for god’s sake!! He REGENERATES, he doesn’t change of sex

    • But it’s canon that regeneration could involve a gender change. Hell it’s even been established that a species change is possible, though very clearly not preferred.

      • Oh my God-you just gave me a brilliant idea-the Doctor regenerates into….a CAT! Imagine the internet’s reaction

    • Matt Smith actually thinks he might have been a girl when he first regenerates to 11. If it weren’t possible he wouldn’t have mentioned it.

  5. I might be ok with this in the future but they would have to give a clear end to River’s story first. Once river is completely out of the picture a female doctor could work. If it does happen I would like to see a male companion that has feelings towards the doctor similar to how Martha felt. However where Martha was strong and endured being romantically overlooked, he could be more forward with his feelings and always try to to win the doctor’s affections. Of course they could never be together in that way but it would be fun to watch him try.

    • You aren’t going to flippin believe this, but sometimes women like other women and sometimes men like other men. For more on this, go to Google and type in homosexuality then click search.

  6. Uhm, no – it doesn’t work. Sorry.

    • Why?

  7. The Doctor is a Time Lord, not a Time Lady.
    What your discussing would be a great idea, possibly as a one off.
    But at the same time it’s like James Bond becoming Jane Bond,
    The Character is male, full stop, get another character behind the TARDIS if you want.
    But you can’t go screwing with that dynamic, and fair enough Doctor is a unisex term,
    This is a TV show, for Fifty years there have been men playing Doctor Who and James Bond.

    • “The Doctor is a Time Lord, not a Time Lady.”

      It’s perfectly in canon that the Doctor can be both.

      • Just because it can happen doesnt mean it should. Making the doctor a woman isnt going to bring new viewers to the show, people who dont watch it now will continue to not watch it weather the main characters male or female. So all thats going to happen is people who hate the idea will stop watching, so i cant see it happening.

    • River Song/Melody Pond is part Time Lord because she was conceived on the Tardis and Donna Noble was human crossed with Time Lord because something with her getting mixed with the time stream (sorry, been a while since I have seen those episodes). They both were referred to at some point as Time Lord or partially Time Lord.

      If you go to Classic who Susan Foreman was from Gallifrey who helped the 1st Doctor steal the Tardis blah blah blah..I have never heard anyone refer to people from Gallifrey as Gallifreryians, they are always referred to as Time Lords. Again, on the 10th doctor Arc when the Time Lords came back, there were females there. So all Time Lords are male?

      If you knew your continuity then you would know The term Time Lord is a race not a title and is not gender specific. Just because on Earth Lord is a gender specific term doesn’t mean so out in the Doctor Who universe!

      The only person screwing with continuity is you because of your ignorance of it.

      Dame Helen Mirren would be awesome. And bring back Captain Jack as her companion. Awesome and fresh. I am all for it.

      • I don’t think he’s saying that you can’t have a female Time Lord, he is just saying that the Doctor should be male. And I agree with him, really annoys me when they shoe horn in character changes just for the sake of being P.C, the casting rumour of Johnny Storm from FF changing race comes to mind. That doesn’t make me or the person above sexist because we don’t want the Doctor to change sex, it just means we like it the way it is.

        However, that said, Helena Bonham Carter would be absolutely brilliant. Far better than Matt Smith. Although personally i would rather Philip Glenister or Adrian Lester.

        • Dude, he said “The Doctor is a Time Lord, Not a Time Lady”. That’s not what he is saying??

          • Yes that’s not what he is saying, he’s just saying that the Doctor is a male and it should stay that way, nowhere in his post does he say that you can’t have a female Time Lord.

      • OMG jack and Helen Mirren would be amazing. Course Jack on Who is always great!

    • Ya and what’s with women voting? We had no women’s suffrage for 144 years. That is the way it was and it was established. Why did we go and change it in 1920? And women getting paid equal wages? WTF seriously why would we do that we’ve paid them less since the invention of money why pay them equally now? And women wearing pants? And women becoming senators, and running for president? WTH is going on? Why can’t we just continue to live in a society that is male dominated because that is the way it has been our whole lives?

