‘Doctor Who: The End of Time’ Review & Discussion [Updated]

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doctor who end time Doctor Who: The End of Time Review & Discussion [Updated]

With the holiday season upon us, now is the time to sit back, relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Although, if you’re the part of the world where snow is common (like myself), you’re already sick of the white devil powder that covers everything. Fortunately, we’ve got more important things to worry about. What’s so important, you ask? Well, it’s just THE END OF TIME.

Not only the end of time, but also the end of an era. Since the 2005 return of Doctor Who, we’ve been blessed with two wonderful actors portraying the Doctor, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. It’s been over 4 years since we said goodbye to Eccleston and now the time is upon us again.

Time to say goodbye to David Tennant.

[Update: This will cover “Doctor Who: The End of Time” (Part 2).]

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After such an extremely disappointing first half, it’s hard to think that it could get any worse with part 2 of “The End of Time” and for the first 5 minutes into the second half, I started to think that it could. Then, the clouds cleared and Russell T. Davies was able to ever so slightly save himself for being known as the man who both resurrected and ruined Doctor Who.

While the second half was much better than the first, it still wasn’t “up to standard” with what Who fans have become accustomed to. I’m not going to lie, this past year hasn’t exactly been the best in terms of story, but it would be hard for any fan to deny that since its resurrection, Doctor Who has been top notch in terms of storytelling.

Maybe that’s why this overall special failed. In terms of storytelling, I didn’t really care about what was going on; Too many new things were introduced at once and they all began to just blend together and I started to ignore them.

The whole “medical fix-it machine,” cactus people, super hero Master (flying with his hands), stunt man Doctor (falling through the ceiling), Donna’s mind defense system, Time Lord beacon… it was just too much. It seemed as if Davies had thought of a scene, “the Time Lords returning” and was so excited about that idea that he just threw anything down to make it happen.

Still, this might sound like I didn’t enjoy the episode at all and that’s not the case; I truly enjoyed the episode. The last 20 minutes of the finale were worth sitting through every single special since last Christmas. When it comes down to it, the quality of the entire episode was secondary to what we I really care about: the ending. Somehow, I don’t know how, Davies pulled out a brilliant conclusion to this Doctor Who story.

who regeneration Doctor Who: The End of Time Review & Discussion [Updated]
From the moment that the Doctor stated, “it’s already started” I was hooked and couldn’t stop watching until it was over. With the words of “I’m going to get my reward” and him revisiting all the main characters, Davies got back his glory and I couldn’t have been happier about it.

This special is a perfect example why Davies needed to step down as head writer. While most of the episode was rubbish, there was enough brilliance peppered in to keep me watching and the ending of this episode was most certainly brilliant.

A New Doctor

matt Doctor Who: The End of Time Review & Discussion [Updated]

Alright, I know everyone is going to have their thoughts on Matt Smith as the new Doctor, so here are mine: I’m going to wait and see. It’s as simple as that.

Yes, I’ll admit that his performance at the end was odd, but if you look back to the regeneration that revealed Tennant as the new Doctor, he wasn’t exactly winning any awards.

There are a lot of things that tell me this upcoming season is going to be bad, but Steven Moffat has written so many wonderful Doctor Who episodes that I just have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Don’t I?

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  1. I mean no harm here but, is it just me or is this doctor who the single worst piece of acting or story ever to hit tv? I tried to watch this last night and I was shocked how bad it was I mean shocked its awful in every way possible. Is it a spoof show thats supposed to be bad or am I missing somthing here?

  2. Never seen it.

  3. Personally, I love Doctor Who… and David Tennant’s portrayal of the Doctor in particular, yet I was sorely disappointed by the first part of his finale. It wasn’t so much his acting, as he did a great job with what he was given, but the story seems to be lacking and I did not like the liberties they took with the Master at all. The Master from season 3 was perfect, the newly resurrected Master is too animalistic and seems to me more like a Heroes reject to be a good villain. I know what they were going for, but I don’t think they hit the mark. Now, add that to the return of the Time Lord’s (who are all supposed to be dead) and it seems like they were just throwing stuff out there. I really hope the second part is much better because I would like to see David leave on a high note. Honestly, a lot of regular episodes have proved better than this special in my opinion.

