‘Doctor Who: The End of Time’ Review & Discussion [Updated]

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doctor who end time Doctor Who: The End of Time Review & Discussion [Updated]

With the holiday season upon us, now is the time to sit back, relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Although, if you’re the part of the world where snow is common (like myself), you’re already sick of the white devil powder that covers everything. Fortunately, we’ve got more important things to worry about. What’s so important, you ask? Well, it’s just THE END OF TIME.

Not only the end of time, but also the end of an era. Since the 2005 return of Doctor Who, we’ve been blessed with two wonderful actors portraying the Doctor, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. It’s been over 4 years since we said goodbye to Eccleston and now the time is upon us again.

Time to say goodbye to David Tennant.

[Update: This will cover “Doctor Who: The End of Time” (Part 2).]

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After such an extremely disappointing first half, it’s hard to think that it could get any worse with part 2 of “The End of Time” and for the first 5 minutes into the second half, I started to think that it could. Then, the clouds cleared and Russell T. Davies was able to ever so slightly save himself for being known as the man who both resurrected and ruined Doctor Who.

While the second half was much better than the first, it still wasn’t “up to standard” with what Who fans have become accustomed to. I’m not going to lie, this past year hasn’t exactly been the best in terms of story, but it would be hard for any fan to deny that since its resurrection, Doctor Who has been top notch in terms of storytelling.

Maybe that’s why this overall special failed. In terms of storytelling, I didn’t really care about what was going on; Too many new things were introduced at once and they all began to just blend together and I started to ignore them.

The whole “medical fix-it machine,” cactus people, super hero Master (flying with his hands), stunt man Doctor (falling through the ceiling), Donna’s mind defense system, Time Lord beacon… it was just too much. It seemed as if Davies had thought of a scene, “the Time Lords returning” and was so excited about that idea that he just threw anything down to make it happen.

Still, this might sound like I didn’t enjoy the episode at all and that’s not the case; I truly enjoyed the episode. The last 20 minutes of the finale were worth sitting through every single special since last Christmas. When it comes down to it, the quality of the entire episode was secondary to what we I really care about: the ending. Somehow, I don’t know how, Davies pulled out a brilliant conclusion to this Doctor Who story.

who regeneration Doctor Who: The End of Time Review & Discussion [Updated]
From the moment that the Doctor stated, “it’s already started” I was hooked and couldn’t stop watching until it was over. With the words of “I’m going to get my reward” and him revisiting all the main characters, Davies got back his glory and I couldn’t have been happier about it.

This special is a perfect example why Davies needed to step down as head writer. While most of the episode was rubbish, there was enough brilliance peppered in to keep me watching and the ending of this episode was most certainly brilliant.

A New Doctor

matt Doctor Who: The End of Time Review & Discussion [Updated]

Alright, I know everyone is going to have their thoughts on Matt Smith as the new Doctor, so here are mine: I’m going to wait and see. It’s as simple as that.

Yes, I’ll admit that his performance at the end was odd, but if you look back to the regeneration that revealed Tennant as the new Doctor, he wasn’t exactly winning any awards.

There are a lot of things that tell me this upcoming season is going to be bad, but Steven Moffat has written so many wonderful Doctor Who episodes that I just have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Don’t I?

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  1. Just out of interest, the David Tennant/Patrick Stewart Hamlet didn’t do a lot for me. Kenneth Branagh’s version realised the modern setting far more effectively, and the Mel Gibson/Laurence Olivier versions were more kinetically staged. Tennant and Stewart were let down in my opinion by poor direction, cinematography, and some of the other casting. Polonius and Ophelia were particularly weak, and the guy playing Laertes just looked like Agent X20 from Stingray…

  2. Oh, and I totally agree about what sort of actor should be cast as the Doctor. Have you seen The Next Doctor special? David Morrissey fitted the bill perfectly, I thought.

  3. To everyone saying Mickey came back from the parrellel world at the end of series 3, it was actually Journey’s End the finale of series four. Sorry.

    The episode was very enjoyable to me, I loved that he got to see Rose one more time because The Doctor really loved her and who can blame him. There were some silly parts but I have got used to that, remember this is meant to be for kids as well!