      • You do realise we are talking about a TV show? I just don’t want the Doctor to be a woman because it would just feel ‘off’, i mean 11 incarnations and not a single female? Pretty sure the Doctor has some control over his regeneration, although he admits that he isn’t very good at it, keep him female. Unless they bring Jenny back as technically she is the Doctor yet different so it would be fine if they did that.

        • *male, this site badly needs and edit function

  8. Why do we need a female Doctor Who? seems unnecessary.

    • Variety is the spice of life. Mixing it up opens up to a different take on telling these stories for 50 years.

      • Why have a female Doctor simply for the sake of having a female Doctor? Give the role to someone who deserves it, not just because of their gender.
        Helen Mirren WOULD be a good Doctor, in my opinion, but we all know it’s not happening. Ben Whishaw would also be excellent in the role.

        • Why continue to have a male Doctor simply for the sake of continuing to have a male Doctor?

          See useless arguments work both ways.

      • You should go get a sex change yourself then

    • How is it necessary for it to remain a man?

  9. I suppose it comes to whether or not you believe the sex of a character is one of their defining traits. Well of course not, some will say, but think about how many characters–from myth, to classic novels, to recent movies–are defined (and how their particular conflicts are defined) by that particular trait. For instance, could you have had the movie “Brave,” if Merida were a boy?

    Now, maybe that’s not the case with the Doctor, but the sarcastic, capricious, forceful, slightly manic personality that’s half-schoolboy/half-professor–and that’s admittedly seen some variation across eleven different performances–is as settled a character at this point as Sherlock Holmes or James Bond, and I happen to think being a man is a part of that characterization.

    • I’m leaning no also. Female Time Lords sound great, I’d watch a spinoff about that, but The Doctor is a male character. Even discussing the matter feels like change for the sake of change or worse, to prove how “accepting” we are.

      • Yes it couldn’t be because of the huge depth of character we could mine out of this change, or the interesting changes that would accompany a female doctor. The change to appeal to additional groups who haven’t watched the Doctor before. No it can only be ‘just for the sake of change’.

        The reasons put forth so far are as follows:
        ‘The Doctor is a man and (despite it being ground safely within the canon of this universe that a time lord can regenerate into a female) because it hasn’t been done it shouldn’t be done.

        • Nicely stated…and true. All of the arguments against having the Doctor regenerate as a woman are just silly. The possibility has already been established; the occurrence of such a regeneration would indeed open up many heretofore unknown (perhaps even untenable) storytelling options; the Doctor regenerating as a woman would provide many very able actors new roles to attempt and make their own.

          …and the closed-minded oafs who would continue to fight such a “drastic” change to a show that openly and constantly involves mythology, extraterrestrials, time travel, immortality, philosophy, and outright fantasy would simply cry themselves to sleep.

          No real fans of the show or what it represents would miss them…

          • How’s this for a silly reason: It isn’t about him having been male for 50 years or whether such a move could bring in new audience members (unlikely) or being able to approach stories from a different perspective. It has nothing to do with sexist rants or thought-terminating cliches like crying misogyny in an attempt to dismiss any opposition to it out of hand and everything to do with audience identification.

            As much as we like to tell ourselves we’re so far beyond certain thinking in this day and age, the truth is that the majority of individuals, even on a subliminal level, really aren’t. As it stands, a large number of viewers are kids and I would venture to guess that a good portion of them are male. For the sake of argument, let’s say half.

            The problem with switching the Doctor’s gender is that you run the risk of alienating that half of your audience. You aren’t likely to loose any viewers from keeping him male, but switching to a female Doctor with a female companion most certainly will alienate that half of your audience for however long that dynamic is present; exactly who is that half of the audience supposed to relate to at the most basic level?

            To correct this, the most obvious solution would be to switch out the female companion for a male one, but now you run the risk of that feeling like a completely forced role switch for appeasement purposes, especially since male Nu-Who companions are pretty much played for buffoons for most of their run and you certainly can’t do that in this situation without further alienating that portion of your viewership.

            Even if you set that aside, this large portion of your audience are still kids and kids are a bit less amenable to such stark changes especially if they’re already having to deal with the starkest change of all.

