Rumor Patrol: ‘Evil Dead’ Remake Director in Talks for ‘Doctor Strange’ Movie?

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Dr Strange Fede Alvarez Rumor Patrol: Evil Dead Remake Director in Talks for Doctor Strange Movie?

Previously known only for the short film Panic Attack!, Uruguayan filmmaker Fede Alvarez burst onto the international stage in a big way last weekend with the gruesome remake of the horror classic Evil Dead. While the film received mixed reviews from critics (read our review), Evil Dead defied expectations by handily leading box office sales on its opening weekend.

Evil Dead‘s success puts Alvarez in the enviable position of a first-time feature director whose talents are in high demand. Many are wondering what project he will choose next – and the answer may be more surprising than anyone could have guessed. A currently-unconfirmed rumor states that Alvarez is in talks to write and/or direct none other than Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

Latino Review has shared information that Alvarez and his screenwriting partner, Rodo Sayagues, have met with Marvel executives to discuss a possible future collaboration – though, for the time being, take the report with a major grain of salt. Even if they took a meeting with Marvel, that doesn’t mean that anything will come of it. Still, given what is known about Marvel’s long-term plans and the content of Alvarez’s recent success, it isn’t much of stretch to guess why the duo was approached to talk about Doctor Strange.

As of the moment, Marvel has neither confirmed nor denied the meeting and its implications. Since Alvarez just scored significant genre victory – in steering a supernatural gorefest to box office accolades – Marvel may simply be putting out feelers to gauge the interest of the director in any of its properties.

Doctor Strange is currently one of only two titles for “Phase 3″ - announced to follow The Avengers 2 after 2015. Since Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man is scheduled to enter theaters in November of 2015, Doctor Strange would likely open in the summer of 2016. If Marvel is indeed already scouting directors, it’s coming earlier than expected – possibly to keep the rails greased no matter what happens during the Phase 2 run.

Dr Strange Steve Ditko Rumor Patrol: Evil Dead Remake Director in Talks for Doctor Strange Movie?

No matter the outcome, Alvarez is a fascinating pick to head up a property as bizarre as Doctor Strange. Panic Attack! shows that Alvarez can definitely pull off huge spectacle even on a shoestring budget, while Evil Dead proves that he is equally adept at conveying supernatural weirdness on a closer, more personal level. A combination of both is absolutely necessary to make a silver screen version of the Sorcerer Supreme work. Can Alvarez and Sayagues rise to the occasion and properly adapt one of the Marvel Universe’s most infamously tricky characters? And given their backgrounds, is Marvel shooting for their first foray into superhero horror?

Until Marvel comments on their meeting with Alvarez and Sayagues (and they may not for some time), anything goes. If they are indeed moving forward on the pre-production of Doctor Strange, it shows that the studio has taken its already proactive moviemaking strategy to a whole new level.


Phase 3 of the shared Marvel movie universe starts with Ant-Man on November 6th, 2015. Doctor Strange will likely debut in 2016.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Because Latino Review is always a reliable resource for info.

    • Hopefully that isn’t sarcastic because everything they’ve said the past year has seemed to be 100% accurate.

      Anyway, I wouldn’t say it’s the “first” step into superhero horror Marvel has done unless you meant Marvel Studios (which I assume to be the case).

      • In fairness, not everything they’ve said is 100% accurate but they do have a decent track record (especially when it comes to Marvel films) – which is why we present a lot of their “scoops” on Screen Rant.

        • agreed, their marvel scoop is accurate.. only the dc scoop is not, but I’m sure that’s just because WB have no idea what to do and change their mind often lol

          • I think they broke the planet hulk scoop which so far has been untrue. They do a pretty good job with comic books in general. El Miambe of Latin review has recently stated on the shmoes know podcast that Justice League is in trouble due to the recent change of power in WB. With the new (whatever he is) running the show it will take them time to get everything in order. Focus has seemed to shift from justice league to man of steel 2. As for marvel his track record is good besides planet hulk

      • They aren’t completely infallible. Last year when GotG was the unannounced film at Comic-Con, LR reported that Black Panther would be the unannounced film. It could have been that their scripts were going head to head and it was GotG that won out in the end. Still, LR are correct most of the time but they have been wrong before.

    • I agree. I can’t read anything from Latino Review. It’s like a gossip site lol

    • Latino Review has had a lot of info about Marvel films that turned out to be true later.

    • I should clarify what I mean, Latino Review does have a tendency to jump the gun, they are relatively reliable compared to many sites, but they also have spread a good few rumors that later ended up being untrue. I’m not saying they are never wrong, I’m just saying they aren’t exactly a surefire publication.

