‘Doctor Who: The End of Time’ Review & Discussion [Updated]

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doctor who end time Doctor Who: The End of Time Review & Discussion [Updated]

With the holiday season upon us, now is the time to sit back, relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Although, if you’re the part of the world where snow is common (like myself), you’re already sick of the white devil powder that covers everything. Fortunately, we’ve got more important things to worry about. What’s so important, you ask? Well, it’s just THE END OF TIME.

Not only the end of time, but also the end of an era. Since the 2005 return of Doctor Who, we’ve been blessed with two wonderful actors portraying the Doctor, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. It’s been over 4 years since we said goodbye to Eccleston and now the time is upon us again.

Time to say goodbye to David Tennant.

[Update: This will cover “Doctor Who: The End of Time” (Part 2).]

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After such an extremely disappointing first half, it’s hard to think that it could get any worse with part 2 of “The End of Time” and for the first 5 minutes into the second half, I started to think that it could. Then, the clouds cleared and Russell T. Davies was able to ever so slightly save himself for being known as the man who both resurrected and ruined Doctor Who.

While the second half was much better than the first, it still wasn’t “up to standard” with what Who fans have become accustomed to. I’m not going to lie, this past year hasn’t exactly been the best in terms of story, but it would be hard for any fan to deny that since its resurrection, Doctor Who has been top notch in terms of storytelling.

Maybe that’s why this overall special failed. In terms of storytelling, I didn’t really care about what was going on; Too many new things were introduced at once and they all began to just blend together and I started to ignore them.

The whole “medical fix-it machine,” cactus people, super hero Master (flying with his hands), stunt man Doctor (falling through the ceiling), Donna’s mind defense system, Time Lord beacon… it was just too much. It seemed as if Davies had thought of a scene, “the Time Lords returning” and was so excited about that idea that he just threw anything down to make it happen.

Still, this might sound like I didn’t enjoy the episode at all and that’s not the case; I truly enjoyed the episode. The last 20 minutes of the finale were worth sitting through every single special since last Christmas. When it comes down to it, the quality of the entire episode was secondary to what we I really care about: the ending. Somehow, I don’t know how, Davies pulled out a brilliant conclusion to this Doctor Who story.

who regeneration Doctor Who: The End of Time Review & Discussion [Updated]
From the moment that the Doctor stated, “it’s already started” I was hooked and couldn’t stop watching until it was over. With the words of “I’m going to get my reward” and him revisiting all the main characters, Davies got back his glory and I couldn’t have been happier about it.

This special is a perfect example why Davies needed to step down as head writer. While most of the episode was rubbish, there was enough brilliance peppered in to keep me watching and the ending of this episode was most certainly brilliant.

A New Doctor

matt Doctor Who: The End of Time Review & Discussion [Updated]

Alright, I know everyone is going to have their thoughts on Matt Smith as the new Doctor, so here are mine: I’m going to wait and see. It’s as simple as that.

Yes, I’ll admit that his performance at the end was odd, but if you look back to the regeneration that revealed Tennant as the new Doctor, he wasn’t exactly winning any awards.

There are a lot of things that tell me this upcoming season is going to be bad, but Steven Moffat has written so many wonderful Doctor Who episodes that I just have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Don’t I?

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  1. As for Moffat taking over I was initially stoked by the idea, but having seen what the episodes are actually going to be, Daleks again, WW2 again, Weeping Angels again.
    And Vampires in Venice.

    Not the most original storytelling. As for Matt Smith, I will give him a chance.

  2. I think I really really love all the comments about how lame it was that David Tennant’s 10th Doctor didn’t want to die. How dare he not want to die??? OMFG!! You people are ridiculous!!!
    I also totally love all the people pointing out things that don’t makes sense and using logic when talking about Doctor Who. Uhhh. . . he time travels and if you know ANYTHING about the Doctor Who cannon it doesn’t always makes sense or at all. SO SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. To Monique:

    I respect the fact that many people will have loved the EoT two part special. That’s cool -nothing wrong with that at all.

    However, one of the reasons I have loved the show is because of the great quality witnessed in the shows production values, including some quality writing by RTD and others.