            I really don’t think there are a whole lot of people that are just hating on the woman issue; I think they are concerned over the possible adverse effect such a change could have on the show. We live in a divisive world. There’s no way around it. The reason production decisions follow a fairly set formula is because one has to strive to appeal to the lowest common denominator and, by doing so, maximize chance of success.

            Is it right? No. Unfortunately, it is real.

            • It IS true. In that, you are correct. However, that does not make it ANY less silly. I’m still waiting for a reason NOT to have a female Doctor that is not simply “I don’t like it” or “it hasn’t been done, so it shouldn’t be done”…both being NON-reasons.

              • Erm… I gave one. It pretty much encompasses the entire post that I made. There is not one portion that states either of those arguments.

                • Erm…yes, you gave a reason, but NOT a different one. Your reason, if I interpreted correctly, was that (aside from any gender issues or different perspectives or the possibility of new audience members), the current viewing population of the show might simply drop the show because half are young males who could not take such a drastic change to the character.

                  WHY couldn’t they if the Doctor remains the same in all other regards?

                  …ummm, in fact, you used PRECISELY the points I brought up in my response above. I maintain that those reasons are silly and shallow, although I do believe (and THIS is the part I said you were correct about) that some viewers will quit watching just because of the gender change.

                  That would be THEIR loss.

                  • I guess your reading comprehension and mine are at two different levels.

                    • You chose to respond in a snarky manner, so I am happy to answer without hesitation and likewise.

                      You are correct again: We ARE at different levels…I DO comprehend what I read; you? Not so much…

                      Thank you for admitting it…Good day.


            • ” exactly who is that half of the audience supposed to relate to at the most basic level?”

              My 10 year old Son’s favorite cartoon is Kim Possible. If you can’t empathize with a character because they aren’t your sex, I think you may need to seek some professional counseling.

              • Your 10 year old son… not all ten year old sons. By that line of thinking, all children need serious professional counseling.

                Taking one line out, however, and focusing it is a bit of a cop out (as is the person above you who insists I don’t comprehend what I wrote myself because they insist on grasping onto bias rather than acknowledge was actually said.

                That aside, I don’t have an issue with such a change myself. I can, however, see why it may not be a good idea when considerations are made for the general audience (meaning that your 10 year old son’s thoughts, feelings, and perceptions may or may not reflect the the millions of others).

                Fact of the matter is, ability to identify along similar lines is a fact of human nature and with children this unfortunately generally falls along the lines of race and color (and by generally I mean that it may or may not apply to a single case individual who happens to be your 10 year old son).

                • “(meaning that your 10 year old son’s thoughts, feelings, and perceptions may or may not reflect the the millions of others).”

                  And likewise meaning that your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions may or may not reflect the millions of others… Your arguments make no more sense than those of the other posters against a female Doctor Who. And I simply do not believe “I don’t have an issue with such a change myself.”. The lengths that you have gone to in order to demonstrate why it would not work don’t seem likely to be in line with someone posting a 33 line post against it.

                  • You are creating arguments that I didn’t make and I never stated that my opinion was law or supersceded anyone else’s. Nor did I argue against a female Doctor. As a matter of fact, I specifically said that I didn’t have a problem with it.

                    What I did state were reasons why a production company would probably not readily make such a change and, while those reasons may not be law either, they are most certainly upheld by demographic studies that have been around almost as long as television which is the exact reason you and I see much more formulaic shows than inventive or experimental. You’ll note that I did not say it can’t or shouldn’t be done but why it more likely wouldn’t be.

                    If you are telling me that recognizing this very real component of executive and production decision making makes my opinion invalid or wrong, then you are either disputing something entirely different than what my comments are or have merely decided that there can be no opposition to the opinion you hold and are therefore dismissive of anything to the contrary.

                    Believe what you will… you already have.

        • If a changed gender would attract new viewers, they’re watching it for the wrong reason

  10. Helen Miren….such a Minerva

    • So…if she is a “Minerva”, does that mean you find her extremely wise?

    • Please cite these “demographic studies” that help support your argument. I would be interested to read them.

