‘Doctor Strange’: Édgar Ramírez ‘Talking’ With the Director

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Edgar Ramirez dr strange Doctor Strange: Édgar Ramírez Talking With the Director

Ever since Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige revealed that casting for Doctor Strange would begin within the next couple of months, the speculation as to who will be playing the eponymous sorcerer has reached fever pitch. Actors reportedly in the running include Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jared Leto, the latter of whom recently turned down the lead in sci-fi thriller Brilliance in a move that led many to believe he might have received on a better offer.

An earlier screenplay for Doctor Strange was penned by Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, but it is now being revised by Prometheus writer Jon Spaihts – and when the cameras start rolling next spring, director Scott Derrickson will be in charge. This will mark Derrickson’s first move into the superhero genre, as he’s currently best known for directing horror movies like The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Sinister, and this year’s supernatural tale Deliver Us From Evil.

It was during an interview promoting the upcoming release of Deliver Us From Evil that IGN asked actor Édgar Ramírez, who plays a priest and talented exorcist in the movie, whether he had been approached by Derrickson about a role in Doctor Strange. “We’re talking,” was Ramírez’s guarded reply. “We’ve been talking.”

Marvels Doctor Strange Movie Cast Actor Shortlist Doctor Strange: Édgar Ramírez Talking With the Director

There are a few things to remember before we get too excited about the idea of Ramírez playing Doctor Strange. First of all, he only confirmed that he has been talking with Derrickson about a potential role, and not that he’s entered into any kind of official negotiations with Marvel. Secondly, even if he is up for a role there is no guarantee that it’s the main character. He could also be a good fit for Strange’s nemesis, Baron Mordo, or any number of supporting characters.

If Derrickson is considering Ramírez as a potential actor to play Doctor Strange, it wouldn’t be the first time that Ramírez and Cumberbatch have been up for the same role. Ramírez was at one point the top choice to play Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, but he ultimately passed on the role and it went to Cumberbatch instead.

Ramírez is currently attached to play Bodhi in the upcoming remake of Point Break, the filming schedule for which would not clash with Doctor Strange. He’s still a relatively little-known actor, but Marvel has cast unknowns as major characters before (Thor was the movie that launched Chris Hemsworth’s career), so it wouldn’t be entirely surprising for Ramírez to be handed the lead role. With several other big names on the shortlist, however, he’s got a lot of competition.


Doctor Strange is likely to be Marvel Studios’ release planned for July 8th, 2016.

Source: IGN

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  1. first comment! whoo

    I would like to see Cumberbatch play the roll but he has almost outlived his welcome with high volume of movies he has done recently but still people (myself included) seem to line up to watch him time and time again. His roll in Sherlock could translate well to this part….not mention I could listen to him talk for days. it would be a huge pickup for marvel if he had the part in my opinion

  2. Cumberbatch with facial hair…The horror. THE HORROR!!!!

  3. Cumberbatch please…

    People say he was in a bunch of movies? Yea sure, but not like everyone remembers more than like 2 maybe 3 of those movies. Star Trek is is still his biggest role. Hobbit he is a voice of a dragon lol…

    Then almost all his other movies were just small films, except maybe 12 Years. And of course, Sherlock. But its not like the guy is Tom Cruise, Will Smith, or Tom Hanks. Cumberbatch still has a lot left.

  4. I hadn’t thought about Ramirez but he could pull off a good Strange or Mordo. I like the idea of Dr Strange played by a Latino actor.

    • Agreed, I think he’d be a great Strange. I like when Marvel casts more ‘unknown’ faces for the main roles and bigger names for the supporting roles. It’s a good process they should keep following.

    • Dr. Strange should be played by a Latino actor –
 EXACTLY what I have been saying for weeks.
      NOTE: I’m NOT suggesting to change Dr. Strange’s ethnicity or anything about the character
, but just to consider more than white guys- no offense white guys – Marvel already has a bunch of white guys as the leads – and 3 of them are named Chris!

      how about a little DIVERSITY ?!?
      Edgar Ramirez certainly looks the part as much as Jared Leto or any other name mentioned so far
      and also when these casting lotteries come up for these big films – B v S for instance – all the names mentioned almost NEVER seem to make the final decision – did anyone or any site every suggest Ben Affleck for Batman ?? NOPE – so most likely all these names that were 1st mentioned for Dr. Strange will likely NOT end up being the final choice

      actors like Nestor Carbonell or others who can play multiple ethnicities – there are many light skinned or ethnically ambiguous Latino actors who could bring something unique to the role. In the Golden Age of Hollywood Ricardo Montalban & Anthony Quinn (among others) – played many ethnicities – including white – but yet both of them were Mexican born