      • *not saying they are always wrong

  2. I still haven’t seen anything actually confirming Doctor Strange that you guys keep citing. All I’ve seen is, when asked about it,they kind of wink and give a non-answer. It may as well be confirmation but I still haven’t seen anything official here.

    • Other than Kevin Feige saying “it’s definitely a Phase 3 movie”, there’s been no other mention as far as release dates or anything.

      • Obviously they’re not going to give it a release date because its so far away from being a reality right now. We’re only in the beginning of Phase 2. Phase 3 isn’t for another 3 years. plus add to that another year for Doctor Strange and that puts that at 4 years away. If it even does come out in 2016.

        • I don’t care what time zone you live in, 4 years away is 2017, not 2016, friend.

        • Ant-Man was given a release date several months ago and we know only a little more about that than we do about Doctor Strange so I’m not expecting a Strange release date until Guardians starts filming at the very earliest.

  3. The Evil Dead Remake was one of the worst abominations I have seen. It doesn’t even respect its mythology in a cash grab attempt to go after the saw crowd.

    • @ Chris Etrata

      You take that back now! :) I thought it was a blast. True I watched the old ones as a kid , but This one was Better then Saw IMOP yeah it had dismemberment and huge amounts of blood coming out of every living person in that movie. But it was done in Good/bad taste.

      It was supposed to be , made like that. Eh anyway , that’s my say I still love the Rami films but this one was just good fun for me.


      - B

      • I agree. We went, LOVE the campy originals, and thought there was just enough nods to the first “Evil Dead” franchise, just enough humor in the undertone (I about fell out of my seat and peed myself when Eric, trying to scramble away from a possessed Olivia, slipped on a piece of her cheek she just cut away and slammed his head on the toilet. My wife whispers to me “Was that supposed to be funny?) and took itself just serious enough to not be campy. The “jump scares” worked well, adding to the fun. I thought it was a really good time.

        Was it great movie? Nope. Character development was only in the first 15 minutes, and then they all settled in and nothing was surprising. There really was no creepy in it at all. In fairness, neither were the original “Evil Dead” franchise ever creepy, but this one sold itself that way.

      • My opinion stays put ;). It’s true the original did have its gory moments but those I thought were done to be funny. These dismemberments I felt here were done to just attract in the saw crowd. The Evil Dead Remake still stands as one of the worst remakes I’ve watched.

    • Patrick Dempsey

      • we want an actor who can act

    • Dude…. Get Anson Mount, and I will buy my advance tickets NOW and purchase Disney stock. That is a GREAT choice!!!

      • Aidan Gillen for Doctor Strange!

  4. Alvarez would be good for Man Thing or Ghost Rider. If you wanna talk non Marvel he’d be good for the long awaited Spawn reboot or some dark DC properties like Swamp Thing, Etrigan, Deadman, Constantine or something like that.

    • Ahh hit the nail on the head with the Spawn reboot!! Touché!

      • That would actually be Fantastic.

      • Yes, del Toro is the Man!

    • @deadpool87

      Spawns Image dude. As long as we don’t get Nicolas cage again for Ghost Rider I’m good.

      I miss the old Cartoon that was on H.B.O!

  5. I kinda want Danny Boyle to tackle a Doctor Strange movie, unusual choice? I know

    • He recently said in an interview that he’d never do a superhero film.

      • That sucks because I think he would do a good job.

  6. Are you kidding? The Evil Dead Remake was one of the worst I have ever seen. No attempt was made on humor, characters, writing, or any common sense. They didn’t even follow the mythology of only being cured by death. It actually makes Ash look like an idiot in comparison. Imagine if Ash decided to bury Linda fully and pull her out 5 seconds later with a defibrillator. There was no sense of dread, just gallons and gallons of blood for the saw audience. This is a cash grab to cash in the name of the franchise.

    • Grump. :-)

      • Sorry if I came off as a grump. The original trilogy was fun to watch and had wit but to me, the remake does not deserve to even be called Evil Dead. Im curious, what you and critics saw in that remake that I didn’t? Excessive blood doesn’t make a film scary, it just gets boring.

  7. Marvel is taking a different strategy towards their movies. Each movie has now been categorized with genres beyond being just comicbookmovies. Doctor Strange would have horror elements but be more of supernatural/occult film similar to “HellBoy” but darker and more mysterious with a more serious tone. So they are not just comicbookmovies anymore.