  11. They better make the exam easier ha ha

  12. This all very revealing as one would think that serious fans of “science fiction” – where virtually ANYTHING can happen (a staple that distinguishes itself from other genres) – would actually be so “close minded.”

    Perhaps we are not as advanced as we would have hoped.

    If it weren’t so pathetic it would be kind of laughable.

    • Oh, it’s laughable anyway… ;)

  13. I’m not saying i want this to happen because honestly I don’t. The doctor to me should be a man but thats just my opinion. I was simply stating what I would like to see if they do end up going in this direction and I do have faith in the writers to make a lady doctor work despite it being a unfavorable decision. Would it be as good? I don’t believe so but it’s hard to say. In Matt Smith’s first episode he did pull his hair down and say “I’m a girl’ I realize this is a joke but I don’t believe Moffat would contradict what’s possible for a cheap laugh so the possibility is out there. Again I hope its a man but I’ll give it a chance no matter what.

  14. Yes and no.

    Yes I would love to see a female doctor and see her are the awesome stuff The doctor has done to this day.

    No because while I know The doctor’s body change when his current body dies I think it’s kind of weird to see the transformation of the doctor wind up giving him a sex change.

    It can be pulled off and seem less weird if the change happens were its like a different dimension doctor or something.

    • That’a right. Because there’s nothing “weird” or strange or fantastical in a Doctor Who episode. Or the entire premise of the show, for that matter.


      • right! Kryptonic, I love how suspension of belief goes out the window to some people when gender swaps and race changes are a possibility. But then there is nothing wrong with a wierd Octopus kinda squid head guy with an orb in his hand that can communicate telepathically.

        • Right on!

          + 1,000,000

      • Personally, I will not stand for any weirdness in Doctor Who.

  15. Jennifer Saunders already assumed the mantle in this spoof.
    For the uninitiated she shows up towards the end of the clip.

    I would be just fine with the Doctor played by an actress. The qualities the doctor demonstrates are universal–bravery, can do spirit, cheerfulness, and wit are gender neutral. The main thing is we should be surprised by the choice and won over by the performance of the actor/actress.

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  16. no, i dont want a female because people feel they are discriminating. anyway, the doctor is a male. you had your side series with sara jane. if thats not good enough then tuff.

    they cant just change up something because people find a guy running around with a female companion all the time is not right and its aout time to change. tell you what helin, make a series yourself and have a female lead.

    • Yea, you can’t change anything about a show that it’s central theme is CHANGE.

      Let me spell it out for you, the doctor dies every three to seven years and then CHANGES into a totally different persona.

      Nope, let’s not change up something for the same of changing.

      P.S. Corey, you don’t sound sexist at all.

      • same=sake* damn guys, give us an edit button!! Lol

    • Yes if you didn’t get your fix with the childrens series that didn’t run for very long and for which the primary actress died, then you should be content never to ask for a change that would not alter canon in any way.

      I would trade comments with you longer, but with you being here the article seems to be getting awfully narrow.

  17. I know it is possible as they can regenerate to either sex but NO please go NO just NO and NO.

  18. If they could get Helen Mirren to play the Doctor they would be fools not to.

    • ^^ this!

  19. No, no, no. It would be the equivalent of taking Superman and giving him a sex change for the sake of gender equality. There is nothing wrong with it, but it just doesn’t fit with the character. Same goes for the doctor.

    • You can’t compare the Doctor to Superman, the mechanics of the characters are completely different. Kryptonians do not change bodies and regenerate when they die.

      The Doctor does completely change physically and in personality. So it is very fitting for the Doctor.


      Seriously, when you make a statement like this, it really shows that you know nothing about Doctor Who lore.

  20. Hey, why just stop at gender equality. Let’s go for species equality! The next Dr. Who should be a talking parrot with a funny hat.

    And if you don’t like that, then you’re an intolerant bird..ist.


  21. That’s it. Make the good Doctor a female & watch the ratings for this show crash & burn! Seems they can’t create original fictional characters anymore. No, they have to take established Characters & not only change their ethnicity to pander to a low information segment of our populace, but now they’re suggesting altering the genders of established characters too. No wonder Hollywood’s become stagnant & sucking a$$ with this kind of guiding mind rot at the helm.