    While some fans will be notoriously difficult to please, I find it difficult to stomach when a venerable plethora of inconsistencies, inaccuracies and down-right stupid ideas are backed up with blatantly lazy writing (or lack of) and presented as quality drama! Dr. Who is pitched for a wide audience: young and old. However it is not I believe just a kids show – that’s what the Adventures of Sarah Jane are for (and I love it because I accept it’s meant purely for kids).

    However, some of the ‘fast ones’ that RTD has pulled are too much and would even have a child scratching their head in wonder. Let there be no doubt, I think RTD is a god and he deserves praise. He also deserves polite criticism for stories that are well below the high standards he has set with episodes like Waters of Mars and Midnight.

    One last thought….. Apart from another scene of the doctor holding a gun, I don’t see anything wrong with the clips of Matt Smith in the coming season. Tom Baker’s doctor battled vampires many years ago and I think the Shakespeare Code eloquently introduced the idea of magic in the doctor who universe. Give Matt and Steve Moffat a fair chance! We’re ALL going to need time to adjust to Matt. Just like I had to adjust to Tom taking over from Jon Pertwee.

    I think it’s resonable for Moffat to ‘play safe’ with familiar enemies like daleks and weeping angels because the BBC are VERY nervous about how people are going to react to Matt.

  4. I loved both parts and thought the end was wonderful. I noticed at least one person say that they were disappointed that the Doctor “whined” about regenerating at the end and that no other Doctor did that. To my knowledge, no other Doctor knew it was happening so far in advance. It was generally pretty unexpected for his earlier selves. Tennant’s Doctor knew it was coming and had a long time to think about it & stew. That’s a lot he’d been keeping bottled up. I thought it was more impactful that he let some of that through at the end.

    I honestly don’t see anything to worry about in Matt Smith’s performace at the end or the preview of the next series. As a matter of fact, that small introduction has sold me already. I’ll miss David Tennant, just as I miss Christopher Eccleston but I am really looking forward to what Matt has to offer. Geronimo, indeed! (That said, I always enjoyed the multiple Doctor episodes and would love to have a new “Three Doctors” episode.)

    Lastly, I’m looking forward to the new “desktop theme” for the TARDIS. It’s had various looks in the past & I was wondering if they would redesign it again. I hope this also means we’ll get to see more of the inside of the TARDIS again and not just the control room.

  5. My big issue was the ease of the ‘suicide’ of the 10th Doctor. Call it suicide or sacrifice, but he gave up and gave in too quickly to find a solution to the radiation problem. It felt like he was looking for an excuse to go. Eccleston’s death (Doctor 9) came as more of a shock because it wasn’t announced throughout the whole episode. Besides, I almost expected to see Captain Kirk on the other side of the glass.

    I enjoyed the new concepts about the Time Lords, but they came too fast to really absorb. I think their new reality needed fleshing out.

    I will miss Tennant’s Doctor. I still miss Eccleston’s. But the 10th Doctor was becoming too knowing, too powerful, and too righteous. It’s hard to right stories for a character who has become godlike. It was a good run, and I look forward to the new beginnings.

  6. i just enjoy the episodes (or dont) based on pure entertainment value – not how much they adhere to a genre formula or how much the show stretches believability – also .. lets look back at the regenerations we know of – how many generations knew they were going to regenerate more than (lets say) an hour in advance??

    1) no i do not think so
    2) no – although on trial – i do not think forced regeneration entered his mind
    3) YES – i think then upon returning to planet of the spiders, he was aware his death was a possible consequence of his previous actions
    4) YES – didnt “the watcher” communicate to him that that his end was near? (the moment has been prepared for)
    5) YES – he knew that if he did not find the antidote, he would eventually die – in fact – it could be stated that he too committed suicide by giving the remaining antidote to Peri, he doomed himself
    6) no
    7) no
    8) unknown
    9) no
    10) YES (as previously discussed)

    so more than just immediate knowledge of his death is NOT unheard of in Dr Who, nor is suicide!

    ps – i liked the 11th doctor self-questioning – am i a girl? (a nod the the long running fan conversations on the doctor regenerating as a female?)

