5 Actors Who Could Play Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’

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Doctor Strange Actors ListIt's been no secret that of all the Marvel comics yet to be adapted to film, Doctor Strange was a top priority. Recent reports have shown that not only is the film moving forward, but that the studio is interested in big-name talent to lead it.Johnny Depp has apparently been approached most recently, following the likes of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Justin Theroux, all having been rumored for the part at one time or another. So if Marvel is now willing to cast an established star over one the making, the casting choices for 'The Sorcerer Supreme' are wide open.Here is our list of 5 Actors Who Could Play Doctor Strange.

Jon Hamm

Doctor Strange Movie Actors Jon HammGiven the basic requirements for the character of Dr. Stephen Strange - a cold, arrogant surgeon who injured his hands and must find a new purpose in life - it's not surprising to see rumors that Jon Hamm (Mad Men) is Marvel's second choice for the part. Hamm has made a career of playing borderline detestable figures who audiences can't help but adore, even if he is a bit older than Marvel's usual leading men.But add the fact that Doctor Strange will be trying something entirely new for Marvel (magical, offbeat drama and action), and Hamm's comedic chops could also serve him well. With drama and comedy cred, Hamm's casting would still leave the direction of the film a mystery.

Matt Bomer

Doctor Strange Movie Actors Matt BomerIf Hamm's blend of ego and charm is the direction Marvel's headed, but the studio would prefer an actor a bit younger, then Matt Bomer would be a promising candidate; in fact, on USA's White Collar, Bomer portrays a character not much of a stretch from a young Don Draper. Since being cast for Brett Ratner's failed Superman reboot (and voicing the character instead), Bomer has been a fan-favorite option for Bruce Wayne, as well.We'd argue that Doctor Strange is a better fit, as few proven young actors can pull off Bomer's playboy persona (which made him a fan-favorite for Fifty Shades of Grey) and his lighter side. Again, it seems Marvel is aiming for fame, but if they end up eying a younger, good-looking lead, Bomer remains a choice that wouldn't disappoint.

Orlando Bloom

Doctor Strange Movie Actors Orlando BloomIt isn't just his close proximity to Johnny Depp in the minds of mass audiences that has Orlando Bloom on our list - even if the Pirates of the Caribbean actor did come to fame as part of Disney's blockbuster franchise. Bloom may have failed to remain at the heights of Lord of the Rings or Pirates in terms of fame or recognition, but a little time out of the spotlight isn't a bad thing.That thinking paid off for Marvel by casting Robert Downey, Jr. as the heart of their movie universe, and Bloom's acting skills outside of the limelight are nothing to scoff at. Could Doctor Strange offer him the same chance to shine? Hard to say. But we can see him in the role, which is more than we can say for other names being thrown around.

Keanu Reeves

Doctor Strange Movie Actors Keanu ReevesFirst things first: yes, Keanu Reeves is a bit eccentric. And yes, his roles are often surprising and divisive. But he already proved up to the task of portraying a sorcerer with knowledge of the occult in Constantine (2005). For good or ill, when Reeves told audiences that staring into a cat's eyes can pierce the veil between humanity and the supernatural, they took his word for it.When Keanu fits a role, he fits, and the enigmatic actor has, in many ways, proved to be both as removed and yet kindhearted as Stephen Strange himself, so we have no question he could give a faithful performance. While many other fan-favorites would raise eyebrows or elicit groans from audiences when they began casting 'spells' or 'summoning spirits,' we believe Reeves would seem right at home - that alone makes him an attractive option.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Doctor Strange Movie Actors Benedict CumberbatchFew actors have taken the Comic-Con audience by storm in recent years like Benedict Cumberbatch, and with good reason. Roles like 'Khan,' the most iconic villain in Star Trek history, or 'Sherlock Holmes' would catapult any actor into worldwide fame, but Cumberbatch has more than enough talent and presence to not just live up to major roles, but give them new life for entirely new generations.It's hard to think of another actor that could bring the grandeur, ego and sense of wonder to Doctor Strange like Cumberbatch, and the fact that he has become a household name is a one-two punch of 'bankability.' If Marvel is willing to spend top-dollar on a star, then Cumberbatch is a perfect choice - if he would even be interested in the part.


Doctor Strange New SuitThat concludes our list of actors that we feel could bring the sense of mysticism, adventure and drama to the upcoming Doctor Strange movie. It's well known that other actors have expressed interest in the role, or look the part like no other, but there is more to making the movie work than simply fitting the cape and collar.What's your take on the film's chances and possible direction? Will the leading man determine how interested you are in the film, or are you a fan of the source material first? Leave your thoughts in the comments.We'll keep you up to date on all news surrounding Marvel's Doctor Strange.Follow me on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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  1. Bomer is the best choice!