    As for Matt Smith, I didnt think he acted paticulaly like Tennant in that final scene, I want to give him a chance I really do but he just doesnt seem right for the part. on the teaser clip, which I am surprised isnt on here yet, there is a lot happening, there is a damaged dalek from the WW2 episode and also a white dalek, what appear to be vampires in a medieval setting, and as usual lots of running around and The doctor kissing his new assisitant, Amy Pond. The Weeping Angels are on there too, I think that is the first episode. And River Song. And The Doctor working in the Tardis, the new Look Tardis, inside and out.

    i remember being a bit gutted when the Doctor regenerated into David Tennant, but I got over that very quickly. I will watch the first ep of new series and see how I go from there but Im not convinced at all.

    Farewell to the tenth doctor, who will always be remembered as my Doctor to me. The next generation will probably wonder what all the fuss was about.

  4. Did anybody else notice that when the OOD joined hands there was a human hand rising up? What’s up with that?

  5. i’m talking about the ending, where they sing him to his rest…

  6. Don’t know why all the complaints about vampires and Twilight references, I am no Doctor Who fanatic just a Brit who followed it as a kid from Tom Baker on, and got into the new series late – however I do remember a long vampire story with Tom Baker, these creatures presented themselves as classic gothic vampires but it was a front for some kind of space entity as far as I remember, which was farming a medieval style world, judging by the clips I am guessing these are the same aliens?



  8. Even in science fiction and even in science fiction like Dr Who a writer should not ask an audience to believe more than one incredible thing. The End Of Time required us to believe way too many incredible things. I enjoyed it but it was rubbish nonetheless and it was a very unheroic death.

  9. Rubbish, Buffy, Stargate etc asked incredible things and they were brilliant.

    People just hate RTD and js want excuses to slagh him off.

    This was brilliance – DR Who at its best but RTD cant ever please the haters. Ever. It’s a shame.

  10. I tried to watch Dr Who a couple of times since my childhood days of watching Tom Baker as Dr Who on channel 11 sunday nights, and couldnt get into it anymore.
    Tom Baker, for the win! (I even still have an autographed pic from him, lol)

  11. I’m an advid Sci Fi Fan. I know a bad show, episode etc when I see one. END OF TIME WAS GREAT. Anthonie Ocasio review was more of someone looking for revenge against the director/producer then an actual review of the show. The plot was great the misdirection of the time lords was a super idea added to the show. I would like to see many more shows like this one. I’m not familiar with the new Doctor/Actor, but I think he looks kind of young. Personally I would have liked to see James Masters (Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer) as the new Doctor.

  12. Honestly I was a lot happier with part 2 than I was with part 1, though there are still some things that bothered me.

    David Tennant will ALWAYS be MY Doctor. I will try to watch the new series with Matt Smith though since I love the show and since I was able to go back and watch season 1 with Eccleson even after I had established a love for David Tennant.

    Also, James Marsters as the Doctor would have been VERY interesting, though as an avid Spike fan I may be partial. I still think Anthony Stewart Head would have done well. Too bad for him not making it when the show was first cast. Now that he was already a baddy it’s a bit late.

  13. More references to The Nightmare Child in this episode. It has been mentioned before, and as is so often the case with new Who, if a reference is brought up repeatedly, like Bad Wolf, Torchwood, Shadow Proclimation, and the Medusa Cascade. It will crop up again.

  14. Yeah, I had to wind that one back, DrSam: something about the Skaro Degradations, the Hoard (or Horde) of Travesties, and the Could-Have-Been King and his Army of Meanwhiles and Never-Weres. They all sound intriguing, particularly the first (the Doctor goes brutal, makes every Dalek say “please” at the end of any sentence it speaks – no exceptions – and forces Davros to eat baby food without a bib?). Stephen Moffat’s got something to dip into there if he needs it down the line.

  15. @Brian Maronie

    I’m not trying to get revenge on anyone, I’m trying to be honest. I love Doctor Who. Russell T. Davies is a brilliant man, but he’s not perfect and this past year has more than proved it.