  7. did anyone else find the irony that both the Daleks and Time Lords had a “prophesisor” – an individual that had logged the prophecies of their respective races over the eons ….??? perhaps the two races had more in common than either would like to admit !!!

  8. Despite misgivings about some things:

    1. The White Point Star must have special Gallifreyan powers to be seen by the naked eye and land lightly in the midst of a huge crater
    2. I think really the fall from the Vinvocchi spacecraft throught the window would have killed him – trying to to Tom Baker one better? Doesn’t work, sorry.
    3. I wish they had made more of Rassilon being ressurrected at the end of the Time War – as it was it seemed a throwaway reference
    4. I think Peter Jackson watched this and found that the ending of his Return of the King was more succinct than others realized

    I found it to be a wonderful sendoff!

    I love the forum buzz right now about who the woman timelady was! The imdb (never really all that reliable) had it posted as Romana, before it was changed to The Woman a few weeks before airing!!! This makes so much more sense to me than his Mum or Susan. Romana becomes President, only to be deposed by the C.I.A. who ressurect Rassilon. Rassilon – the secret head of the C.I.A. inside the Matrix a la Peter Davison era comics from the DW Mag – found that that was the only kind of immortality it was right to have without becoming corrupt. To be placed in the flesh would send him down a path of evil. This is why he laid the trap he did for those wanting immortality in his tomb as shown in the 5 doctors.

    You see how much story can be gleaned just from that? *sigh* I guess we will never see the Time War except in fan fictions, but I would so love to see Paul McGann’s Doctor use “The Moment” to destroy both sides and then end up on The Titanic as Christopher Eccleston.

    Anyways – I cried like a wee baby!

    Happy 2010 and New Doctor Era!!!

  9. They say Tennant will return for a the two doctors episode, why can`t we have the four doctors? have Eccleston return with Tennant- and also. plz – have Paul McGann in it to. he can explain allot. also he only got one movie.

    Anyways. the doctor is over 900 years old, but all the doctors we have seen live for max 4 years. Oki, they have some adventures inbetween episodes, but how dos it add up to 900, do timelords age slowly?

  10. I agree that they did put alot of details in the two parts-almost as if they didn’t have enough time to flesh out the story especially with the character of Rasillon and the Lady (Romana)and the connection with Wilfred.The lack of details made it seem that Wilfred and the lady were possibly “parents” of the doctor or forgotten friends from the past…Also Tim dalton makes a paycheck-but the story fails in respect to the time lords,”why bring Gallifrey too??I was under the assumption that since their planet was crap-that they were transfering to Earth-to takeover..not destroy it..Hopefully this will be brought up later..

  11. I can not add anything to this forum that hasn’t already been said. There were positive and negative aspects to both parts. The truth is Davies introduced me to this world and therefore I can’t help but hold a high opinion of him. As an American living in England the Doctor is an olive branch. I am looking forward to the Direction Matt Smith is guided in by Steven Moffat. I will miss Tennant.

  12. I’m sure this has already been commented on but I will add my view,


    There we go, I feel much better, ah.

  13. There is still another doctor out there with rose in the other dimension and im sure that will be brought into light sooner or later. him getting his reward was brilliant….seeing all the people who made the show not to mention saving one of them from death….PRICELESS!!!!! Far as im concerned Season 3 is the best(why blink and family of blood was voted 2 and 1 of top 10 episodes) and they need to get Season 5 up to that level of story/writing if they want this new guy to do well as the doctor.

  14. I’m shocked how many people didn’t like the Doctor getting “his reward”. His companions were so much a part of his journey AS the Doctor. They loved him and he loved them. Some in different ways than others. Of all the things I didn’t like that wasn’t part of it.
    I think of Doctor Who storylines the way I think about Comic Book storylines. They get off track and getting back on track sometimes confuses things you’ve already seen. Makes them not make sense anymore and stuff. I learned a long time ago to just accept discrepencies of logic and story in SciFi and Fantasy. I learned I also enjoyed everything alot more.
    Every show I’ve ever loved has let me down in some way. I think it’s inevitable. That’s why we have awesome forums like this to vent in!!!!!!