      Benjamin Bratt would be an EXCELLENT choice – solid actor who can definitely pull it off
watch his film Pinero – about tragic poet and playwright Miguel Pinero – & then give an opinion
Google this: Pinero Seeking the Cause – 3 min clip from the movie
then search: Benjamin Bratt with a goatee – spitting image of the Dr. Strange

      for any “white” actor mentioned – there is an equally TALENTED Latino actor – who can play white (if that’s even important) -that should be considered & given consideration – and Dr. Strange is the perfect character for Marvel to cast with an open mind – others could be Oscar Isaac (now in Star Wars) or may be Gael Garcia Bernal or Diego Luna or Santiago Cabrera … the list goes on
- Pedro Pascal has the look and apparently a lot of people like his work on GoT

      the largest movie going audience at the box office in the US is the Latino community (this is fact by the MPAA & other studies) – and demo-graphics have the Latino community growing fastest over any other demo – the U.S. is no longer White dominant and many families are now mixed in many ways – ie. multi-cultural – and anyone who can’t appreciate that is living in the past

      Linda Carter – the original Wonder Woman …. is half-Mexican !! no one ever had a problem with that — so why can’t Dr. Strange be played by a Latino actor??

      fellow readers

      PLEASE respond with comments re: opening the casting options – and please view the links above
Hollywood needs to stop being so myopic in it’s way of casting and portraying people of color

      a Latino actor was recently added to the cast of Fast & Furious 7 – who also happens to be a popular singer and Vin Diesel made an appearance at his recent concert to make the announcement – it’s not an accident – and one of the few franchises that has actively cast Latina/os since the 1st movie

      casting a non-white actor speaks volumes to the modern world – and FYI the reason many studios try to make tentpole film casts multi-ethnic – is not about being PC – it’s about being smart from both a creative & a business standpoint – being realistic

      and if Dr. Strange is cast with a Latino actor and if Wong is in the film – most likely played by an Asian actor (obviously) – wouldn’t that be awesome?

      and then next up – Black Panther and Ms. Marvel – Marvel Comics have always been about diversity and inclusion – Stan Lee made sure of that when he was at the helm and that has continued to this day. FYI – Joe Quesada – current Editor in Chief at Marvel since 2000 – he is Latino.

      • CORRECTION: Joe Quesada was promoted a few years ago and is currently the Chief Creative Officer of Marvel – meaning he is one of (if not THE) major bosses at Marvel – for EVERY dept – comics, films or anything else.

      • Wow. Soapbox much? How about they cast the best actor for the role?

        • yes – you mean like Edgar Ramirez, Benjamin Bratt or Pedro Pascal (or any of the other names I mentioned)
          they all can look the part as much as any “white” actor and ALL are as equally talented –

          watch Benjamin Bratt’s film: Pinero — and then give an opinion
          Google this: Pinero Seeking the Cause – 3 min clip from the movie

          then search: Benjamin Bratt with a goatee – spitting image of Dr. Strange – all he needs is the cape

        • yeah, no, because logic and reason have no place in society. Ya know, because, diversity.

          • Most roles specifically ask for a person of certain age and ethnicity, therefore there it would never be best person for the role but best within the perimeters.

            Fact is, there could be many actors and even actresses who may be better performers than the person casted in this role but, if the casting call only ask for “white, men, 25-40″, they are automatically eliminated. I don’t know why people love to pretend these things are not real issues.

            As Dr. Strange isn’t well-known, they should be more open with the casting, hell I think we can all agree a great actor who doesn’t physically look like him but nails his character is better than someone who simply looks the part.

            • typo – should not be a ‘there’ after therefore

              Off Topic slightly – I’m starting to think the reason they did not want Strange and Captain Marvel in Avengers 2 is the same reason WB took this long to do a Justice League movie – it is very hard for a human with no powers (or advanced metal suit) to be relevant in a super team.

              If a sorcerer and superhuman soldier are in the Avengers, who needs a guy who can shoot arrows and a girl who knows martial arts? Hopefully whoever they cast as Strange and Marvel are so good they’ll forget about Johansson and Rennar.

        • +1. I didn’t even read his rant. It was exhausting just scrolling past it.

      • Demián Bichir you can add to your list. He would be my 3rd pick.

        • Jordi Mollà you can add too.

  5. no thanks – he’s an alright actor but not Stephen Strange

    • Yeah you’re right….Marvel should really focus on the A-listers only, aka the only ones with talent…..*rolls eyes*

      • I’m glad you can decipher exactly what I was saying from a few words. I bet you are a charmer in that basement of yours. Do I say roll eyes here? Is that how you intergooglewebnets kids roll?