    There’s no possible way that you could say this story was on par with “The End of the World,” “Gridlock,” “Midnight,” or “Journey’s End.”

    My point wasn’t that in terms of all television that this was bad, but in terms of Doctor Who… it just wasn’t one of the best.

    Although, if you’d like to split the last 12/20 minutes off into it’s own episode, than I’d happily agree with you that it was, indeed, “great.”

  16. End of time was awful! Whats the matter with you people? RTD keeps saying a companion wil die and he never does? And as for the doctor dying but having enough time to visit everyone is ridiculous. The awful ending which was pure selfishness on RTD’s part saying goodbye to his companions and characters because he’s leaving as well. It was riddled with plot holes and looked like a poor marvel film rather than intellegent scifi which RTD does not do.

    Doctor Who is my program but is died in 1989. It should of remined that way. Rather than the overhyped cash cow it now is.

  17. Personally I quite enjoyed this episode, but it likely helps that I got to watch it as a whole.. I was glad they were able to bring back John Simm as The Master as he was likely the best possible villain for Ten’s last great conflict.. Great use of Timothy Dalton as Rassilon.. interesting that they used him as a narrator for a part of the episode. and the whole point of The Master being able to do all those incredible things was that it was slowly killing him to do it.
    And turning The Doctor’s favourite race into an entire race of duplicates of The Master?.. can you think of a worse kind of torture for him?..

    And it’s clear why RTD chose to do the “goodbye” sequence at the end, it was to give Moffat an essentially “clean slate” to take 11 in a new direction unfettered by the majority of what Davies had created..

    And for those who b**** that RTD said a companion would die and never did.. Donna died… twice, in fact.. once literally, and once in a way that I would consider much much worse than a physical death.

    Sometimes I think people just think it’s “cool” to rag on things rather than let yourself enjoy them.. lighten up, and have some fun.

    I look forward to Matt Smith’s run on the Doctor, and already see a bit of Davison in him, just from the previews.. I’m certainly willing to give them a chance instead of condemning it as a travesty and failure before it’s even had a chance… the same mistake that many fans made when David Tennant took over the TARDIS from Eccleston.

  18. “There are a lot of things that tell me this upcoming season is going to be bad…”

    Such as…? How can you judge an entire season based on Matt Smith appearing for one minute on screen and a one-minute trailer?

    This is a tired, old meme that’s been going on for decades: “OMG THE NEW DOCTOR SUX AND CAN’T POSSIBLY BE AS GOOD AS THE OLD ONE!!!!1″ Geez, they said Tom Baker could never be replaced and look at where we are now.

    Overall the two-episode arc was full of gaping holes and plot contrivances. But I did appreciate the deep personal relationship between the Doctor and Wilf. Of all the companions the Doctor has had over the years, Wilf may well be the most likeable – and the most human. Not a fit girl (or boy) for fanservice, not a semi-well known comedian (with apologies to Catherine Tate, who I enjoyed a lot), just a proud old man who has befriended an even older man.

  19. Really? I doubt there is anything wrong with anyone other than their own opinion. If you dislike the current program why watch it or post here about it? No RTD can’t please me because I want something different than what he usually gives. However, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t watch a show he wrote; everyone has their highs and lows. Who is something I and the person next to me can agree on even if we both disagree on what we like about the show. As the world turns we all know that we can agree to disagree.

  20. I mainly agree with the review here. Except that the ending did not, AT ALL, redeem this episode. In fact, It was the WORST part of the episode.

    The long and needlessly drawn out regeneration/reunion scenes were totally without precedent in Doctor Who lore. Clearly, the “reward” was being bestowed by RTD himself to his own character creations. One last indulgence on RTD’s part that served virtually no purpose to Doctor Who as a whole.

    Even worse, no prior Doctor has ever wined so profusely about his impending demise. I really got to like David Tennant’s doctor over the last few years, but I certainly lost an enormous amount of respect for him after such self-centered and indulgent behavior. In fact, it makes the 9th Doctor’s regeneration seem supremely better in comparison. Eccleston’s Doctor accepted his fate and regenerated heroically, without the hint of complaint. Just like all the incarnations before him. But not the Tenth Doctor! He wines like a child continuously throughout the last few adventures about his consuming desire to live on.