  15. I’m confused about who thinks the Doctor’s we’ve seen only live for four years? Tom Baker was the Doctor for 7 or 8 years. Chris Eccleston for only 1.

    The Doctor was already 800+ from the first script. He’s aged in “our years” since. ie. When David took over he said he was 903. He’s now 906 (from memory)

    First half of End of Time was very slow. Very boring. Second half, brilliant. David proved what a brilliant actor he is. (If you ever doubt it, watch the RSC’s Hamlet)

    We’ll miss you Ten.. all the best.

  16. Watching the two episodes back to back works much better, I spliced them together and made it into one movie, works pretty well with all the build up and then the pay off.

  17. jen – The poster is wondering because the second Doctor claims to be 450 in Earth years – Tom Baker claims he is something like 750 to Sarah Jane, and later claims he is Seven Hundred Fifty something which the first Romana disputes – she is prolly right at that point. The seventh Doctor was seen with a 900 year diary and I think it’s only in the spin-offs that he becomes 900+ ? When they brought the show back they just decided it would be easier to start off with 900, and have basically aged him for every year that’s gone by on Earth within the context of the stories. This is a bit unfortunate as it simply can’t be. There has to be a LOT of things going on “in between” episodes to explain for such rapid ageing and the opposite in the new series – too much is referred to for only 6 years to have gone by. I am going to go with Romana on this one:

    “You’ve lost count somewhere…”

    p.s. When a nice fellow named Rich did an excellent take on “The 10 Doctors” http://comics.shipsinker.com/ he had the 10th Doctor thinking about how he was stretching the truth and is much older…you know, middle-aged fibbing….:)

  18. I thought that was Romana! I would have to agree about the rather lip-service reintroduction of the Time Lords. They looked great, as did Gallifrey, but there was no chance for their storyline to breathe (standard RTD). No offence to Russell, he has brought back our show, but if he had stayed any longer, DW may have become as silly as the Douglas Adams era with everyone looking tired and just camping it up. I have great faith in the Moff and young Matt and I look forward to the show, not just the Doctor, regenerating.

    Please, oh please, could the Master regenerate? Yes, we get it, the Master is in many ways the Doctor’s darker side, so it is right that Simm should be as cheeky-yet-intense as Tennant (just as Delgado was a suave as Pertwee), but I certainly could do with a more urbane, cold Master in future.

    There were so many wonderful things in that final episode, and did anyone other than me see a hint at a resurrection/reinvention of the Movellans? It was just the image of Freema Agyeman in braids holding a blaster. I propose that some alien or other sees in Martha the template for the ultimate fighting android and makes hundreds of copies. We have the digital technology now for our screens to be filled with masses of Freemas wreaking robotic havoc on the universe, so why not? It’s a way for Freema to come back without being Martha. Actually, I really hope that we get no more returns of former companions. Continuity kills the enjoyment for anyone who wants to come new to the show.

    What ever happened to that “Mister” red-herring in season 2 (or rather 28)? All those people called Mister something – Mr Crane, Mr Magpie, Mr Finch, Mr Jefferson, Mr Skinner. Was that just to make us subliminally alert when we first started hearing about Mr Saxon? But then there was Mr Copper. Were they all supposed to be dispossessed TIme Lords with fob watches? Did Russ and co just forget? Curious…


  20. @Gunsmith Agreed. David Tennant will ALWAYS be my Doctor. I’m so glad they gave him a human half. I hope they use it we all get a chance to see him on DW again.

  21. There is no reason they cant do another Two Doctors and get Tennant back, I’m sure he would do it.

    Did anyone else notice that the bus carrying Wif and his elderly friends around had Sparrow on the side, perhaps a hint to the return of Sally Sparrow at some point soon?

    And I am dying to know what The Nightmare Child is!

  22. david was the best bu you never know matt smth might top david

  23. Tennant has said that he’d be up for reprising the role to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who which is coming in 2013.

  24. I hated it. From start to finish. This episode and the first part of it could have been so much more than it was.

    The Master replicating a million of himself should have been the final act of the Axon Consciousness. Saxon=Axons.

    Bringing Gallifrey back was unnecessary in the extreme.