  2. Orlando Bloom. Definitely.

  3. Anson Mount

  4. I don’t understand the appeal of Cumberbatch for this role. He just doesn’t have the right look.

    I’d like to see Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Doc, but he’s mostly known as a TV guy so I’m not sure how likely that would be. I’d imagine Marvel would want a name with more widespread appeal.

    • I also don’t get the fascination with Cumberbatch. He’s an excellent actor but not every actor is right for every role.

      • I’m with you guys on this one. I like the guy as an actor but sorta sick of him being slotted for nearly every role.

  5. Just matt bomer

  6. Brian O’Halloran

  7. Out of the 5 mentioned then Matt Bomer would be the best fit especially if in the film he starts as the surgeon Stephen Strange and follows an Origin story

  8. Depp could have the right look and acting chops to be the doc but the problem is, he always overshadow everything else on the movies he’s on. Just look at how he ran rings around the lone ranger – a character made to look like a clueless idiot most of the time.

  9. Jon Hamm – No
    Matt Bomer – Yes
    Orlando Bloom- Maybe
    Keeanu Reeves_ No
    Benedict Cumberpatch – Yes


  11. Seriously? Bubblebath Chococrunch??? As much as I love him… No. If he’s really up for the role, then I guess it would be okay as well, if I am rooting for Lucy Liu.

  12. keanu reeves is just the perfect fit constantine matrix 47ronin he really is the perfect fit

  13. Keanu Reeves

  14. If it was up to you guys you would have Matt Bomer Play every DC and Marvel character lol seems like every list like this u guys make has him in it

  15. I’d be OK if Reeves was cast as Doctor Strange, just as long as the MArvel guys told him to “ACT WELL” to his face. I could also go for Cumberbatch, but given Marvel likes contracted actors, that may interfere with any plans for Sherlock series 4 and 5. I’d also go for Orlando seeing as he can grow an awesome beard, is actually an average actor, and I want to see more of him since he returned as Legolas.

  16. David Tennant. From one Doctor to another…

  17. No this is one franchise l want Benedict Cumberbatch to stay out of. l don’t like the guy l don’t get why all the fuss about him. He’s in too many things by now and there’s way more talented actors than him that would fit the part more.

    • lmao.

  18. Viggo Mortensen anyone?

  19. They are all to young pierce brosnun

  20. doctor strange:
    1. johnny depp
    2. liam neeson
    3. robert downey jr. (if he wasn’t iron man)
    4. orlando bloom
    5. viggo mortensen

  21. Here’s my updated list of candidates:

    Older: Anson Mount, Viggo Mortensen (don’t think he would ever pick the role though)
    Middle: Luke Evans, Johnny Depp, Adrien Brody
    Younger: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Matt Bomer, Orlando Bloom

    Candidates that I don’t think will fit in with the rest of the Marvel Universe, or Dr. Strange:
    Jon Hamm – to corporate, Keanu Reeves, Liam Neeson, Benedict Boulderdash.

    My thougths on Strange himself fitting into the whole story-arch..
    1. He is to represent and make us believe the mystical and magical dimension of Marvel (allthough a lot can change that depending on how they introduce Wanda and Pietro).
    2. He has to fit in a room with The Hulk, Cap, Ironic Man, Thor and so forth.
    3. He has to have a certain age to carry so much knowledge and make it believeable. Also he has to carry enough weight and charisma to stand toe-to-toe with Tony Stark and be able to dismiss the others as kind of childish. Maybe not Thor though, though that guy isn’t exactly known for his brilliance ;), lol.

    So far I think Luke Evans or Johnny Depp would be able to both fit in and have the charisma and solidity to make us believe it all. LUKE EVANS is my top choice for now.


  23. DEPP

  24. I have always seen jonathan Frakes Playing Doctor Strange. i mean look at the beard and also his run as Zanatos on Gargoyles. That Character was the Cartoon equivelent of Strange

  25. I like the Matt Bomer idea …I thought he was great as the “spy we love to hate” on Chuck …but I like the suggestion of Jonathan Rhys Meyers even more. He’s proving to be the absolute highlight of “Dracula” and I still remember his fantastic turn as Steerpike in the BBC/PBS adaptation of Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast series.

    As for the Ever present Mr. Depp …he’s wrong for the role on so many levels it makes my brain hurt just thinking about it, hopefully Disney & Marvel Studios will stick to their habit of casting comic book movies to match the comic book characters and not for who will make them the most money.


  26. Kevin Corrigan for sure! He’s got that mysterious creepy vibe

  27. Benedict would be perfect but i dont think he would accept it , but matt bomer as dr strange !!! ok im going to buy a ticket :D

  28. Jake Gyllenhaal