    Also, at this point, I see no reason to fear the new season with the 11th Doctor. In fact I am looing forward to it (how could it be worse, I ask, than 2009 Doctor Who?). And Stephen Moffat’s stories have been consistently inventive and entertaining and hold a sharp focus that RTD seems incapable of anymore. So yes, huge kudos to RTD for resurrecting Doctor Who, and updating it very successfully, but if all he can give us for a finale is this total mash up of story ideas, then it’s clearly past time for him to leave.

    I just hope that Stephen Moffat will take the reigns without fear of making a clean break with RTD’s line of continuity and style of storytelling. I really admire and appreciate RTD’s injection of character and story arcs into Doctor Who. That type of continuity was sorely missing from classic Who, but he just didn’t seem to have to chops to really pull it off and when it came down to finales, RTD just seems to pull it all out of a hat at the last minute. I’m hoping that SM has the skill to truly pull it off by backing the script outlines up with some real writing skill. Which he’s definitely shown he can do. So the future looks bright.

  21. Admittedly, there’s a limit to how much one can prognosticate from a mere trailer of the first episode with the new Doctor, but …

    Really, there are too many people here who take Doctor Who far too seriously. What IS this great Moffat-vs.-Davies divide? Geez, people, it’s FANTASY, not even science fiction (as Asimov said, for it to be sci-fi, there has to be some aspect of or reasonable extrapolation of real science at the heart of the plot, and Doctor Who has never attempted that). Doctor Who is meant to be fun — period.

    That said, I’ve liked many of the Davies episodes as much as the Moffat ones and will miss Davies almost as much as I’ll miss Tennant. David Tennant’s characterization of the Doctor is so loved because it shares one essential aspect with Tom Baker’s version: both were remarkable for their sheer joy and verve. Davison was too nebbishy and scatterbrained, Colin Baker obnoxiously surly and pudgy, and they were the worst of the bunch. But Matt Smith (so far) looks just plain TOO BLAND and sounds unconvincing; he’s British-public-school geeky in a *bad* way, dresses like a slob with pretensions, particularly compared to the natty Tennant — and his shouting ‘Geronimo!’ is hideously fake and doesn’t make up for any of that (I already hate that catchphrase; the prospect of hearing Smith say ‘Geronimo’ even ONE more time sets my teeth on edge! NOT fun. Idiot move. Seriously: neither Tom Baker nor his predecessors nor McCoy, Eccleston or Tennant had to resort to anything that stupid and cliche. Moffat’s first order of business must be to get rid of ‘Geronimo!’ and be far cleverer than THAT).

    Other than that, I’d say Smith has his work cut out for him, more so than his predecessors, and Moffat needs to stop thinking he has a lock on that job and get cracking with better dialogue and fewer guns. And will SOMEBODY please call wardrobe and dress that nitwit properly!!! Thank you.

  22. I wasn’t too keen on the wining of ten either. Never has The Doctor acted like that, and scense it’s Tennet”s wish to go, well, shut up and go or don’t. I did like seeing Martha n Micky Married n carrying on the good fight. Who’d have thought that would happen? But what has happened to Billie Piper? She needs to fire whoever is doing her make-up now. It’s no wonder Capt. Jack is off planet, his daughter is probably trying to find a way to kill him after that last Torchwood speical. I hated it and would not let my wife who has lost a child watch it. With all the Doctors I’ve seen from John Pertwee to David Tennet, I’m looking forward to giving the youngest Doctor ever a chance!

  23. (SPOILER)

    All you people complaining about the dying taking too long… you’re all silly. Radiation poisoning takes a while! YES, it was a MASSIVE amount of radiation, so it didn’t take the usual three days. BUT IT STILL TAKES A WHILE. I agree, the whole goodbye scene was a bit dumb, but it does take a while! What was he supposed to do, sit in the TARDIS being emo for half an hour?