    • Chad,

      Hi Troll!

      Hollywood is in Aah-merr-i-ka. Doctor Who is made by the BEE BEE CEE in INGLEND.

      Seriously though, do you have anything constructive to say besides using this as an excuse to cry about Hollywood. (Which has nothing to do with Doctor Who)?

      • Hollywood and the BBC are more alike than you think, squid. They are both run by people who want to make money and that is done these days by being as PC as possible, and that means pandering. Chad is commenting about this trend of rebooting movies and franchises and changing the main character just for change. It’s like Sherlock Holmes. I like the movies but they are a drastic change (don’t give me “He was a man of action in the books” because I’ve read the books and he wasn’t)so when people complain, I accept it because its valid and even if I like the movies. I want Luke Cage to be a black guy. I want Lara Croft to be a white British woman. I want yoda to be short and green and I want Spock to be emotionless and have pointy ears and a Moe haircut. The further you get from the source material, the further you go from the character you are trying to recreate and at some point it’s like, “Why don’t you just make up something original? We NEED original!” I get that in the Doctor’s universe, it would be possible for him to regenerate as a woman. But just because some people think it would be “neat” doesn’t negate the people who would like to keep him as close to what he has always been: White, British and male. Why is it PC to accept a change from that and yet it isn’t PC to respect people’s attachment to the core traits of the character and to call them “trolls”?

        • Absolutely brilliant post, basically what i tried to say earlier.

        • You are bloody fantastic.

    • I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

      That you know nothing about Dr. Who.

  22. Remember when Tom Baker traveled with Romana back in the day? I know they say there are no more Timelords, but I don’t see any real reason why they can’t use this as a plot device? Also, what about the “daughter” that the Doctor had in the one episode (she was some sort of “clone” who was born as a young woman? Just as long as they don’t get rid of River Song!!!

  23. No.

    Bad idea.

    • Why?

      • Because the Doctor is a male. Why would they make him a female?

        • …because he regenerates into a completely different person each time…why NOT a female once in a blue moon? The Doctor would still be brilliant, functionally immortal, curious, and humanoid.The Doctor, in other words, would still be the Doctor.

          Now what?

  24. hell no

    • Why not?

  25. I wish producers would stop this whole political correctness thing.

    The Doctor is a man. Casting a woman would just be an effort to look good at the sake of the narrative.

  26. I say no.
    Why? Because it is just another PC, feminist, LGBT or whatever feel good move.
    If those groups want to be represented then get creative and make new characters instead of trying to change established ones. I for one do not care what colour or sexual preference someone has,
    but we would not make Santa Clause a black lesbian for the sake of change so why do it with any other character.

    I have watched doctor who for 30 years now and even though cannon says it can happen it does not mean it has to, I would rather see him become an entirely different species then.

  27. I have nothing against women or female protagonists or what have you. But I don’t see this working. Firstly there is The Doctor’s history up to now, he has always been male and there has been given evidence to suggest this is because of some effort on his part (from the David Tennant/Matt Smith regeneration). Secondly there is his overarching personality. He does change quite a bit with every regeneration but so far all of them (I’ve seen anyway) have the same giddy little boy aspect at its core and I like to imagine that that is his truest personality. He’s also been very flirty etc. with some of his female companions and other female characters throughout the series even marrying River so putting all that in female form would be kind of creepy. Not because of lesbianism or anything but because this GUY (which he very much is) is now suddenly in a woman’s body.
    I also doubt that making The Doctor female would be very good for the shows future. For every person that loves the idea there will be at least four who hate it (as evidenced by the comments above and probably below too) and whilst I will continue to watch many will drop it in (indefensible) disgust. We also did see a (sort of) female version of The Doctor in River and whilst many liked her there are also a lot of fans who didn’t.
    So whilst I would love to see a true Time Lady at some point it should not be The Doctor

  28. Doctor Who as a woman would work for me. It would put a new spin to the stories and add some newness to the character.

  29. I’m down.