    And Ressurrecting Rassilon? WTF? You have GOT to be joking. Time Lords used to speak of Rassilon with reverence. Now that’s ruined forever.

    Plus…this is not explained! Anywhere!

    Plus: Matt Smith? I don’t think this guy can act his way out of a paper bag.

  25. I have been a fan of the good Dr since the Davison era and when they brought the show back, I was ecstatic. When the writers added new stuff to the Whoniverse they never changed basic stuff about the Doctor or those around him. Until Tennant’s last 2 episodes were aired.

    I was deeply disappointed because lack of continuity bothered me A Lot.

    1st of all, Time Lords have never flown or have had Super man powers (No Matter how crazy they got or how badly a regeneration went)

    If you go on about how the TimeLords are gone, let them go- bringing them back cheepens the character development you have added to this remarkable character Who is “The Doctor” as well as “The Master”

    I must agree that too much was going on at once. It was as if the writers got in a hurry and figured they would wrap it up by throwing in a lot of action and familar characters and BTW– we have a regeneration scene as well.

    Tennant was “Brilliant”, and what I did like was that he got to say good bye to a few folks before he left. And I also liked Wif as a companion (He was a hoot)

    And speaking of continuity, It seems that McCoy’s Doctor told Ace he was 900 years old or did I dream that one up?

  26. To those who are didn’t like Tennant’s “whining” over his death, I do think it was justified. He’s known for close to a year that he’s going to be regenerating and even so, with all foreshadowing, I think the Doctor was also really worried about dying before managing to regenerate. To worry and imagine that and to get the shock of not dying only to need to sacrifice himself to save Donna’s Grandfather. I can really connect with going through all that slow buildup toward his death, and surviving both the master and the President of the time lords. Just to survive all that and then to sacrifice for just one old man and a friend was rather ironic and no less noble. The Doctor dies to save a friend and not the universe. the Irony after all that tension deserves a rant, at least it does in this fan’s humble opinion.

    As for anger at the Time lords returning, the ultimate thing we all need to remember is that they Did Not truly come back. I think it was done not to offend anyone because at the end of the series in 80′s his people were still alive and I think their attempted return and subsequent banishing back into the time locked time war was more for the answering of questions in regards to why The doctor’s people were lost and what part the Doctor truly played in their demise. It also let us see how even the great and noble Time Lords had been corrupted by the war. In the end the time lords seemed just as bad as the Daleks and other races trapped in the time lock. Which means the Doctor had to choose not once, but twice that to condem his people to death for the greater good of the universe.

    The Master’s abilities I can forgive since he had a resurrection that went wrong and not a regeneration otherwise the actor would have changed. And use of such abilies was destabilizing and draining him of life. Who knows, maybe his botched resurrection mean’s he can’t regenerate. The bleeding of energy could be channeled so it’s possible, After all the Doctor aborbs a lethal dose of X-ray radiation in “smith and Jones” and channels it out of one foot, as well as withstands a Lightning strike in Daleks in manhatten which shows me time lords are good at expelling and manipulating extra energy. So the master’s condition is not as an insane leap as I think some of us like to think.

    The goodbye that the Doctor made to all his friends I think was mostly a fan service and was heart wrenching but I can see how others can be upset by it. I think it’s mostly because he’s never been one to really say goodbye before in any form.

    I will also be holding off on Matt Smith’s performance until I see more than 30 seconds of screen time. I know I protested the loss of our 9th doctor until I saw Tennant’s performance in the first christmas special. And while I was a bit put off on the flash of vampires here we must also remember in Season two we had a werewolf and witches in season three in the Shakespeare episode. Also the Gelf were similar to ghosts in the episode with Charles Dickens in it.

    I will miss David Tennant but I think they did a fair send off and look forward to the new adventures with a new doctor.

  27. Speaking as an American fan of this long runnig British sci-fi program, I simply must weigh in on my reaction on “The End Of Time”. First of which is my appreciation and thanks to BBC America for broadcasting these episodes the day after their premier in England.

    Was I the only one to peg the Time Lords as the baddies of this episode, not the Master? And I had that doped out after seeing the trailer for the episode.