  4. I agree with previous posts, I think the part of the time lords returning is particulary bad. Not that they shouldn’t be returning (I thought about that since the episode with the Galifreyan prison ship containing the Daleks) but the portrayal is quit silly. Concerning the plot it would have been very important not to reveal who the narrater is.

    All in all the master gets too much screen time to see the story developping from the Doctor’s point of view, keeping away the great acting we’ve seen from David Tennant. Additional, the end of part one has gone horribly wrong, ending with a dead end not even showing the Doctor trying to solve a problem but just standing there.

    The only bright spot I can find is, the “trailer” for part two, which is apart from the last scene a great piece.

    So, let’s hope for New Year’s Day….

  5. i loved it! cant wait for part 2!

  6. I loved it from start to finish. It exceeded my expectations just wish it didn’t have to end with death. Thank you David, thank you Russell and Julie and all those involved. It was fun, heart-breaking and scary all wrapped up. Can’t wait for #2.

  7. I agree with Monique and Florian since i was very very disappointed in the first Part of “End of time”…
    Instead of a Problem solving Mastermind we have a wheeping doctor chasing around the master on an industrial wasteland…. Don’t get me wrong… i thing it great for a change to see the docotor this vulnerable, he desperately needs an companion, his fear (“regeneration hurts like dying”) is very well portraid by david….
    But what about storyline???
    To me this whole episode felt like a dragged out charakter/story introduction, nothing really happens, and the doctor looks like a bafoon in most of the scenes… The chase between him and the master (on location in some harbour area) is completeely obsolete and does nothing for the storyline, as other scenes don’t as well…
    The onyl thing that got me a little bit excited was the return of the timelords in the and although they want “the end of time” ?? WTF??

    And thats the conclusion in the end: WTF?? Is what i said at least 20 times watching this episode…. it really hurts!!!

    There could have been so many more intresting storylines than just bringin back the master (or daleks or cyperman, yawn) waht about professor song? She recocnizes him (=this incarnation) as “her” doctor…
    Or even Jenny from “the doctors daughter” (IMO she should have her own series!!) could have come back…..
    Still…. donna has a chance to become doctor donna again… i’d love to see that…. (loved her as the doctor donna in the dalek vault!!)

    anyway…. Im really dissapointed, looking forward to the 2nd part, though… hope there can fix it… :)


  8. So bad it’s funny. The only scenes that worked for me were the scenes of “the Doctor’s dying and needs companions.” They made the master silly. Cannibal, super powered machine turning the entire planet into himself like John Malcovitch going into his own mind. Return of the Time Lords being brough up. Let’s do this, let’s do that. The writers got carried away and it seems like there’s no one to stop them. I’d prefer it if the episode was about the consequences of Waters On Mars. How the Doctor’s actions were having huge consequences, and the Master to arrive at possibly the worst time for the doctor. Not only has he got the consequences of his actions but he also has to face the Master. Still, perhaps this silly mess of a story might have a decent part two. Either that or I could continue to laugh myself silly about it like I did in part 1.

  9. This was awful, Russell T Davies is unfortunately so far up himself his head will pop out of his mouth, the other Who writers are far superior as well, its clear no producer or director can say NO to his demands the only bonus of these episodes are the fact they are Davies last. And what was with the Obama refereneces and the silly liberal politics he always has to push? The recession, the old peoples van, of course one is gay, one asian, one black, yawn, the episode was a mess no narrative, scenes rushed seriously all over the place, terrible terrible, when compared to 2 parters like Human Nature/Family of Blood, its awfulness literally beggared belief and I don’t expect any better from the next one when plotlines like the Naismith family or the Cult of Saxon will no doubt be totally abandoned and not mentioned. Idiotic.

  10. When was the first part and on what channel?

  11. Anthony, how can you be sick of snow already? It’s only December, man!! Still plenty of winter left for fresh, powdery goodness to coat the slopes!! Now, if it’s still snowing like mad at the end of March, I will agree with you 100%!! 😛

    Going to have to make sure I DVR Dr.Who the next couple of nights.

