Rumor Patrol: ‘Doctor Strange’ Movie Villains Revealed?

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Dr. Strange Marvel Movie Rumor Patrol: Doctor Strange Movie Villains Revealed?

Of all the comic book movies currently being lined up for phases two and three of Marvel’s cinematic universe, Doctor Strange might be considered the most anomalous. So far, the screen mythology has largely been leaning towards science-based explanations for the extraordinary happenings, with even Thor and Loki’s powers described as having as much to do with science as they do magic.

Doctor Stephen Strange, however, deals mainly in mysticism and magic, acting as Sorcerer Supreme and protector of Earth from equally mystical forces. As such, it will be interesting to see how Marvel movie mastermind Kevin Feige orchestrates the blending of Doctor Strange‘s tone with that of, for example, Iron Man or Captain America, and whether Strange’s enemies will end up clashing with characters from the current live franchises.

With the release of Doctor Strange still so far off, details are currently scarce. However, the Latino-Review has published a report stating that the Doctor Strange movie will have three different villains from the comic books: Baron Karl Mordo, powerful sorcerer and fellow disciple of the Ancient One; Dormammu, an ancient being from another dimension and one of Strange’s fiercest enemies; finally, a giant version of the Mindless Ones, a race of beings with incredible strength but no will of their own, who act as agents of pure destruction for whoever controls them.

Karl Mordo Dormammu and the Mindless Ones are all potential villains for the Doctor Strange movie Rumor Patrol: Doctor Strange Movie Villains Revealed?

El Mayimbe claims that he has read Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer’s script for the movie, and says that it is “fantastic” – though he doesn’t give any actual details on the villains beyond naming them and saying that Dormammu will be the primary antagonist and Karl Mordo the secondary. Since that script was written a while ago, however, and phase three of Marvel’s cinematic universe is still a couple of years away, the current story should by no means be considered locked, and may be impacted by other events that unfold within the shared universe between now and the beginning of production.

Having said that, these are by no means unlikely choices for the villain roles of Doctor Strange. Both Dormammu and Karl Mordo are arch-enemies of the superhero, so speculating that they might make an appearance is about on par with suggesting that the Green Goblin will be in a Spider-Man movie. The Mindless Ones are also a fairly obvious choice to carry out minion duties, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see them show up to do Dormammu and Mordo’s legwork.

For now, take this rumor as just that: a fun talking point to pass the time between now and the eventual, far-off release of Doctor Strange.


Thor: The Dark World arrives on November 8th, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1st, 2015, and Ant-Man on November 6th, 2015. Doctor Strange is expected to be the second movie in Marvel’s phase three, but a release date has not been settled upon yet.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Cool choices I bet Dr. Strange will be a lot of fun I wonder who they’ll cast as the sorcerer supreme Liam Neeson comes to mind but I bet that’s a little but out there, it still just makes me smile though.

    • Especially excited to see Dormammu s a villain.
      Since marvel is working towards Dr. Strange, I hope DC will work towards their resident magician, Dr. Fate!

      • I hope they do the Flash or Wonder Woman before Doctor Fate. They have a ways to go before they go there.

        • I am definitely up for a Flash movie, the sooner the better! BUT: gotta be Barry Allen Flash!

    • yeah liam is a good choice.
      i think oded fehr or ioan gruffudd would also be good choices

      • Liam Neeson might not have been too bad, but he’s a bit long in the tooth for it this day.

        I think Jim Caviezel wouldn’t be a bad choice. Good actor, aged enough for the part, but young enough for the physicality needed for this kind of role (falls in line well with the rest of the MCU), could be convincing as the pompous ass that is the pre-Sorcerer Supreme Stephen Strange and could pull off the look of the character.

    • I think Benedict Cumberbatch would be an excellent selection for Dr. Strange. He’s got the talent and presence to pull it off.

      • +100

      • Yet he looks nothing like him…

      • I was just about to post that lol, you wanna know what would make my day if Del Toro and Cumberbatch did a Doctor Strange film with Jasson Isaacs as Mordo that’s would make me smile :)

      • What about viggo??? He looks the part the most

  2. I’m psyched for Doc Strange. It’d be a cool way to open the door again for Ghost Rider or Blade as well.

    • We won’t be seeing either one no time soon.

      • Yeah I know it stinks. Just saying, it be a cool idea.

        • I think we’ll see them – on TV. They’d make good characters of the week for Agents of SHIELD.

    • Very interesting point I like ghost rider and blade hope to see them in the near future.

  3. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF AGAMOTTO I hope they do NOT try to explain Doctor Strange through science entirely. I am sure they won’t deviate too much from actual character but I’m also not them.
    Anywho very happy about this, but like the article states things can change. So long as their is Doctor Strange and magic Ima be giddy as a schoolgirl.

    • But what is magic? Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Arthur C. Clarke’s second law. As an average user explain your personal computer to a cave man. Many people can’t explain it to their 6 year old, yet they use one everyday.. Can you imagine explaining to a townee of Salem that the key ingredient of your computer or phone can be found in sand and that the key component is grown! They’d burn you at the stake…

      • Except most of Strange’s more potent spells are based on the invocation of extradimensional powers and definitely not tech. The basis for arcane powers for most, if not all, of these entities has to do with control of one or more realms/planes/dimensions, which is why Dormammu was always trying to annex realms to increase his power.

  4. El Mayimbe claims huh?

    I think you might be opening a can of worms that you might not want opened…

    • or… wait….

      … your performance is based of hits right?

      Perhaps opening this can of worms is EXACTLY what you intended?