  6. marvel is always going cheap to increase the profits… so evil

    • it’s not about being cheap – it’s about being smart with their budgets and longevity of the chosen actor.
      if you cast actors who are fairly unknown = lower salary (or in the case of RDJ an actor looking for a 2nd chance) Marvel is able to get actors who are both eager to get a shot a superstardom and also willing to sign up for multiple films.

      and no company large or small is typically looking to NOT increase profits – would you if had a large company?
      if they cast extremely known actors = high salary, then their total budgets for each film would go up by that much more
      no to mention typically the higher pay actors tend to be older – ie. Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise — and/ or they already HAVE one of if not THE highest paid actor: RDJ – according to Forbes magazine in 2013

      also -many of the higher paid actors: Dwayne Johnson, Mark Walhberg, Hugh Jackman – may be out of the running due to other projects they’re part of and/ or in the case of the Rock – they just haven’t cast him YET – clearly he would be great for something

  7. Please. Cumberbatch is a phenomenal actor but in no way should he attain the role of Dr. Strange. If any and all, Ramirez is by far the best contender for the Strange role out of the Cumberbatch, Hardy, Gordon-Levitt, and Jon Hamm.

    With that said. If these rumors turn out to be merely speculation of a fanboys’ fantasy, then I nominate Wes Bentley or Jonothan Rhys Meyers for Stephen Strange. Each actor conveys the physical aspects of the Strange character and exudes the very same talent in order to present the character.

  8. I am not a comic book guy but a friend of my is and is a hugh fan of Marvel and Dr. Strange. When we were talking about this movie we both agreed that casting this role is critical to the project’s viability. Does anyone else feel that without a great casting choice, their interest in seeing the film is diminished?

  9. I think Ramirez would be an excellent choice!! Im SOOOOO over this Cucumberbatch BS, the guy is an OK actor! but I would only see Kahn if he is cast as Strange and that would be just…. Weird! and NO to Tom Hardy as well, Ramirez is the perfect choice, not well known but a good actor nonetheless!
    Marvel will pick the right guy for the role, they always do! I also think Cucumberbatch is wayyy too busy to sigh on the cheap for a 6 pic deal same with Hardy (on the rise) and possibly has a franchise already with Mad Max! PLEASE MARVEL GO WITH RAMIREZ

  10. Josh Gad would be an interesting pick imo.

  11. I think a latino Strange would be great. BUT I don’t think Marvel would go with an actor who also has a Venezuelan accent. Maybe Edgar can pull off American-accent?

  12. Oh I’m sure Hannah is super stoked. Having a non-white do another role. With her White Knighting on both Screenrant and Gamerant.

  13. he needs to be a gay, black and female! DIVERSITY!

  14. Isn’t he kinda boring? I distinctly remember yawning at all of his parts in Wrath of the Titans.

  15. Karl Urban is the best choice and I’m not even sure he’s in the running. I think Cumberbatch fits the look and personality to an extent but he just doesn’t have the charisma.

    • I like Karl Urban a lot. He is a good fit with anything… but seriously? Cumberbatch does not have the charisma? Seriously?

  16. Don’t care how good of an actor any of the ones may be that have been mentioned the past few weeks…if they do not resemble Dr. Strange from the comics, throw ‘em out!

  17. Personally, of all the actors mentioned that are being used to consider to play Steven Strange, MD, there is only one, to my mind that can display the arrogance of Steven Strange, MD and then change to be Dr. Strange, Master of the Occult, and that actor is Benedict Cumberbatch. I do not know of another actor with the ca hones to play the part. That my friends is my humble opinion. thorlo6

    • +1…

  18. Guys, it’s pretty obvious:
    it’s going to be Jean Dujardin
    (think about it, great actor & looks the part)

  19. Niceer he kind looks like. Doctor strange

  20. Ramirez would be a good choice as doctor strange.

  21. Anyone with a pulse will do, just as long as it’s not Cumberbatch… so sick of hearing about this guy!

  22. Noah Wyle is a name that recently came up that I wouldn’t mind as Stephen Strange… he’s not Luke Evans but hmmm he might work.

  23. I’m 100% okay with this, if he’s cast. I trust Marvel’s casting decisions, they’re kinda the best at it. All their heroes were given to amazing actors.

  24. I don’t know if this was already tossed out there or if anyone has seen the show ‘Tyrant’, but the main character Adam Rayner would be a good Doctor Strange. Otherwise I revert back to my first pick Matthew Goode