  12. I watched the “The Waters of Mars” here in the States and thought it was one of the best episodes of Dr Who I’ve seen yet. I think a great way to end Tenant’s run would have been for him to have to deal with the consequences of the decisions made at the end of “Mars.”
    On another note, I’ve always wanted to see some episodes filmed here in the United States.

  13. Yes, the episode was flawed. But the cafe scene and cliffhanger more than compensaated for everything. The brilliance of Tennant is he can act. One minute he’s all goofy and the next, he’s on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Good man. Sims’ power were too over the top. They seemed out of place here. But it was good to see him and DT go at it again. The cliffhanger was just stellar. And if you can, try to catch the clip of part 2 on youtube. Dalton is magnificent…

  14. Timothy Dalton spits a bit, doesn’t he?

  15. i was also disappointed with this episode. i adore david and john simm and even wilfred, but this was just rushed. i think the problem is RTD’s writing. he has always been really good at the build up to things, but i have always found his conclusions lacking, rushed, and with plot points coming out of nowhere. the last couple episodes have been the build up to this conclusion. those eps were good, but as usual his conclusions suck, which is sad!

  16. I did not like it as well. I am all well with the master returning, but the way he did was something out of a cheap horror flick. I would be willing to accept the ring working similar to a fob watch, but potions? A cult? No mention whatsoever about the consequences changing the entire time line in Waters of Mars?

    Also, the last scene reminded me more of the Daleks than of the Time Lords. Rows upon rows of troops but with different graphics. I was expecting much more.

  17. I’ve yet to see The End of Time but from a quick look at what everyone has to say I’m dreading to watch it. The Waters of Mars was an extreme let down. The writing just seemed horrible. Like someone above I can’t wait until Davies is out and Moffat, who I believe has written some of Who’s best (at the lest the most suspenseful) shows, takes over.

  18. I thought the first part of ‘The End of Time’ was absolutely rubbish. Not much happened, the master’s character is appalling and is being played by a very weak actor. I found there was no suspense and the master’s laugh at the end was frightfully annoying. This is the worst Doctor Who episode ever, and there have been very bad ones with Russell T Davis being the writer. And why have the Time Lords come back. Before there were no deleks then there is the last dalek, then three appear then billions appear. Now all the ‘dead’ time lords come. Especially when the main Time Lord is spitting all over the place. This shows Russell T Davis limited imagination to think of new monsters. I cannot wait till he has gone. I feel sad the David Tennant is leaving as he made Doctor who just about worth watching. I have a feeling the second part is not going to be that much better, a sad end to David Tennant’s Doctor Who era. =(

  19. The “Master Race” and Master with super powers thing were the weakest and stupidest parts of this episode, and the Master’s revival should have been done using technology instead of magic. Those tiny changes would have made it a good episode.

    I would bet that Sarah Jane, Luke, Martha, and Mickey are exempt from this “master race” thing because they are the children of time.

    Hope there is some quick fix to the master race in the first 5 mintues of part 2 becasue its stupid and I want to see the book signing that was shown in pictures for this special way long ago.

    hopefully, part 2 can only go up from here, otherwise RTD has just destroyed his own work and possible the whole of Doctor Who.

  20. Great episode. I can hardly wait for the final episode. Very glad that the time lords are back, although Dalton does seem to be spitting a bit… :-)

    I have been a fan of the show since pertwee days, and these last few years have been wonderful. Sorry to see Russel T Davies leave the show.

  21. What I didn’t like:

    The whole master race thing? A bit odd. I mean, it could be worse, and I get the irony of the fact that the last time the Doctor faced the Master, people themself took him down, because he couldn’t stop them from thinking. Looks like the Master thought on that, so in a way, it’s fitting.
    However, I think it could’ve been done a bit better, it was almost comical. (John in a dress? That just took my attention away from the supposed seriousness of the plot)
    Other than the mater race thing, the ridiculous powers given to the Master by magic was a bit weird.(secret books of saxon…really? I’ll just have Ten call up Harry Potter and the gang to defeat Time Lord Voldy….)