  5. lol. I like that last paragraph. I said something similar on another site that had an article on these details but made it sound more ambiguous about Latino-Review’s credibility/presentation. It is basically blind logic to guess those characters since they have the most connections to Doctor Strange’s origin story.

    • if they DO use ine of these villains, it better be karl mordo

      • Really? Over Dormanuu? Please explain…

        … no wait, I’ll do it for you.

        Because Baron Mardo is to Doctor Strange what the Mandarin is to Iron Ma…

        … *ahem*

  6. I was a little skeptical when I read Latino Review but then they went so far as to say El Mayimbe and THAT ruins ANY TINY SHRED of CREDIBILITY that there may have been

    I read ALL KINDS of BUNK where he said this hero and that hero was gonna cameo in MOS.
    then there was the Nolan sheparding a DC shared universe, that seems like something he pulled out of his ass now!

    this guy is a C.L.O.W.N. when it comes to CBM news from EVERYTHING I HAVE READ FROM HIM…
    I would believe Iron Man was my dad before I believe his stories that he makes up himself!!!!!!!

    SORRY Screen Rant this is one of the very very few times I did not completely read an article JUST because his name was mentioned

  7. LMAO!!! I did get as far as El Mayimbe read a script for Dr. Strange…. THIS guy will claim ANYTHING, when he stated Nolan was running DC’s shared Universe he did so in a Vid. from the top of some building saying that it was a secret and he had to be quiet or some garbage to that effect!!!!!

    WE ALL KNOW HOW TIGHT LIPPED Marvel is with their Property, NO WAY ON GODS GREEN EARTH they let this joker (or “reporter” or whatever you would call him) read ANYTHING from within their universe…. JUST IS NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

  8. It will be a good way to introduce the REAL Mandarin and Fing Fang Doom. Dr. Strange team up Karl Mordo then Mordo will betray the Ancient One and Dr Strange at the very end. Set up for a sequel.

  9. But the big question is: who will play the ever faithful Wong?

    • Lucy Lui

  10. If Dr. Strange is going to be part of the Avengers, why not make him as a woman?

    Stephanie Strange would apply to girls and fanboys, who want to see superheroine ine tight clothing.

    • -1

  11. I hope this movie will provide a darker more grittier tone.

  12. A Doctor Strange movie needs to be a darker more grittier movie in my opinion.

    • Sorry for repeating myself, new to the site x)

  13. Is all of this “Dr. Strange Movie” talk still based off of one guy saying “that would be cool”. Settle down guys you’re reaching……. reaching. I’m suuuuuure this guy at latino review read “the script”.

    Love this site, but you need to be restrained sometimes for your own good ;)

  14. Dormammu will be in the background for most of the movie. He will be pulling the strings of Mordo.

    One of the things I would be concerned about as brought up in this article but NOT covered by El Mayimbe would be the Science/Magic angle.

    Thor does not REMOVE the ability to have ‘magic’ in the MMU. It only explains that Thor and his ilk are not magic based.

    Hopefully Strange and others (Scarlet Witch) can bring that into play. While I do understand SW is a mutant she still APPEARS to use magic. I would just put Strange higher (eventually) on the power scale.

    • the original scarlett witch was a mutant and a magic user. the ultimate version of her is , however, just a mutant.

      • Exactly. Taught by Agatha Harkness to fully manage her powers together to become the powerful character she is.

        I would love for Agatha to be in the Dr. Strange film, though they dont really have much of a connection.

  15. Didn’t Kevin Feige recently say that Doctor Strange is just an option at this point and it isn’t a definite Phase Three movie?

    • Woah woah get those facts out of here man.

  16. I remember someone suggesting Viggo Mortensen for the role. He’d make for a decent Strange imo.

  17. Viggo Mortensen or Liam neeson. I’m wondering who could play the ancient one more than Stephen Strange. as for wong he is not needed if the movie focus on the origins and don’t leave the ancient one sanctuary region.

  18. Like the article says, not surprising villain choices, but the whole concept of Dr. Strange will be bizarre enough to audiences.

    I’ve read my share of Dr. Strange Comics and I think Steve Ditko was the best artist. He created a strange other-dimension but also gave it a physicality and depth. I’ve seen P. Craig Russel and Frank Miller, in their own ways, mimic his style when doing Strange stories. It makes that strange world more accessible IMO.

    I hope the movie makers create a solid visible world and don’t simply resort to a lot of wind and bright lights, as is usually done.

    • I liked Michael Golden’s issues as well but I agree that Ditko’s styling is, by far, definitive. I do actually hope to see some of the crazy dimensional scenes with paths and arches existing in mostly base-color backgrounds because this might be one type of movie I’d prefer to see in 3D. Seeing arcane bolts and multiple defensive shields in 3D would be really cool, I think.

  19. Had the writers for IM3 used the real Mandarin, Marvel would not have as much trouble moving to magic based powers for Dr. Strange.

    • Aside from the fact that the Mandarin’s rings were ALWAYS basically advanced alien tech. I mean, he found them in the ruins of a crashed spaceship for god’s sake…

      The Mandarin could have been done right (the “magic rings” argument was always a ruse). Marvel just didn’t.

  20. I really want Dormammu.

  21. Yessss!
    Fear and tremble before the Lord of Chaos, the Dread Dormammu! Finally, my second favorite villain(next to Dr Doom) is gonna hit the big screen!

  22. The Mindless ones are gonna be epic on the big screen! Another way to kinda show the MCU is connected would be with either Ymir or Bloodaxe finding there way into a Strange film. Obviously they have ties with Thors world, and would mean we got to see Executioner in Thor3.