    • All their movies have the same superhero tone except TIH and IM. Thor should of pushed the fantasy aspect and Captain America should have pushed the soldier of WW2 aspect. I’m not expecting any kind of change style or added depth from their typial lighthearted superhero flicks

      • You should. Marvel have said that their movies will all have different tones. IM3 will be an action movie, Thor 2 will be way more of a fantasy than Thor, Cap 2 will be a political thriller and GOTG will be a space opera.

        • They said that about Phase 1 and they pretty much all had the same lighthearted superhero tone. I love The Avenger’s in the comics b/c each character has a distinctive tone and when the team up it’s an awkward merging of different genre’s and worlds. I hope Phase 2 can accomplish this but im doubtful

          • +1

            • -2

          • @Ignur Rant, They did not say that about their films during Phase 1. Each film had a different tone because they naturally had different mythos and directors. Captain America TFA, Iron Man 1, TIH, and Thor ALL had different tones. Although I agree that, Thor, and Captain America did not have the grittiness that they should have had but they still did well and created a following. Kevin Feige has went on to say that the films will focus MORE on the main genre of each movie. THAT IS WHY THOR TDW LOOKS MORE LIKE “GAME OF THRONES”, THAT IS WHY IRON MAN 3 IS DIRECTED BY SHANE BLACK, THAT IS WHY CAPTAIN AMERICA TWS IS CATEGORIZED AS A “POLITICAL THRILLER”. They’ve already created their audience by getting “everyone” to watch and NOT catering just to fanboys and making the movies take themselves too seriously which can be a turn-off to the general audience, THAT IS WHY “WATCHMEN” FAILED. Now they can go deeper where before they couldn’t. Say what you will but they’ve done a great job so far as STILL being a VERY young studio and getting it right. They HAD to build their audience first before going too deep.

            They got the ball rolling, now Phase 2 is full speed ahead.

  8. I think if they’re doing a Doctor Strange movie then they should at least contemplate the idea of introducing or hinting at the Illuminati somewhere along the lines whether it be Phase Two or Three. I honestly don’t care which Phase they do it in, I just want to see the Illuminati and the Infinity Gauntlet and althou

    • That would be cool, but I think the Illuminati would be lacking without Mr. Fantastic and Charles Xavier.

  9. I think if they’re doing a Doctor Strange movie then they should at least contemplate the idea of introducing or hinting at the Illuminati somewhere along the lines whether it be Phase Two or Three. I honestly don’t care which Phase they do it in, I just want to see the Illuminati and the Infinity Gauntlet and although it’s a stretch, Planet Hulk, WWH or a Civil War-ish type film

    • Ahaha “lame.” Strange is one of the foundational characters of Marvel. If you think he’s lame you either A) don’t know much about him & haven’t read the comics, or B) have awful taste and don’t like anything that’s good.

      • Doctor Strange being lame is his opinion but i always forget that you can’t have your own opinion on screenrant.

        • Sure it’s his opinion: it’s a wonderful indicator of his judgement.

          People can’t have opinions on screen rant? WTF are you talking about? The whole point of Screen Rant is opinions.

          • Opinions need to be based on something, so hopefully the poster has read lots of Doctor Strange in which he based his opinion on otherwise it’s trolling.

            • Intelligent Opinions that is.

              • @Manowar^^^^:)

            • I think we all know most people don’t base opinions on information. Most people just go with whatever they feel in the moment, because they don’t care about their opinions being worth something.

      • I still won’t see it, it just doesn’t sound interesting enough (I don’t know anything about Dr Strange so I’m part of the General Audience here). The only way I could see it is if they put a big name on hime, like Leonardo DiCaprio or Nicholas Cage.


        • With all due respect, both above posters are banned from posting, all human contact, and movie watching even if it is SyFy channel on Saturday night until they take back all “Nic Cage” references for super hero movies.

          Sorry, it’s the rules. Read the by-laws.

            • DiCaprio as Hank Pym? Hmmmm…
              That actually could be a decent fit… like it…

    • I have heard this argument before from friends. Dr. Strange is essentially like Superman in some people’s eyes in that he is usually powerful enough to get himself out of any kind of fix. In a way, the Doctor is even worse; it’s that whole “we don’t need a reason, it’s magic!” argument.

      Still, I think a movie about Dr. Strange would be fun if only for the bizarre journey that it’ll likely feature. But it will be largely dependent on the actor and the writing of the character to make anybody care about him.

      Isn’t that always the case with superhero movies though? We go in and watch a movie knowing the character is probably going to survive everything until the end credits.

      But people do tire of him in comics, because, just as in Superman stories, it’s hard to make the reader feel like he is legitimately in danger (despite going up against villains like Baron Mordo, Dormammu and Nightmare). The fun is going to have to depend on the journey itself, which was what made Dr. Strange mildly successful early on in Strange Tales when Stan Lee and Steve Ditko co-created him.