    As far as the pacing of the episode I agree that part one dragged a bit and a lot of stuff was packed into the two parts (ala “The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End”). These episodes would do well to be edited together like what was done of “TSE/JE”.

    Now as far as the Doctor’s fall from the spacecraft; this episode is, above all, a regeneration episode. *EVERYBODY* (including the Docotr) knows what is gonna happen. the question is *WHEN*? RTD has been know to be somewhat of a tease and sure enough he teases us with several possible times-in the warehouse when the Master zaps him, he supposedly gets shot from the helicopter and his fall from the sapcecraft. I will agree that the fall was a little over the top.

    What would be wrong with a mid-story regeneration? When William Hartnell left and regenerated into Patrick Troughton that was in the middle of a season, as I recall. That would be an idea that might have appealed to RTD.

    The mysterious lady that appears to Wilf; Some suggest it’s Susan Foreman, others say it’s Romana, still others say it’s the Doctor’s mother. There is not a lot of evidence to support any of the choices. There is definately a moment of recognition by the Doctor Which would apply to all three). There is the statement by Rassilon that there were two dissent votes (would apply to Romana and Susan more that the mother). Then the statement to Wilf about “I was once lost” applies more to Romana than Susan since Romana was “lost” in E-space and the Doctor actually abandoned Susan on Earth so she could marry David Campbell. So I would lean towards the mysterious woman being Rpmana. Is the evidejnce conclusive, not really, but what facts there are fit. This, of course, is just speculation.

    And BTW, what’s with the Master being such a glotton? Unless it is part of something for a future episode, there is no point to it. Same with the reference to President Obama. To me it doesn’t follow that the American president would have access to *ALL* the missle codes, that would be left possibly to U N I T. In an interview RTD states that the electionwas such a historic event that he wanted to pay tribute.

    At first, my mind rejected the fact that Rassilon was Lord President of the High Counsil of Time Lords but the evidence is irrefutable, the Doctor actually says his name: “Back into H**l, Rassilon!”. It does seem farfetched, one of the Time Lord’s greatest historical figures was present at the beginning of the Time Lords, and he would be present at the fall of Gallifrey. Why not? If they can ressurect the Master not once but twice, they can go back into history and ressurect Rassilon.

  28. And, as a sidelight, would anyone be surprised if Sylia Noble play a big part in a future episode?

  29. I just watched the last two specials: I couldn’t bare saying good-bye to David Tennant. I had four episodes of season 2 recorded before I started to watch Tennant after Christopher Ecclestion left.

    Both specials were mediocre. Too many ideas thrown in to come out with one cohesive story. But the last 10 minutes were well worth the wait. I thought he was going to go back to Rose’s old apartment, but just hang in the ally… reminiscing.

    Then I saw Martha Jones (my least favorite of his companions), then Mickey, then the Sontaran (which made me grin as my eyes got a little watery). It was a nice touch with Martha and Mickey. I liked them both a little more in that moment.

    “My Angel Put the Devil in Me” playing when the Doctor introduced Captain Jack to Alonso. I forgot he survived on the Titanic – - when that song played.

    Jessica Stevenson playing the granddaughter of Joan Redfern. She published the journal as a book. She knew who he was… it was very touching. I’m very glad they included her character for a good-bye.

    Rose Tyler. Oh… he just can’t be without her. Her and Jackie at the beginning of 2005. Priceless… he hasn’t crossed his own timeline and he gets to say good-bye in his own way. I was definitely crying by the end of that. But I always seem to at Tennant’s finales. This Doctor always ends up alone.

    Few things I had problems with:

    1. Matt Smith’s performance. I’m giving him a shot, just disappointed with it.
    2. I saw Tennant on “Graham Norton” and he made it seem like him and Smith were on screen together. I was expecting something like that and definitely didn’t get it.
    3. The Master’s exit. I wanted something a little grander for such an amazing adversary.

    David Tennant, how I’ll miss you. You won me over in “Christmas Invasion” but that was easier to take because Rose accepted your Doctor. I have no one to rely on but myself to accept his new incarnation. But you, my good sir, were fantastic.