    However, I must say it is hard to accept Matt Smith as the new Doctor, but it was hard to accept Tennant too. I’m sure you’ll get over it :)

  24. Very interesting to read all these comments. Here’s what I think:
    Overall, part 2 was quite good – good story, nice surprise ending. But it could have been so much better! I agree with the commenter “only believe one incredible thing per episode” – loads of things were simply put in because the writer couldn’t think of a good way out of a tricky problem.
    The climax, with the Doctor finding out would die in a radiation burst, seemed very contrived. And cheap.
    And that sequence at the end! WHAT a load of nonsense! Please believe me, I’ma big Doctor Who fan, and I’m not saying it was rubbish because I don’t like it, but because I love it – and feel very let down. So much in The End of Time could have been brilliant, but was mis-written and mishandled.
    Thanks a lot!

  25. The end sequence has certainly split opinions, I absolutely loved it, letting The Doctor say goodbye to all the people who were a big part of his life, and a wonderful payoff for the audience who have loved these characters for five years.

    As for the radiation overdose, it was one of the less silly Doctor deaths, Tom Baker fell of a transmitter mast!!! It wasnt the means of death that were important, rather the sacrifice to save a friend. And Tennant’s acting during that scene, where is shouting at Wilf in the chamber, was remarkable, it showed how much he will be truly missed.

    And all those saying he whined about dying, just because no Doctor has done that before doesnt detract from it at all. Did any of the other Doctor’s know in advance that they were going to die???

    The ” I dont want to go” line was heartbreaking. The Tenth Doctor has been amazing, and I am going to give Matt Smith a chance, but he has the biggest shoes in the world to fill.

    David Tennant for Bilbo Baggins!

  26. david tennant is to tom baker as matt smith is to peter davidson..

  27. I liked Peter Davidson…

  28. Okay, before I start on Part Two I must say I’m quite surprised by all the bile and vituperation spewing out over this forum towards Russell T Davies and Matt Smith.

    Davies breathed new life into what was, to all intents and purposes, a dead show. Okay, there have been the occasional clunkers in the New Series (“42″, “Love and Monsters” and “The Doctor’s Daughter” leap to mind), but there have also been some incredible stories (“The Girl in the Fireplace”, “Midnight”, “The Unquiet Dead”) that really showed there is a place for Who in the 21st century television schedules. Whether Davies writes the episodes himself of commissions other writers, the quality of care that goes into the programme is pretty high: not many long-running TV shows have the level of commitment from their creative teams. It should also be pointed out that the strain of writing six 45 minute episodes each year for a 13 part series (plus feature-length specials and rewrites/revisions of other writers’ scripts to keep the consistency of said series) is a very tall order. Anybody who writes professionally will tell you it’s not just about making up good stories, it’s about graft.

    Also, writing off Matt Smith on the strength of a 30 second appearance -before any of you have even seen him in action- is utterly absurd. Sometimes I wonder if we deserve having the show back on our screens at all.

  29. It wasn’t the best episode of Doctor Who I’ve seen, but I still think they did a great job. I think it’s fair to say, (I forget which one of you said this, but good point) that RTD always manages to get a few gems in there, even if the writing isn’t at it’s best. For example, I liked the way the Doctor died saving Wilf…it was a heroic death indeed. The four knocks twist was well done! They got that one right. (And that little bit about the heartbeat of a Time Lord was a nice touch.)

    I can forgive the cartoonish entrance through the roof and the X-Men superpowers of the Master. It was very silly, I agree, but I just kind of tuned it out. There was so much good stuff to appreciate, so I just focused on the good.

    As for the send-off…yes, the Doctor was afraid to go, and had a few self-pitying moments, but I don’t think he was outrageously out of character. The send-off was a proper one.

    What I’m really thrilled about, though, is that Steve Moffat is going to be head writer for series 5. He’s the one who wrote my favorite episodes (“Blink” and “Girl in the Fireplace”).

    As for Matt Smith, I agree with the “wait and see” philosophy. I loved David Tennant as the Doctor (who didn’t?), but I’m definitely ready for a change. I’m excited to meet this new Time Lord.

    p.s. Tardis! On fire!