      He’s definitely one Marvel character I want to see on the silver screen though and probably the last one created by Stan Lee for Marvel that I can think of who hasn’t been there yet.

      • After Ant Man and the Wasp anyway.

      • I can agree. It is why he has had many, many series since his inception, but has not ever truly been mainstream.

        Magic needs certain limitations to add an element of danger and to put the good Doctor in position to allow his humanity to be the difference. His rules change depending on writers and situations. Marvel has never addressed this, leaving a huge hole in his mythology.

        I can see the movie of Dr. Strange actually solving this, and the rules attached to him actually spilling over into the comics, hopefully making the Sorcerer Supreme a position clearly defined and all to human.

        • *…clearly defined and also all too human*

    • Surprised you’re not complaining about the talking raccoon!

  10. If Doctor Strange gets made then I want a Doctor Fate. (Just saying)

    • I was amazed to even see him on TV (in Smallville of course). It would be hard right now though because right now Warner Bros./DC has to get a better track going on their superheroes in movies first.

      • WB/DC needs to figure out what they are doing (good luck with that!) before they do anything.

    • I’d personally rather have the Justice League Dark movie with Zatanna over a solo Dr Fate movie.

      • Totally agree. THAT was a movie to get excited over!!

        WB…. Can you please take your properties a tad more seriously?

  11. Ok, now, who should play Dr. Strange ? I just can’t pick one.

    • viggo mortenson

      • Patrick Dempsey.
        He even has years of playing a doctor on TV to give him that medical background vibe.

    • Nic Cage

    • Luke Evans

    • Anson Mount

  12. I just saw Evil Dead, and I think Fede Alvarez would be an inspired choice to direct a Doctor Strange movie.

    Also, the Doctor is far from lame, he’s one of the smartest, most powerful characters in the marvel universe. His movie would also help Thor open the door to a more mystical side of the Marvel universe, to even out the cosmic side (GOTG) the sci-fi (IM) and the various street-level characters.

    I just wish Marvel had the rights to the Fantastic Four so they could do that franchise the justice it deserves. Also, Marvel needs to get Sony on the phone and figure out how to crossover the new Spder-Man into a Marvel movie somehow.

  13. Nice Ditko illustrations.

    • By the hoary hosts of hoggoth, though a mere mortal, thou speaketh sooth!

      • The eye of Agamotto compelled me.

        • You are both my new heroes!!

  14. I have been a huge Marvel Fan for years i just do not like the character. I prefer Mutants to magic. Looking forward tob X-men Days of Future Past, and hopefully a Incredible Hulk Sequel with The Leader. I was just saying i would rather see marvels Inhumans, Namor, and Black Panther.

    • Understand. The Doctor is not for everyone. It will be a “lesser” budgeted film, just for that reason.

      However, I am as giddy as a kid on his first roller coaster at this thought, so I will be excited enough for us both, cool??

      Now, about the Hulk and the Leader…. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW!!!

    • I prefer mutants to magic. Pfff. Explain Scarlett Witch.

  15. Curious… how does the lack of any true gossip kill the rumor of a Dr. Strange cameo or reference in “Thor: The Dark World”?

    I would be okay with this choice. But, would it be wrong to say that I would prefer someone with a little less of a resume, but more of an affection for the character?

    However, Mr. Alvarez seems to have an affection for the genre, so that is a nice consolation prize. And if he is interested, there is plenty enough time for him to grow to appreciate this characters fall from grace as an arrogant, uncaring surgeon to a poverty stricken cripple, and his redemption as a hero.

  16. Doesn’t it seem a bit ironic that the fellow who directed the original Evil Dead film and the two sequels was once interested in directing a Doctor Strange (and Thor) movie before landing another?

    The same director who just had a BIG HIT for Disney?
    You know who I’m talking about!

  17. Liam Neeson, Karl Urban, Viggo Mortensen, or Anson Mount are my dream picks for doctor strange.

  18. I did not expect Evil Dead to perform better than G.I. Joe though so credit to them for that.

  19. Scarlett Witch has a mutant ability to effect probability. she speaks words and her mutant ability effects things, like when she said no more mutants and almost every mutant instantly lost their abilities. just think of the possibilities by useing her and the things that could be changed from previouse films. She could be the reason Cylops could be alive or just fix little mistakes.

    • One of my favorite things about Scarlet Witch was that she had both mutant powers and magical ability.

      • Let’s hope that Marvel Studios uses Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver first(officially).

  20. This could be either really good or really bad