    Things I loved:
    I loved seeing ten vulnerable- how regernation feels like dying, how he misses his companions.
    I loved Wilfred’s character- playing a nice confidant and a fitting companion for this episode- I would’ve loved him in the Tardis!
    The fact that Donna is still fighting for her memories. The Doctor Donna!
    I love the lady on the tv talking to wilfred- what exactly is that about? I love that he’s trying to save ten. I know I would!
    I actually love the idea of the Time Lords coming back- epic! Let’s hope RTD thought of a good explanation why and a great plot.

    So overall, I loved it. Just a little weirdness in the Master area. Hispowers and his scheme are really different from the typical doctor who.

    Also…why does his hair look so weird?

  22. I don’t like the new master, he’s really bad. Why could he fly? Why doesn’t he have a beard? The scariest thing about him is his hair.

  23. this was certainly boring. it took 40 minutes for grandpa to find the doc. up till then basically nothing happened. We knew master & his wife were alive, that was a surprise. after another 20 min I turned it off. Now if the master’s wife had more airtime I might have watched.

    • yeah she was hot

  24. At first this episode seemed kind of ill conceived love doctor who and for the last episode with david tennant as the doctor I don’t think it was one of the best. Don’t get me wrong tennants acting was excellent in this episode. The scene of him in the dinner was amazing. The twist at the end with the narrator being the time lord was kind of confusing until you realize that its not them coming back to our time but the events occurring in our time are effecting their time and thus led to their demise. The was some ingenious writing. I really hope that next weeks episode will be better.

  25. I wish I had more than my 1000 page math book to knock this crappy special out of my head. Back to reading more Who fan fiction that make a lot more since than what I just wasted 50 minutes on.

  26. Just finished watching the episode here in the US. It was okay. The drama and the possibly unknown consequences raised by the WOFM episode kinda led me to expect more from this one. Been watching for 30++ years (yeah for public TV here in US) so, have watched the Dr evolve over time and still love the show. Tennant has been GREAT!!! Totally one of my favorites, glad to see Donna in this episode, and from the spoilers, I understand I will be seeing Sarah Jane, Capt Jack, Rose…so I look forward to see some of my favorites, bidding them farwell, and seeing where the Dr will take me in the future. Its Dr Who, and all will work out, maybe not as cleanly as it used to, but it will…Just hope it doesn’t end up being the MISERY that the Torchwood ending was, now that one, was horrible….

  27. Sigh….. Waters of Mars was such an incredible high! And then we’re brought crashing down with End of Time (part 1). This was awful from start to finish.

    I love doctor who, I love Russell T Davies for bringing it back and making it a winner. He’s written some of the greatest episodes (Midnight is a great fabourite of mine). And then he comes along with drivel like End of Time part 1.

    His greatest asset is the ability to write great drama. His greatest weakness is to write the most ludicrous, weak science fiction.

    Some of the weakest ideas have been trotted out for season finales and this years is charging along down the same road. Please, for the love of god, don’t make part 2 suck as much as part 1.

  28. I’d love to see the return of the Timelords as heralding in a return of the ‘classic’ Doctor Who universe.

    It’s the ‘end of time’ because everything that’s happened in the new series (namely the massive exposure of earth people to all manner of world-shattering invasions, etc.) will be wiped out and the human race will be returned to a naive state in their belief of being alone in the universe. Daleks back, Timelords back- it’s as though the barriers of the time-war are disintegrating and all of the old continuum will be unlocked and restored.

    But I realize that’s just the wishes of an old wizened fan- the way it all plays out will undoubtedly be more mundane and conservative than my musings.

    And I, erm, thought the Doctor only had ten regenerations?

  29. When the Master changed everyone on Earth into him, did the change include babies? The whole thing was absolutely ridiculous. It would have been better if he would have just taken control of their minds. Or perhaps driven them mad with the drumming? Anything but making everyone the Master. Egads. The whole episode just felt disjointed. Like it kept missing the mark. I was so looking forward to it. I am reluctant to admit that the “End of Time” was bitterly disappointing. I hope the conclusion is better. If Tennant has to go, he should go with a bang and not a whimper.

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